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16 Things Men Are Obsessed With (But Women Don’t Care About)

16 Things Men Are Obsessed With (But Women Don’t Care About)

Although the boundaries between men and women are becoming increasingly blurred, there are still a large number of situations in which men feel misunderstood. Yes, men are strange creatures that sometimes behave as if they were a completely different species, or even from another planet. But the same could be said for women. However, it is impossible to deny that men are often the complement a woman needs, and vice versa.

Most men, in their incredible wisdom (or precariousness), are easily obsessed with many aspects that are widespread, regardless of place of origin, religion or culture. The most pathetic example may be the fact that they are obsessed with the female figure. You only have to see the success of the large number of erotic magazines sold all over the world, or how captivating can be a woman with a pronounced neckline during a social gathering. If you think carefully, the question is simple: why this fixation? The man, for the most part, is obsessed with dozens of things but that women really don’t care much about it. Many will say that this is why they love their male partners, but others will say that these are the reasons why they can’t stand them.

16. Go to sporting events

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Particularly, men are highly obsessed with sports. Whether it’s football, basketball, NASCAR, baseball, tennis or hockey, men seem to have a code in their DNA that forces them to smash their big asses in stadiums full of people while drinking, eating nachos with cheese and screaming as if life depended on it. It’s very funny to see a man, especially when it’s cold or rainy, sitting in a stadium trying to buy hot dogs and at the same time paying attention on the event, just so that when there’s a touchdown or something important happening, he’ll get up strongly that his food will fly out and end up on the floor.

15. Adjusting themselves in public

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Many women constantly ask themselves the following question: Are men touching their genitals to make sure they are still hanging there? Actually, no man really knows. In fact, it is an issue that still haunts science, and finding a specific reason why men are constantly accommodating their testicles is a mystery. But the problem isn’t that men put their hands in their pants to do the assignment, since it goes without saying that their clothes may be making them uncomfortable or over-tight, but why do they have to do it in public? The human race may become extinct in a few hundred or thousands of years, and this question can never be adequately answered.

14. Doing business in a gentleman’s club


Gentleman clubs are very popular in most of the male community. The atmosphere of these places is usually pleasant, as there is a bar with dozens of alcoholic drinks available, smoking is possible, there is a great variety of music and, particularly, there are girls dancing to the rhythm of music and almost naked (or completely naked). For these and other reasons, men love to go to these places, but not only to spend a nice time with their friends and forget about the stress of the day or work, but they go to a strip club to close and formalize business, as if they don’t have an office of their own or there is not a more appropriate place to close deals.

13. Absurd methods of cloaking hair loss


Many men around the planet, with age, begin to feel and witness various changes in their bodies. These changes are no longer due to puberty, but to the apparent old age that is already starting to knock on the door. Issues such as erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual appetite, and especially alopecia, are issues that men are quite obsessed with. But in the case of baldness, men are very concerned about this issue because they feel that they are losing their sex appeal and that going bald will make them less attractive. It is for this reason that hair grafts are done, they buy wigs or try to comb their hair in a horrible way to disguise the empty hair on their skull.

12. Acting like babies when they are sick

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Men believe that life cannot go on as usual while they suffer cramps that numb the mind, so a cold every six months feels like it is the apocalypse described in the Bible; the very end of the world. Consensusally, men are obsessed with exaggerating flu symptoms by acting like a little 3-year-old baby. They do this to attract attention, because they want their partners to take care of and spoil them, to do whatever they want, and to take their food to bed. In fact, they take advantage of the disease situation to take it as an excuse and not take a bath. “It’s just that the water and the cold are going to make me more sick, so I’d better not bathe.” Yeah, they say nonsense like that.

11. Drinking beer straight from the hose

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It’s one thing for alcohol and men to be good friends. In fact, the one who said that the dog is man’s best friend is because he has never tasted alcohol in his life. Booze, in the many of its presentations, relieves sentimental pains, makes you forget the problems and makes you feel more handsome and with more courage to try to conquer a girl in a bar, or so they believe. But another thing is when at parties, competitions are held for those who are able to drink beer directly from a barrel connected to a hose, or even worse, put their mouths in the nozzle of the beer dispenser barrel. This is one more obsession that women find insignificantly interesting in a man.

10. Two-wheeled machines

Via: South Park

Most of the motorcycles sold in the world are purchased by men over the age of 40. The reason? Simple. The famous 50’s crisis that strikes the bulk of men seems to becoming ten years earlier. A motorcycle apparently gives men a certain sense of youthfulness, from those times and those years when their only concern was to have money for fuel or food, whether it was always to grab a bite at McDonald’s or Burger King. The motorcycles seem to have a rejuvenating air, the problem is that these “old men” who buy them look like fools wanting to hide the passage of time so loudly.

