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15 Ways to Impress A Woman Out Of Your League

15 Ways to Impress A Woman Out Of Your League

We see memes and manuals about “How to make women happy!” like it’s some kind of mystery. Here’s the secret, it’s not as complicated as people say it is. Girls are simple (most of the time), you just have to listen to what your woman wants!

To make any relationship work there must be compromise, so if you think you’re getting the girl of your dreams by having your wall up the time, you’re very mistaken. We often look at our past relationships and only villainize our exes, but have we ever stopped to look at what we could have done differently? Maybe we were young, inexperienced and stubborn, and maybe we just didn’t put in enough effort.

We hear most men say, “Oh, she’s out of my league!” They think that there is some super complicated formula out there to help them land the girl of their dreams! The formula is simple, it’s called the list below; read it, memorize it, love it, and do it! Some of the things below are pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many men actually don’t do the simple things that make their women happy.
Do you want to impress a woman out of your league? Here are 15 ways how!

15. Never Belittle Her…Especially In Front Of People


Nothing is more hurtful than picking on her in front of people. A woman always wants to know that you are proud of her, if you have an issue with her, let HER know, but not in front of everyone else. The last thing you should do is make comment like, “Well if you would actually get a better job then we would feel better about all the bills coming our way!” Keep your personal issues between the both of you! If you must say something, make it encouraging; you can praise her about something she did, or say how proud you are of her for about how she handled herself at work last week!

14. When She Gets Emotional, Let Her vent


If she’s having a horrible day at work let her vent! Here’s the thing, most of the time, she doesn’t want you to say much, she just wants to vent, to let it out! Here are some things you should avoid saying, “Stop being so emotional,” “All you do is cry”, *eyeroll* or “This again!” Be supportive! It won’t kill you to sit and just listen to her. Also, don’t zone out, or just start playing with your phone, because that will just piss her off…at YOU, and she might even forget the real issue. It’s about being supportive and understanding.

13. Appreciate The Small Things She Does For You


Whether she’s making you a nice supper, helping you out with your laundry, or being patient when you’re screaming your head off for no good reason, you have to admit that she turns your day around. Don’t take what she does for granted and mention to her that you are aware of these things and you do appreciate them! Every time you begin to take her for granted, just remember the ex-girlfriend who put you through hell. Remember that for a relationship to work, there has to be balance; if she’s doing her part, do yours! Tip: A ‘thank you’ and a little kiss on the forehead could go a long way.

12. Let Her Pick The Movie


“I don’t watch chick flicks!” said most guys who don’t want to be dragged to the latest romantic comedy. We get it, you hate romantic comedies and all the mushy stuff, but let her pick the movie every once in awhile! If she always comes with you to see your action movies and watch all these gory scenes with you, let her pick the movie on your anniversary or date night! Also, try to show a little interest, don’t just sit there and complain the whole time, or fall asleep, or roll your eyes every time Ryan Gosling says something cheesy!

11. Listen To Her


Yes, us girls can ramble on about our day the arguments we had with our girlfriends, and yes we are aware that after about 15 minutes, you zone out but try not to. Girls, don’t forget that men have an attention span of 10 minutes so try to keep the boring details for your girlfriends. Men, try your hardest not to zone out, at the end of the day, a woman wants someone who will listen to her when she’s having a bad day and be a shoulder to cry on sometimes. You’re in big trouble if at the end of her ranting she asks, “Are you even listening to me?”

10. Feed Her


When a woman is ‘hangry’ there is nothing that you will say or do that will make her feel better, the only thing that will is FOOD! You will definitely score extra points if you take her to her favorite restaurant or bring her her favorite snack! If your girl is having a bad day, and you surprise her with her favorite cheat meal, you get major points. Tip: Remember her favorite milkshake, cookie, burger and just bring it to her every once in awhile. Don’t make it a habit of only getting her things when you’ve pissed her off, she’ll be suspicious every time you do something nice!

