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20 Beautiful Destinations Around The World With Deadly Hidden Secrets

20 Beautiful Destinations Around The World With Deadly Hidden Secrets


While most of us fancy spending our vacations lying flat on sandy beaches, others wouldn’t consider a vacation fulfilling without throwing in a bit of adventure, thrill, and some wild excitement. This is why for this particular group we have decided to come up with a list of destinations across the world, that apart from having breathtaking views and unmatched beauty, are also deadly, and while most of these places will get your heart racing, some of them are destined to make them stop.

What the following destinations have in common is a reputation for being hazardous and most deadly to both experienced and inexperienced adrenaline junkies. Therefore, there are those destinations that will take your breath away due to their inexplicable beauty, while there are others that will have you holding your breath.

If you enjoy the combination of these characteristics, then this is the list for you, assembling the most beautiful, yet unexpectedly deadly places across the globe. However, what makes these places the most deadly isn’t the toll they’ve had on unsuspecting visitors, but their unpredictable nature.

According to Robert Pelton, the author of “The World’s Most Dangerous Places” it is never the most treacherous places that lead to broken bones. This is because people going to dangerous places are often cautious. However, it’s often the places that aren’t as dangerous that cause havoc. Well, if you have a liking for such locales, then this list will probably leave you baffled!

20. Latin America


You probably wouldn’t think this place will have any effect in terms of danger. No one ever thinks that long weekends sipping Pina Coladas on the sandy beaches will ever lead to any trouble unless you are thinking of a nasty hangover! Well, according to statistics, the probability of death is likely in this locale, and it mostly involves drowning or a car accident.

It’s been estimated that there have been more than 101 drownings in Latin America since 2002. Mexico had the highest with about 355 drownings. Countries such as Costa Rica, which is home to some of the most dangerous waters, still have no laws requiring lifeguards at their deadly beaches. Well, next time you go for a swim after enjoying the sun, sand and smooth cocktails, you best be careful not to fall prey to these deadly waters.

19. The Devil’s pool, Victoria Falls


You are probably wondering how such a magnificent view could turn out to be so deadly. Well, a lot of people who have experienced these deadly rapids weren’t lucky enough to explain that question. These beautiful yet deadly attractions mostly appeal because of the risk they pose to those who have the guts to visit them. Victoria Falls in Zambia is no different, more often than not tourists who fall into the gorges aren’t able to balance through the chaos, and are soon lost in the mists of the gulch. As the name suggests, the Devil’s Pool is no ordinary man’s playground!

18. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park


If you love hiking, then you probably heard of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Better yet, if you like to hike with a bit of thrill, then this is the place you need to visits, just make sure you have written a will. While most professional hikers will tell you the steep climb is often attempted with safety cables, this still isn’t enough to assure you’ll get there safely. Two deadly factors, exhaustion and poor weather, can present a deadly fate. Just like the tales you’ll hear from those who’ve survived this hike, the Half Dome presents an uncharted fate for those who are inexperienced and unlucky. This is no hill for someone looking to try out.

17. The Grand Canyon


There are so many tales about this beautiful natural landscape. It’s known for its majestic mountain terrain and very steep valleys. If you love touring then this is one locale you should have on your bucket list. However, while it might seem like a calm and peaceful place, the Grand Canyon isn’t as safe as it seems. Not many tourists would dare come close to the edge. However, there’s a historical story of a man who did this. He was saved just about 200 feet down by a tree, and he managed to survive. Unsuspecting visitors might not be as lucky.

16. The Gozo Cliffs, Malta


These deadly yet beautiful cliffs found in Malta plunge right into the Black Sea. This is a view to marvel, as the violent waves are known to hit the cliffs at backbreaking speeds. A sudden plunge into this waves will have you swimming with the fishes. This plunge is a whopping 700 feet, and in case you slip and fall, there’s no rescue mission. If you are lucky enough, you’d be saved by protruding cliffs below, but no one is ever that lucky. However, if you have a thrill for such places, it’s one breathtaking location you need to see, just make sure you are super careful not to get too close to the edges.

