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15 Ways To Make Your First Million Before 30

15 Ways To Make Your First Million Before 30

The earlier you start making money, the more likely you will make your first million before turning 30. Only smart and strategic financial decisions can put a person in the millionaires club. The saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” is very accurate because if you have decided that you want to cross the million dollar mark before you turn 30 you can. Here are 15 ways to achieve your goal.

If you’re not lucky enough to receive a huge inheritance, choose a path and navigate your way to 1 million dollars. You’re lucky that you are reading this because you will be making money soon after you choose the most suitable ways to become a millionaire.

You know that there are people who did it in their twenties. So when you think about making a million bucks by the age of 30, don’t get scared and don’t look at it as if it’s unachievable. All you need to do is to take your bank balance to seven figures.

When you think that it is achievable, don’t forget that there are many like you who dream about being rich. But for most of them becoming a millionaire remains a dream. Many fail because they are not confident enough, they give up easily and they think about money in the wrong way.

Before you go ahead and pick any or all of the ways to make your first million as listed below, tell yourself that your dream of becoming a millionaire is not a result of greed. It’s your decision and when you will achieve that goal, you will help others as well. Tell yourself that you will never give up, you will be true to yourself, and you will always make money through ethical ways like the ones you will read now.



No matter how many inspirational videos you watch, no matter how many money saving ideas you read about, if you can’t learn how to save money you can never become rich. It can be difficult to find simple and realistic ways to save money, but if you look at your habits, you’ll realize that you know where the holes are. You want to fill a pot with money, and to do so, you need to make sure that there are no holes.

Stop believing that you have so much time to save money. You just never know what the future holds for you. Wouldn’t you have wanted your money to be saved or spent on what’s important? By paying for something you can’t afford, you simply prevent yourself from saving money. Not saving enough leads to you having no money in your bank account.

If you’ve realized that yes, you need to save money if you want to hit the 1 million mark by 30, here’s how you can save it and seal the holes:

– Track your expenses.

– Make a budget (Weekly or Monthly)

– Know where you can save

– Know why you’re saving

– Prioritize your needs

– Monitor the progress



Not literally, but you can really sell yourself in the market just like the way your favourite movie stars, musicians, motivational speakers, and business tycoons do it everyday.

Discover and build your personal brand that not only reflects your good qualities, but that also showcases your talents and skills. Your personal brand must tell everything you can do for people and make their lives better by providing the solutions to their problems or by doing something they find engaging enough to stick with.

All right. So I have become popular in a niche, I have got some people who follow me and my loyal audience also likes my Facebook posts, now what?

Here’s how you can turn your personal brand into one million dollars:

-Start a blog in your niche and monetize it

-Offer a paid audio/video course

-Become a consultant, trainer or coach

-Host a workshop or seminar

-Write or co-author a book



Learn the math of money-making then buy a calculator. Millionaires do not just earn, spend and save the rest. They calculate and manage and keep track of their money in the best possible ways.

Impulse decisions prevent people from making more money. How many times do you showcase that impulsive behaviour when shopping? Millionaires know when and how much to spend on something because they have a very clear idea of what they need and what they just want.

Some people say that the rich don’t count their money and don’t even follow a budget, but in reality, those who are very rich know where their money is and they also keep track of how it is being spent.

So here’s how you can make 1 million before turning 30:

-Track your daily, monthly, and yearly expenses

-Pay off debts (if there are any)

-Keep receipts

-Be true to yourself

-Create cash flow projections (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly)



Don’t just set goals, start achieving them. Everyone makes excuses because they are so easy that we always find a reason why something didn’t happen. Whatever the case is, excuses and procrastination paralyze many people who set goals.

There are times when people choose to keep up with hilarious memes rather than working on what’s important. Allowing negligible things to distract you is one of the reasons why your goals won’t get accomplished, and you’ll end up blaming others or yourself. 

You’ve chosen a destination. A place where there will be no further distance between you and your first million dollars. Those who have been there and done that are driven by goals. Millionaires not only set their goals, but they plan their hours very well with to-do lists.

They focus on long-term goals and once they set their goals, they immediately start finding the ways to achieve them. Holding yourself accountable for everything will help you achieve goals because you will have nothing to put the blame on.



You will become a millionaire someday. You’ll buy a house or surf on the beaches of Hawaii someday. That ‘someday’ is nothing other than an excuse.

If you are courageous enough, never say that someday you will build that house, or someday you will be driving your dream car or anything like that. Be confident enough to set realistic goals and achieve them.

