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If you say ‘yes’ every time you will experience bankruptcy faster than you’ve ever imagined. Many people don’t know how to say ‘no’ and this is why they are always in trouble. They do this because they do not want to sound awkward or rude. For many people, saying ‘no’ means losing opportunities.

Say ‘No’ to everything you are not confident about. Say ‘no’ to a new project offer which is out of your area of expertise, say ‘no’ to that investment plan that doesn’t make you feel secure. Say ‘no’ to the client who always delays your payments and say ‘no’ to the ones who drag you down with their negative thoughts. Say it for once and you’ll realize how easy it is.

Learning to say ‘no’ doesn’t mean that you should get addicted to saying ‘no’ to everyone. It is about having more control over your life, money, and time. Also prepare yourself to say ‘no’ in the right way. For example, you might want to say ‘no’ to your boss, say it in a way where saying ‘no’ won’t make you jobless, of course.

The difference between rich and average people is that rich people say no to the things they do not want in their life. Whether it’s a habit or an offer, they can say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t bring them what they need.

Here are the easiest ways to say ‘no’ to anyone:

– Prepare yourself to say ‘no’

– Don’t carry the guilt

– Do not explain the reasons in detail, unless you are asked



Increase the number of avenues you can earn from. Get a job! You may be thinking that everyone else out there advices you to start a business, but in this article you are being convinced to get a job. The reason is very simple and effective. Many self made millionaires started with a job that had potential for growth. 

You need to get a job in a company where the opportunities for growth are visible. Many people just get a job to earn money, but rich people also look for opportunities associated with their job.

One of the best ways to become a millionaire by 30 is by increasing your sources of income. You will not make 1 million dollars without having multiple sources that bring you money. Start with whatever you have in hand. Gradually explore other money-making options. But always make sure that you remain in the same zone as long as possible. Meaning that you must improve yourself in the same niche.

Invest your time and energy to improve your skills. Do what you know, rather than experimenting in multiple areas you know nothing about.

Don’t jump from one source to another if they are not connected. The flow of your income should be connected to each other. For example, an office assistant should improve her skills so that she can be hired remotely by someone who is in need of a virtual assistant. She should not start selling pancakes just because they are in demand.



There are many ways that you can cut out the unnecessary expenses. The small savings will add up over time.

How many times do you pay extra on shopping websites? There are alternatives that enable you to use coupons and can help you save some money.

A majority of typical American millionaires do not live in expansive mansions and don’t drive luxury cars or hire people for basic needs. You might think that use of freebies is more popular among youngsters and poor people, but you would be wrong. Those who are considered rich use coupons more than what high-school kids use.

Here are the ways you can save money by using the free or discounted stuff:

– Before you make a purchase, search for coupons or discount offer

– Compare product rates online and offline

– Join websites and apps that offer discount coupons

– Subscribe for membership offers in your local stores

You don’t just need to be a person who spends less, you need to be a genius who is capable of getting things at the lowest price possible.

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