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15 Youtube Stars That Are Now Criminals

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15 Youtube Stars That Are Now Criminals

We all have our favorite YouTube stars. Whether you enjoy cooking, comedy, vlogs, makeup, or DIY, there are tons of channels out there to choose from. It’s easy to see how you get lost on the website for hours! Unfortunately, like any celebrities, YouTube stars are no strangers to crime. In fact, it seems that YouTube stars get arrested even more often. Many of the people on this list run “prank” channels, coming up with more and more absurd stunts. From trespassing to vandalism, the cops have no time for pranksters, especially not those who are dumb enough to post videos of it on the internet. It is no wonder that they finally had a brush with the police! But many of the others are more sinister. Child pornography, drugs, child neglect and endangerment, and even murder haunt these YouTube personalities. Men and women, rich and poor, American and those abroad, there is nothing in common with these stars except their casual attitude toward the law. You may even watch some of these people and not even know about their dark past. This list might make you reconsider which channels you want to subscribe to on YouTube. Keep reading to learn the stories of 15 YouTubers who got arrested!

15. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (VitalyzdTv)


One of the most notorious YouTube stars (at least in the eyes of the law), Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has been arrested more than once. His first time was in 2012, when the Russian man had a bomb hoax prank go wrong. Then again in 2014 when he ran across a soccer field at the World Cup in his underwear. In 2015 and 2016 he was arrested for climbing the Hollywood Sign. Of course he films all of these stunts for his many YouTube followers, who love to see what he will come up with next. There seems to be no crime too big and no stunt too dangerous for the “Natural Born Pranksters” star.

14. Jack Gilinsky

via: Twitter

Jack Gilinsky, one half of the pop music and Vine duo Jack & Jack, landed in hot water in fall 2016. The YouTuber was arrested in LAX airport after shoplifting a sweatshirt (which he says he “forgot to pay for”). His partner Jack Johnson recorded the entire ordeal on Snapchat, first thinking it was all a joke and then realizing the seriousness of the situation, when Gilinsky was led away in handcuffs. Thousands of followers watched the saga happen live via the social media platform, even showing support via the hashtag #FreeGalinsky. He was released just a few hours after the arrest on a $5,000 bail.

13. Austin Jones

via: Billboard

By far one of the worst crimes on this list, Austin Jones was arrested on multiple counts of child pornography. The singer and YouTube personality allegedly asked two teen girls to prove they were his biggest fans by sending him sexually explicit videos over social media. He admitted to telling the girls what to wear and do, so that he knew they were only 14 and 15 years old when he was 24. Similar accusations were made against Jones before, like when he lied about his age to get girls to send him twerking videos in 2015. Get someone your own age, ya nasty!

12. Holly Piazza and Brian Chase (Rocco Piazza Vlogs)

via: YouTube

8 year old Rocco Piazza is known for doing silly stunts on his YouTube channel like snowboarding down the stairs. Earlier this year his mother Holly Piazza and her fiance Brian Chase were arrested for aiding in his biggest stunt yet. Rocco and an unnamed adult were filmed riding in a truck bed full of Orbeez (gel-filled balls) as the vehicle drove full-speed down a busy street. The pair got in trouble for both child endangerment and putting other drivers in danger when they dumped the beads onto the road. These people should think twice next time, before agreeing to (and filming) the whims of a second grader.

11. 11. Calum McSwiggan

via: ABC7 Los Angeles

The story of Calum McSwiggan’s arrest is one of the weirdest on this list. The gay British YouTube star claimed a man beat him and his friends up outside a West Hollywood gay club, breaking his teeth and badly bruising him. In “retaliation”, McSwiggan vandalized the other man’s car. Months later, the star admitted that he caused the injuries to himself but maintains that he was attacked as part of an anti-gay hate crime. Police say that he was seen hitting himself with a prison payphone while he was being held. He now owes a $400 vandalism fine, on top of $7,000 compensation.

10. Kyle Myers (FPS Russia)

via: Business Insider

Kyle Myers, known also as FPS Russia, was recently arrested on felony drug charges. The YouTuber received a package in the mail containing a substance called butane honey oil, an extremely potent cannabis concentrate. While he was charged with possession of drug related objects and intent to distribute, the police also seized many weapons from Myers’ home as well. This is the Georgia man’s first arrest, though his home was raided in 2013 after one of the many explosions that his channel is known for. The same year, Myers’ channel partner was found shot dead in his own home, though no arrest has ever been made for the murder.

9. Nathan Bartling (My Mate Nate)

via: Coconuts Media

Nathan Bartling, also known as My Mate Nate, seems like a generally terrible person. The California native, who was once a missionary, now lives in Thailand. This summer he was arrested for laying coins on a railroad track to be flattened and was charged with trespassing, railway obstruction, and damaging railway property. The people of Thailand are actually petitioning to kick Bartling out of their country after this, and other controversial videos. His content includes laughing while a cat fights and is stung by a scorpion and tying a cat to a hot air balloon. What is wrong with this dude?

