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20 Cars With Absolutely Garbage Interiors

20 Cars With Absolutely Garbage Interiors


Car companies are putting in more and more effort on aesthetics by the day. Most modern cars come with really awesome interiors. They are also packed full of technology, with all types of exotic and detailed material that’s synonymous with European luxury vehicles. But every so often you are bound to bump into infuriating details that more often than not ruin the whole cabin.

For most car buyers, the vehicle’s interior isn’t really a factor to consider, and it plays no role in their choice of car. But many vehicle buyers are beginning to realize that they probably should have paid more attention to their vehicle’s details, including the interior design. This has probably happened to all of us, and you were probably left cursing. Well, at least next time you will make a more informed decision.

The truth of the matter is your vehicle’s interior matters almost as much as its exterior. It’s dumb to concentrate too much on the exterior and forget that for as long as you are on the road, you will spend all your time inside the car, not outside it.

While most new model vehicles have really awesome interiors, some manufacturers clearly need a few lessons on interior design. If you are wondering what vehicles have the worst interiors, we compiled a list of 20 cars with absolutely garbage interiors.

20. Chevrolet Camaro (5th Generation)


Own a fifth generation Camaro? If you do, then you probably know what we are going to say next. The interior of the current Chevrolet Camaro is cheap at first glance. It’s also laden with plastic. But what really makes it distasteful is that it’s got really poor visibility. In Chevrolet’s defense, they were trying to make the vehicle more masculine, and in so doing they reduced all the windows to letter boxes. The Camaro has always been a symbol of American Muscle by its distinctive rumble and unique design, but Chevy’s choices on the interior just canceled all of that! While the outside of the car screams masculinity, the inside of it screams “I need a makeover!”

19. Mini Cooper


The Mini Cooper interior is nothing to write home about, especially the earlier versions. You do have to hand it to the Mini Cooper though; they have fixed all their interior issues over time in their newer models. The first models were pretty damn annoying. The designers were trying to be cutesy but ended up making the ugliest interiors we’d seen in a while. Their retro stunt of placing a big speedometer in the center ended up being a big turnoff. The old mini would probably look much better without the big-ass speedometer atop the center console. Apart from the interior disaster, the Mini is quite the decent car, probably the only reason it’s still in production today.

18. TVR Sagaris


The Sagaris is one of Britain’s most famous sports cars, and this low volume car is great for a variety of reasons. Sadly, the interior isn’t one of them. One of the main reasons for its pathetic interior is because the sports car manufacturer did not have the budget for R&D to make an outstanding cabin, unlike other big manufacturers. I guess this explains details such as why the button that’s meant to open the vehicle’s door is placed right next to the stereo. On second thought, it really doesn’t; why the hell would anybody do that? The only good thing about the TVR Sagaris is its sleek and sporty design; its interior is a complete and utter fail.

17. Dodge Avenger


If there’s one car that can explain why everything was horrible about the mid-2000s American vehicles, it has to be the Dodge Avenger. You’d probably die a bit inside every day if you had to sit inside one of these cars. While the manufacturer tried really hard to be modern and have a few gimmicks inside the car, they also made the interior way too dull. All grey, to be more precise. Have you ever stepped into one of these cars? The dash, door, seats and side panels are all in grey. Talk about fifty shades of grey! The materials used were also comprised of very cheap plastics, making this car one to pass up on if you’re looking for a comfortable and attractive place to spend your time on the road.

16. Pontiac Grand Prix (5th Generation)


Are you a button kind of person? Well, if you (unfortunately) fall into that group of lame people, I have the perfect car for you. This review was captured best in the words of one reviewer, who complained that the Pontiac dashboards back in the 90’s would drive anyone with even the smallest bit of sense nuts. They were fitted with four different buttons, just for lights! Another set of four buttons for the wipers, and a steering wheel full of buttons for God-knows-what reason! I don’t have the strength to talk about the radio, plain unbelievable. They probably got confused and thought they were building a Boeing.

