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16 Strange Secrets He’ll Always Keep Hidden From His Woman

16 Strange Secrets He’ll Always Keep Hidden From His Woman

When it comes to relationships, men can be very complex creatures. Just like women, they can be picky, overprotective or easily disgusted by the smallest of actions. For relationships to last, you have to be aware of each other’s quirks and pet peeves. If your man is making you happy, then you should return the favor and make him happy. With some men, it doesn’t take much. They don’t want fancy cars or expensive gifts. What they want is respect, love and appreciation from their women. At times, they need to feel as if they are the ones in charge.

Now that you know some of the broader things that men like you can go about finding a way to simplify these activities to make them feel special. While it should go both ways, you can be the bigger person and do things he wants you to do first. Then maybe he will take the initiative and do the things you want him to do. There are also things your man most likely doesn’t want you to be doing for him. Read below for the complete listing of 15 things that he does not want his woman to do.

16. He actually loves to Nag


Nagging is only first on the list because it is something that men absolutely hate. By the time they sense your voice raising and becoming full of emotion, they are kind of turned off by this behavior and are likely to only hear a few words of your rant. You may not be able to help yourself from going off on a rant, but men do not want to be with a woman who nags. They already have a mother (hopefully) and it is the last thing they want from a woman who is having intercourse with them. If you are a nagger, try reducing the frequency and intensity of your nags. It gets annoying after a while, and he is going to ignore you. Rather than nagging him about doing something, gently remind him. If it doesn’t work, then take out the lingerie.

15. Yard Work Is His Domain. Don’t Mess With It.


It has always been said that the kitchen is the woman’s domain. Well, the yard is the man’s domain. If you don’t want your man in the kitchen, then he most likely doesn’t want you in the yard. Yard work is his forte. He mows the lawn and fixes any issues that are in the yard. If he has to call someone to assist with the pool, that is his job. A woman’s hands must be soft and yard work doesn’t maintain her hands. If it is gardening, he may not argue with you about that but cutting the grass, sweeping the yard, shovelling snow and repairing the wall all fall in his domain. Even if he is not too keen on yard work or chores, most men, when they see their women attempting to do yard work, will get to their senses and do it for them.

14. Fixing Things Is Not A Chore


Men are supposed to be the fixers of things in the house. Yet, they take longer to fix things. This is why some women have to nag them. But, if you decide to take it upon yourself to fix it or call a repairman, because they were taking too long to do it, they may feel a bit threatened. So, to stroke his ego, wait for him until you cannot wait on him anymore. If you can’t, bring out the lingerie is a good idea but, don’t use intercourse to manipulate too often. You can also mention to him that you will be asking your dad, brother or a close male friend to come and look at what needs fixing in the house. Even if you attempt to do it yourself, he will assist and get it done.

13. Grilling Is A Man’s Job?


Grilling, it seems, is a man’s job and not something a woman should be doing. If you are having a family barbecue or even a cook-out that requires grilling to be done, do not embarrass your man handling the grill. Even if he shows reluctance to grill, he will still grill. After all, it is called “manning a grill”. He absolutely does not want his woman to be grilling. Usually, it is one of the things he can talk about with other men. So, if you have a grill and you’re in the mood for barbecue, do not start it without your man. He will not be pleased about it. What you can do is make salads and potatoes to go with whatever he is grilling up and all would be well.

12. Assembling things is fun for him

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In a home, it is always the man’s job (once he is around) to set things up. If you got your kid a new bicycle or purchased a new television set, a bed or a table that needs to be assembled, under no circumstance should you set it up. Leave it for your man to do. Even if he takes a long time to get it done, allow him the time or send your kid to nag him. Kid nagging is more effective than wife nagging, If ever you set it up yourself, he is not going to trust its safety and will probably set it up again when you’re sleeping to spare your feelings. Unless their women are into construction, men are not going to trust anything she sets up to be safe.

11. Take Part In No Shave November

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Men will not admit it, but they like when their women are shaved. A shaved woman gives the impression that she is making an effort and that she cares a bit about her hygiene. Hair collects sweat, so it is better to be well shaved down there. While men may take part in no shave November and grow beards, if their women do it as well and fail to groom, they are probably going to experience a “No Intercourse November”. Men want their women shaved. So, if you are thinking about not shaving, reconsider it. Shaving is something that your man wants you to do. A little hair is okay, but when it gets out of control and seems like it needs to be mowed, that is considered a huge turn off by your man.

10. Getting Too Drunk

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It is okay to have alcohol when you go out, but what is the limit? How much alcohol should you limit yourself to? Well, it depends. Everyone holds their alcohol differently. If you are home, drink as much as you want to. If you are not at home, then you should limit the number of drinks you have. The last thing your man wants is to have to hold your hair away from your face while you throw up in the streets or in a public bathroom. If you’re carrying his kid and you have morning sickness, he will be pleased to do it. But if it is as a result of you having too much alcohol, he is going to be disgusted. So before you have a wild night out, consider how embarrassed your man will be if he has to take you out of the club in front of his friends.

