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16 Annoying Facebook Posts You Hate Seeing on Your Newsfeed

16 Annoying Facebook Posts You Hate Seeing on Your Newsfeed

Everyone is on Facebook these days including your sweet grandmother, your neighbor that you see but never talk to, and your evil boss who you hope won’t add you as a friend. Facebook has been around forever and, at the rate things are going, it’s here to stay. You can now buy products on Facebook, transfer funds, and promote your posts. But unfortunately, some of these promoted posts are posts we’d rather not see, and there’s no way for us to tweak Facebook’s algorithm for what shows up on our wall.

Additionally, some people use Facebook as their outlet for all of the random thoughts they have that you might not really care for. And you may never even talk to a person yet feel like you know everything about them just via their Facebook posts that show up on your feed. Fortunately, there’s a way to unfollow and hide these particular posts. Still, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that we’ll continue to see posts on our feed that make us roll our eyes a bit. There are just some posts on Facebook that we hate to see, but they’ll continue to pop up from different people (and regretfully, even ourselves). Here are the top sixteen posts everyone hates to see on Facebook.

16. The 100th Post About Someone’s Kid


What’s more annoying than knowing everything about someone’s pet? Knowing everything about someone’s child. Seriously, people. Whatever happened to parents wanting to protect their children’s privacy? Sure, it’s perfectly normal to post about your child especially if they just learned how to walk or received a Nobel Peace Prize. But have some discretion and post sparingly. Your child can go from adorable to annoying when their face is plastered all over someone’s newsfeed. Furthermore, people will begin to wonder if you have anything else going on in your life besides monitoring your child’s every move. You might want to consider attending a concert or signing up for a Tai Chi class… anything to get you out.

15. A Political Opinion Post


There’s a reason why people use Facebook as an outlet for their opinions and rants. It’s because they don’t have anyone to engage in these dialogues with in real life. But since their political opinions are so revolutionary and pertinent, they must share them with everyone they know in the only way they know how to. We all have strong and biased political ideals, but not every one of us feels so inclined to publicly express them every chance we get. But it’s a free country so some of us feel the need to practice our freedom of speech to its maximum capacity.

14. A Rant About Someone’s Shitty Day


It’s just the thing you want to read after having a shitty day of your own – someone else’s long and exhausting rant. And even if you were having a pretty good day, you still wouldn’t want it completely bogged down by someone else’s drama. Sure, some people are just in need of a pity party graced with lots of sympathy and some sob stories are actually worth it. But it’s usually the same four people who are constantly using their Facebook as a public diary (or more like a receptacle for their emotional vomit). It’s these four people that you wish you could also publicly share some harsh advice with to suck it up.

13. Passive-Aggressive Posts


These are the posts that people write up when they want to talk shit about someone without mentioning who they are. The funny thing is that the subject of the post might even be about someone on their friends’ list. So, the whole time while you’re reading this post, you might even be wondering if it’s you that they’re talking about. And more importantly, you’re annoyed at the passive-aggressiveness of the post and wo why the person doesn’t just come straight out and name that person if they already had the balls to write a public rant about him or her.

12. Plexus Posts



Seriously, they’re everywhere. Plexus doesn’t sleep and neither do their promoters. It’s no wonder they’re such a fast-growing company with skyrocketing sales. Plexus reps are always trying to promote Plexus. You know these posts and you know exactly which of your friends are Plexus reps. These are the people who take selfies with their blender bottles promoting the latest shake or supplement. You think to yourself, “Not another one of these,” and you’re even a bit afraid to like or comment the post for fear that they might think you’re interested in the product. Thanks, Facebook, for inviting the salesman past the front door and all over my private space.

11. Subtle Brag Posts


It’s like some people don’t get enough affirmation in their lives that they need to seek it out via social media. You know what I mean… the picture of the horizon that’s actually a picture of someone’s mansion or the picture of someone’s brand new $8,000 Prada handbag with the hashtag #ootd. Come on, people, if you’re going to brag, you might as well be straightforward about it. We can all appreciate hard work paid off and everyone deserves to splurge on something they’ve really earned. But it’s usually the same few people on your friends’ list who constantly use Facebook as a source of emotional fulfillment and therapy.

10. Inspirational Quotes


It’s always the same people posting a new inspirational quote every morning. These people are wannabe Mother Theresa’s whose life purpose is to sprinkle a bit of inspiration upon the world. But instead of making you feel happier, you kinda get a bit irked because you feel like there’s no way that one person can be so positive and influential all the time. You wonder if the person ever has a bad day, and if so, how do they really deal with it besides referring to a cheesy inspirational quote? If this person is posting more than three inspirational quotes a day, you’re better off unfollowing that particular person.

