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15 Wedding Photobombs That Will Make Anyone Cringe

15 Wedding Photobombs That Will Make Anyone Cringe

Weddings are full of emotion. Joy, excitement and love fill the air the entire day. That is what makes wedding photos so special. Everyone is smiling and in a good mood and you get to treasure those memories forever in print. You have wonderful pictures of everyone you love in a pretty album to keep for the rest of your life. Sometimes, though, couples go through their wedding pictures and find something they did not expect. From wacky guests, to silly animals, to weird strangers, you never know who is going to jump into a picture! And when alcohol is involved, all bets are off. Grandpas make faces in a window, cats randomly walk into the frame, random people pop up in the public setting of the wedding. Every photoshoot is unpredictable, but wedding days seem especially prone to chaos. That must be the real reason wedding photographers take so many photos: to make up for the hundreds of bad or photobombed ones that they snap. Some of these photobombs are hilarious, while others probably made the bride and groom downright mad. I just hope that their photographers were wizards at photo editing software, so their final pictures didn’t feature photobombers! Read on for 15 of the most hilarious wedding photobombs you will ever see!

15. Horsin’ Around

via: Blaze Press

Getting a shot of the bride with her bridesmaids is super important. This is the last time she will get to be single with her girlfriends, and the bond between women is always a strong one. But this horse decided he wanted to be a part of these ladies’ special moment. Not only did the animal poke his head into their otherwise lovely photo, he made the silliest face possible! It’s almost like he did it on purpose! I’m sure the bride had a chuckle when she saw this shot in her wedding photo album. That is the price you pay for getting married on a farm, I guess!

14. Cat’s Not Down

via: Bored Panda

Here is another example of an animal putting itself in the spotlight. This cat does not care about the tender moment happening between the new husband and wife. He just wants to chew on some grass! The photographer captured him in the perfect mid-lick, cross-eyed pose that makes cats so funny. It is like he is showing his disapproval for the happy couple in that truly spiteful way cats do. I would not be surprised if this was the newlyweds’ favorite photo from their big day. It’s hilarious and sweet the same time, especially if this is their family pet and not some random stray.

13. Just Kidding

via: Del Sol Photography

There is definitely a reason that some couples ask their guests to keep their kids at home on their special day. While little ones are sweet and cute, especially when they dress up in their finest, they can be a handful. It is hard enough for adults to sit still during a wedding ceremony, let alone tiny toddlers! Luckily this dad swooped in put the spotlight back on the bride and groom. This couple must love kids because they look unfazed, and more amused than angry. Maybe it is a sign that they are ready for some kiddos of their own!

12. Lookie Loo

via: Del Sol Photography

Beach weddings are some of the most beautiful ceremonies. You have a gentle breeze, warm weather, bright sun, and soothing waves in the background. But the problem is, beaches are public places. Any random person can wander by your wedding, and there is nothing you can do! This wedding photographer captured an old dude out for a walk along the sand, who was majorly curious. Instead of minding his own business, he decided to stop and enjoy the show. At least he kept his distance, but it’s a little weird considering how special and intimate weddings are supposed to be.

11. Jumping For Joy

via: Del Sol Photography

This couple’s destination wedding to Mexico looks like tons of fun. Not only did they get to marry their soul mate, but they treated themselves and their guests to an amazing vacation at the same time! But in this photo, it’s clear that some of their guests went overboard with the open bar! When the newlyweds go off to do their photo shoot, that is your cue to enjoy yourself at the reception, not follow them! This guy is having a blast, so it must have been an awesome wedding! I just wonder how hard his hangover hit him the next day.

10. Party Hard

via: eBaum’s World

This sweet couple was trying to have a special moment with their photographer, but their family was not having it! While the newlyweds were off taking their first photos as husband and wife, the guests were in full party mode! This wedding photographer definitely did not count on seeing a groomsman singing karaoke into his beer bottle, but it makes for a pretty darn hilarious picture. If this is the vibe right after the ceremony, just imagine the wild party that followed at the reception! The poor couple looks tired and not so amused by the antics, so hopefully they loosened up later.

