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15 Women’s Fashion Trends That Guys Don’t Get

15 Women’s Fashion Trends That Guys Don’t Get

Women love staying on top of fashion trends. We like to be sure we’re keeping up with the times and want to look like our favorite celebrities and models. But while ladies are constantly updating their wardrobes to match the fashion magazines, many men are not so on board with this idea. Guys are simple creatures. They like women to look their best in classic, well-fitting clothes. That is why a lot of men have no clue what is going on in the women’s fashion world. They just don’t care! As long as you look nice, they don’t care if you are wearing a trend from now or last season. While they are often indifferent about trends, there are some things that women love wearing that guys absolutely hate. So if you are a girl who wears these 15 things, that could be why you are single! Whether they find the trends ugly, impractical, or too over the top, most men wouldn’t be flat out rude and say they hate your outfit. But trust us, they won’t be too keen on being seen out with you if you are wearing one of these trends. Keep reading to learn about 15 of the hottest fashion trends women wear that men can’t stand!

15. Super High Heels


High heels can look amazingly sexy if worn right. If they match your outfit and you can walk in them easily, they will make any man stare at you – in a good way. But crazy high heels are a sure fire way to turn your man off. First of all, they look like something a stripper would wear. While a lot of guys like to hit up the strip club now and then, that is not a look any guy wants for his girlfriend or wife. They also make you walk like a baby giraffe, which just looks cringey. He doesn’t want to worry about you breaking your ankle the whole night! Stick to a more sensible heel or even flats instead so you can walk confidently and look hot too.

14. Big Sweaters

via: Pinterest

Lots of trends from the ’80s and ’90s are making their way back into popularity these days. One of those is big, oversized sweaters for women. While lots of ladies like these for their comfort, most men hate this trend with a fiery passion. A baggy sweater can make even the slimmest girl look like she gained 20 pounds. This makes it hard for guys to see your figure, which is key to them when they first approach you. Let’s be honest: men are shallow like that! I have also heard big sweaters with weird patterns compared to Bill Cosby’s iconic outfits on The Cosby Show and that definitely is not attractive to any man. Save the baggy duds for home and try more fitted styles for a date, ladies!

13. Leggings of Any Kind

via: Dubai Diary

Leggings have recently exploded into a major fashion trend for women. No longer just an item for working out in, these bottoms can be seen on the streets in every color and pattern imaginable. Their super comfy, stretchy fabric and fun styles make leggings a popular item in almost every woman’s closet. However, lots of men are not shy about sharing their hatred for this trend. First, some guys find the crazy colors and designs too weird and think they make you look either like a clown or a little kid. As we have already established, men are also often shallow about looks. As a result, many believe that only women with the so-called perfect figure should wear leggings in public, as the pants show every lump and bump of your body.

12. Open Armpit Shirts

via: Huffington Post

Another recent trend to come into the fashion world is bandeau tops. They have shown up in the form of swimsuit tops and bras and are everywhere during the summer months. As a way to show off their cute bandeaus without revealing too much skin, many girls have started wearing tank tops or muscle tees with extra large arm holes, which allows the bandeau to peek out the sides. While you may think this is a flirty look, steer clear if you are headed out on a date. Many men think the shirts look too much like the muscle shirts they wear. They also don’t like their date essentially showing off her underwear to everyone they pass on the street. Next time, save your bandeau for the beach and wear a shirt with full sides.

11. Maxi Skirts

via: Pinterest

For women, maxi skirts and dresses are a dream come true. They are flowy and comfortable but still look like you got dressed up. Their light fabric and easy to wear style makes them a staple in lots of women’s summer wardrobes. Plus, they give you a break from shaving your legs without anyone knowing it! But men absolutely cannot stand this trend. It is just a known fact that men like to look at women’s legs. So when you cover them up all the way to your feet with a skirt, it makes them sad. Plus with the often shapeless, flowy design maxi skirts have, guys can’t tell what you really look like under there. Everyone, regardless of body shape or size, kind of just looks like a blob!

10. Shoulder Pads

via: Bustle

Shoulder pads are another ’80s trend that have crept their way back into the pages of fashion magazines as of late. They help balance the shape of women who have wider hips and give every girl a more powerful appearance when she wears them. They are a bit controversial even among women, but from men, it is a big old nope. Lots of guys feel the look is outdated and can only see terrible photos of their mom’s prom in their heads when they see shoulder pads. Others feel secretly threatened by women who look powerful because that makes them feel and act more confident too. No matter what the reason, shoulder pads were not a good look the first time around and they still aren’t today. Keep it natural, girls!

9. Menswear Styles

via: Today Show

In a similar vein, guys can’t stand menswear styles on women. While lots of ladies like to dress in suits because it looks powerful, feels comfortable, and gives them a unique style, men are definitely not attracted to this style. They like women because they look so different from themselves. So when you make yourself look like a boy, even just with your clothes, it is a major turn-off. I admit it is pretty sexist to say “you look like a man instead of a woman, so now I don’t like you.” But at the same time I kind of get it. You should wear whatever makes you happy but if you live in pantsuits and ties, do not expect to get a ton of date offers from straight men.

