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15 Weirdest Body Modifications Ever Done

15 Weirdest Body Modifications Ever Done

Have you ever felt a little disturbed after hearing about the reasons why people decide to modify their bodies? Generally speaking, we think of nose jobs, enhancements, and tummy tucks when the topic of conversation is about body modifications. The industry of nip and tuck has evolved immensely over the last few decades. For example, more than 1,780,987 people changed a physical feature of theirs last year. Are there really that many who are unhappy with the way they look? Or have people taken vanity too far and have gone way over the top?

Although a number of various procedures have become quite common and accepted, there are a few rare operations that you would never believe existed. In fact, most of these are so ridiculous or unbelievable it may take a minute to get your head wrapped around it. We’ve done the research to bring you 15 of the weirdest body modifications known to mankind. In effect, these aren’t your typical tabloid stories, but instead, are the only ones worthy enough to make it onto The Clever.

15. Turning that Beer Belly into a Six Pack

More popular with the male species than women is a newer procedure that gives the appearance of sculpted abdominal muscles. In previous years, in order to surgically reduce your body fat quicker than the time it would take working out and eating healthy, you would pay for liposuction. Although liposuction would smooth your unwanted bulges, it definitely did not give you a “wash-board” stomach.

The new method for over-night rock hard abs is called liposculpture, an evolved version of liposuction. However, the difference is that liposculpture not only removes unsightly fat, it also tightens your skin. So, if you want to turn that keg into a six-pack and don’t necessarily want to hit the gym and watch what you eat, this could work out perfectly for you. Not sure how this would look if you gained more weight post-operation. In other words, taking the lazy route to achieve an athlete’s mid-section may not pay off in the end.

14. Innie or Outie: Which do You Prefer?

While we are on the topic of mid-sections, here’s one you probably have never heard of. It’s one of the nip and tucks that is out of the spot light and under the radar for sure. Belly button surgery, known as umbilicoplasty, is requested by people who are unhappy with a belly button protruding outward. A couple of the most common causes contributing to an outie include a women’s pregnancy stretching her belly, people who are prone to hernias, or even someone who just has extremely elastic skin.

As odd as it may be, umbilicoplasty is becoming a more frequent request at the plastic surgeon’s office. But my thoughts are that anyone asking for this is flat out obsessed and should probably see a Psychiatrist – not a plastic surgeon. Anyways, this attributes to the probability of the surgeon needing to create a totally new belly button. So, if you are highly self-conscious shop around for the best doctor, specifically, because an umbilicoplasty’s results are permanent and irreversible.

13. The “Other” Hooters Surgery

Although we are familiar with the fact that boob jobs have become pretty main-stream, there’s one that is not typical public knowledge. Likewise, it is definitely not as noticeable as getting enhancements in the chest area. Instead, we are talking about the reduction of the nipples and areolas. And, this is not only popular with women, it is also being requested by men too.

Here’s the thing, our bodies change over time, including the coloration and size of our nipples and areolas. For example, when a woman gives birth, one physical reaction is that her nipples and areaolas can change to a darker brownish colour. Additionally, it is possible that nipples grow longer, sticking farther away from our body. Reduction of this area literally involves cutting off the tips of your nipples. Ouch! No, thank you.

12. Enhancing The Southern Region Of The Body expertinfantry

You have probably heard people joke about how bizarre the surgeries are in the southern region of the body. Surprisingly so, women making changes to their private area is trending right now and more and more are upgrading down there. Technically, one procedure is called a vaginoplasty where the vaginal walls are tightened. Another surgery designed for women is the labiaplasty which changes the size and/or shape of the lips, known as the labia.

That’s not all that is offered to improve a woman’s genitalia. Ultimately, a woman can opt in to have her “G-spot” enlarged. This is typically done for the sole purpose of enhancing her experience in the bedroom. However, instead of having all of this super expensive work done, why not just re-train your lover to perform better. I don’t know about you but I would never admit to having this done.

