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18 Times Grandparents Were Super “Honest”

18 Times Grandparents Were Super “Honest”

Old people… grandparents…what do you think when you think when those words go through your mind? You probably think of the kindly old grandma baking brownies for her grandkids, getting ready to load them up with sugar and then unleashing them on their hapless parents. Or the elderly grandpa that is low on energy but full of wisdom to pass onto people who just don’t care.

But then there are the elderly that aren’t done showing the world how much they don’t care what others think. In fact, society as a rule has pretty lax rules on old people who basically don’t care anymore and let their mouths run loose about kids nowadays…with their long hair and hippie attitudes…even if today’s old people would have BEEN those long-haired hippies. Like those long-haired hippies that they were in the days gone by, these people aren’t done challenging social norms or being edgy.

Or maybe age is just a number and one doesn’t have to be any less savage at 70 than at 17. Which, combined with the fact that people rarely call out old people, can lead to some rather interesting, and positively savage situations that make people wonder just what kind of lives did these people lead prior to their golden years? Were they always this wild or did they just completely lose it after they retired?

Does it really matter though? Whatever the answer may be, let’s look into the 18 most savage senior citizens ever captured online!

18. Poor Eyesight? Get a Jumbotron!


So when you get older, one issue that is commonly faced by old people is that their eyesight tends to weaken, and many of them will end up needed eye glasses to some extent, but this gentleman just doesn’t care for that. It’s the 21st century! Who needs glasses when you can just have a massive 4K display that is literally just a TV plugged into your computer? I absolutely love on how casually this guy uses such a massive screen for something as mundane as using the Internet… and is that windows XP, I see? It isn’t even an HD operating system. The only way it could be any more savage is if he spent time glaring back at the camera instead of the screen…

17. Someone who really likes his orange tree


So according to this rather odd photo, you have a grandmother who is apparently forced to take pictures of him with his beloved orange tree and post it online before they went to go to church. I don’t understand what must be going through that man’s mind when he said that he wanted to photographed next to an orange tree that he keeps indoor for whatever reason. And why before church? Does he do it every time or is this a one-time thing? I don’t know. This is making my head hurt…

16. Tree climbing grandpa


One thing that boys really like to do is to climb trees and freak the living daylights out of their parents watching as they pray that they don’t fall and end up having to sit in a wheelchair all their life. That’s no fun at all. Usually they tend to get a little less rash as they get older, because their parents are dead and you can’t freak out a dead person. Of course by that point they want to get back at their rascally grandchildren who are too 21st century to climb trees anymore. Or maybe he is too healthy and too unsatisfied with life and just wants to live like there’s no tomorrow, because he doesn’t believe in it at his age.

15. Grandson vs TV


So remember that guy with a massive monitor for a TV? No wait, it’s a massive TV for a monitor (my first sentence was a legit error that I am KEEPING! HA!), and I have a feeling we might have found something else written by that man, and it isn’t just that he is intensely savage in the way he deals with sight problems. It seems like he has also made it clear that while he likes his grandson, he clearly has other priorities, notably that he would rather have a giant TV to smile at than have his grandson smile back at him for a silly gift…

14. She ain’t kiddin’ around with those knives!


Many women know their way around a kitchen, and as people get old, their ability to use small tools to make fine cuts might diminish, but this grandmother has found a solution. Though what did it take her before she finally got to the point that she stopped caring and decided to unleash her inner rage against those green vegetables by taking an entire hacksaw against them and chopping them to teeny tiny little pieces. That would actually be a rather terrifying sight to behold. A kindly old woman going to prepare a meal for her family, and then you see the massive saw that utterly obliterates everything in her path. Eat well!

13. Old people and remotes…


Look, I have some experience working in tech support, and I can testify that yes, old people frequently DO have problem with remotes, and some of them outright say they would rather throw out their remotes and break them to pieces. Others have more diabolical ideas in mind, and their frustration causes them to transform their humble remotes into something that Harlan Ellison would term ‘I have no mouth, but I must scream’ by taping every single button that they don’t use so that the errant finger does not click on anything that it shouldn’t. How well it works, I cannot say. But that is one savage thing to do to a remote.

12. I…have no idea what this is


So this one is a confusing one. I don’t know what is going on here, and I have a feeling that this grandma is trying to burn her granddaughter with some vague comment about her photo? I’m confused. I honestly don’t know. What did she see her do better? A better photo? A better post? Better smile? It’s like she is showing serious disappointment in something in her granddaughter and wants to dismiss her and make her feel bad but we have no idea what. I’m just filling in space right now because I’ve got nothing else to say and I’ve got a quota I need to meet for each entry. Hope you’re happy now.

11. I have no idea what this is, either


So here we have a senior citizen who clearly can’t be bothered with people anymore and just has a painting in front of him that says ‘NO!’ with a nice exclamation mark, like he is showing the whole world a giant sign that he has officially reached the ‘get off my lawn, damn kids’ phase of his life. He isn’t shy about letting people know this. He apparently put that sign in front of him so that he doesn’t have to worry about the people coming in from behind him and offering him anything.