9. Don’t Have A Cow, Man

via: Get Inspired

What a fun and beautiful idea for wedding photos! The couple chose a wide open field during the “golden hour” for an amazing background, and posed with an old-timey car to add a touch of class. It should have been the perfect photoshoot. But things don’t always go according to plan, especially at weddings! The bride and groom were visited by a curious little cow, who wondered why some people were crashing his home. I love that the newlyweds seem to not even notice him. What a fun surprise to discover when they looked through the pictures from their big day!

8. A Whale Of A Time

via: Huffington Post

This couple had such a cool idea for their wedding. Who would not want to get married in an aquarium? The deep blue water makes a unique backdrop for both the ceremony and photos. Plus the guests get to walk around and discover wildlife later in the night. Even better was this social little beluga whale that photobombed tons of their wedding pictures! She swam around, smiled, and interacted with the couple. If you had to choose someone, or something, to photobomb your wedding, this whale is the best choice. The couple will definitely never forget this fun and silly experience.

7. Cake Catastrophe

via: Huffington Post

It is hard to tell what is up with this wedding guest. Is he annoyed by the many wedding traditions he has had to endure during the day? Or is he super into cake and dying to eat a piece, but is forced to wait through all the cake-cutting fanfare? Either way, the photographer caught him at the most hilarious moment of desperation. I hope that she also captured this special moment from another angle, otherwise the bride and groom will not have one good shot of it! Surely they got a good laugh from this photo, and shared it with their goofy guest too.

6. Goofy Groomsman

via: Huffington Post

As we have seen in some of the other examples, never take nice wedding photos near a window. You never know what will be happening inside the building! This bride and her bridesmaids were just trying to get a nice shot as a group, but they were interrupted by a silly groomsman inside. In retaliation, maybe the bridesmaids did a funny pose while the groom, and his boys were taking group pictures. This idea definitely looks like it’s on the bride’s mind with the annoyed look on her face! This photo is proof that men are truly big kids, and never grow up!

5. Peek-A-Boo!

via: Bridal Guide

This shot is a nice, happy photo of the new couple. They look excited to be married and relieved that the stress of the ceremony is finally over. One thing they probably did not expect in the pictures of their special day, is a family member photobomb! Maybe this is the bride’s overprotective dad. Even now that she is married, he can’t bear to leave her alone with her man. Or it’s a goofy uncle or grandpa who has had a little too much fun at the bar. This wedding looks like it was a blast with hilarious family and friends!

4. Perfect Plank

via: Sarcasm Society

Remember when planking everywhere was a big thing? This couple definitely does, thanks to one crazy groomsman. A sweet post-ceremony snap with the couple sharing a tender kiss is no time to do the latest photobomb craze! This guy probably thought he was so funny at the time, but must feel like a real doofus now. Or maybe he does not, and is just a jerk! This bride and groom clearly had no idea what was going on behind them; so this must have been a funny surprise to find when they were reviewing the photos from their special day.

3. Get A Room!

via: Pinterest

Nothing is worse than being overshadowed on your own wedding day. This couple experienced that and more! While trying to do a pretty photoshoot in a park, their pictures were interrupted by another couple who are clearly just as in love (or lust!). No one wants to see that kind of behavior in public ever, let alone when you are trying to get a beautiful and special wedding shot. That’s the downside of taking pictures in a public place! I hope that those people were not guests of the wedding, otherwise that would be a majorly awkward interaction back at the reception.

2. Dat Booty Doe

via: Meowingtons

If you have a cat or know some cats, you know they have zero care for others. Cats do what they want, when they want! This cattitude is clear in this wedding photo, totally photobombed by a cute kitty butt. The bride and groom had an amazing shot set up of them kissing in front of majestic mountains. What a dream! But when a cat decides it wants to walk into your picture, there’s nothing you can do. The photographer captured this scene at the perfectly hilarious moment. Hopefully the couple made friends with the cat so that they had a special memory with their new pal.

1. Scandalous Swimmer

via: Huffington Post

This photo should look like a piece of art. The bride and groom in fancy clothes, on a rocky beach with a perfectly overcast sky, and sea in the background. It looks amazing at first glance! But then you notice the random guy. Why does he look like Gollum? Why is he naked? Why is he climbing up from the ocean when it looks cold as heck? I have so many questions! I don’t know if it is worse if this dude is a stranger, or a weird guest from the wedding. Let’s hope the photographer worked some Photoshop magic on the final version of this one!

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