11. Gender Reassignment Surgery

In the LGBTQ community, there are individuals who desire to undergo gender reassignment surgery. There are several kinds of surgery available to make the necessary changes to an individual in order for them to obtain the physical gender that they were not born into. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss the metoidioplasty procedure.

Important to point out is the fact that transgender men take testosterone hormones from the beginning of their transition, and for the rest of their lives. Testosterone promotes morphing the happy spot down-town (for a woman), into what you would consider a “micro-penis”. Inevitably, the metiodioplasty involves making a cut to the the skin that holds a micro-penis close to the body and releases it. Furthermore, extending the length and lowering it more approximately to that of  a penis.

10. Elf-like Pointed Ears

I remember this one when it first came out. It was actually all over the web, especially social media channels. This one definitely had to make our list of the weirdest plastic surgery procedures. This particular operation is called “Ear Pointing” and is usually performed by a tattoo/piercing artist. But this one just goes a bit too far. Why the heck would someone want pointed ears?!

Basically, the tattoo guy cuts out a section from the top of the ear lobes and sutures the remainder of the ear together, forming a precise point. Popular among those running in cost-play and role playing game fan-fair circles, is to resemble an elf. But there have been tales of these fans actually thinking that they really are elves. What I want to know is what will they think when they are in their 60’s, have naturally gone bald, with obvious pointy ears?

9. Surgery To Make People Sound Younger

Okay, so this one is pretty freaking weird. Have you ever met someone off a dating site, say, on Plenty Of Fish (POF), and liked them enough to start trading messages? Then, the two of you hit it off so you exchange phone numbers. The man on the phone sounds young, right around your age even. But when you meet him face to face, you realize that he is much, much older than he sounded.

This would describe an online dating nightmare.  From the tone of voice aspect; people much older elect undergoing a “Voice Lift”, otherwise defined as a rhytidectomy. To elaborate, they get a slit cut in their throat and the doctor inserts an implant into the vocal cords to make their voice sound youthful. There is a surgeon who performs more than one of these every week. That’s a lot of people changing their voices. A key point, however, is that this surgery was initially intended for patients that sustained a serious injury or disease to the vocal cords.

8. Tongue Surgery In Order To Lose Weight

The media has a way of influencing society through telling us how we should look, what fashions are acceptable, and you know, what’s considered to be sexy or not. We have become so self conscious about our weight. Perhaps you even signed up for a weight loss program, or wasted money on the big diet “horse pills” promoted on infomercials. Promising that you would see a dip in the scale – unrealistic results over-night. Don’t get me wrong, maintaining a healthy physique is encouraged. But when does the desire of a smaller waistline cross the line of dangerous territory?

Obsessed with losing weight, several people have gone through absolute torture. Hey, I get it, I too have tried various products and methods to trim down. That being said however, some turn to the plastic surgeon for a “tongue patch”. This device is sewn directly onto the middle of their tongue! And, the so called benefit is that a tongue patch causes extreme levels of pain while eating. As if that weren’t enough, it stays on for 30 days, pledging a loss of 15-30 lbs! Sounds pretty fun right?

7. A Full Face Transplant

Can you think of any reason why someone would change their entire face? It’s easy to resonate if someone has a big nose that they get a nose job. Or, if you have excessive crows feet that you get an eye lift. But what about a full face transplant? We are talking about walking in looking like you and walking out looking like a total stranger.

A full face transplant is extremely uncommon, in fact, the very first one was just performed in 2008. A rare genetic disorder caused one man to live in absolute solitude due to the public’s reaction every time he’d venture out. You may have even heard of him; the elephant man. This guy unintentionally earned his one of a kind nick-name for having facial features mimicking an elephant’s. Thanks to this procedure, looking in the mirror at his new lips, cheeks, nose, mouth, and smile, doesn’t doesn’t devastate him anymore.

6. Extreme Manscaping Below The Belt

When I first came across this one, I almost fell over. You will definitely be shocked and even laughed out loud. Have you ever heard of men having wrinkly testicles? Of course you have, it’s what happens as we grow older. Well, not all men will stand for puckered skin. Aside from wrinkly scrotums developing as a natural result of the aging body, there is a way to reverse mother nature’s curse.