9. Posts Announcing Facebook Breaks


I’ve never understood why people announce that they’re going to be taking a break from Facebook via a final Facebook post. Wouldn’t you think that if people haven’t seen any activity from you for a while that they’d automatically assume that you’re taking a break? There’s really no reason to announce the obvious… unless you’re really just asking for some further attention. The post usually says something along the lines of, “I won’t be checking my Facebook account so reach me via text or my cell.” And that’s another given. Obviously, people would reach out to you via other methods if they really need to.

8. PDA


Some couples are notorious for public display of affection (aka PDA) and they don’t know how to keep it in the bedroom… hence why they also take it to social media. These are the couples that probably share a Facebook account and use a kiss photo as their profile picture. If they do have separate accounts, they send each other public love notes on their walls for the whole world to see how much love they have. These notes usually go something like, “I just want to tell you how much I love and adore you…” as if the whole world had no idea.

7. Food Porn


If you’re a glutton like me, you can usually appreciate a little bit of food porn here and there. But if you’re always on a diet (also like me), you can also hate food porn with a passion. I know I’m contradicting myself. But when you’ve just gained ten pounds over the holiday weekend, the last thing you want to see is a photo of a delicious cupcake that makes you want to go out and binge on sweets. Ain’t nobody got time for type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol. So while that life is behind you and you’re trying to adopt a new Michelle-Obama-approved healthy lifestyle, you’d rather not be exposed to that kind of temptation.

6. Quiz Results


No one really gives a rat’s ass that you’ve got the personality of Tinkerbell or that your doppelganger is Beyonce. These quiz results are usually off by a mile anyway, which is why they usually don’t get any likes. Granted everyone takes quizzes, but this doesn’t mean that you need to publicly share the results of every quiz you’ve ever taken for the whole world to see. What’s even more awkward is when you see the results for a quiz like, “Who’s been stalking you?” and you’re among the top results when in reality you’ve never even visited that person’s page. These quizzes have no rhyme or reason.

5. Gaming App Invites


If there was a reason why I’ve already closed two Facebook accounts before sticking one out (finally) it’s because the previous ones were constantly flooded with Candy Crush and Farmville invites. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I totally understand sending someone numerous invites if they’re already playing the game as well. But if they’re new to the game and they haven’t responded to the previous ten invites you’ve sent them, then take a hint and stop sending them invites. Thankfully, Facebook has implemented a way that you can block those invites, but it’s annoying to just have to keep doing it.

4. Spoilers (without Spoiler Alerts)


How much do you love logging into Facebook when you’ve just missed the latest game you were hoping to watch? Or when you weren’t able to catch the last episode of The Voice or The Bachelor? Don’t you just love logging in to see the results of the show or game all over your feed? It takes the joy out of the actual experience for you and makes the show less exhilarating to watch once you get the chance to. In fact, you don’t even need to catch up at this point because people are writing about all of the details of the big show all over Facebook. You haven’t even watched the show and yet you feel like you have.

3. Life-By-The-Minute Posts


Do people really need to know that you’re currently brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed? Or that you just crossed the street without dying? No. I mean, good for you but there’s no reason that you need to think out loud via Facebook for the whole world to hear your random and meaningless thoughts. It’s usually the same people who do this and they do it quite frequently. And by frequently, I mean that they post random, pointless blurbs at least five times a day. In fact, these are my favorite types of Facebook posts to block or unfollow.

2. Posts with Too Many Hashtags


It’s seriously a talent to be able to write an entire Facebook post in all hashtags. I get it when people use trending hashtags because they’re trying to jump on a social media bandwagon, or when they use a couple of ridiculously hilarious and clever hashtags (I’ve seen many of these). But when they write their entire post with sixty different hashtags just for the sake of writing in hashtags, you really wonder what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s just annoying to read a post in nothing but hashtags. Just do us all a favor and write in plain English people.

1. One Too Many Selfies


Everyone takes selfies once in a while. But there’s a handful of people on your friends’ list who are absolutely obsessed with themselves via the number of selfies they take and post per day. It’s like they can’t write a Facebook post without including a selfie of some sort. And if they’re posting an inspirational quote or just commenting on how nice the weather is, they’ll include a selfie as well. But we all know that, in reality, the post isn’t really about the weather or to inspire… it’s really about the selfie because that person just loves how they look in that particular lighting or what not.

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