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15 Weird iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know Exist

15 Weird iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know Exist

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In these days of advanced technology, there is no shortage of apps to choose from. Whether you need a productivity app, an app to track your exercise, food logging, grocery lists – it seems as if there is truly an app for everything.

But in addition to all the useful apps out there, there are a whole host of simply bizarre ones. Apps that seem to serve no purpose at all but to be weird, apps that are creepy – even apps that are downright scary. There are animal based apps such as Rubby Bird and Happy Oink, that are actually games which are surprisingly addictive. There’s even a niche dating site in the Bristlr app, connecting people through their love of beards. There are apps for when you have too much time on your hands, like Zombie Booth and Demotivational Pics, which are exactly what they sound like. There are apps which are bizarre games, such as Enviro Bear and Karoshi. And believe it or not, there are actually useful apps like Carr Matey and Places I’ve Pooped – Carr Matey helps you find your car in massive parking lots, and I don’t think I need to explain what Places I’ve Pooped is for.

Check out the list below for fifteen truly weird iPhone apps.

15. Rubby Bird


This app is exactly what it sounds like. You open up an animation of a brilliant yellow animated bird and… you rub him. A countdown screen appears as you begin to rub the bird. As you rub, the bird makes squawking sounds, and a robotic yet oddly calming voice urges you on with such words as, “Rub the duck” and “Good job, keep rubbing the bird.” Once you’ve rubbed the bird a certain amount of time, you can share your score and play again. The game play is called, interestingly enough, “rub sessions”, and lasts for a minimum of fifteen sessions. As strange as this app is, it’s oddly addictive. So give it a rub!

14. Happy Oink


This bizarre – yet oddly moving app – opens with a pink animated graphic, and text that states, “Poor piglet. Everyone’s gone.” You have to pet the virtual pig for her to move. You can teach the pig more movements. As she moves around in this virtual world, eating and eventually having piglets, she becomes more cheerful and less sad. The pig even has friends visit, and the app features seasonal changes. The piglets she has soon begin to play with each other. Again, it may sound odd, but it is soothing and, like the aforementioned Rubby Bird, addictive.

13. Bristlr


If you’re a fan of… stroking beards, you’re in luck. Bristlr is an app exclusively for those of you out there who are looking for said beards. It’s actually a dating app, and it’s set up to filter by age, their distance from you, and of course, their bearded status. Believe it or not, over half a million people have connected using this app, and it’s used in over a hundred cities worldwide. The app even has a clever “Lothario” detector, where it lets you know if the message sender has sent the same message to other users.

12. ZombieBooth


This is one of those apps for those of you with a lot of time on your hands. It seems to be the precursor to Snapchat in a way, albeit definitely a more bizarre version of Snapchat, in which you can put various filters over your face so that you can appear to be a… wait for it… zombie. A 3D animated zombie to be precise. The app makes your regular photo 3D, and there is a vast amount of animated zombies to choose from. You can also of course record and share the photos and videos of your zombified face.

11. iFart


iFart is aptly titled, as its basically an electronic whoopie cushion. With its giggle inducing title, it’s a pretty popular app, and incredibly useful for you pranksters out there. The screen displays a red button which you can press to deliver your flatulence sound of choice. But it doesn’t end there. There’s a whole array of fart sounds to choose from. These sounds include: Jack the Ripper, Bubbler, and Howard the Duck. You can also stealthily set the fart after however long you wish, making this app even better than a lowly whoopie cushion. The app is a favorite of many celebrities as well, including George Clooney and David Duchovny.

10. EnviroBear


Ever wondered what it would be like to drive as a bear? Essentially, this app is a game about a bear who drives a car around in a desperate attempt to get enough food before going into hibernation. This ingenious concept makes for a fun game, and it’s surprisingly challenging and inventive. As you drive, you’ll also come across other bears driving cars as they attempt the same goal. The food you grab as a bear includes berries and fish. You can also throw things out of your car – either through the windows or the sunroof.

