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15 WTF Things Girls Often Google

15 WTF Things Girls Often Google


Have you ever wished you could reveal a girl’s thoughts? If so, then today may be your lucky day! It’s not like we’re about to get you inside a girl’s head for real and let you stay there as long as you want. Sadly, we can’t offer you such mental powers. But we can totally present you with some of the most common things that girls have ever Googled. “Why doesn’t he like me? Why does he hate my cat? or How to catch a rich boyfriend?” are among the hottest questions which boggle the mind of every woman. Alongside this, there are also many other hilarious stories which have really flooded the virtual world.

Indeed, we’re quite aware of the fact that “Uncle Google knows everything”. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can force somebody to love you or be honest with you. After all, we’re all humans with unique personalities and desires, right? Obviously, there are many goofy females who think that Google can solve their issues right off the bat. Sorry girls, it can barely happen no matter how hard you try. But anyway, you can always give it a try with the hopes that nobody will ever reveal the history of your Google searches. Otherwise, it’d be such a shameful story to tell, wouldn’t it?

15. “Why does my boyfriend fart so much? Is he okay?”

via Funnyjunk

Wow. Did that really happen? Surelythis is the hot question that’s probably kept this person awake at night so many times. In truth, we’ve got no idea who this worried female is, but we’re pretty sure that her beloved boyfriend is as healthy as a horse. Besides, farting isn’t that bad at all. But there’s no point in explaining this to a silly individual. All of it would be in vain. Anyway, the important thing is that the anonymous boyfriend farts that much simply because he combines too many foods of different groups. Does that make sense to you, Ms. Stranger?

14. “How to look like an Asian girl”


First of all, why would anyone want to look like an Asian girl? Ladies, have you lost your mind? Don’t forget that you must feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter what. Besides, there’s nothing sexier than being confident in yourself. And guess what, guys are crazy about females who know their worth. As for the authentic Asian girls, they are as cute as usual but not to such an extent that all girls should look up to them. Sorry, Asian beauties! Your game is simply not strong enough! And last but not least, please just stop typing such stupid things in your Google search box, okay?

13. “Why guys like innocence”

via Warship Girls Wiki – Wikia

What kind of question is this? As a matter of fact, there’s really something special about open-hearted people who are always 100% honest with others. Surely, any guy would love to be with a girl who’s kind and straightforward. Same applies to the word “innocence” as a term unless it blends with notions such as downright stupidity and naiveness. Besides, innocence could also mean “good-heartedness”. Therefore, it’s kind of normal for any guy to choose the company of a nice girl over the presence of a bunch of scatterbrained or sappy blondes. Do you agree?

12. “How to deal with his annoying ex”

via Chuck’s Fun Page 2

Frankly, annoying exes are the worst. Seriously, there’s nothing worse and more disturbing than a clingy ex who keeps chasing your guy. It’s over and there’s nothing she can do about it. When it comes to girls, things often get really ugly. Biologically, women are the more sensitive gender. Therefore, breakups are often extra dramatic and super emotional. So, girls, if you’re currently dealing with a jealous ex, just talk to your guy. Google Search isn’t the place where you could ever find the answers and solutions to your problems. After all, you’ve got to do away with a crazy ex! And this is surely not something you’d want to ignore…

11. “How to find out if he’s cheating on me”

via Popsugar Middle East

Well, you could find out eventually but Google is probably the last place to search for answers. Indeed, you can always invest some time into reading such stories about girls who have been cheated on. But anyway, this doesn’t seem like the best option for you either. Besides, all those heartbreaking narratives will surely make you more suspicious of your guy. What if it turns out that he hasn’t done anything at all? You can now see that such ungrounded accusations could absolutely take a toll on your blooming relationship. What’s even more, you cannot expect great things to happen when the only thing you do…is to judge your significant other. So, you should reflect upon this without using Google, okay?

10. “How to make him stop biting me”

via Know Your Meme

Really?! What’s going on with your relationship? Obviously, it has taken a really curious turn, to say the least. Biting may be a part of your “warm-up” in the bedroom. No judging, remember? But anyway, if this “exclusive” love game gets out of hand, then you certainly need to take some action! First off, you can always use the traditional method and just speak your mind on that matter. Note that all problems should be discussed in the very beginning. Otherwise, the chance is that all those unpleasant details may stay there forever. As for that, we can’t deny that it sounds both hilarious and kind of pathetic too.

9. “How to make him Love me back”

via Urbo

Guess what – you cannot make it come true. EVER. What have you been thinking, girl? Even Google cannot help you out with this. Apparently, the spark is gone and so is he. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t “play on broken strings” as the saying goes. Indeed, you can always act friendly and nice but that’s pretty much IT. If you happen to cross the line and exit the friend zone, the chance is that you’ll be mocked and eventually disrespected. And who would like this? Thus, forget about Google Search and such stupid questions and move on! That’s right!