9. The “power” of holding a weapon

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Unfortunately, the majority of homicides in the United States are due to the fact that buying a gun in a shop is just as easy as buying a six-pack of beer in a liquor store. Of course, you also have to consider psychological and psychiatric aspects of those who commit these atrocities, but that is another matter. To men the simple act of holding a weapon, small or big, they feel that they have great power in their hands. Something they may never be able to control, but it’s clear that guns and rifles are objects that many men are fond of, whether it’s just for sport hunting or because they’re part of the Hollywood movies in which heroes deliver justice at gunshots.

8. Idolizing Bruce Willis

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In this case any action hero could be in the spotlight. Great Hollywood icons such as Bruce Willis, Steve McQueen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson or basically anyone who has participated in the saga ‘The Expendables’ could be in the title of this entry. These rude guys are great examples of male testosterone and are admired by thousands of men in the world, because they see in them the ideal representation of a true man. The curious thing is that Jason Statham and Bruce Willis, with their obvious baldness, are among the favorites of men. A complete irony if we consider the obsession with baldness described above.

7. The beautiful Scarlett Johansson

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Nobody questions the fact that actress and model Scarlett Johansson is one of the most beautiful women not only today, but in human history. It seems that every inch of this blonde (or redhead too) has been carved with surgical precision by the greatest sculptor ever seen. But it is one thing for Scarlett to be beautiful, an another thing for her to be the object of a general obsession by men. They have to face it, because most men will never even get to meet the actress in person, and if they were lucky enough, they are too ugly to make her feel interested even a little bit. So why obsess over someone who is 2,000 years away from 99% of men on the planet?

6. Watching football for hours while eating ice cream and chicken

Via: Youtube

There is no better plan for men on the face of the Earth than to crush their big and fat asses on the living room sofa to eat ice cream and chicken on a hot afternoon Sunday, while enjoying hours of sporting events like basketball, football and hockey. It doesn’t matter if it’s a college team match or the Stanley Cup, World Series or the Super Bowl; in fact, it doesn’t even matter if they’re a fan of any team, all that matters is that their eyes have a direct relationship with the TV and the ice cream and chicken buckets. Well, and a cold beer or two wouldn’t hurt, although not many, because that would make them go to the toilet.

5. Buying TVs that doesn’t even fit in the room

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Buying a TV that doesn’t even fit in the living room or bedroom, during an outburst and impulse on a Black Friday, is something that characterizes men. Women have to understand that it is not the same for men to sit all afternoon and watch sports on a small TV as it is for them to do it on a big TV. In this case, size does matter, and quite a lot. It doesn’t matter if the month salary vanishes without apparent reason on a 4K TV; it doesn’t matter if they only use it on Sunday afternoons; and it doesn’t matter if they have to completely rearrange a room in the house so that the TV becomes the center and most important object in the whole residence.

4. The Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Boxing, judo, karate and tae kwon do are contact sports that are old-fashioned. There may be a whole history, science or strategy behind these traditional combat sports. But in today’s times men want to see that, with a direct knee to the face, a fighter breaks his rival’s nose and wins by K. O. The rules of these new sports such as UFC are those of street fights and not those that the referees have imposed to make a televised fight less savage. After all, many complained that wrestling, the one with The Undertaker, Triple H and The Rock as figures, was a farce, so now something very different (and bloodier) is being offered.

3. Collecting toys

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Many men still have something of their childhood when they grow up. Maybe it’s because they want to remember those old days when they played with action figures and small cars in their backyards. The grown up problems and concerns sometimes can be overwhelming, so why not trying to take back a few good memories. For example, there are men who collect comics from their favorite superheroes in Marvel or DC Comics; others collect Lego toys or Hot Wheels cars. It is not the object in this case that matters, but the desire to recover something from the memory chest.

2. Waxing until there’s no trace of hair left

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The 21st century has brought with it many social changes such as the way people relate to each other. Social networks have presented a total revolution, in addition to new standards of beauty imposed in one way or another by modeling agencies or movies with famous Hollywood actors and actresses. One of these cultural changes is metrosexuality, the condition in which men take extra care of their physical appearance, almost at the same level or much more than women. And within this latent metrosexulity, men have wanted to remove and completely eliminate any hair that protrudes from their body, depilating them trhough several methods, as most women do.

1. Videogames: the best gift regardless of age


In the late 1980s, video games began to win over the male audience. Today, this industry is one of the most profitable, as video games are part of the traditional culture of many young people and adults under 40 years old, or even a little more. It all started with Tetris, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros., but today, due to the advantages of the Internet as the online multiplayer, games like Call of Duty or FIFA are the kings of the virtual world. It is not surprising that addiction to video games is becoming a public health problem, as they are increasingly immersive and hard to stop loving them. Believe me, there’s no better Christmas present for a man between the ages of 15 and 45 than a new video game console.

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