15. Honda Civic (9th Generation)


If you thought buttons were annoying, how about screens? Honda really took a step in the wrong direction with the interior of the 9th generation Civic. This Civic had a thing for screens; you’d think it was a broadcast center. This car has so many screens, including one for your infotainment, and two more on the driver’s right side in your line of sight. Talk about sensory overload. One piece of advice for Honda, if ever you decided to see how a compact interior looks like, book a date with a Mazda 3. This car has a simple gauge cluster, a navigation screen that’s fitted in the right spot, and a projected HUD. Simple!

14. Buick Reatta


Well, it’s no surprise a Buick landed on this list. I’m beginning to think there’s always a Buick in every car list, and never for a good reason either. First thing’s first, we’ve got to admit that GM did a pretty good job getting a touchscreen to control the radio and the HVAC all the way back in the late 1980s. However, the reason why this car is getting roasted today is because the touchscreen barely worked, and was widely panned. The design was way too ahead of its time, and the vehicle manufacturer clearly paid the price. It’s one thing to be futuristic; it’s a whole other to cram up gadgets and gizmos that don’t function.

13. Fiat 500


To begin with, there is no hatch release button in the car so you’ll need to use the key fob to open the trunk. The button will only work when out of the ignition. As you can imagine, hatches that auto-lock make this process very frustrating. If you were looking for the interior door lock button, I’ll do you a solid and save you the trouble; give it up. It doesn’t exist. You will be forced to push the handles in. Picking up a pal at the mall? How do you figure you’ll unlock the door for them from the driver’s side? It’s nothing short of rocket science! You might need to reach over and just open the door, or relock both doors from the interior handle. That alone is enough to make anyone avoid buying this car.

12. BMW 7 Series E 65


The name BMW brings with it a sense of elegance and class; this is a car that James Bond drives. But the E65 had a serious interior problem. The BMW E65 is the car that shifted the German automobile maker from ‘simple, elegant driver’s car’ to ‘complex and ugly luxobarges’. This is the car that introduced the iDrive system, and it was almost universally panned. Mercifully, BMW got this problem rectified over the years. But the BMW E65 will never be fondly remembered. It’s a pity BMW made it to this list with this fail.

11. Chevrolet Cavalier


You have probably confirmed by now that GM has a reputation for making the worst possible interiors, and the inappropriately named Chevrolet Cavalier has to be the worst of them all. First of all, there are too many HVAC buttons. If you are thinking of placing a drink in the cup holder and adjusting the heat, joke’s on you. TOO BAD. GM did a pretty good thing to have glowing gauges, but the snot-green shade was a totally bad idea. And that’s assuming the bulbs haven’t burnt out already(you all know how GM rolls). Comfy seats? Not really. You’d be more comfortable driving on Park benches than the Chevrolet Cavalier.

10. Mercedes C Class


The Mercedes C-Class is definitely a car that has been built for luxury and elegance. However, the German manufacturer had a total fail when they decided to fit their interior with piano-black plastic. It’s really hard to get modern day manufacturers using this kind of material for high-end vehicles without making it look cheap and horribly nasty. The new Mercedes C-Class has a whole bunch of this stuff fitted on the center console. This one big fail has come close to ruining the interior of this magnificent ride. There’s also division on whether or not whether or not it was a good idea to make it look like there’s an iPad stuck to the top of the dash. To us it gives the impression the owner installed an aftermarket GPS unit in this thing.

9. Skoda Octavia vRS


The Skoda Octavia vRS is a great ride, and the manufacturer has a reputation for building hardy, heavy vehicles that stand the test of time. But the Skoda Octavia vRS has one big fail that makes the interior really shitty; it’s fitted with a fake carbon fiber trim. Let’s take a step back into history real quick; in the past and even more recently, carbon fiber was used to preserve the tackier aisles of your local Halfords. Today, fake bits of carbon fiber trims are a common feature in performance cars interiors, and the Skoda Octavia vRS is no different. The manufacturers fitted this car with this fake trim about the cabin, creating a blight on an otherwise great interior.