8. “I lied about my first time”

via Know Your Meme

Okay, you lied. What comes next? Are you bragging about this now? We hope that the person you’ve done it with will never find out about this. It’s true that girls love sharing their personal and emotional stories with others. More often than not, girls tend to take the advice of strangers without thinking of the possible consequences. Same applies to all social media channels and platforms. Sharing is caring, right? Well, many cheaters have already been caught thanks to their tweets and posts which went terribly wrong. So, if you decide to reveal such curious pages of your sexual life, then make sure you won’t get busted!

7. “How to be smarter”

via YouTube

Well, don’t call us mean, but there’s barely a chance that you’ll get any “better” with such deep thoughts. But don’t be sad that you lack a university degree since you can always shine like a star by being yourself. After all, you’re super nice and pretty, so you can definitely make any guy fall for you so easily. Besides, why do you need all those courses, awards, and degrees? Don’t sweat it, he’ll love you for the good-hearted person you are. Let him be the smartest person in the room, okay? Also, guys love being treated like kings. So, you can be his little goofy girl who will make him laugh. You’re perfect the way you are, remember?

6. “I have zero friends. What is wrong with me?!”

via Pinterest

Oh, nothing is wrong with you. Indeed, you’re perfectly fine. They just don’t deserve you“. Does this ring a bell to you? If so, then stop listening to such fat lies! Apparently, there’s something about you that pushes people away. Perhaps, you’re a bit annoying as you always complain way too much about your life. Well, if you’re not happy with your life, job or boyfriend, you can always change it all. Having no friends must be terrible especially if you’ve been lied to before. Besides, fake friends are the worst. But whatever the case, make sure you’re not the one who’s responsible for this, right? After all, you’ll be treated the same way you treat others.

5. “Am I good in bed”?

via Quickmeme

We don’t know that. And by the way, who is supposed to give you the answer to this weird question? Who are you talking to? Your computer? And Google Search? As far as we can remember, Google Search is NOT a person! So what’s the point in doing it? Besides, if you’re insecure about your “skills in bed” then you should probably talk to your boyfriend if any in existence. Both of you should discuss what makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure. This can’t be a bad way of solving such an issue, can it? Moreover, if you’re that troubled by the idea of not pleasing him, then go ahead and speak your mind. After all, he’s your other half. Don’t forget this tiny detail, okay?

4. “Why does my boyfriend do things to upset me?”

via Redbubble

“Yes, why does he do it?” All jokes aside – why do you think that he does it on purpose anyway? Have you considered the possibility that your guy may NOT have realized it yet? Moreover, the chance is that he doesn’t even know what exactly could make you upset and downright furious. Does he usually check out other girls? Is he flirtatious? Is he rude, aggressive or both? Is he a workaholic? You can now see that the options are quite abundant. In other words, you can get to the root of the issue simply by spilling the beans. The sooner you do it, the better the ending, right? Just talk and discuss the issue and you’ll see that the problems will be gone sooner than expected!

3. “How to fake bigger breasts”

via Reddit

Sorry, girl, but you can’t make it happen. You were born with smaller breasts, so you’re basically powerless. Keep in mind that your guy will love you for the great girl you are and if he’s not okay with smaller breasts, then be through with him! Besides, why would you want to be with a man who’s obviously superficial? Also, if he’s not really into you, then why would you put any effort into such a crazy relationship? And guess what, this certainly applies to any other aspect of your life too. The size of your clothes or breasts doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid to show him that you hardly care about his bizarre fetishes, okay?

2. “Why don’t guys like dark lipstick?”

via Adorn the Hunter

Well, it’s not like all guys would totally hate it if you put on your dark cherry lipstick. But in general, men are more into everything that’s super classy. In other words, the classier the look, the classier the woman, right? Surely, there are as many types of guys as there are stars in the sky. Therefore, you should not be afraid of wearing an extra bold lipstick now and then. Also, it’s none of his business anyway. But just in case you can’t help thinking about this, just be brave and ask your guy how he feels about it. Honestly, he’s got no other choice but to support your opinion on this, right? You’ve totally got him in your pocket, girl!

1. “Why don’t dudes pee sitting down?”

via YouTube

Wait, what??? Wow, this is insanely hilarious. We feel so bad for the person who has ever Googled such a thing. In a nutshell, guys don’t pee like girls simply because their biological system works in a quite different way, to say the least. When you think about this, we can actually ask girls the same thing. Why don’t ladies pee standing up? Because it doesn’t work that way and it’s hardly comfortable for anyone. Honestly, we really hope that grown-ups don’t type such questions in their Google Search box. Otherwise, it’d be such a shameful story! Final Tip: delete your search history right away! Just do the right thing, folks!

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