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15 People And Their Funny Posts On Social Media

15 People And Their Funny Posts On Social Media

People on social media often feel the need to sound super smart so they share great quotes, interesting opinions, and their own revelations on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they don’t always sound just as smart as they would like to. On the contrary, sometimes you can’t help yourself but read some of that stuff and feel bad for them while you laugh your head off.

Over the course of the last decade, social media have gained popularity rapidly and people have written so many stupid and embarrassing things on their pages, some of them are pretty much legendary at this point. You can bet you have come across one or two yourself while scrolling down your news feed. (Hopefully, none of that stuff was posted by you.) So what do you do when you see something so unbelievably dumb written by one of your friends? You take a screenshot and you share it with everybody else out there, of course. You see, once you embarrass yourself on social media really badly, you can count on the fact that thousands and thousands of people will see it and laugh at you. You can’t really stop it once it is out there, but you can at least think twice before posting anything online.

15. That’s Some Funny Logic


This is one of the funniest Twitter fails ever because it really shows how one person’s logic can make everybody else laugh. According to this young lady, the scariest part about having triplets is having to be pregnant for 27 months. Well, there are many scary things about having triplets, from having to change three diapers at the time to having to pay for 3 sets of school supplies every year, but having to be pregnant for 27 months is definitely not one of them. I can’t help but wonder how she actually imagined this pregnancy to go. Do you have one baby every nine months or do you carry all three of them for 27 months? Also, if you have twins, does it mean you are pregnant for 18 months or it works that way only with triplets? Man, so many questions, so few answers…

14. The Sun? Where’s That?

Well, this is just great! Obviously, this girl has spent so much time in tanning places, she has completely forgotten about the fact that you can get tanned simply by laying in the sun. Come on, is sun tanning really so out of style these days that it doesn’t even cross people’s mind? Would you be considered a hipster if you preferred sun tanning over tanning salons? It is hard to keep track of those things lately. On the other hand, how could you possibly not get that response somebody wrote in the comment section and actually ask where the sun is? “The sun? Where’s that at?” Man, that question sounds so absurd it is hard to believe somebody was being serious while saying that. Hopefully, someone explained to her the basics of tanning.

13. Miley Got Served


You know how sometimes one simple word is enough to prove your point? That is exactly what happened here. Austin Turner could have gotten into an argument with Miley and things could have escalated pretty quickly, but he just used her own ignorance to prove his point. It was elegantly served, yet as efficient as it gets. Miley is obviously one of those people who probably shouldn’t even have a social media account. It is one thing when you make a fool out of yourself but you are not actually being mean, but Miley here was being both stupid and pretty offensive at the same time. Not the best way to use social media, that’s for sure. At least we all got to see how she got served, so it was worth it.

12. Double Fail


This girl is a genius! What is even better than one ultimate Twitter fail? Well, two of them at the same time, of course! First, she posted a selfie and tried to convince everybody it was taken by her husband, but if you look at the shadow, it is pretty obvious that she was the one taking the picture. However, when people started calling her out on that, she explained that the pic was indeed taken by her husband, but you can’t see his shadow in the pic as well because he is white. You probably didn’t know this, but white people don’t cast a shadow. Except for her, of course. She is the only white person in the world known to do that. Man, what do you do when a facepalm is just not enough??

11. Almost Vegan


Sometimes, people are following the newest trends without even realizing what they are and that might be the case here. Being vegan is kind of popular these days, not because people really deeply care about what they eat and about all those animals that inevitably end up on our plates, but because it is hip. If somebody is a vegan because they really share the basic vegan set of values, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you are a vegan only because you like to brag about it in front of other people, you are doing it completely wrong. But this girl took the vegan-bragging to a whole new level. After all, she is a vegan. Well, except for chicken and pork. But yeah, she really is a vegan. Except it doesn’t work that way.

10. Oh, Honey…


Sometimes when you read something really stupid written by a girl on social media, you really can’t help yourself but feel bad for her, sigh loudly, and say: “Oh, honey…” This is one of those cases. There isn’t a facepalm in the world that would be enough to describe this post. One can only imagine her chatting with a guy: “Hey, what’s your name?” “Jason.” “Do you have eyes, Jason?” … “Hello, Jason? Are you there? Hello?” Poor hypothetical Jason must have run for the hills.

What she probably meant by this status update was that she likes when boys have pretty eyes, but when you put it this way, it just sounds creepy and weird. It is a shame we can’t see the comments on this one, because they must have been awesome.

9. Marilyn Monroe’s Famous Texts


You really shouldn’t believe everything you read online without double-checking it first or you might find yourself in a situation similar to this one. Although this case is a bit more extreme since it is more a matter of common sense than of the general knowledge.

People often quote celebrities on social media, but here is what happens when a celebrity actually had nothing to do with the quote you shared. Some people do it as a joke, but there are those who take it seriously. So how do we know Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually say that you knew you loved someone if you re-read their texts over and over again? Well, for starters, Marilyn Monroe had no idea what texts were since she died way before cellphones even existed, not to mention the Internet and social media.