8. Steve-O

via: Business Insider

Steve-o of Jackass fame was arrested in 2015, after staging a protest against Sea World. He climbed a 100-foot crane on Sunset Boulevard while holding an inflatable Shamu the Whale, emblazoned with the words “Seaworld Sucks!” He then set off fireworks atop the crane. When he came down, Steve-o was charged with five misdemeanors: creating a false emergency and four related to the fireworks. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, but was released from Los Angeles’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility after just 8 hours. The star had teased the stunt on his Instagram page the day before the incident. I am honestly surprised that this is the first time Steve-o has been arrested!

7. Steven Fernandez (Baby Scumbag)

via: Newsweek

Steven Fernandez proves that age is no object when it comes to breaking the law! The young YouTuber began his fame as a skateboarder but has since dabbled in music as well. In 2015, the teen was arrested for an array of sexual crimes including, sexual assault and procuring a child into lewd and lascivious acts. After his arrest, more and more teenage girls came forward telling similar stories of how he used his fame to take advantage of them. Many of his videos even show him asking girls for their phone numbers and calling them rude names when they decline. Kids these days!

6. Denisse Muniztorres (Nina Santiago/Nina Unrated)

via: YouTube

In 2015, YouTuber Nina Santiago (whose real name is Denise Muniztorres) had a standoff with a SWAT team in her Florida home. She apparently filmed a video for her channel just moments before pointing a gun at her boyfriend, and demanding he get out of her house. Police negotiated with Santiago, closing off an entire section of her building, to get her to release her son who she was holding hostage in her home. After 6 hours, she finally surrendered and was charged with both child neglect, and aggravated assault. Police believe the video she recorded before the incident, which involved revealing intense personal details, put her in an emotional and violent state.

5. Monalisa Perez

via: WDAZ

One of the most sinister and scary entries on this list, MonaLisa Perez got in trouble with the law this summer after shooting and killing her boyfriend. Along with her late partner Pedro Ruiz, Perez planned to become YouTube famous by filming dangerous videos. Ruiz held a book in front of his chest and Perez shot him, allegedly thinking the book could stop the bullet. The woman even tweeted earlier that day that the video was “dangerous” and that the idea was “HIS . . . not MINE.” The pair had a toddler together and another baby on the way, making this incident even more messed up.

4. Charles Ross (RossCreations)


Charles Ross, also known as RossCreations, has had his share of run-ins with the law. This dude will do anything to make a prank video! Earlier this year he was arrested for grand theft, after removing a street sign that he deemed “unnecessary.” In 2013, Ross was also arrested for jumping over a cop who was seated on a park bench. The worst part is he then filmed a video pleading with his half a million followers to donate money to him. The vlogger claimed he didn’t have money to cover the costs of defending himself against a 3rd-degree felony. Maybe he should have thought of that before breaking the law!

3. Joel Hradecky (customgrow420)

via: YouTube

Joel Hradecky, better known by his YouTube name customgrow420, was arrested in 2016. It was only a matter of time before this notorious Mary Jane smoker was caught by police. The most surprising part of this story, though, is that he and 2 friends were arrested for trespassing! The trio decided to explore the abandoned Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton, Washington, smoking cannibus the whole time. Even worse? Hradecky stupidly filmed the whole outing, which led not only his thousands of followers, but also the police right to him. Even his car and license plate were in the shot. Stay away from the grass, kids!

2. The Jalal Brothers

via: Superfame

Australian brothers Max, Arman, and Rebeen Jalal were arrested in 2016 for pulling a terrifying prank. Victoria counter-terrorism police put the trio in custody, after an investigation of their series of fake terrorist attack videos on their YouTube channel. Police got a warrant for their home in Melbournem after deciding that their video content was unacceptable and criminal in nature. Besides scaring members of their community, police believe that portraying terrorists the way the Jalal brothers do causes fear, anxiety, and “problematic behaviours” in their neighbours. The particular incident that led to their arrest, involved a fake drive-by shooting where they “shot” a young girl with a fake AK-47, as well as a suicide bomber hoax video.

1. Cameron Dallas

via: YouTube

Cameron Dallas is another YouTuber and Vine star known for his pranks. In 2015, he was arrested for vandalism in his Hollywood home. In the late afternoon, cops knocked on his door to respond to a noise complaint to no answer. The prankster then allegedly threw a paint can off of his balcony, almost hitting a woman passing by below. When police arrived, they found the apartment, Dallas and his guests spattered with paint. Dallas claims the paint spattering was part of a video he was filming, and denied throwing anything off of his balcony. After spending a few hours in jail, Dallas was released on a $20,000 bail late that night.

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