15. Valley of the Kings, Egypt


If you are a curious antique hunter, then you need to travel all the way to Africa, and specifically to Egypt, to visit the Valley of the Kings. It’s located on the west side of the Nile river. Back in the 16th century, this area had 63 tombs built into the earth. These tombs were built in the shadow if the Theban Hills, and from the 18th century, archeologists have thronged these sites to see what hidden treasures they might stumble upon. While there are several mystical stories about the dangers of this location, Time magazine reported that most Americans die due to poor driving, with a total of 69 deaths in the past 13 years. Well, the next time you visit the Valley of the Kings, be sure to watch out for traffic!

14. Myanmar


While this beautiful scenic location is a site to behold, the kind of dangers it offers aren’t by nature. As much as this area has seen an increase in tourists after its sanctions in 2012, lack of certain infrastructure such as ATM machines meant tourists had to carry a lot of money with them. While this is changing, it’s still not advisable to carry a lot of cash or jewelry when you visit this location, and tourists are also advised not to flash around their electronic devices. The Shan state is also a no-go zone, plus the government wouldn’t let you in. If you somehow manage to get in, ensure to watch out for proto-military. Otherwise, the Myanmar is one beautiful location.

13. The Huntington Ravine


This paradise is located in New Hampshire, and the story behind its existence is breathtaking to the nature lover. This area was formed by a glacier thousands of years ago. To access the Headwall, you will have to use a winding trail that is not safe from avalanches or icefalls. You’ll also need to prepare for cold weather, and there’s a chance you could also lose your footing. Visitors are warned to be careful not to slip from the mountain, and tales of unsuspecting tourists falling 200 meters into the boulder field aren’t uncommon here. If you happen to visit this magnificent locale, watch your back, and watch your footing too!

12. The Cliff of Moher


This magnificent site is found in Ireland, and specifically in Clare County. This scenery gets quite the large amount of attention because of its marvelous, breathtaking views, and its reason why millions of tourists flock here every year. However, as much as it offers breathtaking sceneries, it has terrifying altitudes, and tales have been told of a woman who fell into the sea from the viewpoint. She was lucky enough to get stuck in the water before she was miraculously saved. Not everyone gets that lucky. However, if you have a thrill for beautiful sceneries, this is one location you want to cross off your bucket list soon.

11. The Perrine Bridge, Idaho


This is probably the only bridge in the US where you need a permit to jump off year round. This bridge is located in Idaho, and it’s approximately 480 feet above the Snake River. The epic view doesn’t get any better than this. Most people have to stop their vehicle just to enjoy this once in a lifetime view. In case you have a thrill for jumping off bridges, then you’ll probably need to sign up for a permit to try this one out, just make sure it’s not your last plunge! Apart from the horror stories, this is a pretty decent view to witness.

10. Zambezi River, South Africa


Well, this is one river you don’t want to mess with. The Zambezi is green, and the sceneries are breathtaking, but apart from the vicious crocodiles known to frequent some parts of this majestic river, the rapids on this river are a true killer. It’s not too uncommon for tourists to witness wild animals getting stuck on the muddy shore. A true expedition on this river requires you to have complete camping gear and a Land Cruiser; you never know where you could get stuck!

9. The Philippines


This country is known for its exotic and wild beaches, however, in the recent past, there has been a rash of accidental deaths associated with the Philippines. Therefore, tourists are warned to stay on the alert while visiting this beautiful coastal location. However, there are certain parts of the country that are safe, and the Military ensures that things stay that way. However, tourists need to be careful when traveling to the south. Some of those areas are breathtaking, but the risks of getting kidnapped are too high. Apart from that, most areas in the Philippines have very friendly locals who will always welcome tourists. However, be sure to plan wisely.

8. The Death Road, Bolivia


While the name spells out danger, the Yunga’s road is what actually connects Bolivia to the northern region. This journey will begin with a 15,000-foot decline that will over time descend as well as strong winds. However, its steep declines aren’t what causes 200 to 300 of the deaths that are reported here annually. This path has a famous section that has an 11,000-foot decline that thrills bike lovers and curious onlookers; it’s a deadly pit that’s never forgiving to its victims. If you ever visit this location, be weary of this pitfall. Watch your step and keep the edges if possible.

