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15 Weirdest Things People Consume To Stay Healthy

15 Weirdest Things People Consume To Stay Healthy


Are you looking to stay healthy? Who isn’t, right? Maybe you’re at a particular place in your life where you are stuck. Most of us by now, recognize that processed junk food does way more harm than good, even if it is delicious. Your old buddies like Oreo cookies put more age on you than Wrip Van Wrinkle. They are totally not your friends. Your friends are the foods that are antioxidant-rich, whole foods such as blueberries. This type of fruit makes you look and feel better. All of us want to look good on the inside and out.

Guess what? There’s no reason why this can’t happen. Did you know that when it comes to superfoods, you can make yourself healthier and appear younger on the inside and out? It is safe to say that some of the best new choices out there are the ones considered strange. Yep, so brace yourself on this food journey. What you find repulsive might just be great for you. Here are the 15 weirdest things people consume to stay healthy. Dare to give it a try? Who knows, you might walk away writing up a new grocery list.

15. Oh Yes! The Adaptogens for sure


Adaptogens are a real winner. Yep, don’t leave home without them. They are roots, mushrooms, or herbs that aid the body physically to get rid of illness and stress. As told by professionals at Daily Harvest, a corporation that distributes pre-blended soups and smoothies, adaptogens are good for the body. If you hate fatigue, adaptogens are your friend because they ward off exhaustion, improve concentration, balance your hormones, and aid with managing a weight that’s healthy. Adaptogens are not new in the health food game. They have a long history in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, but then again, their effects are recognized by the National Institutes of Health.

14. Don’t forget the Propolis

Amusing detail: Bees aren’t just making honey, they’re making more than that. They also make a mixture called propolis. They use this compound to build their hives. Once upon a time, it was also utilized to heal injuries, fight illnesses, and mummify dead bodies in ancient Egypt. Nowadays, this pasty constituent is a delicious way to drive away a cold because it’s high in flavonoids and antioxidants, as stated by New Jersey-based nutritionist and nurse Daniella Cohn. On many occasions, she makes the point these flavonoids can constrain some viruses that produce indications of the common cold.

13. Popping Pearl Powder


Pulverizing some beautiful pearls can be a good thing. It might appear to be a little sad for some, but hang on for a minute before the tears start. This old Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine is the hot secret of beauty. Let’s explain why: Pearl powder has trace minerals, magnesium, amino acids, and tons of calcium, as told by Jacqueline Olivia Garay, who is a whole nutritionist, and psychoanalyst.

Most who use it, find that it does work wonders for them. They equally can aid with hyperpigmentation and can make your skin tone even. To drink it, you can add it to your smoothie or even other drinks like orange juice. Pearl, by itself, is tasteless, Garay articulates—so this is one weird food that you don’t have to worry about gulping down.

12. Kimichi at your service


Kimchi, the old-style Korean dish prepared with various stirred up and flavored veggies—for example, garlic, ginger, radishes, and cucumbers—is one of the hippest superfoods out there right now. “Steady ingesting of kimchi has been discovered to raise the immune cell growth,” Nurse Cohn makes the point. Research has exposed it may bring down cholesterol, has antibacterial properties, and even has anti-aging predispositions because it decreases free radicals. Experts believe that it also holds vitamin C, A, amino acids, flavonoids, and phytochemicals.

11. Outrageous Oregano Oil


More than likely you’ve heard the advantages of coconut oil. However, you might want to make oil of oregano part of your routine. This oil is antibacterial and antifungal, and it’s a potent antioxidant, as stated by Marissa Beck, a certified dietitian in Seattle-Washington.

Mrs. Beck recommends combining a few drops of hot tea or water to ward off the virus that causes the flu—nevertheless for no longer than a 10-day period.

Some of you will love the taste so drinking it will be pleasurable. It has a high peppermint-like flavor. However, some don’t like the taste. The taste is not more important than it being effective. If everything is not right, then this oil can make a huge difference in your life.

10. Micromanaging those Microgreens


This is one of those health food slogans you listen to and immediately overlook—nevertheless, this time you need to listen. This weird looking green food tastes fantastic and is gorgeous.

Microgreens are purely the first development of regular herbs and veggies. You can discover microgreens—one to two-inch curtails with little leaves—for broccoli, basil, radishes, kale and more. What makes them so extraordinary is that they’re more packed with nutrients and vitamins than the full grown veggies. In fact, a study from the University of Maryland discovered that microgreens have anywhere from four to forty times the nutritional thickness of the same completely-grown adaptations. In the winter, eating these baby greens will make sure you meet and even surpass your dietary requirements. They are also good for detoxing your body.

9. Grateful Grasshoppers


Wait one minute, did you say grasshoppers?

Eating a grasshopper may seem disgusting and even startling in America. Nevertheless, they’re typical finger food in Mexico. They’re known as chapulines and served spiced and roasted. Here’s a reality check: If you’ve ever been at a tavern in Mexico and munched on a dish of exclusive, red nuts, you ate grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers pack an overwhelming protein power and are likewise high in vitamin C and A, in addition to B12, calcium, iron, and omega-3s. And they’re a prebiotic, as stated by Crickets are also getting some attention. Maybe they are as good as the grasshoppers.