8. Think Before You Post


There are some things that everybody knows are wrong so if you are doing them, you definitely shouldn’t brag about them on social media. Here we have a woman who was feeling a little blue because she was out of cigarettes, which she obviously buys with the child support money. Yeah, you really don’t want to stumble upon a post like this while checking your news fed. Is it even necessary to talk about all the reasons why this is so wrong? Child support is obviously meant to be spent on the child in question to make sure the kid has everything he/she needs. One can’t help but wonder what would the ex-spouse think if he knew where the money he sends to his child actually goes. Although there is a chance he found out since the news on Facebook travels pretty fast.

7. Somebody Is Lying Here

Liar alert! Somebody was just caught lying and it got pretty funny! It is pretty common on social media for people to brag about all kinds of stuff, which is mostly fine since we’ve all gotten used to it, but it is fine only assuming it is actually true. It appears that in this case, a girl really wanted other people to think she was having a spectacular time in some fancy club where everybody was simply blown away by her looks and charm. Unfortunately, one of her friends burst this perfect little pink bubble she created in her own head by writing the truth – and the truth was pretty darn funny! Apparently, she wasn’t in a club; she was home watching TV, and the two of them just had a deep conversation about a toilet paper.

6. The End Of Life As You Know It


This is a typical case of a social media misunderstanding where somebody gave this whole post a completely new meaning. One person said goodbye to everybody before going to the university, but we didn’t actually catch the uni part in the status update so it was pretty easy to misunderstand it. However, even though the post wasn’t all that great in the first place, the first comment was even worse. Why would the first thought that pops into your mind when somebody bids you farewell be that they are going to commit suicide? And even if that were the case, why would you be a complete jerk about it? Thankfully, nothing of the sort was happening here; it was just one kid moving on to a new start, and the other kid being mean.

5. Girls And Technology


One of the famous stereotypes about women is that they really have no idea about technology and they always need a man in their life to come to the rescue. While that is definitely not true in most of the cases, here we have one girl that would have all feminists banging their heads into the wall. Apparently, she was looking for HDMI cables. She found some, and then she took a picture of them and asked her boyfriend if they were what she was looking for. The funny part about that is the huge and pretty obvious HDMI letters directly on the cables. Is there a chance she really didn’t see them? Maybe she is just really used to her boyfriend taking care of all of that technology stuff so she doesn’t even try anymore.

4. The Ultimate Selfie Fail


It is crazy how often it happens that girls take their selfies with some pretty crazy stuff in the back of the pic. Don’t you people look at the picture you took before you post it online? Apparently, some people don’t. Here are two girls who decided to take a selfie in the bathroom where their third friend was using the toilet. Of course, the girl on the toilet is clearly visible in the pic thanks to all those mirrors that are so great for taking selfies. She must have been pretty mad with those two who posted the pic once all the comments started pointing out the obvious. So rule number one about taking the bathroom pics: before getting caught up in the bathroom selfie mania, make sure that nobody is actually using the bathroom!

3. Everybody Loves The Smell Of A Guy’s Colon


Spelling mistakes on social media are old news; let’s not even get into the whole there/their/they’re thing because that is driving everybody crazy! Instead, let’s talk about spelling mistakes that give the word a completely different meaning and turn just a regular sentence into something totally unexpected (and pretty darn funny!). If you were to believe these posts without re-thinking the possible spelling issues here, you would think girls really love the smell of a guy’s colon. And not just one girl, but a whole bunch of them! They obviously meant that they love the smell of a guy’s cologne, but where would be the fun in that? If all spelling mistakes gave such funny results, we would definitely love to see more of them – even though the author would probably be pretty embarrassed.

2. Knock Knock


Is there anybody in the English-speaking part of the world who isn’t familiar with knock-knock jokes? Apparently, there is. This guy was trying to be both funny and sweet, but the girlfriend really didn’t get it at all. So the joke actually goes like this: Knock Knock. Who’s there? Honeydew. Honeydew who? Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

You have to admit that is pretty cute. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t get the chance to tell the joke till the end because the girl had no idea what he was talking about. Although if he actually did get to the funny part, there is a big chance she wouldn’t get it anyway. It’s the kind of a joke that is funny only if you like that type of humor.

1. If It Walks Like A Duck And Talks Like A Duck, It’s A Reptile


You know how that old saying goes: if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a reptile. No, wait. That can’t be right. Apparently, it is right if you have absolutely no idea what a reptile is. Here we have a girl who took a photo of a cute little squirrel and she was super happy that she found her new favorite reptile, since dolphins just didn’t cut it anymore. Of course, somebody immediately pointed out to her that neither squirrels nor dolphins are reptiles. She must have been so confused. Poor girl should really watch a documentary or two, since books are obviously out of the question in this particular case. People’s unbelievable ignorance has really come to light with the rising popularity of social media.

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