There are millions of people living out there who will never make 1 million even after trying for decades. Don’t be one among them. Successful people know when and what they are going to do. Even if their plans get affected, they don’t stop. Once your willpower grows, the opportunities appear.

If the word ‘someday’ is a part of your life also then here’s how you can remove it effectively:

– Believe that no one has designed a perfect day or moment for you, you only have to create it

– Do things that make you happy, don’t go for temporary pleasure that brings guilt.

– Simplify your life by cutting down all the unnecessary expenses and start living a simple life.



Money doesn’t separate rich and poor, it’s the mindset that separates them. Millionaires control the money and this is how the line between rich and poor gets stronger. If you wish to become a millionaire by 30, make sure that you prevent money from controlling your actions.

Most people simply believe in exchange. When they need to pay their bills, they simply use the money and forget. And if they fall short, they delay the payment and overpay for the same thing later or they stop using facilities until they get some more money.

Why are you letting money control you? No matter what your educational background or IQ level is, you have the right to become a millionaire.

A majority of people get scared when they think about a large amount of money. Their mind starts telling them “it’s impossible for you to get that much.”

Stop it right now and think about money in a different way. Think about freedom, think about opportunities, possibilities, and abundance. One of the easiest ways to make 1 million dollars before 30 is visualization. Visualize your journey to 1 million, it will help you set goals. Don’t stop visualizing till you see yourself having that money.



To see what you’ve left behind, always look back to learn from your success and mistakes. Looking back not only gives you a clear picture of the results, but it also helps you plan for the next milestone.

Millionaires are the people who have seen failure, fear, and rejection. But what separates them from an average person is their attitude towards the future. If you want to become a millionaire by 30, be more concerned about putting your energy into the future. But at the same time, never ignore the lessons you’ve learned in past. Never let your fears hold you down.

Looking back is important because it helps you see that even after being broken or even after achieving your goals, you are still holding on. You are still progressing and your are so brilliant that you still aspire to be more successful.

Here are the 5 ways you can look back and get something positive out of it:

– Look back and do everything possible to put the things in the right place

– Look back and realize how much improvement you’ve made in yourself

– Look back and learn to avoid the mistakes you’ve made

– Look back and decide what are the things you need to do to achieve your next goal

– Look back and set fresh perspectives



Rich people never surround themselves with negative people. Who you hang out with decides how much money you will make. It is really sad to see that there are people who have just given up on everything.

Negative people are very judgemental. They share opinions based on what they believe. They do not want to learn or understand things, they simply express their opinions without any concrete information. Negative people don’t care about the facts.

“Rich people are arrogant,” “My company doesn’t pay me well,” and “Nobody cares about me.” We have heard it all from our friends, relatives and colleagues. The worst thing is that negative people have a lot to grumble about, but they don’t take the right steps with patience to come out of poverty.

If your goal is to make 1 million before you turn 30, kick negative people out of your life, limit your interaction or simply keep yourself away from their negative thoughts. Negative people do not have control over their emotions. They are angry, unhappy, and sad about almost everything. They simply express and spread the negativity by sharing their thoughts with every single person they meet. And their complaints are endless.

When a person becomes optimistic, his optimism infects everyone who’s around them. Successful people work as a magnet for those who aspire to become successful. Your goal to hit 1 million before 30 can be achieved only if you are careful about who you associate with.



If you say ‘yes’ every time you will experience bankruptcy faster than you’ve ever imagined. Many people don’t know how to say ‘no’ and this is why they are always in trouble. They do this because they do not want to sound awkward or rude. For many people, saying ‘no’ means losing opportunities.

Say ‘No’ to everything you are not confident about. Say ‘no’ to a new project offer which is out of your area of expertise, say ‘no’ to that investment plan that doesn’t make you feel secure. Say ‘no’ to the client who always delays your payments and say ‘no’ to the ones who drag you down with their negative thoughts. Say it for once and you’ll realize how easy it is.

Learning to say ‘no’ doesn’t mean that you should get addicted to saying ‘no’ to everyone. It is about having more control over your life, money, and time. Also prepare yourself to say ‘no’ in the right way. For example, you might want to say ‘no’ to your boss, say it in a way where saying ‘no’ won’t make you jobless, of course.

The difference between rich and average people is that rich people say no to the things they do not want in their life. Whether it’s a habit or an offer, they can say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t bring them what they need.

Here are the easiest ways to say ‘no’ to anyone:

– Prepare yourself to say ‘no’

– Don’t carry the guilt

– Do not explain the reasons in detail, unless you are asked



Increase the number of avenues you can earn from. Get a job! You may be thinking that everyone else out there advices you to start a business, but in this article you are being convinced to get a job. The reason is very simple and effective. Many self made millionaires started with a job that had potential for growth. 

