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Money doesn’t separate rich and poor, it’s the mindset that separates them. Millionaires control the money and this is how the line between rich and poor gets stronger. If you wish to become a millionaire by 30, make sure that you prevent money from controlling your actions.

Most people simply believe in exchange. When they need to pay their bills, they simply use the money and forget. And if they fall short, they delay the payment and overpay for the same thing later or they stop using facilities until they get some more money.

Why are you letting money control you? No matter what your educational background or IQ level is, you have the right to become a millionaire.

A majority of people get scared when they think about a large amount of money. Their mind starts telling them “it’s impossible for you to get that much.”

Stop it right now and think about money in a different way. Think about freedom, think about opportunities, possibilities, and abundance. One of the easiest ways to make 1 million dollars before 30 is visualization. Visualize your journey to 1 million, it will help you set goals. Don’t stop visualizing till you see yourself having that money.



To see what you’ve left behind, always look back to learn from your success and mistakes. Looking back not only gives you a clear picture of the results, but it also helps you plan for the next milestone.

Millionaires are the people who have seen failure, fear, and rejection. But what separates them from an average person is their attitude towards the future. If you want to become a millionaire by 30, be more concerned about putting your energy into the future. But at the same time, never ignore the lessons you’ve learned in past. Never let your fears hold you down.

Looking back is important because it helps you see that even after being broken or even after achieving your goals, you are still holding on. You are still progressing and your are so brilliant that you still aspire to be more successful.

Here are the 5 ways you can look back and get something positive out of it:

– Look back and do everything possible to put the things in the right place

– Look back and realize how much improvement you’ve made in yourself

– Look back and learn to avoid the mistakes you’ve made

– Look back and decide what are the things you need to do to achieve your next goal

– Look back and set fresh perspectives



Rich people never surround themselves with negative people. Who you hang out with decides how much money you will make. It is really sad to see that there are people who have just given up on everything.

Negative people are very judgemental. They share opinions based on what they believe. They do not want to learn or understand things, they simply express their opinions without any concrete information. Negative people don’t care about the facts.

“Rich people are arrogant,” “My company doesn’t pay me well,” and “Nobody cares about me.” We have heard it all from our friends, relatives and colleagues. The worst thing is that negative people have a lot to grumble about, but they don’t take the right steps with patience to come out of poverty.

If your goal is to make 1 million before you turn 30, kick negative people out of your life, limit your interaction or simply keep yourself away from their negative thoughts. Negative people do not have control over their emotions. They are angry, unhappy, and sad about almost everything. They simply express and spread the negativity by sharing their thoughts with every single person they meet. And their complaints are endless.

When a person becomes optimistic, his optimism infects everyone who’s around them. Successful people work as a magnet for those who aspire to become successful. Your goal to hit 1 million before 30 can be achieved only if you are careful about who you associate with.

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