9. Surprise Her


That doesn’t have to mean a bed of roses, or a very expensive gift! Surprising her with a rose, an “I love you” text, or even sending her a link to her favorite song or one that is special to both of you could mean the world to her. A girl’s heart will melt from the small, thoughtful things that you do. The more personal it is, the more it’s going to melt her heart! It’s pretty amazing how a ‘good morning’ or ‘goodnight’ text can turn everything around. Pay attention to what she says, what she likes, and what upsets her!

8. Remember The Small Things

Her favorite color, favorite song, least favorite food, and there are a hundred other things you can learn. Fun Tip: You can always google ‘fun questions’ to learn about your girlfriend/boyfriend to know more about them. You would be surprised how fun it can be and how you can get someone to open up with fun games! Remember that she’ll always appreciate it if you remember all the things she thought you weren’t listening to. None of these things should feel like a chore if you truly want to know about her.

7. Be A Gentlemen


You’ll hear a lot of girls say “Chivalry is dead,” prove them wrong! Opening doors, randomly kissing the palm of her hand, putting your hand on her leg while you drive, kissing her on the her forehead, winking at her from across the room, or walking her to the car door, are all things that will take you a long way! Never underestimate how chivalry can make her heart melt! A woman will always appreciate you calling to make sure she got home safely, or asking if she needs anything, and if she’s over at your place, always make her feel at home.

6. Compliment Her


One of the things that will drive women crazy if when her man doesn’t notice the effort she’s putting in her appearance! Here are a list of things you can notice: hair color, makeup, new clothes, new purse, nail polish color, and the list can go on and on! While sometimes girls can make subtle changes and expect a man to notice, men can sometimes also be a little bit clueless. Women, don’t play the terrifying game of, “How do you like my new look?” and expect him to notice the tiny earring you bought that are hiding behind your hair.

5. Don’t Try To Make Her Jealous


An immature woman will enjoy the games, waiting 10 minutes before texting you back, cancelling plans last minute, or playing hard to get, but a real, mature, woman, will not want that. Playing games is so exhausting, so once you find a woman who tells you exactly what she wants, what she means, and has real conversation with you, rather than playing games, do yourself a favour and really take time to appreciate that. If you try to play games or make her jealous, she will just walk away, but if you enjoy the games, by all means, knock yourself out, but don’t blame all women for your drama.

4. Be Honest, But Not Rude


You should always be honest, but not rude. “Well I was just being honest!” said every guy who made his girlfriend or wife cry because he was being a douche. You can always be honest but also polite. For example, if she lets you know you were invited to have supper with her friends and then to the movies, don’t scream, “Ugh I hate them because they are so boring!” <– That is rude. You can politely say, “Can we go to supper and skip the movie please? I don’t have the best time together.” Also, if you see them once a year, and it means a lot to them, just go with her.

3. Show Interest In Things That Are Important To Her


If she shows interest in what you do, you should do the same for her! Ask about her day! If you knows she’s been having trouble at work then ask her about it. Did she decide to change up her routine at the gym? Then ask her how the new workout she’s trying is. A girl feels special when you take the time to ask her about her weekend, the different project she’s working on, the movie she just saw with friends, and so on! Men usually think women need jewelry and expensive things, but sometimes all a women needs is a nice movie, some wine, Chinese food and a nice talk on the couch. Don’t over complicate things, it’s a lot simpler than it looks!

2. Call Back If You Said You Would


You want to piss her off? Say “hang up, I’ll call you back!!” and then don’t. If you say you are going to call her back, please do! It might seem something small to you, but for her it’s a big deal. These are the things that will drive a woman crazy because to her, if you don’t call back it means that you completely forgot about her. To take that a step further, there is nothing hotter than a man doing exactly what he said he was going to do! To quote Michelle Obama (and Melania Trump) your word is your bond!

1. Be Careful With Your Words


She may not remember all the amazing things you said, but she will remember the one awful thing that you said that hurt her. If you’re upset and you feel like your tongue is about to work faster than your brain, please walk away. It’s much better to walk away then say something you’ll regret and she will never forget. A word is like a bullet, once it’s out there, you can’t take it back and it does A LOT of damage. Simple sentences like “You look beautiful” or “I’m so proud of you” can turn her day around.

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