You need to get a job in a company where the opportunities for growth are visible. Many people just get a job to earn money, but rich people also look for opportunities associated with their job.

One of the best ways to become a millionaire by 30 is by increasing your sources of income. You will not make 1 million dollars without having multiple sources that bring you money. Start with whatever you have in hand. Gradually explore other money-making options. But always make sure that you remain in the same zone as long as possible. Meaning that you must improve yourself in the same niche.

Invest your time and energy to improve your skills. Do what you know, rather than experimenting in multiple areas you know nothing about.

Don’t jump from one source to another if they are not connected. The flow of your income should be connected to each other. For example, an office assistant should improve her skills so that she can be hired remotely by someone who is in need of a virtual assistant. She should not start selling pancakes just because they are in demand.



There are many ways that you can cut out the unnecessary expenses. The small savings will add up over time.

How many times do you pay extra on shopping websites? There are alternatives that enable you to use coupons and can help you save some money.

A majority of typical American millionaires do not live in expansive mansions and don’t drive luxury cars or hire people for basic needs. You might think that use of freebies is more popular among youngsters and poor people, but you would be wrong. Those who are considered rich use coupons more than what high-school kids use.

Here are the ways you can save money by using the free or discounted stuff:

– Before you make a purchase, search for coupons or discount offer

– Compare product rates online and offline

– Join websites and apps that offer discount coupons

– Subscribe for membership offers in your local stores

You don’t just need to be a person who spends less, you need to be a genius who is capable of getting things at the lowest price possible.



Your current status reflects who you associate with and what your actions are. If you are not going where the money is, how do you expect to find it in abundance? Exposure to opportunities, where more money can be earned, should not be missed. If you are not going where the money is, money won’t attract you and you’ll never attract money.

You need to invest time and energy in exploring the opportunities available for you. Many people are fascinated with the idea of starting a business because it is a place where the money is. But before you start anything, learn about the business world and the most promising investment opportunities.

You can really go far on your journey to become a millionaire before 30. Whether it’s real estate, stock market, commodities or mutual funds, take time to learn the basics. You may find it boring or dull, but learning is as important as your desire to become rich.

Once you’re ready with the knowledge you need to start or manage a business or to invest, take small steps and rest assured because it will add up over time.

Always remember the rule of being at the right place at the right time. Do not daydream, grab the opportunities available in front of you.



From Warren Buffett to Mark Zuckerberg, those who have crossed one million mark in their life prefer living a frugal life. Don’t waste your money on collecting things you do not need. Think before you buy anything.

“My life couldn’t be happier. In fact, it’d be worse if I had six or eight houses. So, I have everything I need to have, and I don’t need any more,” said Warren Buffet during an interview with The Motley Fool.

There is no such scheme that makes people rich quickly. If you believe that there’s some way then you are wrong. Earning a huge amount of money in short time is hard. The chances of earning more in a very short period of time almost zero. So, instead of spending money on stupid schemes, start living a frugal life.

Sell unwanted items on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist or host an open yard sale. Rent out extra space on websites like Airbnb. If you need an office space, try to check options where you can get shared space. You should try selling or renting out the things that can bring you money.



Some people will tell you that rich people create to-do lists and some will say that they don’t. No matter whether your to-do lists are working for you or not, a not-do list will surely work. We are programmed to get instructions. From teachers to parents and mentors, our mind accepts instructions very well and passes the instructions to our organs, which in turn they obey. 

Create a list of habits, distractions, or activities you don’t want throughout your journey to 1 million. From checking notifications on your phone to surfing unimportant websites, lending money to unreliable people to spending money on cigarettes, drinking and shopping, create a list of what you really don’t want and write them in the form of instructions.

You can create such lists for your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. And make sure that you refer to it at least twice or thrice in a day.



When you reach a milestone, no matter how small or big it is, celebrate it. Treat yourself well and start making money again. Do not stop even after crossing the 1 million mark. Aim for more and treat the process of money making as your duty. Behave and work like a millionaire. Do not ignore money, because it won’t take much time to ignore you.

Make money a priority and believe that there’s no shortage of money. The universe has plenty of ways to bring money to you. Think big enough, visualize yourself, but most importantly, be true to yourself.

If you want to make your first million before 30, go for more than just one million. If you can believe that you deserve more money and if you can manage to be fearless, reaching even a billion is possible for you.


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