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15 Ways To Find Out If Your Wife Is Cheating On You

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15 Ways To Find Out If Your Wife Is Cheating On You

Marriage is a holy institution, where a husband and a wife make promises of love in the presence of the Almighty. They promise to stay true and to love each other despite all odds. It is always a heartwarming experience attending a marriage ceremony. It seems so pure and serene, especially when the groom swoops down to kiss the bride. As if, the universe had conspired and set all of its gears in motion just for this moment to dawn. Even more heartening is the sight of your grandparents still together, being the perfect partners even in their old age. But this is an ideal marriage, and science has taught us, nothing in this world is ideal.

Not all marriages see a happy ending, that is – till death do us part. There have been many instance of marriages which have been foiled due to extramarital affairs. Often one would have heard that men are indulgent in these affairs, but that is not always the case, cuckolds exist too. Now, no man alive is a sleuth of Holmes’ capacity but one can certainly sense a change in his wife’s behavioural patterns. Are her new activities making you suspicious? Fear not, here are some tips to ascertain whether she is lying or not. Trust these tips and let’s hope for the best, that you were just reacting to whims. 

15. Her Eyes Are the Gateway To Her Soul

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You have been living with her for a long time, perhaps, but your mind can sense the difference in her behaviour. Is she avoiding eye contact often? It’s almost a clear sign that she is hiding something from you or living in fear. Eyes are very communicative and people give away a lot of things with their eyes unconsciously. And if one knows someone intimately, the smallest change can be perceived from the eyes. Science has proven that people can see through someone else by eye contact in just seven seconds. So, the next time the two of you are together, make sure that you look deep into her eyes. Those two eyes may be keeping a secret from you.

14. Start connecting the dots About Her Suspicious Behaviour

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This idea may seem a bit awkward to you. But yes, it’s the one that will surely work. Is she spending too much time on phone calls and still worse, hesitant to pick them up if you’re around? Usually she might speak to her secret caller once after you fall asleep. Start training your ears to listen to her while she’s on the phone and you will easily be able to point out the caller. Never ask her directly, “Who was that on call, love?” You will get a disappointing answer and it’d be far from the truth. It’s a fact that women never speak to their female friends after midnight unless there is an emergency. So, while she is on the phone, pretend that you are too busy in your work or getting some rest. Get a hold of the nicknames she is using throughout her conversation and dig up the details. After that it’s all a matter of connecting the dots.

13. Spidey Senses Tingling About Her New, Expensive Gifts

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Remember Spider-Man, the superhero vigilante who fought super-villains? Well, he had ‘spidey senses’ that used to warn him before any mishap occurred. Everyone has that spidey sense in him. You are clear about how much she spends every month for shopping since you are the one who is paying her bills. But nowadays, she has new accessories and her wardrobe is filled with expensive clothes. Neither has she taken money from you nor can she afford such costly things, so how did they come into existence? Yes, there goes your spidey senses tingling! They are gifted! Usually people like your mother in law sends over gifts to your wife on special occasions. But that does not account for all the new gifts she is flaunting lately. Please ask your wife about the new accessories in a carefree way, unknowingly she may reveal some details that you can use to trace the truth on your own.

12. She No Longer Engages in Freaky Time Like Before


“Humans love sex, we need sex, it’s how we connect, it reminds us we’re alive, it’s the third most basic human need, after food and good movie popcorn,” said Billy Crystal, an American comedian. Well he really is absolutely right. Our forefathers created the institution of marriage in order to help couples satisfy their psychological and physical need for sex in a socially acceptable manner. Your wife has not had sex with you for quite a time whereas some time before, she was hungry every other day. Something is fishy here! There can be two reasons for such an abrupt change in behaviour. Either she has lost her interest in sex or someone else is satisfying her sexual needs. Try to find out if she really has begun to favour someone over you.

11. Catch Her Red-Handed


Has it ever happened that you came home from work, and got an alien vibes from your room? A new deodorant you can’t place, or a certain kind of flower that you’d never give your wife. Yes, there might be a ‘someone’ who comes to your home when you’re out for work. Ask your wife in a casual tone, there is nothing wrong in it. But if you feel that she is lying or escaping from your questions, then you must dig out the truth. You can fool her in the name of a business trip. Take your bags and say that you will be away for a week. Of course, if she has a boyfriend it will be happy news for both of them. When you are away he will be in her bedroom, correction, your bedroom. And she’ll be shell shocked on seeing you there.

10. Dig For Information Using Your ‘Fakebook’ account

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Just like all other women, your wife is crazy about social media. On her Facebook wall, you may not find any clue about her extramarital relationship, if she has any. So, don’t waste your time checking those family holiday pics. It will be wise to have a fake Facebook account to milk out all of her secrets from her own big mouth. Download the image of a hot man, upload it as your profile pic, and give some credibility to your profile. Okay, so now we’re set. Soon, send a friend request to your wife, she may accept it. Win her friendship and in a tricky way you can collect all the information about her extramarital affairs.

