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20 Amazing Places To Visit At Disney World

20 Amazing Places To Visit At Disney World


In case you don’t know (meaning you probably live under a rock), The Walt Disney World Resort is an enjoyable theme park located in Orlando, Florida. It’s a place where adults can become kids again. It’s one of the most family-oriented resorts on this planet. Disney has some unbelievable, over the top experiences that will make you want to keep coming back for more.

However, with so many things to see and do, how can you know what you will like and what you might hate? Well, keep reading. Even though there are more lures in Disney World than any other theme park on earth, these 20 amazing places at Disney World just can’t be neglected. Whether you’re looking for thrills on one of the park’s many roller coasters and rides or are just seeking to take in an animated 3D film, Disney World is the place to be. Or, maybe you’re looking for a live show. The choices are endless. The fascinations on this list are among the finest and most enjoyable events that Disney World has to provide.

This list isn’t about the most high-class, exclusive, or sporadic experiences. What you will get is a list of innocently enchanting experiences that you’ve frankly got to do before you die.

20. See Mickey Mouse

Gwen Stefani At Disney World


What’s the point of going to Disney World if you don’t track down Mickey, right? Come on, if there’s no Mickey Mouse, there’s no Disney World. The thought of going to Disney World and not hanging out with Mickey is insulting and who wants to insult Mickey? So, anyway, make sure you do it at least once before you leave! If you are not certain where to find him, look for his hangout spots. That could be anywhere, right? Don’t miss getting some Mickey time in at the Town Square Theater, which is where he mostly stays. With that said, remember, it all started with a mouse, and it will end with the mouse!

19. Eat a character feast

Via Cruise & Travel

Who doesn’t like to eat, especially if you are a small child at Disney World? But even adults adore characters, so you do not have any excuses if you aren’t traveling with a kid. Interrelating with characters is amusing, and having a character mealtime is typically an enjoyable way to do this short of having to wait around at locations in the park to encounter them.

Eating a character feast is always a treat and never a dull moment when you are at Disney World. Without having a beautiful character feast, you didn’t have the best time at one of the finest places on earth.

18. The Joys of the wishing well


Who did not adore the cartoon of Cinderella? Wasn’t it fascinating? Cinderella’s wishing well can be found to the right of Cinderella’s castle. You can find it as you see it all the way from Main Street. It’s located along a trail that runs between Tomorrowland and the castle. Some people have made many wishes there. When Walt Disney World was under construction, it was made clear to the workers that a wishing well would be set up at the park. Since then, many have flocked here from all over the world. It compliments the Cinderella Castle very well.

17. Tour behind the scenes


Disney World is a big place with many things to do and lots of scenes to visit. There are many to select from. For a lot of people, they love the Keys to the Kingdom trip and think it’s an extraordinary way to spend some time. If you have fallen in love with Disney World and can’t take your eyes off the place, make sure you take a tour at some point to immerse yourself in a few of the secrets that go on behind the scenes. There is so much to learn and so much to do with such little time, but you can do it!

16. Walk around for hours on your own

Via St. Louis

As we already mentioned, there’s never a dull moment at Disney World. The park is huge and features a lot of places to see. You might not know this, but there’s something special about taking at least a few hours to just walk around the popular park. It’s especially fun if you can do it by yourself. Most usually abhor going anywhere alone. Nonetheless, Disney is one exclusion. You’ll love this time by yourself because you can do whatever you wish, leave at your speed, and just marinade in the atmosphere. Theirs is so much that you can notice just strolling on your own. At least you’ll be able to explore things you can’t in a group.

15. The great Ole Land


Ain’t nothing like a good boat road. Think about it. What can be any more fulfilling than that? Well, Disney World has it all. Yes, even a boat ride. However, they have a ride that is one you won’t forget, and plus it’s very informative. This entertaining and educational boat ride transports you through an indoor greenhouse. Once there, you’ll be able to learn about and see different ways to cultivate crops, bring up fish, and feed people in the strictest surroundings. This is something that most do not want to miss when they come. It’s something that a lot of families look forward to doing when they visit Disney World.

14. The unforgettable Fantasmic!


This is something you don’t want to miss. It’s a great show that consists of fireworks, lights, water and characters. (Oh, what fun!) For real small kids, it’s a bit dark as it highlights a fight among the “wicked” Disney heroes and the characters; nonetheless, it is so imaginative – displaying motion picture clips against curtains of water. Mothers endorse the Fantasmic! Eating Package as visitors who eat at excellent restaurants are given VIP seating. This reduces wait time and makes sure that you will get to see this popular show. However, if you have small kids – this show might be too extreme for them.

13. Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street


How in the world is it a secret? Well, for some that know about it, it’s obviously not. It is right there on Main Street, and you can’t miss it. You also can’t miss that it is open day-to-day from 9am – 5pm. They not only give a good haircut but, you’ll also walk out of there with your hair pixie dust speckled. This barber shop has a lot of interesting things connected to it. They even offer you a diploma to honor the date you got your hair done there. They also give you a pair of half-sized mouse ears that are adorable. The beautiful thing about them is that they have the words “First Haircut” cross-stitched on the back of them.

12. Don’t forget pin trading

Via Disney Pins

Many have no idea how fun this is until they try it. Once they get involved, they get hooked and want to keep coming back for more. Looking for a pin you adore is pleasurable, but then again, the magic is in intermingling with the cast members that you speak to for trading. The added social element that pin trading can convey to your time in the park makes it very meaningful to some people who are into pin trading. Believe it or not, some journey all the way here just for that. Try it yourself. You might love it as well! Beware, though, you might get hooked.