9. Going to the Auto shop


Men have this theory that a mechanic would charge a woman more just because she is a woman and will have no idea about cars. This is a sexist belief but there may actually be some truth to it. If you have a problem with your car and need repairs done, let your man handle it. If the repairs are serious, but he is procrastinating, you could explain how dire the situation is, and if he still procrastinates, then take it there yourself. You are capable enough of going on the Internet and searching for the best prices. Car repair is not something that should be ignored, and if your man doesn’t want to take your car to the repair shop, then too bad.

8. Buying a Car Alone


Sometimes a girl has got to do what she has to do. Men, because they think they know cars, may feel slighted if their woman buys a car without informing him. It is not that you need his permission to do it, but he would have liked to participate in the discussion and decision-making, especially if the car is a used one. He also may bring it up now and again, especially if you are experiencing car troubles. If you are going to buy a car, take your man with you, even if it is new. He is going to feel like you value his opinion and he is likely to bring up the fact that you bought a car without him if you experience trouble with it. To avoid his moods, involve him in the process.

7. Being Compared to An Ex


No one wants to be compared to an ex and men especially hate it. Why would anyone want to be compared to another person? If you are going to compare your present man to your ex, then why are you and your ex not together? Sometimes when a woman compares her present man to her ex, her current man may feel as if she would go back to her ex if they hit a rough spot in their relationship. If you want to compare your present man to your ex, call your girlfriends and do it. Just don’t voice your comparisons to your man. He hates it, and it is going to get to him eventually. If you have truly moved on, then there is no reason for you to even talk about your ex unless he was a total douche.

6. Oversharing Is Not A Good Idea

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If you are going to talk to your friends about your man, there are certain things you should not share, like intimate details of his life. Your relationship may be yours to share as well, but his business is his own. If you overshare, then your friends are likely to gossip and look at him differently. What is oversharing? When sharing, consider how you would feel if your man were to say what you were about to say to your girlfriends to his friends. Men hate women who overshare the extent of their relationship problems, because if they do mend things, then there is going to be an awkwardness when he hangs out with her friends. Consider carefully who you are going to share your life’s stories with.

5. Bringing Up the Past

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Forgiveness is divine, and women just can’t help bringing up the past, especially if it was hurtful or changed them in some way. Men hate when women mention the past, but sometimes they just need to deal with it. It is her way of venting her frustration and expressing her hurt. She is working through her issues and with time, she will stop mentioning it. Even if she does bring it up in the future, it is going to be a joke. If your man has hurt you and you decided to forgive him, try not to bring up the past too much. He is going to be insecure and thinks that you are going to leave. If it was so painful, then you should consider getting couples therapy.

4. Multiple Anniversary Celebrations


While a nagging woman is annoying, a woman who wants to celebrate multiple anniversaries is probably more annoying. In fact, it almost borders on childish. Only one anniversary should be celebrated in a relationship, and it is the most important one. However, if you want to celebrate an anniversary once a month and get mad at your man when he doesn’t remember, he is going to be annoyed. Celebrating more than one anniversary in a year is something your man does not want you to do. He may tell you or may not tell you but try to be an adult. A yearly anniversary celebrating when you got together is okay. The only other thing you should celebrate is family birthdays and holidays. You have no reason to get pissed if he forgot the anniversary of your first kiss.

3. Going Out with an Ex


If you have to go out with your ex, then why are you in a relationship? If you and your ex were together for five or fifteen years, and you have no children together, there is no reason for you to see your ex, especially when you have a new man. If you insist on maintaining a friendship with your ex, then you should do it over the telephone. If you have kids with your ex, then again, all interactions should be over the phone as you are forced to be civil. Your man hates the idea of you going out with your ex, because old fires are easily rekindled. If you insist on seeing your ex, then invite your man to come along. If your ex is not okay with that, then his intentions were not genuine.

2. Being Noisy

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While men like to know that their women are having a good time in the bedroom, he hates it when she is too noisy. How noisy is too noisy? Too noisy is when you’re disturbing the neighborhood, or your kids can hear you right down the hall. He hates it because you are being too dramatic, and all that noise is unnecessary, even if he is giving it to you good. He may be embarrassed to tell you that you are too loud. If you are going to be loud or cannot help yourself, then you should bite his shoulder or bite into a pillow to dampen the sounds you think you will make. But keep it down in the bedroom; your man doesn’t want everyone to know what you sound like when you orgasm.

1. It’s No Fun Having A Boring Partner

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So, starfishing is a term men use to describe women who just lie there and do nothing but take it. Yes, sometimes the man will have to do all the work, because you may not be in the mood or you may be too tired. But you should not make it a habit. If you are not into it, then say you are not into it. If you are not going to participate, then it is going to bruise his ego. If you are going to just lie there and do nothing, then don’t make him waste his time or yours. He is going to think that you are lazy and that you are not into him. If you lack moves, ask him what he likes, ask him to show you or even ask your girlfriends for some tips.

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