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20 Everyday Products You Had No Clue Are Tested On Animals

20 Everyday Products You Had No Clue Are Tested On Animals


Are you aware that companies test some of the products you own on animals? The thought might have never crossed your mind, but it’s a fact, some of these companies still support tests on intelligent, sensitive animals. Can you imagine? Neither can millions around the world that are appalled at this injustice.

When you go grab some cosmetics and household supplies at your nearest Walmart or Walgreens, you don’t spend loads of time taking into consideration what went into making them. Let’s be honest. Who takes the time to really think about it? If an item’s harmless for you to use and works the way you want it to, then what’s the problem? You might want to begin researching about how your favorite product was tested, though. Various companies, as well as those that own huge brand names known across the nation, use animal testing to guarantee the safety of their goods before they’re offered to customers.

Now, to get you more acquainted, we have come up with a list of 20 everyday products you had no clue are tested on animals. Once you have read the list, hopefully you’ll be much more informed about what goes on behind the scenes.

20. Mars candy

Who doesn’t love candy, and chocolate covered candy at that? Yet, unfortunately, it has made the list of being a product that is harmful to your body. The Mars candy corporation has a shameful past of testing chocolate on lab rats. They do this to see how the ingredients affect the blood vessels in their bodies. Obviously, we need to know the things we eat are harmless to be putting in our bodies every day. However, many groups believe this type of testing can be done with complying human subjects instead of animals. A lot of the experiments end with murdering the animals to be able to dismember them and see the outcomes.

19. Trojan condoms


When trying to find animal-tested products in your house, you don’t have to look to far. Sometimes it’s right there in you drawer. The popular brand of condom Trojan is made by Church & Dwight. This a worldwide corporation is frequently criticized for its usage of animal product testing. Even though the rubber alone doesn’t have any animal by- products, rendering it theoretically fine for vegetarians to utilize, the product isn’t brutality-free. And with over 70% of condoms retailed in the U.S. being Trojans, the likelihood is that many Americans are consuming the product and they have no clue how companies are using it to test on animals.

18. Windex


Yes, who would have thought that this lovely glass cleaner, which gets rid of every tough stains and leaves your windows looking spotless, is tested on animals. They test Windex on animals to make sure it is safe for humans to apply. The same goes for many other SC Johnson products like Pledge and Glade. Test centers are testing Windex on the skin and eyes of the animals. They do this to find out if it is irritating and test the results of consuming the product. Even though it could make you feel safer having it in the household, it doesn’t do much for the composure of animal protestors.

17. Band-Aids


Even though Johnson & Johnson has reduced its use of animal examination by 65%, there are still some lingering issues. Ever since 2000, the corporation is still using animals to connect government examination ethics when alternatives are not able to offer enough data. The company creates many customer products that we use every day as well as baby care items, hair and skin care like Clean & Clear and Clean & Clear products, Listerine, and unquestionably, Band-Aids. Bearing in mind how often we use these products and how willingly we put a Band-Aid on our children’s boo-boos, we truly need to find out about the tests being performed before they are even sold in stores.

16. Iams pet food

Via For YourPrivileged

Who would have ever thought pet food would be an issue? It seems companies have got their hands on them as well. You would think that your pet food would be among the most animal welcoming products out there. Well, you can hang that up if you’re purchasing Iams. The animal product corporation tests everything on dogs and cats. Even though they have ended the horribly invasive measures they used on the cats and dogs (such as slashing muscle from their physiques), they are still using more than 700 dogs and cats to test the nourishment of their brands. They likewise still operate persistent experiments on animals other than cats and dogs.

15. Kleenex


Whenever we’ve got the dreaded cough and sneeze, we grab our box of Kleenex. Nevertheless, Kleenex’s parent business, Kimberly-Clark, depends on animal testing to make sure its products are harmless for consumers. Additional products in the Kimberly-Clark family consist of Cottonelle bath tissues, Huggies, Kotex, and Scott paper towels. Despite the fact that the corporation funds research for non-animal test approaches and only uses testing of an animal when it should, you should still be aware that these everyday household commodities, along with the one you just coughed into, use animals as test subjects.

14. Vaseline


Vaseline is amazing when it comes to looking great or keeping your skin humid and fee from cracks. But then again, the skin of the animals utilized to test the brands isn’t so fortunate. This is because these animals must suffer all of the damaging results so the product is determined to be safe before it hits the shelves. Those who makes Vaseline likewise create other modern goods. For example, Axe, Dove soaps, Lipton, and Slim-Fast. Several of these other items are also tried on animals to see if they’re safe to use on people. This company and many others place the importance on their customer, which often means that animals end up being hurt.

13. Contact Lenses


The FDA regulates contact lenses. This means that they are a medical instrument. As stated by the FDA, most articles are categorized as Class I, Class II or Class III. That also means that all medical devices need to be tested on animal subjects. This needs to be done before letting humans use it. Contact lenses are a put in Class II as a medical product, so the majority are tested on animals; typically the eyes of rabbits are used. However, the lenses themselves are not the only products these companies are testing on animals. What about the saline solution? It is also tested on animals to make sure it is safe for human use.

12. Diapers

Via wiseGEEK,com

Diaper manufacturer Pampers is owned by Proctor & Gamble. Diapers are usually tried first on the skin of animals before humans buy them. They do this to find a likely allergic response. They also test by having an animal absorb ingredients used in the materials to make the diapers.

The best and most brutality-free choice for diapers are cloth diapers. These types of cloth diapers look more like throw away diapers. They are also more user-friendly than the ones from a long time ago. Some companies also make a throwaway cruelty-free and healthier-for-the-environment type of material used in diapers.

