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20 Annoying Things Only Hot Women Get Away With

20 Annoying Things Only Hot Women Get Away With


Have you ever noticed that a naturally pretty face can actually get away with basically everything? Interestingly enough, life constantly gives us great examples of this. Let’s take, for instance, the Hollywood movie industry. As a die-hard movie connoisseur, could you possibly count the times when you’ve been overly annoyed by the extremely boring performance of an actress? Perhaps there are various names popping into your mind right away. Regardless of the lack of talent, there are many examples of famous females who simply keep climbing the ladder of success thanks to a gorgeous figure, lovely facial features, voluminous hair, and pouty lips.

Much like in life, there are many girls who are simply so charming that they could totally get away with anything they do or say with the snap of a finger. With this, you may start wondering how in the world such a thing could be possible, but there isn’t much science behind it. Generally, it only takes an enchanting smile, a humoristic personality alongside a nicely-shaped body to deal with unpleasant and super annoying situations! After all, you can’t be mad at how lovely and honey-sweet that hot girl over there truly is, can you?

20. Queerness: “I’m kind of weird”


Well, you see this pretty girl walking down the street. Perhaps, the first thought coming to your mind is how perfect and elegant this mysterious lady really seems to be. Maybe, you’d be right until the moment she suddenly starts doing weird motions while heading home. “What’s she doing?” Nothing. She’s just being herself. And even though she may seem downright “cuckoo”, she’s still as attractive and sexy as the first moment you laid eyes on her. Naturally, no matter how odd she may act sometimes, this queerness is such a mind-blowing feature about this beautiful girl! Crazy, but true!

19. Too Straightforward


How much openness is too much? Is there actually a universal answer to this question? Well, we can hardly satisfy your puzzlement. The chances are, however, that sometimes a woman’s straightforwardness and subjectivity may really hurt a man’s feelings. It may not be on purpose, of course, but this is how things work in most of the cases we see every day. Naturally, if that lovely girl who’s being way too open and honest with you puts on a cute smile and displays a friendly attitude when speaking her mind, you may not even realize you’ve been criticized by her. But hey, after all, how could you be angry with such a hot lady, right?

18. Overly Romantic


There’s barely a person who hasn’t witnessed a couple that’s been super touchy-feely. Naturally, being in the company of such individuals who simply can’t help keeping their hands to themselves is more than extremely annoying. Actually, it’s not really rare to hear phrases thrown at them that sound like “hey, you two, get a room!” At the end of the day, these two may truly be in love with each other, but they should probably keep it to the minimum in front of the world. On the flip side, however, many people would certainly say how happy and perfect these two young people look together. After all, just look at his gorgeous girlfriend! Oh, dear, isn’t she lovely? And all of a sudden, the annoying memory of them making out in public is simply gone. Indeed, the pretty one can escape people’s rebukes so effortlessly!

17. Why So Talkative?!


Indeed, why are girls always rambling? In truth, sometimes it feels like girls just keep their mouths running out of boredom. With this in mind, an interesting question comes alive: how do they keep the conversation going? How is it possible to come up with random themes and keep it going constantly? Frankly, we’ve got no idea how ladies do that, but one thing is certain – this whole pointless talking is actually quite boring and unattractive, unless it’s done by a stunning female. Then, the pesky topics become somehow full of life and colors out of thin air. Actually, there’s no great secret and obscurity behind it. It’s just that the hotter the woman, the more spirited the whole conversation.

16. Being Super Flakey: So Annoying!


Well, if there’s anything more tiresome and openly irritating about women it’s their regular complaints and flakey nature. If truth be told, women are always “really sorry” about basically anything they’ve done or said or whatever. Let’s think of fitting examples: “Oh, guys, I’m so sorry for being late for the 100th time this week”, or “I’m really sorry for not making it for dinner yesterday, but I was so busy doing my hair”. As hilarious and ironic as this seems to be, well, girls are just girls who love making people wait for them. And curiously enough, these charismatic ladies love putting such trivial phrases into action. Why? Simply because they know they’re going to get away with it for the 200th time in a row. Guys, it may be annoying, but you need to embrace their sweet, spirited and goofy nature.

