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15 Ways To Snag A Rich Man

15 Ways To Snag A Rich Man

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me the value of marrying a rich man. “It’s better to be rich and miserable than to be miserable and poor,” she observed. She’s not the first woman to appreciate wealth in a man, nor will she be the last. A woman’s desire to marry a rich man makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint. According to evolutionary psychologists, women prefer men who possess ample financial resources because any children that they may have with these men will be more likely to thrive. Rich men are therefore in a position to attract the most desirable women possible.

So what do men look for in a woman? What attracts their eye when selecting a mate? Evolutionary psychologists argue that men desire health and youth in women, as these attributes serve as cues to fertility. Reproducing as much as possible is a man’s ultimate evolutionary goal. Many qualities in women that are deemed physically attractive are actually indicators of either health or youth, which is why they’re preferred by men. Rich men are no different. Listen up, ladies; if you want to maximize your chances of marrying rich, then you have to satisfy as many of men’s preferences in a wife as possible.

15. Locate a rich man


It would be hard to marry a rich man if you never cross paths with one. The first step in marrying rich is to find a rich man to marry. Make a dating profile on a dating website that caters to wealthy men. Research popular hangouts for wealthy bachelors in your city and arrange to be part of the crowd. Attend charity galas and fundraisers where rich donors are sure to be frequent. You might have to get creative and turn a Sugar Daddy into a Sugar Husband. Once you’ve zeroed in on a rich man, you can start thinking about how best to attract his notice.

14. Purchase hair extensions


There’s a reason that men choose long locks over the pixie crop when it comes to a woman’s hairstyle. Women with long hair have an evolutionary advantage in attracting rich men. According to evolutionary psychologists, men prefer women with long hair because long hair is an indicator of health. Healthy hair grows and shines, while unhealthy hair breaks off or fails to grow. If you were thinking about cutting your hair short, then banish the notion. Save that impulse for the day after your wedding. Make an appointment with your hairdresser, stat, if you don’t already have long hair. You’ll need to order some hair extensions.

13. Invest in a lip plumper


Much like long hair, full lips are another indicator of health and youth. It’s no surprise, then, that men prefer women with fuller lips. Why might full lips be a sign of youth? As we get older, we lose collagen in our lips, making them appear thinner. Unfortunately, some of us are born with thin lips (like me), and need to take a few extra measures to boost our lip game while we’re young. Really, all that you need is a simple plumping lip gloss, and voila! Full lips. No need to get fillers (unless you want to, of course).

12. Follow a skin care regime


Smooth, clear skin is a third indicator of health, which is why it’s important to take care of your skin if you want to snag a rich man. According to evolutionary psychologists, clear skin refers mainly to the absence of sores. Don’t worry; a few pimples won’t scare a rich man away. Nevertheless, you should treat your skin reverently if you wish to keep a rich man’s eye focused on your face. Say it with me: moisturize. Use makeup strategically to cover up blemishes; looking like you have makeup caked onto your face won’t do you any favours.

11. Whiten your teeth


White teeth are yet another indicator of health, so consider adopting the following principles of dental hygiene to better attract a rich man. Avoid foods or beverages that can stain your teeth. Coffee is the biggest culprit here, and I am, like most of us, not immune to its charms. If you eat or drink something that has teeth-staining potential, then try your best to brush your teeth as soon as possible following consumption. If all else fails, then go out and buy some whitening strips, or have your teeth whitened professionally. What’s a few hundred dollars if it gets you a few thousand in return?

10. Pursue rich men who are older than you are


Men overwhelmingly desire women who are younger than they are, as these women offer them the greatest chance at reproductive success. Rich men are no different. Consider limiting your search to rich men who are at least ten years older than you are. You’ll have more luck attracting, and holding onto, a rich man who’s significantly older than you are, rather one who’s your age or younger. It’s a sad fact of life, but it’s a fact nonetheless. Use your youth to your advantage while you can. Before you know it, a younger woman will have taken your place.