8. Luscious Licorice

Via The Huffington

Licorice from your grandma’s candy jar has a much better purpose than just being a second-rate dessert. Licorice is an impressive way to fight off colds. Believe it or not, it holds a lot of herbs that are both antibacterial and antiviral. Also, it calms a sore throat and can improve sinus congestion, as told by Jess Dyer who is the Graze’s in-house nutritionist. Given that those cherry Twizzlers aren’t precisely what we’re talking about, you can have fun with licorice by trying a licorice tea. Or, even liquid herb, or licorice that is sugar-free that tastes like hard toffy.

7. Tag along Tart Cherry Juice

Via Health Ambition

Who loves cherry juice? It’s tart, and it is a common fruit while at the same time very healthy for you. It can also help you sleep better. This is because cherries have melatonin and they are one of the only natural food sources which does. Cherry juice stimulates the hormone which is secreted at night. Once this happens, it normalizes our sleep and wake rotations.

If you have pain in the joints, you’ll love it. The juice is used by college athletic teams. It’s utilized as a natural anti-inflammatory for things like arthritis. You can also use it as a recovery drink after you have some tough workouts!

6. Can Beat the Beet Juice

Via Competitor

Okay, this might not be your favorite drink. Nonetheless, it’s not the sweet, fruity kind at all. Veggie juices—mostly beet juice—are rising in fame for their notable health advantages. One thing about beets is that they’re rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber and can enhance oxygen movement to your muscles. Choking slightly at the thought of sipping on liquified beets? It might not be your cup of tea. But an orange-beet blend might be; the sprint of orange can give it a sweeter taste when you swallow. Some companies sell orange-beet juices that can decrease exhaustion and reduce blood pressure.

5. Contagious Cold Soup

Via Huffington Post

Put away the juicer and make way for souping! This is the next hot thing (no pun intended). With that being said, you might want to keep your eyes on this growing movement, led by individuals who desire to have a healthy drink on the go. Of course, they want this minus all the sugar of fruit juice. Look for cool, prepared veggie soups that have up to six portions of vegetables for each container. Also, make sure they have 80 percent less sugar than a regular juice that’s green. These soups also have 70 percent less salt than soup in a can.

4. Love that Liver


The liver is not everybody’s friend, but that does not mean that it can’t be. It’s possible that you want to puke at even hearing this, but don’t. It gets better. As stated by Kayla Fioravanti, liver carries more nutrients than any other food. Mrs. Fioravanti knows best because she is an educator of “mindful meat eating.” So, why is liver an important protein? Well, it’s the most strenuous naturally-ensuing basis of vitamin A. Plus, it’s filled with vitamin B, folate which is beneficial for your body. One of the most practical and edible forms of copper and iron. With that said, stop grumbling and swallow your liver!

3. Nothing wrong with a little Amaranth

Huffington Post

Those that don’t eat meat and other gourmets might be looking for a plant-based protein type of supplement in your diet. Well, look no further. If you want to boost it up a bit, think about adding amaranth to your routine. As said by experts, this gluten-free grain is dominant with a gigantic 26 grams of protein for each one cup of raw amaranth. Similar to quinoa, amaranth is a total protein, which means it likewise contains lysine. This is an amino acid which a lot of grains don’t have in them. Also, it’s a good source of iron, fiber, and vitamin C. At the end of the day, now that you know what amaranth is, get it into your diet. You won’t regret it.

2. Hurry up Horseradish

Via EatLiveLovefood

Are you struggling with a winter cold? With a dash of horseradish, you can get rid of it! Bet you didn’t know that, huh? It’s pure and efficient. The key element here is a precarious oil named sinigrin. This oil is an antibiotic that is natural and that’s strong when it comes to winning against respiratory difficulties, on the word of some dieticians at HelloFresh.
Just add horseradish that is freshly shredded. Make sure you get it from an organic produce section. You also want to make sure that it’s been preserved in vinegar. This will go well with mashed potatoes or your dips for a natural means to remove clogging. Horseradish also thins out the mucous and helps get rid of viruses and bacteria, decreases irritation, and boosts the immune system. How about that for a cold medicine!

1. Yummy Yummy Gummy Worms

Via Albanese Candy

Never in a million years would you have thought a doctor would talk about gummy worms to help you recover from your food sensitivities, allergies, joint pain, and even bad skin! Gummy worms are full of gelatin, which is what makes them a power snack with loads of beauty and health advantages. Does this sound like something you want to miss out on?

Just to be more informative, these aren’t the same type of gummy worms you buy off the shelf at the grocery store, but natural ones that are extremely beneficial to your health. The health food type is composed of grass-fed beef. It is also mixed with gelatin and crushed vitamin C. All you do is pour it into a silicone mold that is worm-shaped. With minutes, you’ve got delicious candy that aids with both wrinkles in your skin and hormone disproportions.


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