11. Sticky Notes


How about those sticky notes? Yes, even they are a danger to animals. Those handy sticky notes stuck all over your fridge and freezer door don’t seem like they’re too complicated or jam-packed of explosive chemicals. However, their parts are still tested on animals. The company 3M who handles making these notes also make Scotch tape which is used for animal testing as well. A lot of times, they are required by law to perform these tests. However, to those that are animal activists, this is not okay. These tests are done on innocent, scared animals. In some cases, these animals do not make it or are killed.

10. Colgate Toothpaste

Are you a Colgate user? Next time you grab one at Walmart or your local pharmacy, you might want to do some research into their involvement with animals. Colgate is listed on the PETA website  as a “corporation that works for governing change.” This means “they test on animals directly when entailed by law. They are totally crystal clear with PETA about which animal examinations they direct and why, and that are dynamically functioning to encourage development, support, and recognition of non-animal approaches.”

9. Furniture Polish


This is another shocking product that made the list of products that are tested on animals. This everyday furniture polish is in everybody’s house. This includes things like polishing liquid, bleach and air freshener. Tests include offering animals highly toxic numbers of substances or wiping irritants into their skin or eyes. Certain ‘green’ cleaning goods are likewise to blame; even though they might say that the finished brand is not tested on animals, but they are still using the ingredients on them. At least now you are being made aware of the atrocities that go on behind your furniture polish. So spread the word if you’re concerned.

8. Splenda


This is unquestionably shocking. A number of reports in 2000 for Sucralose at Huntington Life Sciences were printed by Permagon media on the particulars of animals being tested. Splenda is supported by McNeil Research Laboratory, a company of Johnson and Johnson, who often exploit animal testing in their goods. McNeil Research Laboratory used animals together with beagles in extensive testing on its brand. More than 32 beagles were given Splenda to eat and tested for weeks. The beagles were kept in cages, and their urine and blood was tested and drawn throughout that time. Once the tests were over, the beagles were murdered. They used a knife to cut their throats.

7. “Green” Cleanup Brands

Via Website

A lot of your favorite “green” cleaning products like Bio-Vert and Green Works are tested on animals. Even if the complete product appears not to be tested on animals, you can bet that the ingredients in these products at some point in time were tested on them.

So much of our standard goods are tested on animals compared to what people think. It can appear disheartening and crushing when trying to live cruelty-free. However, there are resources you can find that can be accommodating when shopping for products that are cruelty-free items. The best avenue to stop testing on innocent animals is to teach ourselves to stop purchasing items which back companies that torture them.

6. Tide


When you think of Tide, the testing on animals is the last thing that comes to mind. What people don’t realize is that Tide has been doing this for years. The testing of liquid shampoos on animal skin has caused so many animals to suffer chemical burns that were severe. Bunnies are likewise put through a lot of torture in the infamous Draize eye irritancy test. What happens is that drain cleaner and dishwashing liquid or other matters are dribbled into their eyes, repeatedly producing redness, soreness, cloudiness, discharge, or blindness. With all of this going on with these companies doing this, it is not surprising that the blood of the animals is on their hands.

5. Dawn

Via Going Green Success

Everybody and their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers use Dawn. The list is endless with those that use this product everyday. Dawn is recognized for their operations about saving the environment of animals that have been touched by oil spills. Nevertheless, they put their goods to the test on the eyes and skin of animals to test for eye irritation and chemical burns. There is lots of disagreement around Dawn’s testing on animals and their operation on “saving wildlife.” Yes, it is evident that most probably will not believe that Dawn it being used in the torture of animals but you heard it first here.

4. Lysol

Via LysolLogo.svg

Even our bathroom cleaners are being tested on animals. Like many other cleaning products, Lysol toilet cleaner, which is created with bleach and ammonia, is tested on the skin of animals. It has likewise been recognized to instigate asthma in dogs and other domestic pets. Everyone knows that Lysol has its many benefits. It is one of the more potent liquids used when it comes to cleaning around the house. However, at the same time, it is responsible for the killing of other animals that are being employed in experiments.

3. All-purpose cleaners


We already know that some all-purpose cleaners are efficient and they do a good job around the house. We also know that they can be dangerous for human beings if ingested. With that being said, what would make companies think it would be any safer for animals? It is a fact that most all-purpose cleaners on the marketplace are tested on a lot of different animals. Cruelty-free alternatives include Maidorganic, Planet, and Caldrea. Once again, most people are unaware of the dangers of these products being used on animals, so at least now you know more than you did five minutes ago.

2. Ajax


Sadly, Ajax products are tested on rabbits and have been for years. The corporation leads eye tests, skin tests, and consumption tests on these poor creatures. These products have a position on animal testing that Logical Harmony is not happy with. This is saying that they test on animals, and they also take part in forced decree animal testing and work with 3rd parties or dealers who test on animals. Well, we do know that Ajax takes part in obliged-by-law testing on the animal. It is also clear that these brands will not offer any animal testing statement in regards to their current policies and practices.

1. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Via Bike Test

Disinfecting wipes are in general filled with toxins that aid in killing bacteria and germs. Regardless of their toxins, these wipes are still being tested on animals all over the world. Some of the approaches that the Clorox Company uses consist of: trickling the completed products and ingredients onto the animals, plus ingredients and finished products are fed to the animals. This does not say anything about the loss of sight and severe skin contagions that happen which lead to the deaths of many defenseless animals. These animals are kept not in cages but in tight overcrowded plastic containers, and then they are cast off when they turn out to be too ill or are no longer wanted.

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