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16 Things Women Do When They Are Bored At Work (And With Life)

16 Things Women Do When They Are Bored At Work (And With Life)

There are lot of things women do when they are bored at work and with life in general. Doesn’t matter how exciting or mundane her job may be, every woman gets bored at work, and once the mind starts wondering she starts looking for different ways to cope with her boredom.

Just imagine the monotony of waking up early in the morning, grabbing breakfast, trudging through public transportation, walking into work and starting a day of mindless hours of staring into a screen and drinking stale, cold coffee. But thank god for lunch! Oh wait, never mind because almost every lunch she subjects herself to a healthy salad with almost no variety. Before long it’s time to get back to the desk again for hours and hours of typing and clicking and emailing and…boredom.

No wonder she preoccupies her mind with the things she wishes she could be doing instead! Here’s just a few of the most common things she would rather be doing when she is bored with her work and definitely bored with life.

16. Swimming for leisure or for sport

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Swimming is traditionally a discipline associated with women and might appear a bit upper class performed by women in the swimming pools of five star hotels. There are also quirky roof top swimming pools like the one in Marina hotel in Singapore that offer fine views of the city while offering its clientele a drink in the pool at the top of the roof. Swimming as a sport has also been done by women though it appears a bit rigorous. In fact it is quite therapeutic. Women don’t just like pool parties and dancing around swimming pool in resorts as seen in musicals and movies. Not only is it an excellent workout but also an amazing way to destress and just float around in the water. Sign us up.

15. Sun bathing in exotic beach destinations

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Women also love sun bathing as sun gives a source of energy and vitality and the rays of the sun does create a tingling sensation on the body. Women can be seen sunbathing in beach destinations like Goa or Thailand and there is a whole lifestyle culture based around the sun. There are also cool psychedelic trance parties in these areas to cool off after the heavy duty sun soaking and some women even want to watch the sunset as it brings out a whole orange hue to the setting. Sun bathing as a pastime is also associated with women particularly of European descent or women with light to medium complexions.

14. Oil massage as a form of therapy

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Massage as a discipline is also associated with women and women usually receive this massage from other women. But massage therapy is also common in countries like Thailand where women give the massage to men also though in India men receive the massage from other men. For example, in Kerala they use the legs to rub the oil on the body and not the hands as it might appear feminine. A massage is meant to tone the body of the women, improve flexibility and movement and there are even special herbal oils available that boost immunity and create vitality for the women.

13. Mehndi or exotic forms of painting

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Women love painting as a pastime and the mehndi is painted on the palm of the women as seen in India and creates a style statement. The mehndi is done by women on women and is a wonderful specimen of women oriented art. But mehndi is not the only painting women do, they also do normal forms of painting like fine arts like in Visva Bharati university in Bengal where a woman making a painting can be watched by a rickshaw puller or some volatile woman painter who painted Hindu goddesses in the nude can be vandalized by some mob or some art oriented Latin American looking woman can say you don’t connect to a woman after she bought her painting in the Sex and the City show.

12. Theatre for that real experience

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Theatre is also traditionally a discipline where women like liberated women have joined in and there are also revolutionary theatre artist women like the Vaishnava singing and performing women of Bengal or revolutionary Naxal style theater in Hindi language done by Punjabi artist Usha Ganguli and her group. Bollywood is a development on the traditional theatre though theatre as an art form is still practiced in the upper class echeleons of society and Western society even have the operas with women singers that are associated with an upper class culture rather than the street culture seen in movies like Bollywood.

11. Yoga for fitness

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Yoga is a discipline from India and traditionally performed by men called yogis though modern women have also joined in and have revolutionized the discipline. There are also popular yoga centres like the Patanjali Yogpeeth of Baba Ramdev where Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala joined in while her Nepali actor brother flirted with a Parsi woman in a Bollywood movie playing the Muslim. There are even novel yoga styles like the hot yoga of Vikram Choudhury who is popular in Hollywood but got involved in controversies with women practitioners. There are also UN style yoga companies like Yoga Travellers that offer yoga courses and lifestyle in destinations around the world.

10. Dancing in the club to boost the spirits

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Clubbing is also a discipline associated with women and women seem to love dancing in the club or even in open air music festivals. Club dancing does create a sense of female liberation and now female DJs have also joined in the bandwagon like Anglo Indian origin Carlotta Lackman. Club dancing women can also be seen in Bollywood movies while men can be seen dancing in the street in France to a drum and bass tune while a security vehicle moves in. Street dance is also associated with men like Bollywood dancing star Mithun Chakraborty and women dancing in the street may not be considered proper.