9. Adopt a healthy lifestyle


This one comes back to men seeking out healthy women for their increased fertility. Rich men don’t want to waste time and energy on a woman who’s going to drop dead tomorrow. How would they reproduce then? To keep a rich man invested in you, show him that you’re invested in your health. Let him know that you exercise regularly; in fact, invite him on a jog sometime. Make a healthy meal for the two of you to enjoy. I’m not saying to swear off junk food forever. Junk food is an integral part of my diet. What I’m saying is to practice a certain amount of self-control. Avoid gluttony and overindulgence, and show your rich man that you maintain balance in all aspects of your life.

8. Get your coffee from the same coffee shop as he does


Once you’ve found a rich man to pursue, put yourself in his path. Research has shown that men tend to fall in love with women who are physically close to them. Proximity is a huge factor in relationships, so arrange to be near your rich man as much as possible without seeming stalkerish. Find out which coffee shop he likes to buy his coffee from and start buying your coffee there as well. Or start walking your dog in his neighbourhood. Or arrange to pick up your mail at the same post office as he does. The more chances you have of bumping into him, the more likely he is to fall in love with you.

7. Read up on his interests


Not all of men’s sexual preferences come down to looks. It turns out that most men value intelligence in their marital partner as well. That goes for rich men, too. They need a woman who can impress with her knowledge at social gatherings. Consider taking a crash course in one of your rich man’s intellectual pursuits. Sounding like an expert on a topic that interests him can go a long way towards convincing him of your intellect and winning his heart. As a bonus, being familiar with his interests will make you seem more similar to him, and similarity is another quality that men desire in their women.

6. Go to church with him


Stay with me on this one. Psychologists have found that men are more attracted to women who are similar to them. Relationships based on similarity are more likely to last than those based on differences. One important area of similarity turns out to be religion. Men want their wives to hold similar religious beliefs to theirs. If you’ve got your eye on a rich man who goes to church on Sunday, it wouldn’t hurt to attend a church service with him once in a while. That way, he’ll feel more confident that you share his religious beliefs, or that at least you don’t oppose them.

5. Attend a political rally with him


Another important similarity involves the dreaded topic of politics. Men also want their wives to have a similar political orientation to theirs. That means that if you’re a Democrat and the rich man that you’re after is a Republican, then you might want to consider switching political parties. Start by attending a political rally with him to see if you can bear the change. If you already share the same political views as your rich man, then all the better. Reinforce your similarity by hosting an election party, or by having a lively discussion about values and policies. Being politically informed is also a way of demonstrating your intelligence.

4. Get involved in his charity


Charity work kills three birds with one stone: it gets you close to a rich man, it shows him that you have similar interests, and it demonstrates your kindness. If given the choice, men would prefer kindness in their marital partner. What better way to show a rich man how kind you are than to volunteer for the charity that he supports? Help to rescue puppies from a puppy mill, or deliver food baskets to families in need. Not only will you be increasing your odds of ending up with a rich man, but you’ll be giving back to your community in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Be a good listener


According to research, men want their marital partners to be understanding. One way to prove how understanding you are is to listen intently when your rich man is speaking. If you lend a sympathetic ear to him while he’s pouring his heart out to you, then he’ll come away from your conversation feeling heard and understood. He’ll then be more likely to hear and understand you. Good listening skills can also help you to discover other ways of engaging his interest. For example, if a rich man shares with you that he’s embarrassed by his father for always showing up late to events, then you’ll know to arrive on time to your dates.

2. Reply to his messages in a timely manner


When it comes to marriage, men desire women who are dependable. The same goes for rich men; perhaps even more so. Rich men need to know that a woman can be depended on to handle their finances responsibly. They need to know that a woman won’t just up and bail once she’s received a hefty deposit in her bank account. It’s important, therefore, to let a rich man know that you’ll be there for him no matter what, even when times get hard. Demonstrating this involves engaging in regular communication with him. A woman who answers a rich man’s text message a week after it was sent isn’t dependable to him.

1. Reciprocate his advances


Rich men, like all men, want their marital partner to be mutually attracted to them. It’s disheartening to think that a woman is more interested in their wallet than she is in them. If you come upon a rich man who shows an attraction to you, then let him know that you’re just as into him as he’s into you. If he tells you that he loves you, then say the words back to him. Any doubt that your feelings for him aren’t as strong as his feelings for you could send him running into the arms of a more amorous woman. Keep this in mind as you navigate the waters of wealth.

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