11. Peter Pan’s Flight


How could you forget about Peter Pan? He is one of the most interesting characters in the entire Disney universe. For some reason, this ride is without a doubt a fan favorite. People love that they get to glide all over London, and see the crocodile in a ship and the mermaid creek. Kids adore the fact that they can fly over Never Land in Peter Pan’s aircraft in the Magic Kingdom and every year they keep coming back for more. There’s nothing else like it anywhere!

10. See every evening offering and carnival


The nighttime at Disney World is a time like no other. After hours, it’s beautiful. There is so much going on. You have the Fantasmic and the Main Street Electrical Parade that people adore. The list is endless. Every one of the carnivals and nighttime shows at Disney World are something that is worth seeing. There is always fun in the air regardless of which one you decide to attend. You must see each one at least once before leaving! There is also a lot of different food that you can enjoy that goes along with the fun as well.

9. Go! Go! Animal Kingdom


You can go any place in the world, but it’s doubtful that you’re going to come across an experience like the animal kingdom. Animals are so fun to look at, and Disney World has found a way to make that happen. The expedition gets you tremendously close to a wide diversity of animals, and it’s a separate occurrence every time you go on the ride. If you’re not an admirer of the other enticements at the Animal Kingdom, go to the park before noon and look into the animal viewing contributions. Who doesn’t like animals, right?

8. Watch the welcome show


You’ll love the welcome show. Missing this would be a crime. This show makes lots of individuals cry! Maybe it’s the fact that they love looking at the inhabitants of Main Street. Plus, they get mesmerized by a lot of their favorite Disney characters as they arrive by the Walt Disney World Railroad. Who doesn’t enjoy joining the opening ceremonies every single morning with Mickey and the gang as they receive you to the most magical home on the entire planet?! However, the most inspiring thing about the show is that if you have kids, they will love it – and if you don’t, it’s okay because you’ll still have fun.

7. Purchase and sport mouse ears


All the rides are just fabulous. You’ll have a good time no matter what. The beauty is that no one is too old, too young, or too cool to sport the mouse ears. Purchase a pair at the start of your expedition. If you do it this way, you’ll be able to wear them for the whole time. There’s always something for everyone that’s taking part, from classic to wedding-themed, to animal print. If you’re bored, then there is something you are missing because there’s nothing more exciting than the mouse ears and the other activities featured. Like we said, never a dull moment!

6. Go to a special event


Never leave Disney World without going to one particular event. Epcot has several remarkable special events all year long. For instance, there’s the Flower and Garden Festival, Christmas Around the World, the Candlelight Ceremonial, and the Wine and Food Commemoration. You might likewise take into account other events such as the Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. Then there’s the special holiday event that takes place at the Magic Kingdom. So, try and find the time and get to one of this event. We promise you won’t regret it.

5. Take a family picture at the castle

Via Nine &

What’s a vacation without a family picture? You don’t need to be prompted to do this. Nevertheless, it’s a certain must-do before leaving! Bet you didn’t know that Park photojournalists will take portraits of you with your own camera. They don’t have a problem with this at all. They totally do not mind and are eager to snap a shot of you and your lovely family. All day long they are doing this so don’t be shy to ask. However, there’s no better place to have it done in front of the castle. Many come from all over the world just to have this moment. For many, this occasion is worth the wait.

4. Have fun with the monorail


Even if you aren’t going anyplace in particular, you can still appreciate the monorail. It is very convenient and many enjoy the ride while having fun at the same time. The monorail runs on a figure-eight path. The luxury about this is that you can relocate to the Ticket and Transportation Center. From there, you can take it from Magic Kingdom to the Epcot Center, and vice-versa. This is so convenient and fun and most people get a thrill out of the ride. How can you not, right? After all, it is Disney World. So, in the end take a chance on the monorail, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Rockin Roller Coaster


Have you ever heard of the headliners? Do you know what it means? They’re named “headliners” for a good reason – they’re amazing! And yet not known for thrills, Disney does have some remarkable rides that are thrilling, such as the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain. Who doesn’t fall in love with Space Mountain? It’s more than thrilling, when you lift off on a rip-roaring rocket through the shadiest influences of outer space on this roller-coaster kind of ride in the dim light. With that said, don’t forget to test you out a headliner.

2. Experience the Magic Kingdom


From time to time, the Magic Kingdom presents extra magic hours in the evening for visitors residing at Disney resorts. Some people’s desire of these offerings is when they give you quite a few added hours during nighttime. Some stay at the Magic Kingdom until 4am and have a great time. After dark, some believe the park is extra magical, particularly when the crowds thin out. If you decide to stay, you will be able to catch “the Kiss Goodnight.” This where the castle is mainly lit and a “bon voyage” message are played. So, put this on your list as the next big thing to do, if you haven’t already experienced this spectacular event.

1. A Dole Whip is a Must

Via Gemma’s Bigger Bolder

Before you leave you must go over to Aloha Island and test a Dole Whip float. This is just something that you need to try at least one time! Yes, of course Aloha Island is amazing and we can’t deny its loveliness but the Dole Whip is even more awesome. It is a soft serve frozen dessert originated by Dole Food Corporation in 1986. Since then, Dole Whip has carried out a cult following among Disney park-visitors. Now, both Walt Disney World and Disneyland serve up Dole Whip by itself, and sometimes you can get it with some Dole pineapple juice. Either way, you’ll love it.

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