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16 Colombian Insta Models People Need To Follow IMMEDIATELY

16 Colombian Insta Models People Need To Follow IMMEDIATELY

Colombia is much more than drug trafficking and Pablo Escobar. It is also the world’s second most biodiverse country; the largest producer of emeralds on the planet, with 60% of the globe’s total; it is the third country in the world in water resources: 1,200 rivers – 258 are large rivers – 1,600 lakes, 4,500 micro-watersheds and 1.900 swamps; it is the world’s second largest exporter of flowers and has the greatest diversity of flower species on Earth, with more than 50,000 flowers; it is the third largest producer of coffee in the planet (although it has the one with the best flavor); and, particularly, it has one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth.

Of Colombia’s 46 million inhabitants (yes, not Columbia, but Colombia), 50.67% are women. That’s like the entire population of the people living in the state of Texas is women, whose population is approximately 27 million. Colombian women are the perfect representatives of the Latin flavor, that special swing that by moving their hips and dancing, they easily can melt even the most icy and grumpy man. Their happiness, spontaneity, but above all, their curves, make the Colombian men the most fortunate to be able to enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous women. And as sharing makes us better people, we wanted to share with the world a small but select group of Colombian models for the delight of other men and women on the planet. Just make sure you don’t go crazy.

16. Sofía Vergara | @sofiavergara

Via: Instagram

Before Sofia Vergara shined on the American television series ‘Modern Family’ (and was nominated to the Golden Globe for her characterization of Gloria Delgado-Prichett), when she was just a teenager, Sofia Vergara was discovered by a headhunter on a beach in the Colombian Caribbean, and was hired as a model for a Pepsi commercial. Then, in her time as a television presenter, during the Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar of Chile, she was related to the Mexican singer Luis Miguel. At that time, her career took off as a model and actress, starting in Miami with contracts for Hispanic networks like Televisa and Univision.

15. Sara Corrales | @saracorrales

Via: Instagram

In 2007, Sara Corrales was an aspiring actress who entered a reality show in Colombia called ‘Protagonistas de Novela’. The award was to become the protagonist of a new series that the same channel that produced the reality show. Sara did not win reality, but her beauty and talent put her in the spotlight of other national and international productions, particularly with the companies Televisa and Telemundo in Mexico, where she is currently based for more than seven years, although she sporadically returns to Colombia for serial roles, soap operas and to present contests.

14. The Dávalos twins | @marianadavalosu @camiladavalosu

Via: Instagram

Mariana and Camila are twin sisters and two proud single mothers, as they always say in their interviews. It is hard to believe that Mariana has two children and her sister Camila has one, because it is necessary to see the bodies of Greek goddesses that they have. Mariana is introverted, while Camila is spontaneous, so they are the perfect formula on the runway. Together they have been in Colombian publications such as SoHo and Don Juan men’s magazines, as well as modeling on runways and being the front page of student notebooks. Well, after all, you have to concentrate on the studio.

13. Natalia Paris | @nataliaparismodel

Via: Instagram


Natalia Paris was the first major Colombian model of international stature. Thanks to her, the other women who have made modeling their professional way of life have been able to enjoy the honeys of this work. Despite her short stature, 5.0 ft., Natalia was for many years the dream of all men in Colombia, and still is, however, she currently serves as a DJ and owns her own brand of personal care products such as creams, tanning creams and oils bearing her name, although she has not neglected modeling: her first and greatest love.

12. Shirly Gómez | @shirlygomezr

Via: Instagram

Like Sara Corrales, Shirly Gómez made her debut on television in ‘Protagonistas de Novela’, but in the 2003 edition, which did win. Born in Barranquilla, on the Caribbean coast, birthplace of Sofia Vergara as well, Shirly currently works as a fitness model and actress, both in local and regional productions. During his adolescent years, she was a cheerleader for one of the most popular soccer teams in the country, Junior of Barranquilla, which allowed her to be selected as a model of a Colombian beer and thus begin his life in the show.

11. Cristina Hurtado | @ crisshurtado

Via: Instagram

In June 2003, Cristina Hurtado, who was born in a small city 10 minutes from Medellín, became nationally famous by participating in the reality show ‘Protagonistas de Novela’, which was in its second edition. Although she didn’t win, her beauty and charisma allowed her to host RCN Style, a fashion show. A year later, she became a presenter in the entertainment section of RCN News and started in the world of modeling. She never worked as an actress, but as a model and presenter, in addition to owning a brand of underwear, swimwear and makeup, called’ Criss’.