9. Aikido or soft martial arts

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Aikido is a martial arts discipline from Japan and is traditionally associated with men and there are even Aikido icons like Steven Seagall of Hollywood. But women have also joined in the bandwagon and find it not just a fitness regimen but also a great exercise for body toning and self defence. Aikido is also a kind of art style martial art with soft movements that some women find suitable and Aikido is called a soft art while the kung fu of China done by army style men like Jackie Chan is considered hard. There are also cool martial artists like Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee who women have however passed off as the crow.

8. Meditation to cool off and relax

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Meditation is also a discipline that has been pursued by women to cool off and even though Tibetan Buddhist monks are usually men who can be seen practicing the famous Vipassana meditation, women like European women can also be seen meditating in meditation centres like the Tushita meditation centre in Dharamshala area of Dalai Lama which seems to have been named after Sita, the wife of Lord Rama in Hindu epic Ramayana. There are also Buddhist meditation centres like the Munger school in Bihar while Asian women can be seen meditating in their groups like in Bodh Gaya of the state as Bihar is also considered to be the holy land of Buddhism.

7. Reiki for the power therapy

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Reiki is a unique spiritual style massage discipline from Japan and women seem to love doing this massage either for themselves or for others. The massage seems to boost the energy of the women and the spiritual aspect associated with it makes it exotic and appealing. This is also a kind of light massage with minimal touch and is considered an upper class massage therapy compared to the touch based massage therapies. Reiki massages can also be done in the open like by the river side or the beach of the river and gives a new dimension to power therapy.

6. Hanging out in a jacuzzi to relax

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Women also like water massages like the jacuzzi as seen in five star establishments. But jacuzzi can also be done in the ocean waters if the waves are kind of soft and supple rather than strong. Sitting in the ocean waters can be a great relaxation therapy and the light waves hitting the body can definitely create a great sensation. And sea water jacuzzi is also natural compared to the created jacuzzi effects in some swimming pools of five star hotels. Sea water jacuzzi is also done by men and is considered a light massage and can be seen in some cool ocean waters like in the Andaman islands.

5. Hot spring bath for vitality and health

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Hot spring bath is another discipline pursued by women and this time the waters are a bit hot compared to the cool waters of the sea water jacuzzi. Hot spring baths are popular in countries like Japan where there are hot mineral springs where women bath along with men and create a kind of social and popular groupism activity popular with Japan. And there is even a red water hot spring in Japan to bring in a kind of Gothic effect that Japanese women or men try to enjoy sometimes. Hot spring baths can also be seen in Indian temples like the one in Vasisht in Himachal Pradesh.

4. Classical dance

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Classical dance has also been performed traditionally by women as a pastime and there are some unique classical dances for women like Odissi and Bharatnatyam in India. Women also make unique gestures while performing these dances and these are considered as liberating influences on the women. There are also Sufi style whirling dances performed by women like the Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan and has also been popularized in Bollywood movies. There are also quirky classical dances like the Thai classical dances performed to unique folk music of the country or the unique body movements in the Arabian dances performed by women in a majlis.

3. Singing as a pastime

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Women also pursue singing as a pastime and even though female music composers are not that usual, women can easily be seen singing to some song of a music director or composer. Women can easily be seen as singers in Bollywood movies and female music directors are kind of rare like Usha Khanna who composed some cool tunes among the male dominated music production industry. Women however prefer to be singers and there are also music styles associated with women like country music singers of Europe who can be seen singing and playing the guitar to bring out a hippie style effect.

2. Watching movies or a good tv show

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Movies can also be watched by women as a pastime and there are some popular fares like Bollywood in India and Hollywood internationally. Movies are watched not just by housewives with their husbands or children but also by girl groups as in a night out in a cinema hall. There are also art movies that can be seen in film festivals and there are also female movie directors in the art style who seem to exude an art appearance and style in these film festivals. Adult movies are usually not watched by women and some women seem to hate it if their husband watches one.

1. Bicycling around and enjoying the fresh air 

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Bicycling is also a discipline performed by women to break out from the regimen of urban commutes and urban lifestyle. Women can be seen bicycling not just in rural nature areas but also long distances like in a cross country travel and some women have even bicycled long distances in a country. Bicycling is also a fitness regimen for women though bicycle racing is usually associated with men and urban bicycling is also associated with men. Bicycling is considered an eco-friendly discipline and also feminine by advocates of the transportation and commuting industry as seen in cities and urban areas.

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