15. Drunk: Her Key Phrase Is “Bottoms Up!”


Frankly, we’ve all been there, and perhaps some of us are even more prone to hitting the cocktails than others. More often than not, seeing an obviously unattractive woman getting really wasted is certainly the last thing you’d want to picture in your mind. Indeed, what happens during the flirting is that you’re very likely to feel extremely irritated at the sight of this not-so-pretty female. What’s even worse would be if she decides to make the bold move and approach you. Wow, take it easy, girl! All jokes aside, what if there was a smoking hot female getting drunk instead of this crooked-toothed girl on the dance floor? Exactly, and yes, we’ve just read your thoughts.

14. Goofy And Superficial Besties

via memeshare

Oh, this girl is so cute! But why does she keep hanging around with these goofy and downright idiotic girls she calls besties?! Nothing makes sense. Fundamentally, it definitely feels like a golden rule for hot girls: they always hang around with beneficial, slightly arrogant and actually quite stupid pals. Have you seen the famous “Mean Girls” movie? If so, then you certainly get the picture. If not, then let us break this crazy mystery for you: it’s about beautiful yet extremely foul girls at college going against the new and natural looking girl that catches their eye right away. It’s nothing but overly irritating to see her in the company of such evil females. But at the end of the day, it’s her choice so you need to work on another plan if you really want to approach her. Good luck!

13. She’s A Hardcore Gossiper


Dissing other people is probably not the best characteristic trait of a human being. Unfortunately, there’s that awful feeling inside you of being stalked 24/7. And, what’s even worse, we’re not talking about the positive image of that. Perhaps, there are even more hardcore gossipers out there discussing other people’s lives, significant others, financial status, etc. Maybe the cute and nice girl you’ve had a crush on since high school is just another example of it. Well, in this case, she’s at least a very charismatic and pretty girl. You might not believe it, but she may come out an even worse gossiper regardless of how nice she acts when in your company. All in all, you still can’t keep your eyes off her, can you? Her charm has such a mighty power over you.

12. Hot Girls Can Dress Carelessly: Whose Shirt Is That?!


Actually, you may not realize it, but all these fabulous looking girls love the idea of being sexy and casual! It doesn’t even matter whose shirt this lovely girl wore when you saw her beautiful face the other day. To you, she simply glows in everything she puts on. It’s really interesting since she may go to the point where she’ll go out in a dress made of paper and you won’t even realize it. Hilarious, isn’t it? Ultimately, dressing carelessly is another odd thing hot girls love doing. And note that your opinion hardly matters to them.

11. She’s Too Opinionated But So…Pretty


Throwing tantrums every now and then? What for? Well, if your girl happens to be an overly opinionated person, then you’d better get used to the idea of dealing with her aggressive nature. At times, you may even start wondering why in the world you’re still with her. But then a random thought lights up your mind: she’s incredibly beautiful and smart. Well, if this is the case, maybe you’ll find a way to cope with her extremely edgy personality. Besides, she can’t be like that 24/7, can she? With this in mind, you’d better learn how to get over such super annoying and nerve-wracking situations if you really want to be with this opinionated beauty. End of story.

10. When She’s A “Selfie Queen”


Surely it’s fun to take a couple of selfies with your new smartphone and share them online with the rest of the world. There’s really nothing wrong or abnormal about posting personal photos of you and your besties. Of course, it’s certainly not that thrilling when you’re the one to hold the phone and take a picture of the whole “female band”. But, at the end of the day, girls are just…being girls. So if you don’t want to drive them nuts, which could lead to crazy headaches, just keep it together and hold that phone – it’s just a couple of snaps, that’s all. Let your girlfriend be the Selfie Queen, it fits her personality so wonderfully!

9. She’s As Lazy As A Toad


We’re not trying to be foul, but there are people, both women and men, who are just as lazy as a sloth. And even though the following conclusion may be a bit harsh and not well-grounded to some of you, the prettier the girl, the more demanding she gets with the passage of time. For instance, let’s go back to the high school years. Everyone has seen it through their own paradigm. Back then those kids who were richer and more talkative than the others hardly contributed to a project or a task. They’re just lazy, that’s it! Naturally, this doesn’t mean that all girls are on the lookout for a guy to help them climb the ladder to success, however, keep this in mind when dating that beautiful lady you’ve been chasing for a while now. Ironically, you may end up paying for all her “normal” and ordinary beauty procedures.

