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20 Gorgeous Travel Destinations Ruined By Celebrities

20 Gorgeous Travel Destinations Ruined By Celebrities

Source: WallpaperSafari

With the lovely spring season already upon us, the excitement about going somewhere warm and nice can’t help bubbling up. Frankly, the world can offer you such a lovely diversity of exotic summer destinations that you’d better think of grabbing exclusive packages early on.

If you’re one of those 365-day travelers, then you’d surely love the idea of exploring an entirely new place when the wonderful summer rolls along. Undoubtedly, spending a few days on an exotic island can be anything but boring.

Also, the variety of affordable travel packages won’t be scarce when planning every tiny detail ahead of time. As heaven-like as it sounds, you may think that nothing could destroy this dreamy picture in your head. However, what if all these marvelous ideas of a tranquil holiday go awry? What if you run into a heavily known and crowded destination bursting with celebrities? Indeed, some of the loveliest spots on the planet have been utterly crushed by notoriously famous names. Presently, what we’re left with is perfect chaos and paparazzi lurking around every corner.

20. Maui, Hawaii


Once upon a time Maui was a tropical paradise perfectly hidden from the eyes of the world. However, the magical fairy tale didn’t manage to keep its enigmatic character for long. What’s even more mind-blowing is how many Hollywood personalities cancel plans just like that to enjoy X days on the cloud nine, aka Maui, Hawaii. What a better example can we give you than the one and only Oprah Winfrey? Or how about Mr. Bill Clinton? These two represent only a small fraction of the connoisseurs of such lavish and quite pricey summer getaways. With such visitors in mind, there’s no way to experience tranquility and stillness around here, is it?

19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The much-loved Rio – what can we say about it? Regarded to as a place that brings total excitement and lunacy all over, its fame hasn’t stopped rising up. Interestingly enough, the genuinely lovely Rio wasn’t that highly reputed back in the days. Naturally, both international tourists and natives prefer to spend their spare time in a quite atmosphere. Today, however, its popularity is pretty nuts, we’d say. What’s more, the World Cup as well as the Olympics have taken a serious toll on its quietness and humble nature. When thinking about it today, Rio rings with noteworthy personalities and important figures here and there. Besides, the excitement brought by such world-known events attracts hundreds of quite prominent individuals on an annual basis.

18. St. Tropez, France


If France could feel boastful about a feature, we would definitely point at St. Tropez. What’s so exotic about it, you might ask? Well, you’ve no idea of the merit of its greatness. Just to prove it, let’s come up with a bunch of very well-known TV faces you’d surely recognize strolling down the beach line. Catherine Zeta-Johns, P. Diddy and Barbados’s beauty named Rihanna deeply appreciate the soft and colorful nature of this place. Essentially, with such top celebrities in the picture, all normal tourists should get ready for a lot of hassle and uproar coming down the road. Ultimately, you don’t bump into Rihanna every day, right?

All jokes aside, with this going on, St. Tropez is another sure-fire crowded destination left with an impaired image and zero mystery behind it.

17. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


In case you’ve been wondering about the celebrities’ most trivial getaway choice, don’t force your brain any longer. The object of your wonderment is none other than the otherwise beautiful Bora Bora range of bungalows. We can’t leave Bora Bora’s immaculate romance and charisma unmasked before your eyes. However, the hype surrounding this place is extremely crazy. What’s more, there have been so many famous people in Bora Bora that it hardly can be associated with a genuinely exotic and appealing destination nowadays. As a perfect example of that, we can point at the Kardashian clan which flies back and forth as if Bora Bora sits across the street.

16. Maldives


Magnificent lands, sandy beaches, sheer ocean and calm sky – what do you associate this picture with? Perhaps, one of your personal suggestions would be the Maldives. If this is correct, then you’re somewhat on the right track, but not completely. In other words, the gorgeous range of islands surely boasts unparalleled beauty, however, it soon may be entirely wiped up by the flocks of A-list actors, football players, popular pop artists and politicians who visit it. Believe it or not, renowned women such Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss often come here for a bit of sunbathing. Another regular visitor is the lured actress Eva Longoria starring in the iconic Desperate Housewives series. With this in mind, we can barely talk about this place with any sense of mystique.