What’s even more bizarre is how these men achieve their smooth and shiny set of family jewels. A Doctor uses a laser to actually fry the wrinkles off. In other words, they are ironing the skin flat. As if that wasn’t enough, this is not just a one time thing. Similar to getting botox injections, the ball-sack ironing needs to take place every four weeks in order to keep the smooth youthful look and feel.

5. Turn That Frown Up-Side-Down

We all get a little enamoured by the sight of someone’s dimples. This is because there’s just something about them that are so attractive. But if our genetic blueprints didn’t call for dimples, we could always go to the nearest plastic surgeon and have them fabricated. Okay, so realistically, even those of us without concavities next to our mouths can still brighten up any room when we walk in with our smile.

Typically popular within celebrity circuits, dimpleplasty makes the roster because it’s pretty ridiculous to pay for exaggerated, unnatural looking divots planted into your cheeks. However, if you desire a subtle impression gimmick, much like having a beauty mark, front teeth gap, or slight spray of freckles, then a dimpleplasty just might fill that void.

4. Men’s Mustache Madness

Have you ever walked by a gentleman with a an extremely attractive mustache? One so nice that you wondered that it must be fake? No, of course not! Because we generally don’t second guess another man’s stubble. To clarify, we aren’t talking about the 1960’s retro porn star look here. Either way, all of you lumberjacks in the world are now trend setters. Who would have ever thought?!

A point often over looked is that not all men can grow a nice patch of hair on their upper lip. In some countries a mustache is considered a sign of power, prestige, sophistication, and maturity. The procedure involves pulling hair from another place on your body and implanting them into the space below your nose. “Follicular unit extraction” can only take place though, if the patient has sufficient patches of hair growing thick enough elsewhere.

3. Men Opt For Surgery To Reduce Their Package

Since we touched on a genital change men do earlier, I thought I’d share another procedure that is pretty outrageous. It seems as though guys with more money than what they know what to do with must get pretty bored. We have all seen the male enhancement supplement commercials played on late-night T.V. suggesting guys need bigger packages. But, what if a man is insecure about having a large size anatomy down there?

For the few fellas feeling troubled, they can partake in scrotum reduction surgery. A cosmetic procedure that is no laughing matter to some. In fact, shrinking the manly parts will improve comfort when wearing tight underwear and limit irritable inner thigh chafing. Scrotum reduction surgery includes tightening of saggy skin housing a man’s baby making factory. Additionally, it brings the drooping sack up closer to the body keeping the round shape in tact. Um… ever considered buying a bigger size of underwear of wearing pants that fit better?

2. Man Boobs and Calf Implants

Going to the gym and building your muscles the old fashioned way takes a very long time. For most, that’s okay, they are willing to put in years of hard work lifting weights in order to increase muscle mass. Nonetheless, those who are on the scrawny side can endure a male “boob job” or calf enhancement surgery.

In hopes that they can give the perception of strength and skip the sweaty gym socks, men will opt in for the easy route. Pockets of silicone are inserted into the pectoral and calf muscles in hopes to look like an Ambercrombie & Fitch billboard model. This will definitely give the vanity appearance of larger muscles, but will not give you the actual strength. It’s pretty misleading – to look like you can lift a car but in reality you can’t even lift a tire.

1. Cankles No More

Excessive weight gain can lead to fat build up around the ankles. This usually happens by fat in the lower legs being pulled down to the ankles by gravity. Additional water retention can also attribute to your ankles looking much wider than they actually are. If you are really self-conscious about your “cankles” you can always have cosmetic surgery to rectify the issue.

The results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight. A plastic surgeon will make numerous incisions to the area of your ankles and perform liposuction. Liposuction removes the unwanted fat from your cankles and reveals more shapely ankles. That being said, however, what about the rest of the body? I mean, you can’t have skinny ankles and a morbid size body without falling over or being able to balance your stance in social settings. Just weird.


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