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18 Cheap Cars That Will Confuse People About Your Wealth

18 Cheap Cars That Will Confuse People About Your Wealth


Driving the right car can make you look like your paycheck comes with a few extra zeros. A sleek car definitely gives people the illusion you are successful. The only two things you need to show people how rich you are is a fancy car and a nice house. Fancy cars don’t come cheap, and unless you want to have a visit from the repo guys, you’d rather get a car that matches your paycheck and not necessarily something you will have to pay an arm and a leg for.

While getting this kind of luxury millionaire car is a dream lives and dies in posters on our bedroom wall, you can actually get your hands on a variety of cheap cars that could make you look wealthy. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of 20, yes you heard me right, 20 cheap cars that will confuse people about your wealth.

Before we go on, if you want to give the illusion that you are rich, but you don’t have enough cash overflowing in your account, then the following vehicles will give the illusion of affluence at a discount rate that is well under $20,000. While they may not be the most popular or greatest cars, there is no doubt that they will get everyone thinking you can comfortably pick up the tab.

18. Bentley Turbo R ($20,000)


Every time you hear the word Bentley, it’s probably about a billionaire or a fancy rap star or Hollywood actor. These vehicles have not been built or designed to pleasure the poor, and there is no way an average Joe would own this type of vehicle unless it came as a gift. However, we will get you in on a secret, you are able to get a luxurious Bentley Turbo R for around $20,000, however any old Bentley will do. If you roll up in this, people will notice the iconic grille, hand stitched interior and wood finishes, and there is no doubt people will think you made a killing on the stock market.

17. Lexus IS300 2005 ($10,000)


The Lexus IS300 is an entry-level luxury Japanese vehicle that has been sold since 1999 by its Japanese manufacturer Lexus. This model was originally sold under the brand name Altezza back in Japan from 1998 onward, the name Altezza being Italian for “Highness”. While this luxurious and sporty looking sedan can be gotten for a cheap price, you might have to go all the way back to the 2005 model to be able to find a unit that will cost you less than $10,000. However, this sedan was built to be synonymous with luxury, there’s no way anyone will doubt your capabilities with this ride on your drive way.

16. Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126 ($10-15,000)


Mercedes have a reputation, and just like any European vehicle, they are built for the rich and famous. From African dictators to rich Arab aristocrats, the Mercedes-Benz is a symbol of success. If you bump into an old S-Class that is not beat up or rusty, then you have found yourself a gem. There is no way anyone would doubt your financial capabilities if you roll up in this. It luxurious interior, majestic looks and overwhelming reputation does it all for you. You will enjoy this cheap automobile if you manage to get it out of your garage. You could get this classic German automobile for far less than 20 grand.

15. BMW E38 ($10,000)


If there is a vehicle that has stood out in Hollywood for its love of the rich and wealthy it’s the BMW. The 7 Series has also made a million appearances on film and was most iconic in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. If you are going to pull up in a James Bond vehicle, then there is no way someone will doubt your financial status. The real buy, however, is the late 90s model, and we all know they are driven by mafias nowadays, but if you don’t mind the stereotype you could also get yourself one of these. Just make sure you keep it shiny and definitely get one with a dark color.

14. Infiniti G35 2006 ($17,000)


The Infiniti G35 is yet another Japanese entry level luxury sports car that was specifically produced by Nissan’s Infiniti division. The earliest versions of this car were both sedans and were based on the prevalent Nissan Primera. The Infiniti G35 is a third generation Infiniti. This luxury vehicle from Nissan is both a sports type as well as a luxury vehicle, and in case you are willing to own this high-end luxury sports car, you might have to get the 2006-2007 model that are both priced between $15,000 and $17,000. The Infiniti G35 is no doubt a fantastic looking car.

13. Ford Escape 2008 ($10,000)


This is a compact crossover SUV that has been sold by Ford since 2000 and has had three successful generations, making it one of the most popular SUVs in the United States. The original model of this superb SUV was released by Ford back in 2000 for the 2001 model year, and was placed on the market to compete with the Japanese Mazda Tribute. The Ford Escape underwent a complete makeover back in 2013, causing its previous models, the 2008 -2012 models, to fall on the cheaper side. You can get a 2008 Ford Escape for around $15,500. The Ford Escape has a great reputation, and pulling up with this SUV to a meeting will get people staring.

12. Jeep Grand Wagoneer ($10-15,000)


Well, this might be a tricky pick, but still, with a few checks and a bit of care, you should be able to pull a rich guy stunt in this vintage automobile. However, rolling up in this car needs to be place-specific, and it defiantly needs to be in the right conditions, because this will make everyone start thinking you are rolling in dough. To make this illusion work, you might need to be in a Martha’s Vineyard kind of location, with a pink shirt and checkered pants. Make sure your Jeep Grand Wagoneer is the woody version.

11. Jaguar XJ 1999-2000 ($20,000)


The Jaguar will definitely make you look successful, however one thing that most people do not know is that the manufacturer struggled a lot in the beginning, and the Jaguar XJ initial models were not as popular as the ones you see in the James Bond films today. However, the old Jaguars depreciate drastically, and if you happen to get the last generation of their lime sedan, you will realize that it even looks fancier than the new models. If you’re desperate to make a statement, you’d better catch one of these classic old boys since they have old money written all over them.