9. Karoshi


This app is as weird as it is dark. It is basically a game in which your goal is to kill yourself. Your gameplay character is Mr. Karoshi, a depressed Japanese businessman who works at the Yoyo Corporation. Despite the grim goal, the game is made up of clever puzzles in which your consistent goal is to help poor Mr. Karoshi end his life. There are over fifty puzzle stages, and they become increasingly difficult as you progress in the game. You’ll likely find yourself sucked in as you try to end Mr. Karoshi; the graphics and game play are engaging.

8. Demotivational Pics


How many motivational photos have we seen all over the internet – or even in your office? Too many. The Demotivational Pics app puts a clever twist on the often used motivational tool – by specifically providing the user with “demotivational” pics. The creators of this app also made Funny Pics, so they clearly know what they’re doing. The app consists of tens of thousands of photos. You can comment and rate your favorites. You can also share them on Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other social media outlets that could use some demotivational sharing.

7. Carr Matey


We’ve all been there countless times. You park your car in a massive parking lot, only to not be able to find it when you return. Carr Matey may be a strange app, but it also serves a very helpful purpose – finding your car. The app is done in a creative design – your car appears like a pirate ship on the map, and the font is old timey enough to make it seem like you’re looking at an honest to goodness pirate treasure map. There’s even a neat little compass on the map to guide you back to your pirate ship – er, your car.

6. Places I’ve Pooped


Yes, the title of this app is silly and strange, but it does serve a very useful purpose. How many times have you been out and about when the urge to go suddenly strikes you, yet you have no idea where the bathroom is? Places I’ve Pooped can save you time and stress by helping you locate the nearest restroom. The app opens up a map, and you can pin the places where you’ve … done your business. The map expands with the more places you use the restroom. So the next time you’re in a new place, be sure to download this app to save yourself a lot of stress when the inevitable happens.

5. Spirit Story Box Ghost Hunting Tool


If you’ve wondered if there are ghosts in your midst – and if so, what are they saying – then this is the app for you. The Spirit Story Ghost Hunting tool is a “ghost hunting app”. Simply allow the app to detect the ghostly presence in your midst, then allow it to generate what messages they want to send to you. The app includes eerie swarm visualizations, and you can get more my upgrading. You can even, of course, share the ghost messages with your friends via email or social media. Your messages are saved automatically, just in case you want to keep a record log of your… interactions.

4. CatPaint


In these divided times, the world needs more photos of cats. CatPaint is an app designed to add photos of cats to any photo you take. This bizarre app is celebrity endorsed by James Franco, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, and more. The app was even used by NASA Mission control. The app even includes iMessage stickers. You can add fun effects like cat sounds and laser eyes. It works like this: take a photo or grab and old one from your library. Choose one of many cat photos from the app, and place it onto your photo. Voila, you’ve just helped make the world a better place.

3. RunPee


We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in the movie theater, watching the most crucial part of a fantastic movie, when your bladder begins to scream. You desperately have to go, but you don’t want to miss a moment of the masterpiece before you. Well, there’s an app for that. The RunPee app lets you know the best time to take a bathroom break from your favorite flick, and you won’t even have to miss the good parts. Even better, the app keeps its database updated, so you can be abreast of the best time to go with newer releases.

2. Fake-An-Excuse


Another odd but useful app is Fake An Excuse. How many times have you been in a conversation you desperately want to get out of and you answer the phone to someone you don’t really want to talk to. Well, Fake An Excuse can help you get out of the dreaded conversation. It supplies over forty realistic background sounds to get you off the phone. Being pulled over, weak signal, even… um, a bee attack. It doesn’t matter, though, because it provides the excuse for you. You just select the excuse sound you want, hit the start excuse button… and there you go. You have your valid excuse for getting off the phone.

1. Drunk Dial No


Everyone at some point has needed the Drunk Dial No, which does exactly what it calls itself. After you’ve had a few, your fingers get surprisingly dial heavy, and the next thing you know, you’ve made a call you really regret. This app effectively hides contacts phone numbers – and email addresses – for however long you set it. It could be for a few hours if you’re going out for a night on the town, or if you have a bender planned it can go for up to 48 hours. And you can limit all of your contacts if you’re really dial obsessed, or just a select few.

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