8. Bold Lipstick

via: Brushes & Boots

Bold, bright, and colorful lipsticks have recently become all the rage. Women love to play with different shades and finishes (like matte, glitter, and gloss) in ways that have never been accepted before. While a bright lip might make you feel glam, beware before swiping on your favorite lip color when you get ready for a date. Some just do not like the boldness and feel like dark lipstick makes women look more like ladies of the night, if you know what I mean. Others like the look, but will probably not kiss you if you wear a bold lip color. Guys enjoy how makeup looks on you but the idea of having it smeared all over their face or clothes after a make out session is anything but attractive.

7. Leopard Print

via: Racked

Leopard print has had a good run, but it is time for it to die. At least, that is what many men say. For some reason, women who wear a lot of animal print do so because they think it looks sexy. Maybe because it looks like the fur of a wild animal and that is supposed to make you think she is wild in the bedroom? Who knows. A small hint of leopard print in a bag, shoe, or scarf can add some visual interest and look chic. But wearing it in large doses like leggings or a top is a big no-no. It just makes you look cheap and outdated. Guys would much rather see you in a prettier print like dainty florals or cute polka dots.

6. Heavy Eye Makeup

via: Pinterest

Men can be super particular about what they like. Makeup is one prime example. If you don’t wear any, they criticize you, saying you look sick or are lazy for not putting any effort into your appearance. On the other hand, as with the bold lipstick listed above and heavy eye makeup, they also complain. Lots of men are turned off by women who wear a lot of eye makeup. They say this is because it makes her look either like she is trying too hard or like she is about to go work the corner. I have also heard it described as looking like a raccoon. Many guys claim they like a makeup look that enhances a girl’s natural beauty, so any dark or unnatural colors are jarring to them.

5. High-Waisted Anything

via: Billboard

One of the most popular women’s fashion trends these days is high-waisted bottoms. Magazines tell you to tuck your shirt into a high-waisted skirt, shorts, or pants to define your waist. However, lots of guys hate this look. They think that the look is frumpy and can even look like a diaper if the shorts are too short. Some say it reminds them of the jeans their mom used to wear. Because they are so high, these bottoms make your butt look bigger and may have excess fabric around the belly area. For lots of men, they think this makes even the skinniest girls look chubby. Lots of men find it weird that women want to cover their belly buttons now but are okay with wearing crop tops (which we’ll get to in a bit).

4. Contoured Makeup


In recent years, contouring has taken the makeup world by storm. With just a few products, you can make your face look totally different by visually sculpting sharp cheekbones, a slim nose, and a smaller forehead. While many ladies love that they can achieve the face they dream of without plastic surgery, lots of men hate this trend. They feel that putting so much into your makeup is trying too hard, which is apparently unattractive? I thought we were supposed to put effort into our looks! Make up your mind, guys! This has become such a common opinion that there is a meme about taking a girl swimming on the first date so you can see what she really looks like. So I guess the key is to do such good contour that the guy doesn’t even know.

3. Crop Tops


Crop tops are perhaps one of the most divisive fashion trends for women today. Both men and women argue over whether they are sexy or just plain trashy. Some men like them because they show skin, but only like when women with slim figures and zero percent body fat wear them. Others think that wearing a crop top screams “I am easy to get into bed!” Lots of guys find it weird, as mentioned earlier in this post, that girls won’t show their belly button (when wearing high-waisted bottoms) but are cool with showing the top of their belly and ribs in a crop top. Because guys are very practical with their clothing, they also think that paying full price for what they consider to be half a shirt makes no sense.

2. Hair Bows

via: Huffington Post

Many women like to wear bows in their hair for both casual and dressy occasions. They add more visual interest than a regular old headband or clip, plus they give your outfit a soft and feminine look. As for men, most of them are not fans of this trend. A lot of guys think that hair bows should be left to little girls. They say that wearing hair bows as an adult is weird and juvenile, a look that is too young. Unless they are some sort of nasty creep, men just are not attracted to elementary age girls or women who dress like them. If you are addicted to hair bows, try to update your look with other, more adult hair accessories. They still look pretty without being confusing or making anyone uncomfortable.

1. Cold Shoulder Tops

via: Scary Mommy

Tops that reveal your shoulders, often called cold shoulder tops if they have cut-outs, are a major trend these days. But lots of men (and women too!) hate this look immensely. Lots of haters of the cold shoulder trend hate these tops for their impracticality. When your date tries to hug you and you can’t lift your arms, you look like a goof. Men also see this trend as another version of the half shirt for full price idea, which they don’t get. Plus they don’t understand the point of covering your arms with sleeves but leaving your shoulders and clavicle exposed. What kind of weather is that style even good for? Stick to either a tank top or full sleeves on your next date and you’ll be fine, girls.

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