10. Chevrolet Corvette 2000 ($15,000)


If you have been watching the American car scene keenly over the years then you know that Chevrolet and Ford are some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in America, and they have competed over the years to win the hearts of American car owners. The Corvette is a close rival to the Mustang and their feud goes a long way back into history. The Corvette is an iconic American sports car, and if you were like many kids, you probably had a huge poster of this car in your bedroom. The C5 version of the 2000 model can be found for under $15,000, and if you are lucky enough to get one in good shape, they’ll probably do 0-60 mph is less than 5 seconds. Well, that’s not a car a poor man can roll in if you ask me.

9. Nissan Murano 2006 ($5-10,000)


This is one of Nissan’s most iconic SUV builds that has a sophisticated and stylish appeal. This SUV packs a V6 engine under the hood. If you ask me, this car is underpriced for its looks. A good off-road car that can also serve as a daily driver. Retailing for just about $6000, the Nissan Murano is the perfect choice of an SUV that will definitely get people thinking you are successful. It also has a five-star rating for crash tests, and the V6 engine inside this SUV ensures that this roadster is fast. The Nissan Murano is a safe, comfortable and classy car.

8. Cadillac CTS-V 2005 ($15,000)


Cadillac has made a name for itself for being one of America’s classiest auto brands. Therefore, if you want to look classy in America, you need to own one of these fancy rides. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to own one of the latest fancy models though, since the CTS-V exists. The CTS is sleek and elegant, and you won’t have to do much to prove your affluence. While Cadillacs are mostly built for show, the CTS-V apart from its striking looks has great performance potential. If you have seen one of these bad boys on the highway, then you know the CTS-V is a road performer.

7. Nissan 350z 2003 ($13,000)


There is nothing that shows wealth like a two-seat sports car, and no car in this category does a better job than the Nissan 350z. While these sports cars are no longer in production, they have made a significant impression in the American market. Its models from 2002-2009 sell for under $20,000, and if you are lucky enough to grab yourself a convertible with low mileage then you might have hit the jackpot. The Nissan 350z makes a perfect city car. If you pull up in this convertible sports car, there is no doubt people will think you are successful.

6. Mitsubishi Lancer 2009 ($15,000)


This has to be one of the roomier sedans in this list. This sedan is a sleek, race-inspired city car that can wow your onlookers. Some of its interior design features include satellite navigation and a playback mp3 player. This car packs a 2-liter, four-cylinder engine with a 5-speed manual transmission system. With a few body customizations, the base Lancer can look as stunning as the Lancer Evolution X. If you haven’t considered owning one of these Japanese roadsters you should take one out for a road test. If you want to look rich but you don’t have the money, then the Lancer will give you the look you are going for at a fraction of the cost.

5. Ford Fiesta 2012 ($10,000)


This petite hatchback vehicle has brought back style, sporting ability, and class. It has a 1.6 liter, four-cylinder engine, and while this might make you judge its performance, the Ford Fiesta has been fine tuned to give a punch that will leave most people amazed. You can get this tiny little tinker for $13,000, and in addition, it’s fitted with Sync voice activation, with a six-speed automatic transmission system. It’s a pretty economical car, and if you are looking to get a car to show off without draining your wallet, then this is the car to go with.

4. Volkswagen Tiguan 2009 ($10,000)


This is basically a crossover SUV that was designed for the American market and like all German vehicles, it’s pretty decent with a luxury interior and top notch craftsmanship. This vehicle is big enough to carry five passengers and it packs a 2-liter turbocharged engine that does provide a lot power for optimal performance. The first appearance of this model was as a concept car at the 2006 Los Angeles International Auto Show. In case you love German engineering and you have always wanted to drive one of these cars, this is the car to go for. They retain their value, just make sure you keep it clean and have it well maintained and it’ll be a head turner.

3. Ford Focus 2012 ($10-15,000)


Just like its younger sibling, the Ford Focus has moved from a compact yet fuel conscious model to a mightier sporty model. While the manufacturers still kept its fuel consumption under control, it’s no longer your average daily driver vehicle. The Ford Focus has begun a new revolution establishing itself among its peers to be a zippy yet fuel friendly vehicle. If you want to look successful, you could go in for a Ford Focus, and with a price tag of just about 10 grand, you can own this zippy little machine. Apart from its low budget price tag, the Ford Focus is sleek and stylish.

2. Kia Soul 2012 ($10,000)


This is a compact four-door crossover car that can comfortably seat five passengers. In case you have a dislike for square cars, you might change your mind once you have experienced the Kia Soul. Its unique stylish square shape is a combination of modern craftsmanship and unique driving power. It’s also fitted with a state of the art entertainment system and communication controls. This car was first launched at the Paris Motor Show in 2008. Kia has been producing cars for quite some time now and its customers have yet to be disappointed. If you are looking for a car to appeal, this is your best bargain.

1. Mazda CX-7 2011 ($10-15,000)


This car met its end due to its poor gas mileage statistics. However, this car performs well and is fitted with a turbocharged engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission system. The CX-7 is too fancy for its large crossover status, making it a marvel on the road. While it might not compare to your average luxury SUV in terms of performance, it will definitely make you feel like you earn a higher paycheck than you do. The Mazda CX-7 has strikingly good looks and will definitely give people the illusion that you are worth more than you are. In case you doubt its abilities, take it out for a test drive.


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