7. Iceland


This is a Nordic Island Country and it’s known for its fire and ice. While the combination makes the average tourist excited, this place can be a little terrifying when the volcanos get active. We all remember back in 2010 when the Eyjafjallajökull volcano spewed a cloud into the sky that affected flights throughout Europe. Both the combination of water and magma formed irregular-shaped particles that were not aerodynamic; they remained in the atmosphere longer than they should have. You also need to be warned about the Hekla Volcano that’s located in the south; it’s been building up more pressure than it did before its last eruption.

6. Hawaii Volcanoes


So far there have been three active volcanos in Hawaii, the most dangerous being the Kilauea Volcano that’s located on the Big Island. The Shield’s Volcano had the last reported major eruption back in 1983. However, in 2014, lava flowing from the volcano came frighteningly close to the town of Pahoa. You better be careful when honeymooning in Hawaii since the park has reported 40 deaths resulting from the volcanoes per year. Apart from that, Hawaii offers a great experience for tourists and hosts millions of visitors each year. Apart from the boiling volcanos, tourists can enjoy their exotic beaches and tropical environment.

5. The Colorado River


This river is close to 1,500 miles long. It snakes through Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona; it also makes its way all the way through to the Grand Canyon. While this river is famous for various activities for vacationers such as swimming, tubing, and rafting, a lot of people aren’t aware of the risk it poses, and especially after heavy rains or increased melting of snow. In 2014 alone, there was a high report of 15 deaths in just 7 months due to similar conditions. Ensure you pack the required safety gear before hitting this river.

4. Mont Blanc, France


Also known as the White Mountain, it’s also the highest mountain in the Alps, as it rises approximately 16,000 feet above sea level, making it one of the tallest peaks in Europe. While it’s a marvel to most tourists who visit, it’s also the deadliest with about 100 deaths reported annually. It’s estimated that close to 30,000 people try to climb it annually making the death rates minimal. However, what makes this mountain deadly is the extreme weather conditions witnessed here. In case this kind of view thrills you, you’ll enjoy the majestic mountains from your hotel room.

3. Annapurna, Nepal


Ever knew where the deadliest summits in the world are? Well, you might need to visit Annapurna in Nepal. This area has the highest fatality rates of all the fourteen eight-thousanders. However, that’s not enough to stop thrill seekers and daredevils from looking for a challenge. Apart from the risks that are involved, these outrageous heights that are paired with beautiful surroundings make the mountain breathtaking. Don’t get fooled to make this your last visit! While the views are magnificent, it’s advisable to have the correct safety gear and quit goofing around, or you might just fall prey to its deadly pitfalls.

2. New Smyrna Beach


We all love budget friendly beaches; it’s quite the vacation if you can afford to spend a lot without having to worry. Well, the New Smyrna Beach in Florida is that. However, there’s a serious threat. Shark attacks. The New Smyrna Beach is the shark capital of the world, and so far there have been 250 reported shark attacks at the beach, making this a cheap yet deadly location. It’s by far the highest number of shark attacks in the world by square kilometer. While the attacks don’t result in death, tourists are cautioned to enjoy their vacation with caution; these sharks can’t distinguish lunch from humans, they just bite!

1. The Eiger


The Eiger is perhaps the coldest and most treacherous climb that has ever been attempted, even the pros admit to this fact. The Eiger is located in the Bernese Alps, and apart from having such breathtaking high scenes, this mountain is feared for the number of deaths that it has claimed over the past century only, and still promises to take more as climbers and thrill seekers struggle annually to conquer its difficult summit. If you are a thrill seeker and you are thirsty for a challenge, this is one mountain you want to take on, just make sure that you don’t end up as a statistic. With the right gear and a good prayer, you should be able to conquer this never ending obstacle course, if it doesn’t take you in the first place.

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