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15 Weird Things She Starts Doing When She Has A Crush On Someone

15 Weird Things She Starts Doing When She Has A Crush On Someone

There aren’t many things in life that are as complicated as having a crush on someone. It doesn’t matter if you are an awkward teenager or a fully-grown adult. A lot of people simply don’t have the guts to be straightforward. Why is it so challenging to approach somebody and just be honest? OK, there are many reasons why it’s no easy task. Fear of rejection, lack of confidence, and the mere fact that it makes both parties feel a little uncomfortable are just a few reasons. It’s a stressful situation for males and females alike.

If you have a crush on someone, you can try to keep it to yourself but your secret will soon get out when your own actions give you away. You probably won’t be as obvious as a peacock that is showing off its feathers and dancing around during mating season but your behavior isn’t really that far from it. To someone with a bit of insight into the subject, spotting someone with a crush is pretty easy. There are certain things that women do that give them away when they have a crush on someone. Most of these things are done subconsciously although some of their actions are definitely deliberate. Either way, when they engage in these behaviors, they might as well be wearing a bright neon sign on their foreheads. Here are 15 weird things she starts doing when she has a crush on someone.

15. Stalking – The Passive Kind


We’re not talking about the obsessive Fatal Attraction type of stalking here. This is a much more subtle and non-threatening form. Women that have a crush on someone will start to make themselves visible in a low key and coincidental manner. If her crush plays beer league softball then she might show up to a game and watch from a distance. If her crush works in a public setting then she will find a reason to show up there. Maybe she takes up jogging and her crush’s house is on the route? Although she is secretly hoping that her crush will notice her presence and maybe initiate a conversation, she just wants to see the object of her desire and will keep a safe distance as to not be so obvious.

14. Stalking – Cranking it up a Bit


Once she’s completed a thorough social media investigation and subtly let herself be noticed, she will probably take the stalking up to the next level. Still, this isn’t the insane and over the top kind of stalking that we often think of but it is definitely a bit more aggressive. She might know that her crush is going to be at a social gathering or maybe she knows that her crush usually goes to the local grocery store on Saturday mornings. She will be sure to be wherever that person is as well. This time she won’t just observe from afar. She will get dolled up and put all of her effort into making contact. She will give off verbal and visual hints that even the dimmest wit can pick up on.

13. Stalking – Going off the Rails


Here’s where things can get quite intense. This type of stalking is downright scary and those who do this are usually not all that mentally stable. This can occur for a number of reasons but rejection is a huge motivator for those who engage in this twisted behavior. Some women can’t rationally deal with being spurned and they react by getting nasty. Things like flooding their crush’s social media pages with hateful and hurtful comments or spreading unflattering rumors are just the tip of the iceberg. She might make those unwelcome phone calls in the middle of the night or key her crush’s car. There aren’t too many lines that a truly obsessive and demented stalker won’t cross. The movie Fatal Attraction might have been a suspenseful bit of fiction but that kind of stuff really happens.

12. She Becomes a Social Media Detective


One of the first things that a woman will do when she develops a crush on someone is to delve deep into the other person’s social media accounts. There is a whole lot of information that can be gleaned from reading posts and looking at the pictures that are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the many other social media networking sites that are out there. It won’t be a quick scan either. She will check absolutely everything that’s been posted right from the beginning even if it goes back several years. She will also likely investigate the friends that are connected to the account. If you suddenly start seeing likes and thumbs up on pictures and posts from a couple of years back then it probably means that you have a secret admirer.

11. She Starts Imagining the Future


When a woman has a crush on someone, she will usually start to fantasize about a future with them. Thoughts of an ideal domestic life filled with travel to romantic destinations are just the beginning. She will have mental images of a perfect wedding, future children, and growing old together. She will assume that she and her crush are completely compatible and she will give very little to no thought of the arguments, stresses, and other challenges that couples face in reality. It’s all sunshine and lollipops. These ideas will consume her and probably cost her several hours of sleep as she lays awake at night replaying the various scenarios out in her mind. If you notice that a female coworker is happily staring into space and fidgeting with her hair then she probably has a crush on someone.

10. Rehearsals


It’s often said that you get one chance at making a first impression. It doesn’t matter if it’s a job interview or a casual conversation; you want to come across as being cool and composed. Just as most people do prior to a job interview, many women rehearse the things that they want to say when they finally get to have a conversation with their crush. They rehearse their responses to every possible question and think of conversation topics that they think will be of interest to their crush. “Be Prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts but it is also the approach that a lot of women take when they are getting ready to interact with that special someone. Of course, there’s a huge difference between practicing the play and executing it during the real game.

9. She Closely Monitors Her Phone


A woman with a crush definitely won’t let her cell phone battery get too low and she will never leave it out of earshot. She will constantly be checking it to see if her crush has called or texted even though she knows that she didn’t hear any ringing. If she is in the middle of an important meeting and feels her phone vibrating then she will frantically take a peek at the screen in the hopes that it’s her crush. Some people in that situation might even take the call and excuse themselves from the proceedings. To heck with etiquette!! If she is in a mall, nightclub or any other place that is noisy she will check it every few minutes. Her cell phone becomes a bigger obsession than her crush. There’s no way she’ll miss that call.