8. Jaguar XFR-S


There’s something completely annoying about the Jaguar XFR-S interior, and that’s the blinding shiny bits all over the place. This is something that is found exclusively in Jaguars. This British manufacturer’s performance car is awash with chrome detail in the cabin. It’s no doubt that they look great, but when the sun is at a certain angle, then there’s a series of reflections blinding you as you drive. While this is something that would be loved by a 90s hip-hop star, it’s nothing to brag about now. And it’s definitely not an ideal feature, especially when you are trying to tame a 550 bhp supercar. Not a very smart move, Jaguar.

7. Ford Focus ST


Ford must have had a lunch date or worse, a dinner date with Honda guys because they clearly went to bed on this one. The Ford Focus ST has too many buttons fitted on the dash. The American manufacturer did a really good job trying to make this vehicle’s interior look awkward by throwing in a load of nasty buttons. The old Ford Focus ST was a big culprit when it came to its button-laden console, which was one of the worst things about its design. Over the years, Ford has done multiple facelifts, and the interior looks much more appealing.

6. Old VW Passat


If you bought the manual transmission version of this car, then you clearly didn’t enjoy furious shifting. However, if you’ve had a good look at this car on the highway, it’s amazingly fast. It’s very surprising how many vehicles out there will require a particularly careful gear-change to avoid clouting your elbow. In the older Passat, the seat was designed with seat bolsters that would get in the way in the case of aggressive gear shifting. Hooligans would have to make readjustments to suit the speed and gear-shift needs. Apart from that, the interior was pretty decent.

5. 1999 Ford Contour


According to most owners, Ford really did a good job of placing the buttons and controls on this car, but a shoddy job on everything else. Everything apart from the controls and the buttons look slapped in. The cup holders that were fitted are incapable of physically holding any drink while in motion. Don’t make a mistake of accelerating while having beverages on your cup holders, because they will end up nose-diving into the gear lever or carpet (we all know the smell after a few days). The radio is also positioned above the cup holder, meaning you can’t put anything large in them either. This vehicle’s interior was so ill-planned, you can’t use the storage bin next to the handbrake while driving the car.

4. 90s Toyota Corolla


Well, this car must have been built for smurfs, because a real live human being wouldn’t be able to fit in it comfortably. It gets even worse if you are from Austin, TX and you can’t go anywhere without your hat. Apart from its tiny headroom, it’s hard to stretch out inside the vehicle even if you are 5’7”, according to an angry owner. The car is pretty neat and simple, and everything else works pretty swell. However, it doesn’t make the cut when it comes to size, especially if you are athletic. If you are thinking of making one of those late-night drives with your basketball buddies in this car, you should just resign yourself to spending more time getting in than going out.

3. Fiat Multipla


There’s one thing that stands out about this car, and it’s that the Fiat Multipla is UGLY everywhere. While it’s a complete turnoff on the outside, it’s devastating on the inside. If you were to do an interstate ride in this car, it would be worse than riding a bull for seventeen weeks. Okay, I exaggerate, but still, the Fiat Multipla has plastic everywhere. Some models come with a few patches of weird colors; the manufacturer was probably looking to do a facelift on the failed dash. This quirky car’s designers must have gotten fired because there is nothing good that can be said about its interior.

2. Toyota Yaris


Well let’s be fair, this is definitely a budget car. There was no way it would have a great looking interior. Like any other budget car, the Toyota Yaris is filled with plastic everywhere, from the dash to the door cards. But what gives this car’s interior a slot on this list is the awkward positioning of its speedometer; it’s placed right at the center of the console. It’s really hard to crack the theory behind its placing. Well since it lacks any visual entertainment system, it’s probably located in the middle as a source of entertainment. It’s clearly in everyone’s view!

1. Toyota Prius


It’s not enough there’s a lot of hate going around about how ugly the Prius looks on the outside, they had to make an even uglier interior! There’s so much wrong with this car’s interior; you would have to see one to understand. First, the gear shifter is definitely ridiculous. The car will beep at you like an eighteen wheeler once you place it in reverse, and the funny bit is that this beep is quiet from the outside. It won’t exactly save anyone from being run over in the County Buffet parking. Finally, the plastic…It’s horrendous! And when you decide to go full throttle, the sound it makes will remind you of something you heard in a zoo.


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