10. Grandma tries to steal BF


So there’s a belief that a lot of younger men like older women. How much older, you might ask, I don’t know. But it seems that this older lady is also interested in a younger man, but not just any younger man. She is interested in her granddaughter’s boyfriend. She even goes so far as to show him pictures of herself in a swimsuit. While she might not have the same looks as her granddaughter, that still takes a lot of moxie. Is she trying to tease her granddaughter, make her granddaughter jealous, or actually try to test her granddaughter’s ability to keep her would-be partner. Maybe she really does want to steal her boyfriend. Either way, this is one love triangle that definitely defies belief.

9. Grandpa being super salty


Your sweet 16 is the year that many people think is perfect for them to lose their virginity. This grandfather clearly believes so, and when he realizes his grandson hasn’t even kissed a girl at that age, let alone done the horizontal mambo, he just slipped into the opening of his happy birthday message to remind him that he is a disappointment to the family and to the entire universe, because he has not planted his lips upon a girl. It’s quite disgraceful, and quite a savage reply from someone who probably looks like Walther from Jeff Dunham’s act.

8. A grandchild? I am disappointed…

Via: Twitter

The birth of a child is something that normally brings out a lot of emotions in people. Usually emotions like joy and happiness, and sometimes the bewilderment of how this is going to affect your life. But then again, you have people who just don’t care. They are so unfazed by the immense life-changing events that life has thrown at them, because they had so many of them. So this grandparent, upon being given a photograph of a grandchild, should bring a smile to their face. Instead, their only reaction is a banal ‘OK’ and they’re probably going back to whatever it was they were doing. That has to be the sickest burn they could give.

7. Girls these days…


So you’ve been watching the girls gone wild videos that have been circulating on TV and the Internet. You probably have seen girls all taking shots and going ‘whoo hoo’ at the extreme revelation that alcohol affects your body in ways that alter your consciousness. Usually this type of activity is generally done by very young girls who are still discovering their way around the world. Usually after a few years of that, they stop it because that type of behavior isn’t very good for you, but some girls don’t give it up, or at least want to show the world they still got it. But maybe they stopped caring anymore and want to end their adult years like they started them: by showing everyone else what a bunch of light weights they are.

6. Good luck…ex-boss


So this grandparent was working for someone, we don’t know where, but we know who: the ominous Mr. MacGillivray who we can probably assume didn’t treat the old girl very kindly. If that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have quit her job in a manner most savage. I mean I don’t think the misspellings are even intentional. I’m pretty sure she wanted to show him just how much effort he is worth by making it as poorly written as possible, and outright showing him that no one would ever want to work for him. Her excitement knows no bounds to the point that she put ‘yee ha’ at the end. That’s one savage burn that won’t be replicated soon.

5. You’re skinny as a reed…now EAT IT!


So there’s an old saying that when you visit a parent or grandparent’s home, the first thing they’re going to do is to feed you like they’ve never fed you before. Or at least think that even the slightest bit of tiredness and hunger is a world shattering problem that must be addressed immediately. In this grandma’s case, when her grandson said that he was hungry, she didn’t get him a sandwich or a plate of her usual fare. That would be too pedestrian. She went out and got him enough food to feed an army. I mean look at all that food! Fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, coleslaw, and donuts for dessert. My GOD! It’s like she wants him to stay by making him so fat he cannot leave the house.

4. Old people humour…double the burn!


They say that old people come from a different generation, a cleaner generation, a less subversive generation, but who are we kidding! Humor was always about making fun of society and subverting it. Plus today’s old people spent their younger days in the ’60s and the ’70s, a time when blue humor and vulgar, subversive humor from the likes of Lenny Bruce and George Carlin and many others that made an entire living off completely destroying what prim and proper society held dear. While this lady is from Scotland, she clearly has a problem with people from Maryhill. Whatever did the people of that town do to her to warrant such insults?

3. What’s in a name?


So here we have an original tweet that shows a Native American woman who is in the middle of a very important protest that is still extremely relevant today. A child was born during this time to a Native American tribe that is really affected by the construction of this pipeline, and some woman decided it was a good idea to comment, ‘my grandson’s called Chad!’ with a nice smiley face emoticon. I can’t tell if she is trying to mock this woman in an utterly savage manner, or if she is legitimately ignorant of how she’s coming off, because she is just so overexcited about her grandson that she forgot what the article was about.

2. Ehh what?

Via: twitter

We have seen savage burns, and we have seen savage actions, and really bizarre people that just defy all belief, but this one just has to take the cake. This grandfather asked a grandchild if he wanted a quarter pounder, and he got him a… I have no idea what this is. This is apparently a crude mechanical device that uses a clothespin glued to a wood board and then a miniature hammer to pound a quarter! Oh, I get it now! A quarter pounder! Best part of this is that he put it in a quarter pounder box and sent it as a joke to his grandson who was likely expecting something to eat. Instead the meaning of this will eat at his brain for generations to come…

1. Some rather savage advice


“Put a smile on your face, it’ll make you look nicer.” That’s common enough advice for most people. A grandma who was probably reacting to the duckface meme from a few years ago and mistook it for a pout promptly told her to cut it out. She can really show just how much disdain she has for the youth of today, so she promptly burns her pout in the most savage way possible. I also really love the reply that her grandchild gave.

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