9. Keep Track of her activities online using a keylogger


Have you heard of keyloggers? Keyloggers are a type of software that is just magnificent. They monitor the activities of a computer user, usually in big organizations. There are some free version as well. So if you really don’t want to spend much money on such a software, go for the freeware. It will not only record your wife’s passwords but also keep a track of what she searches on the internet. Some advanced version take screenshots of pages and then send them over to your mailbox. She will never come to know that she is being secretly monitored. You can also install keyloggers on her phone. Yep, there are exclusively designed cellphone keyloggers now! Perhaps, you can easily get her chat history. Technology has a solution for everything!

8. Monitor her Movements Secretly


You gave full independence to your wife to live the way she wants to. But your bird is now threatening to fly out of the cage called marriage and mocking your capabilities. It’s time to get her back. And for that, there is a very simple trick. Bug her phone with a location tracking app. You can track her movement with the help of Global Positioning System or GPS. You don’t need high-end tech for that. Just a small app like ‘Life360’ or ‘My Friend Locator’ can be used for this purpose. These apps will even tell you how much battery her phone has and whether it is charging or discharging. Since these apps are based on Google Maps, you can sit at home and view the locations. It can also track how many hours she traveled and the places she visited. When she comes home cross check her answers with the information that you learned from your experiment.

7. Recruit your Friend to help you Spy on her


Are you thinking of following your wife like a spy? No, that’s not a good idea. If she comes to know that you are behind her, it may create a big issue in your marital life, plus of course you have your career. So, to avoid such an awkward situation, please take the help of your best friend. You really don’t need to hire a clever detective agency to trace your wife’s extra marital relationship. A trustworthy friend can assist you in multiple ways. Tell him to follow your wife for a week, if she has a boyfriend she will definitely make time to meet him at least a couple of times during the week.

6. Install A Hidden Camera To Capture Everything


Nothing can be more effective than this idea. You can’t leave your eyes back at your home to keep a lookout for your wife, but you definitely can have ‘eyes’ there. Yes, a camera is being talked about here. A hidden camera will not cost you an arm and a leg, so buy one and fix it in her bedroom. Avoid purchasing a low-quality camera that might not be effective. The camera must be small and motion activated and installed in a discreet place. Once after you come home, transfer the data to your computer and check out what happened at your home when you were away. You might have seen such cameras in some TV series like “Cheaters.”

5. Alcohol brings out the truth in everyone


This is a fact known to one and all, a drunk mind speaks the truth. Usually, society neglects the words of a drunk person, but the fact is such a man can never lie. Conjure a silly reason to have a candle light dinner with your wife at home and bring an expensive liquor bottle. Your wife will be thrilled to the core! Pretend that you are enjoying the party and as she starts drinking alcohol, her inhibitions will be lowered. When she finally has her guard down, it’ll be the right time to ask her about her boyfriend. Do so only if you have conclusive proof of her extra marital affair. And exhibit the courage to witness the cheat sheets that she’ll have for you.

4. Question her on her two-faced personality


As queer a situation it would be if a horse were to walk into a bar, so is the case with your wife. Since a few days, there has been a lot of difference in her lifestyle. What she has become is not even a small percentage of who she used to be. She has had a complete facelift. For example, she is investing too much time on personal care and the mirror has become her best friend! Her love for makeup has reached its peak and she is a selfie queen now. She has amassed a lot of knowledge about certain topics that were totally abhorrent to her before. And when you observe her speech, you find an oddity because she uses a particular set of words often. All of a sudden, so many changes! No that’s just not possible. No doubt, she is influenced by someone, and she is trying to be pleasing to him.

3. Ask Her Why She Doesn’t Profess Her Love Like Before


These days you are wondering whether you are living with the same woman who loved you more than anyone else or someone else altogether? When you were dating her, she used to respect each and every word of yours, she used to profess her love to you. And you lived so happily. But now she has no time for you. She longed for your attention and used to find happiness in your arms, you could see her love expressed in her actions, but now you can’t. It’s not your fault, it’s she who is at fault presently, she is showing her love to someone else. It’s obvious, a woman can’t have two men in her heart. Occasions like your birthday, wedding anniversary are no longer special enough for having her attention. Though she is carrying on with the pretense of loving you, you can clearly feel the gap in your relationship.

2. Analyze her diary


Is she someone who writes articles or maintains a personal diary? Take out some time to read through them. Log in to her blog and read those words. The literal meaning is what you can understand directly from the words. But hidden beneath the cover of the clever usage of words is a clandestine meaning, the real reflection of her thoughts. You are a gentleman, perhaps you might have some hesitation in reading her personal diary. But at this point in time, you are left with no option. To save your marriage, you’ll have to do everything possible. So going through her diary is not a sin. In fact, it will give you a clear perception of her character. If she is a genuine person then her diary will also convey the same. Keep up the hope!

1. Confront Her With All the Proof You’ve Gathered


There is a possibility that she is dating someone who you know or she knew. Keep checking the Facebook posts of her ex-boyfriends and colleagues, you may get a clue from there. For example, her ex posted a picture of a watch and today you noticed her wearing a similar one. Tread carefully before coming to the final conclusion. Because these are treacherous paths, you might be convinced that she is double crossing you, but don’t accuse her of the same without solid, conclusive proof. Because if you do so, and you’re proved wrong, you might lose the trust and consequently, the love of the person who loved you dearly.

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