10. Elianis Garrido | @elianisgarrido

Via: Instagram

Elianis Garrido is another of the many who have gone through ‘Protagonistas de Novela’. Apparently that reality did not only prepare actresses, but presenters and models. Although Elianis was born in Caracas, Venezuela, 30 years ago, she moved to Barranquilla with her family as a child. Since the age of 14 she has had to work to help with the expenses of her house, working as a dancer in clubs. Her black eyes, brown hair and sharp curves are a lethal weapon that has captivated dozens of men since his life became public.

9. Valerie Domínguez | @valeriedomi

Via: Instagram

In 2005, Valerie Domínguez, who is the cousin of the singer Shakira, was crowned Miss Colombia. A year later, she traveled to Los Angeles to participate in the Miss Universe contest and ended as one of the ten finalists. Valerie was in a judicial mess between 2010 and 2013 because she and her boyfriend’s family at the time were apparently favored by receiving state subsidies in the form of land that was earmarked for her family. Valerie was finally accused of being a tentative, as she had rejected the grant payments.

8. Greeicy Rendón | @greeicy1

Via: Instagram

At the age of just 25, Greeicy Rendón, born in Cali, the salsa capital of the world, has performed in various artistic fields such as acting and music, as well as modeling. She stayed in Cali for the first five years of his childhood, until her parents decided to move to Bogotá. From a young age she was interested in acting and music, taking acting, piano, flute, guitar and singing lessons. In 2016, Greeicy played the role of a striptease dancer, giving her the status of a sex symbol in the country.

7. Sara Uribe | @sara_uribe

Via: Instagram

Sara Uribe is the last of this list to became famous thanks to the popular ‘Protagonistas de Novela’, a television contest she won in 2012. Paradoxically, her professional life has been more from the modeling and show presentation side than in acting. She was discovered at the age of 14 when she participated in an ice cream brand commercial.

6. Jessica Cediel | @jessicacedielnet

Via: Instagram

Jessica Cediel studied Social Communication and Journalism. In 2002, before finishing her studies, she participated in the Miss Bogota contest, which elects the representative of the Colombian capital to the Miss Colombia contest. In there, Jessica remained as viceroyalty, but her participation opened the doors for her to begin her career as a model and on Colombian television. Her media career began as an advertising model for television commercials and magazines. Today she is one of the most desired women in all of the country due to her sensuality, a trademark of her photos and videos that she uploads to Instagram.

5. Angélica Hernández | @angelitahera

Via: Instagram

One of the most recognized fitness models in the country, Angélica Hernandez became nationally known after participating in a reality show of extreme sports and survival called ‘Challenge 2016: Super Humans, Super Regions’. Her curves, penetrating eyes and tattoos made her one of the most captivating women last year. Since then, she has been on the cover of several fitness magazines, and is considered a role model for her toned body and discipline in the gym.

4. Anllela Sagra | @anllela_sagra

Via: Instagram

Anllela Sagra with less than 25 is recognized worldwide as one of the top 3 most popular divas in the world of fitness. Its more than 6 million followers in Instagram are proof of her beauty and toned body. Leaving aside her family and a prominent modeling career, Anllela embarked on an adventure that today has made her one of the most famous women and an example for men and women who want to transform their bodies into a gymnasium.

3. Ariadna Gutiérrez | @gutierrezary

Via: Instagram

Part of Ariadna Gutiérrez’s fame is due to the American presenter Steve Harvey, who in Miss Universe 2015 crowned Ariadna as the winner of the contest, leaving the Philippine representative as the first finalist of the competition, only for Harvey to recant and apologize after a few minutes, since the winner had really been Pia Wurtzbach and not Ariadna. This mistake apparently cost Ariadna the title of Miss Universe, but now her life seems to have taken a better turn.

2. Elizabeth Loaiza | @elizabethloaiza

Via: Instagram

Elizabeth Loaiza can easily be the sexiest woman in Colombia. Her devouring gaze, her sensual photographic sessions for adult magazines such as Playboy, Soho and Don Juan, have made her one of the most sought-after models for every Colombian men. Just take a look at her photos and fall in love all over again, if you can handle so much perfection.

1. Paulina Vega | @paulinavegadiep

Via: Instagram

Paulina Vega currently works as a businesswoman and is the image of international brands such as BMW, Adidas, Falabella and Pantene. But how did she manage to be the face and body of such renowned brands? In 2014, Paulina Vega, born and raise in Barranquilla, was crowned as the most beautiful woman in the world, taking the Miss Universe 2014 crown. Would there be anything else to add? Yes, she’s is the third cousin of her successor, Miss Colombia 2014-2015, Ariadna Gutiérrez.

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