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15 Weirdest Things She’s Into According To Her Zodiac

15 Weirdest Things She’s Into According To Her Zodiac

What makes someone or something weird? Is it because they like to do things that the majority of society hates to do or is it because they represent a minority of the population? There is nothing wrong with being weird. If everyone on Earth was the same, life would be mind-numbingly boring. There’d be no character to us and everything would be predictable. Thank heavens that we were not all created alike!

Society often blames socialization on how people turn out without any regard to the role that Zodiac signs play. Some persons actually display behaviour that is very predictable especially if you were to read the traits that were apparent to their Zodiac’s profile. For instance, water signs are known for being emotional, mysterious and intuitive, fire signs (like the Leo) are temperamental and very self-aware, earth signs are more conservative and practical, whilst air signs are social and can be superficial at times.

Girls are strange creatures and it will surprise you to know what weird things they are into, not only weird things in the bedroom but just generally weird things in life. Sometimes she may try to hide them from you so you wouldn’t think of her as creepy but if you give her a chance, you may actually find some humour or something cute about it.

15. Kinky Intimacy Is Her Middle Name

Everyone loves good intimacy, but for some signs, they are just more into it than others – 50 Shades style. Your Virgo girl would never admit that she has researched Karma Sutra or confess all the kinks she’s into because she’s afraid of being judged. If she lets go, she can actually give good intercourse advice. She is probably also willing to try anything and will get off on it. You can pull out handcuffs and she won’t be phased by it. Also, Aries has a dark side where they like to be the center of attention, especially during intercourse. Pretend to act surprised if she asks you to film you guys doing it. Just don’t be surprised if she’s done it before; chances are she might have. As for Scorpios, they are just into anything.

14. She Is An Exhibitionist


Some people love to be watched by others and just love being the center of attention and have no aversions to trying new things. The exhibition doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of walking around naked or showing off body but a Leo and Aries girl may do it. Leos are always up for anything, even intercourse in a public place. The Ariesobsession with exhibition may just be limited to her wanting to do a racy tape or sending her partner pictures. She loves it. There are other things they like to show off apart from their clothed and unclothed body. It could be their significant other or work they have done. Indulge this exhibitionist. You never know; you could be in for a treat.

13. Death Waits For No Woman

No one likes thinking about death. Yea, it’s inevitable but it’s also morbid as hell. So for most, it’s at the back of their minds. However, the Leo, Aries and Capricorn signs think about death all the time. The Aries and Leo tend to be a little more dramatic with their thoughts. For instance, they think about how they will die and when it could happen. The scenarios play in their heads all the time. But the Leo is more concerned about who will attend her funeral, what they would think and who would mourn her loss the worst. For the Capricorn, they imagine whose funeral they’re going to say a eulogy at since they like to plan everything in advance. It’s just how her mind works and maybe it’s a coping mechanism to deal with the grief of death.

12. Her Debating Skills Will Make Hillary Proud

Via: PBS

Both the Libra and Aquarius find themselves back on this list together. That should not be too surprising since they are both water signs. They love to win an argument and will do everything to do so. It’s probably not a good idea to engage them in an argument. Chances are that you would have lost before you even started. The Aquarius never accepts things just because they are the norm and accepted by others. She questions everything. It’s part of her rebellious nature. Meanwhile, Libras are generally well researched; it’s something she does in her free time because she has a quest for knowledge and she’s very good at making links. So, if you plan to argue with them, make sure you are well prepared because they won’t go down without a fight.

11. She Actually Thrives In Stressful Situations

Imagine someone being into stress. Totally freaky, right? Well it’s not really that they are into stress, they just have a tendency to be ready for it so that they can appear to have everything under control. The Sagittarius is obsessed with stress mechanisms. You would think a Virgo would be stressed obsessed since everyone knows they are anxious but it seems as though your Sagittarius girl may have the perfect solution for your stressful situation and it’s a bonus that she is always willing to share it. Don’t be surprised if she pulls out a stress ball, has stress food and a playlist that she says relieves stress. Also, you may find that she exercises and does yoga. Intercourse, honestly is an excellent stress reliever; she may recommend that to you as well.

10. Absolutely Obsessed With Theories

It’s easy to watch a show and formulate your own theories, right? Most people do it and it is completely normal but the Aquarius and Libra can make a hobby or living in some instances with the way they obsess about theories. First, the Aquarius is all about conspiracies. Someone is always out to get us and they have very convincing arguments that extra-terrestrial beings are a thing. To the Aquarius, nothing happens just by chance but there is a reason for everything. The Libra’s theories are more palatable. They do a lot of research but you may not want to talk to them about serial killers, dictators or history. They will have a lot of interesting things to say on these topics and you would probably wonder how she knows so much.

9. Being Alone Is Natural and Comfortable

Some signs are uncomfortable in a crowd and others are really good actors and are good at engaging a crowd and pretending. The Pisces is obsessed with being alone. Whilst she may be adventurous, fun and confident, it is when she is alone that she has no reservations. She’s free to be creative, goofy and wild. She can drink alone and dance alone. If you have a girlfriend who is a Pisces, just because she likes to spend time alone, doesn’t mean that she’s not into you. It just means that she is comfortable being alone and needs time to daydream and fantasize. Give her space and when she’s with you, you’d find that giving her space was worth it as she is as cool as a cucumber when she’s with you as well.

8. A Total Busy Body

Have you ever see someone that you’d describe as a busy body? She always has something to do and is involved in many group activities. The Gemini is one of these people. She’s not necessarily a social being, but she just feels as if she needs to always be involved in some activity or the other. Libras are generally hard workers so this usually makes them busy. It’s not that they feel that they need to keep busy; it’s just their nature requires them to be busy all the time. An Aries girl is also known to crave activity when she is single. Maybe it could be that she is attempting to fill the perceived emptiness in her life. It may be a good idea to keep your Gemini busy; babysitting is a start.

7. Good Food Is Life

You may be wondering how anyone being into food could be considered weird; it is not. What becomes weird about being into food is when you obsess over it. That can become a problem especially if you’re not willing to share it. The Taurus for instance loves her food and isn’t shy about it. If you spend a lot of time with a Taurus, this obsession is going to stand out; she does not share and turns into a beast when she’s hungry which is why she always has food on her, just like the Leo. The Leo isn’t as obsessed with eating food but just with having something to eat in case she’s hungry. Unlike her Taurus buddy, she’s willing to share. The Aquarius loves to indulge in food but mostly she just prefers to be the one that is fed.

6. Fairytale Romances Are Real To Her

Like food, absolutely nothing is wrong with romance. But some girls can be over the top and by over the top we mean reading books, watching movies and crying. These are all human, however the Gemini may be so obsessed with the idea of romance that she fantasizes a lot. Don’t be surprised if you open her notebook and see her name written but with your last name attached to hers. You may also notice that she has been practicing her signature with your last name too. Cancer girls are into romance too, but in the bedroom. If you have a cancer girl, you may want to wine and dine her, light some scented candles or even have some rose petals put on the bed. Try it and you’ll see how much she gets off on it.

5. Animals Are Like Humans. They Are Her Family.

Everyone loves a cute puppy or kitten. Some signs prefer to watch them from afar, others want them close and personal. A good way to catch a Scorpio girl may just be to own a dog or cat. You’ll probably find her coming over or texting you at random times to come over just to see your pet. She’s the type who plays with strangers’ pets and wants to adopt every animal she sees although she may already have a few of her own. This may be strange to read, because Scorpios are known for being as hard as nails so seeing her obsession and love animals may throw you off your game a little bit. Again, it is not a bad idea to get a dog or a cat if you don’t have one. She’ll be over often.

4. The World Is Her Oyster. Adventure is Her game.

Adventure is a good thing but not everyone enjoys it. Okay, some people enjoy it to an extent but some are willing to take risks and be spontaneous. The Pisces, while they like to be alone to recharge, they can be crazy risk takers, especially in water. They also like to explore. The best way to explore is to experience and the Sagittarius, in her quest for knowledge, would want to experience and do as the locals do. Don’t be surprised if you get her to agree to try certain things. Generally, she is always up for the next adventure. It may be a good idea to keep your girl entertained, not that she would wander or anything but just because you know she gets off on it and will possibly enjoy spending the time with you.

3. Skills and Creativity

Everyone loves a good story and being creative, crazy and having fun. Geminis are in fact so creative that they tell the best lies. It doesn’t mean that they are all liars, it just means that their stories are so good and believable that it is sometimes difficult to hold themselves back. It’s probably just part of their two-faced nature. So that wonderful story your girl may have told you probably never happened at all or she may have exaggerated it a little too much. Leos are creative in that they pull out all stops to achieve their goals. You would be surprised if she tells you some of her success stories. She’s just so obsessed with achieving her goals that creativity is just something she’s into.

2. Very Touchy Feely

Some people prefer only to be touched in the bedroom. Others are quite okay with public displays of affections and possibly think of being touched by their partner as a type of foreplay. The Taurus for instance is a very sensual person. She craves physical touch and affection. Cancers also have a need for attention from their partner and will take it in whatever form it comes in. So, if you have any of these girls, it may be a good idea to just hold their hands, play with her hair or give her a tummy rub. It’s not only comforting to them but they love it, enjoy it and most likely will reward you later for it. You benefit by satisfying one of her many needs and it doesn’t take much effort.

1. She Enjoys Social Causes and Helping Out

It’s good to help others but some people actually have more of a desire to do so than others. Cancers for instance are born nurturers. They like to care for people and things and can get easily attached. So, breakups can be really hard for them. If you have a Cancer as a girlfriend, she is going to take really good care of you whether you’re ill or not. If she’s going out of her way to take care of you, she does not expect anything in return but sometimes you can return the favor, especially if she’s ill. Pisces, however seek out the people that need help. It’s actually a weakness for them and she would tend to go after the guys that she believes are broken and in need of ‘fixing’.

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