8. She Snorts When Laughing


Oh, that’s a win, especially if this gorgeous female does it without thinking much about it. After all, that’s the way she laughs and if you can’t deal with this exotic and delicate sound to the ears, then there’s surely something wrong with you. And don’t think that there’s something odd about the way she walks, smiles or laughs. Perhaps, you’re the one who doesn’t get the whole situation. After all, this hot girl who regularly snorts when bursting into laughter is actually the life and soul of any party wherever she appears. Indeed, there’s hardly anyone who’s noticed this cute imperfection of that charming girl.

7. Meet The “Drama Queen”


Here we go with our favorite type of stunning girls who tend to be a bit crazy and overly dramatic at times. Of course, such sweethearts love driving their men to lunacy with their extremely dramatic and significant daily issues. “Oh, no, the beauty salon isn’t open during the weekends!” Indeed, how awful! Without being too judgmental, there are as many drama queens out there as there are stars up in the sky. Just accept it that some women simply love being the center of attention no matter what, when or how. What’s more important here is the genuinely charming and sneaky way of getting what they want so quickly and easily.

6. Being Clumsy: “Oops, My Bad!”


Oh, has she really tripped over nothing while walking up to you and has she really spilled her coffee all over your shirt?! That’s your girl! Of course, she’d be really sweet and kind to clean it or do something about it as an apology. But actually, only a smile could totally do the job for her. As hilarious as it sounds, you may even forget what has happened after seeing her smile! What’s more, don’t say that you’ve hardly enjoyed the efforts she’s put into cleaning your stained shirt! That must have felt good, right?

5. Ugh, Those Bad Hair Days

via Hollywood Reporter

Well, we can’t argue with this one. Struggling with those awful hair days is really hard especially if running late for work. Let’s imagine now a much more stressful scenario of sleeping through all of the early alarms! How awful can it get? Trying to fix the messy hair locks in less than 5 minutes before storming through the door can be extremely nerve-wracking for a normal and less pretentious person. Of course, the keyword here is “less demanding”. Think about the tantrum that a lot of girls would throw in such a moment. “Omg, my hair looks like trash!” Sure it may look like trash, but putting it back in a high and sleek ponytail would do the job. What’s more, nobody would make a comment about that especially when her gorgeous personality enters the office, right?

4. Not The Best Thinker


Well, you can’t expect from her to be the most intelligent individual on this planet and use her as your Google search engine, can you? After all, nobody says that she must be an expert in all fields of knowledge, right? Ultimately, we’re all different and unique in our own way in terms of interests, hobbies, fields of knowledge, personal and professional goals. And so, we’re all humans making mistakes now and then. With this in mind, why should we be critical or mean regarding this girl’s awful spelling skills? Well, we’re being way too much sarcastic now. But in truth, she’s at least a wonderful girl with extraordinary looks and humor. So, this could do wonders for her, couldn’t it?

3. “Oh, I’m Extra Shy”


Sometimes the sole image of a room bursting at the seams with people could be nothing but a dreadful nightmare. Regardless of what you’ve been thinking, the most beautiful and attractive girls are often shy and insecure. Naturally, this may sound like nonsense to you, but such a thought is not that exclusive or abnormal. On the other hand, there are just as many guys who’d feel quite nervous and quirky when being in the company of such a gorgeous lady. As absurd as it sounds, just think about these two charming individuals who’re basically too shy to make the first move and approach the other. Eventually, the girl gets approached, as the tradition goes, while simply standing there and looking “pretty” and “shy”. Nice, huh?

2. Getting High, Maybe Too Often


Oh, dear! If truth be told, we can barely imagine a less attractive situation. Seeing a girl getting high or hitting the 2nd bottle of tequila is surely not the most charming view to contemplate. Of course, it’s not the same with every girl. The exception to this unwritten golden rule is certainly the group of the “cool” and pretty girls. All members are simply stunning, so they can do whatever they want to do. It’s as simple as 123. As for you, you can just stand there and watch the party or join the fun! To each his own!

1. When Hot Girls “Forget” Their Wallet

via Pinterest

Undoubtedly, such a personality trait sends us on a trip down memory lane; and with that, we’d surely arrive at the conclusion that not only Alan Harper “forgets” to bring his wallet with him every time he’s out. Of course, you can’t blame someone for flying too high in the clouds or being way too scatterbrained. It’s just a drink you’d be paying for after all. Besides, there are a whole lot of interested gentlemen who’d probably get in the lineup of men waiting to buy her a refreshing cocktail at the local bar. So, keep this in mind next time she’s using this annoying “trick” on you.

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