15. St. Barts


Prominent with its lustrous nightlife and fabulous sunbathing, St. Barts falls among the world-class picks for sure; and don’t be mistaken – the glitzy Caribbean island is absolutely bursting at the seams with A-list actors and actresses, singers, co-hosts, etc. Naturally, this gorgeous place can surely be depicted as a priceless piece of heaven evenly adored by all normal people and America’s favorite Hollywood faces. Once you set foot in this magical land, you’d absolutely be blown away by its exotic nature. Sadly, you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Look around and you’d instantly notice a “kind” group of paparazzi creating a fuss because of the presence of somebody famous! How awful can that be?!

14. Lake Como, Italy


Here we go with another vastly popular destination on Italian territory that once used to offer weekends of perfect seclusion. Naturally, it wasn’t long before celebrities got their hands on it, more or less leaving it extremely famous and crowded 365 days a year. Of course, for those of us who spend days and night dreaming of meeting a celebrity, the chances are they’d meet a bunch of recognizable faces.

Lastly, keep in mind that Lake Como tends to gather some hot-and-heavy attention when the temperature goes up. To put it simply for you, if your desire to take your lovely family on a vacation there, consider exploring it outside the heavy season full of celebrities.

13. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Can you guess whose favorite summer getaway Cabo San Lucas is? Often depicted as a quite luxurious place, this Mexican gem is traditionally crowded with a whole lot of celebrities, such as J. Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow. When it comes to fun outdoor activities, Cabo is anything but a stranger to all those glitzy beaches, breathtaking museums and landmarks around here. Of course, another typical view for the locals over there is that of a running photographer trying to capture someone’s famous weekend-long getaway – trivial and probably 99 % authentic. At that, we can perhaps delete Cabo San Lucas from the list of the most mysterious places worth visiting.

12. Mykonos, Greece


Picking Mykonos as a quiet destination for the weekend ahead is probably the oddest decision you could ever make. Weirdly enough, how could it even be possible for someone to think of Mykonos as a leisure spot anyway? If truth be told, the Greek beauty may be anything but “still” and “undisturbed”. As a matter of fact, a whole lot of recognizable faces in the business can be noticed walking in and around the otherwise lovely spot. Just to illustrate the picture, the hilarious comedy actress Sofia Vergara starring in Modern Family has been a guest to Mykonos on several occasions. With this on hand, Mykonos has probably lost a lot of its magnificence and enigmatic nature.

11. Mallorca, Spain


The Spanish diamond, aka Mallorca, hosts so many Hollywood stars. Considered a really pricey spot on the planet, it’s no wonder so many famous folks pick Mallorca for their short but memorable time off from their busy schedules. Surely, the wild passion that celebrities have for this place is pretty beneficial for the Spanish economic system. However, the standard pandemonium brought by the presence of a famous person around here doesn’t seem to leave the average tourist with enjoyable memories of Mallorca. Furthermore, the chances are that they start looking for some other unknown destination still unmasked by the eyes of the media.

10. Dubai


Dubai, aka the exotic pearl of the Middle East, is perhaps the most adored and ultra lavish destination that Kardashians can’t help obsessing over. The good news is that Dubai would really fulfill any traveler’s expectations since it illustrates the beauties and riches in this part of the globe to perfection. However, much like in life, there’s a drawback to Dubai’s outlandish character. In this case, the wonderful image of Dubai gets a bit clouded by the presence of top celebrities making it such a trivial choice. What’s more, its vast popularity makes it feel as though it has no special vibes behind it any longer.

9. Anguilla, British West Indies


Perhaps you may not know this, but typically, the temperature in Anguilla, British West Indies, rises up to 80 degrees. As simple as it is, this certainly explains why Anguilla is such a preferable choice for 3-day-long getaway. The hot weather makes is quite perfect for anyone who’d love to enjoy sunbathing as the expensive packages turn it into celebrities’ best destination. