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15 Well-Known ‘Harassers’ Who Finally Got Caught

15 Well-Known ‘Harassers’ Who Finally Got Caught

For a long time, sexual harassment has been permeating the workplace, but the level of tolerance has finally begun to drastically change. Today you can’t go a day without hearing of a new allegation being brought against someone for sexual harassment. Women are digging deep and finding the courage to come forward and tell their stories, no matter what the consequences for them might be. Some of the people on this list should have their pictures next to Webster’s definition of sexual harassment: “uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature especially by a person in authority toward a subordinate”. It affects the physical and mental well being of the person being harassed. It can be offensive jokes, insults and slurs, not to mention the hostile environment it creates. Most of the guys listed below are just plain dirtbags, and the only reason they made public apologizes was that they got caught. Now, not all sexual harassers on this list are men, but we only have one women who made our list. As you will soon discover, two particular industries seems plagued with an abundance of these creeps. The stories that were told about them are disturbing and disgusting, yet some are so far fetched it’s almost unbelievable.

15. Britney Spears


Believe it or not, the only women on this list is Britney Spears. The fact that a woman is on this list is not that unimaginable, but that it is Britney Spears just seems a bit odd to me. But yes, the beautiful Ms. Spears was in a 2-year legal battle with her former bodyguard who accused her of being “flashing sexual harasser”, and a bad mom to boot. The bodyguard claimed that Britney would bend over in front of him exposing her bare goods. Britney denied the claims, and just like most others on this list, wanted it to go away so she paid him off with a modest financial settlement.

14. Charlie Sheen


Maybe Charlie Sheen should star in a new TV role “Harassment Management” because he was sued by a dental technician who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by him while he was in the dental chair. The drama unfolded in LA where a drug-induced Sheen tore at her scrubs and when she tried to escape Sheen grabbed the strap of her bra and pulled it down. That’s when she claimed he grabbed her left breast. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but Charlie blames the incident on a bad reaction he had to the nitrous oxide with all the medications he was on. Winning? I think not.

13. Bill O’Reilly


Bill O’Reilly can never claim to be in the “No Spin Zone” again, especially after the many recent allegations of sexual harassment that really made his world spin out of control, and force him to resign from his popular FOX news show The O’Reilly Factor. My mom always told me you can’t change a zebra’s stripes, and she was right. He already paid out sexual harassment settlements way earlier in his career and now they ‘pop-up’ again much later in his career – no surprise there! For his children’s sake, he claims to have “settled” with his accusers and now blames “God” for why it happened to him. Well, Bill, that’s a new spin!

12. Eric Bolling


I wonder if FOX News has a “harasser” prerequisite to be able to work for them. Eric Bolling a Fox News Co-host of “The Specialist” has been recently let go for sexual misconduct in the workplace. Allegedly he sent explicit text messages and images of male privates to female colleagues, both former and current. Denying he did anything wrong, Bolling said the claims were false and unfair, then proceeded with a 50 million dollar lawsuit against the reporter who reported it. Oddly enough, three victims have come forward, so Bolling has decided it best to part ways with FOX and the investigation is ongoing.

11. Roger Ailes


Former Fox News network executive head Roger Ailes has been accused of being the enabler for the recent downfall of Fox News very high-profile host’s, but he is really just the “teacher” who has passed on his ways. After passing away in May he was memorialized at the 69th Annual Emmy Awards for making the cable news channel the most watched one in the country. Ailes, Fox’s ‘Father Of Sexual Harassers’ has forced 21st Century Fox, which is Fox News’ parent company to pay $45 million in costs “related to settlements of pending and potential litigations”. Ailes, like his predecessors, resigned his position after allegations were made regarding his harassing ways.

10. Al Gore


Our 45th Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, has even been accused of sexual harassment! The accusation was filed by a masseuse who claims Gore checked into a hotel and had an in-room appointment for a massage and “He pleaded, groped me, grabbed me, engulfed me in an embrace, tongue kissed me, massaged me, and grabbed my breasts”. She even received injuries to her left leg and knee from being pinned down by Gore at one point. His wife of 40 years left him after these allegations became public. I wonder if this was the ‘happy ending’ he was looking for?

9. Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck who has been cast for the second time as “Batman” in DC’s Justice League has now instead been cast on social media as “Buttman” after two separate harassment allegations. Not long (we’re talking just hours) after condemning Harvey Weinstein for his sexual harassment issues, Hilarie Burton claimed she was groped by Ben when she was hosting MTV’s Total Request Live. Affleck admitted he had done it and apologized to her, but now makeup artist Annamarie Tendler would like an apology too. She claims that at a Golden Globes party in 2014, Ben “walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack”. He played it off as a mistake and to date has not apologized.

8. Casey Affleck


I guess it runs in the family because Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck’s younger brother, was not only accused of sexual harassment but also sued for it. Two women, one a producer and the other a cinematographer, alleged they were not only physically but verbally harassed. Both of the claiming he did lewd acts like touching them inappropriately without their permission or indecently exposing himself. Like many of the other harassers in this article, the claims were settled privately, one for $2 million and the other for $2.25 million. It just makes me wonder – what lewd act cost him an extra quarter of a million dollars? It must have been a doozy!

7. Harvey Weinstein


Unless you are from another planet, you have certainly heard about the wave of sexual harassment allegations coming from Hollywood’s top female stars spanning for decades about Harvey Weinstein. A jack-off-all trades, he has been a film producer, business executive, screenwriter, TV producer, film director, actor, and most recently dirtbag. The list of women he is accused of harassing is much more interesting than he himself. Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette, Heather Graham, Kate Beckinsale and Lena Headey are just a few of the women that have come forward with sexual harassment accusations. The only nice thing I can say about him is at least he has good taste in women.

6. Chef John Besh


New Orleans celebrity Chef John Besh has been forced to step down from his own company, Besh Restaurant Group, amongst assault and sexual harassment charges from 25 of his own employees. Mind you not all of these allegations are not against him personally but he “has decided to step down from all aspects of operations and to provide his full focus on his family. I guess it’s about time since most of his focus was on his long-term sexual relationship with an employee who claimed it was “unwelcome”, yet Besh called it consensual. Maybe he should have spent less time cooking and more time setting up a human resource department for his company.

5. Bill Cosby


Well just as popular as Harvey Weinstein on this list is our beloved Cliff Huxtable AKA, Bill Cosby. Admitting to pursuing women for his own sexual pleasure, using his powerful position, money and Quaalude pills, he stunned all of America with his sick actions. Dozens of women have come forward with sexual assault allegations which have really tarnished the nice guy fatherly image that Cosby held for years. Cosby was quoted as saying “You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it”. Really Bill? Good luck finding the humor in that one.

4. Christian Slater


Actor Christian Slater actually got himself arrested in New York for the sexual harassment of a woman on the street. She actually flagged down the cop and reported the incident, but Slater, who was allegedly drunk, claimed he did nothing wrong. He did have a fight with his girlfriend earlier so that might have been his reasoning for walking up behind the unidentified women and grabbing and squeezing her rear end. Not sure about that mindset, butt alrighty then. This was not Slater’s first encounter with the law because back in 1998 he assaulted his then-girlfriend and was sentenced to three months.

3. Bikram Choudhury


Breathing exercises and a series of set postures done in a heated room is just what Bikram Choudhury had in mind when he created his “hot-yoga”, but his way is just not legal. For about two years the 73-year-old Bikram practiced his sweaty, sweltering, spiritual, sexual harassment sessions but now he has taken to track by being on the run to avoid court hearings. He couldn’t even keep his hands off his former attorney who he fired because she claimed he was sexually harassing her and was awarded $6.8 million dollars. A warrant is out for Mr. Hot Yoga with a bail set at $8 million.

2. Mike Oreskes


Another powerful leader in the media, NPR’s news division leader Mike Oreskes has just resigned amidst sexual harassment allegations. The once a high-ranking editor for the New York Times is now among the many casualties in today’s sexual harassment media melee. Two women from back in the 90’s claimed that unwanted sexual advances were made towards them while getting advice from him regarding career opportunities. Apparently, Mr. Oreskes idea of a career opportunity was a bit different than theirs. Even a current NPR employee filed a complaint to NPR’s human resources department about Mr. Oreskes, and he had only been with the company for 7 months.

1. Mark Halperin


It just must be the most unsatisfying career ever because this list is filled with way too many news media guys. Veteran journalist Mark Halperin apologized for his inappropriate behavior but that still was not enough to save his career. MSNBC stated, that until they fully understand the questions about his past conduct, they won’t be taking him back anytime soon. Five women came forward and shared their stories with CNN about how Halperin did many disgusting things to them, like propositioning them for sex, grabbing and kissing their breasts and even pressing his solid member against their bodies while he was clothed.

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