8. Quirks


A woman with a crush will start to display some unintentionally odd behavior. There are all sorts of quirks that become noticeable especially when she is in the presence of her crush. She will do things such as fidgeting, twirling her hair in her fingers, and responding to the most inane comments with nervous laughter. She won’t be able to stop herself from staring at her crush until she is actually talking to them. Then she will have a hard time looking them in the eye. These idiosyncrasies aren’t intentional. They are natural responses that are done without thinking. A woman who is usually confident and boisterous might become quiet and shy while a woman who is normally reserved might suddenly have a spell of extroversion. A woman with a crush becomes a different person.

7. New Interests


“That’s funny,” you think to yourself. “She’s always hated football and now she’s suddenly a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan?” You also know that she recently binge watched a bunch of gangster movies and she is now an expert on motorcycles. What’s up with that? Well, it sounds like she has a crush on someone. Her crush is most likely a motorbike-riding Minnesota Vikings fan who enjoys movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Casino. One of the 15 weird things she starts doing when she has a crush on someone is to take an interest in her crush’s interests. Sure, it might just be for show but it is an effective way of finding common ground and getting a foot in the door. Don’t worry. If she ever gets her hooks into him, then this phase eventually come to an end.

6. She Tries to Make Her Crush Jealous


Ah, the games people play. One of the games that women love to play is trying to make their crushes feel jealous. It’s a simple yet diabolical ploy that is easy to pull off. The key to making this a successful venture is actually knowing that her crush is interested in her. If her crush isn’t into her then it’s a waste of time. There are loads of ways to make somebody jealous. One commonly used method is lavishing her attention on another person while seemingly ignoring her crush. Maybe she talks about some steamy encounter that she had with someone else. Of course, she must do this while she is close enough to her crush for the details to be clearly heard. There are several ways to skin a cat and even more ways to make somebody jealous.

5. She’ll Become a Damsel in Distress


Have you ever met a woman that always seems to have some kind of calamity in her life? One day she has a serious problem with a coworker and the next day, she has serious family issues. If it’s not a crisis with her BFF, then it’s a dilemma over some chick that attends her Zumba sessions. It’s a non-stop merry-go-round of troubles and woes. One thing that a lot of women do when they have a crush is to create a problem and try to get the crush to solve it. This is done to create an ally and evoke sympathy but it also makes for a good barometer of sorts. How the crush responds to the situation is a good indicator of how much they are into her.

4. Dressing Up


She usually dresses in conservative attire when she attends social gatherings but you have noticed that she has recently been wearing shorter and much tighter-fitting skirts, blouses that put her cleavage on full display, and high heels. She’s also wearing just the right amount of makeup and she’s obviously put time into her hair. You’ve never seen her look so attractive. Hmm, she must have a crush on someone and she’s getting herself dolled up like that to get her crush’s attention. Wearing sexy clothes is one of the most common things that women do when they have a crush on someone and it’s usually quite effective. She doesn’t necessarily need to be a bikini model to catch her desire’s eye. She just needs to show off their best assets in a way that is tasteful.

3. She Gets Jealous


Just because she isn’t in an official relationship with her crush doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get jealous. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. She can’t help but get jealous when she sees her crush laughing it up with another woman. It’s even worse when she sees her crush making the most innocent physical contact or flirting with someone else. That will definitely get her blood boiling. Something as innocuous as the crush going out with friends or engaging in some other activity that doesn’t include her will set off this strange and sometimes irrational emotion. If she won’t be a part of her crush’s exciting plans then the jealousy is bound to creep in. The funny thing is that, in most cases, the crush isn’t doing anything wrong because they are unaware of her feelings.

2. He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not


Simply telling someone that you dig them in a romantic kind of way is much easier said than done. One of the 15 weird things that she starts doing when she has a crush on someone is seeking guidance from unreliable sources. She will take one of those relationship compatibility tests in a Cosmopolitan magazine or do a similar test on a website. If the answer is not to her liking then she will try another one somewhere else and repeat the cycle until she gets the answer she wants. It’s no different than picking the petals off of flowers to determine if their crush is into them. Deep down they know this method is hogwash but when they get the desired answer, it gives them a bit of a confidence boost.

1. She Overanalyzes Everything


Some people try to find meaning in absolutely everything and this is especially true of most women that have a crush. If she had a short and straightforward conversation with her crush then she will replay it and analyze it in her mind just as football players and coaches study videos of a game over and over. She’ll take some benign statement and convince herself that there is a much deeper meaning to it. If the two are on texting terms then she will save the texts and look for hidden messages within them that don’t exist. We probably don’t need to get into all of the overanalyzing that goes on when she checks out her crush’s Facebook page and sees a picture of them with another woman that she doesn’t know. Even if it is the crush’s cousin.

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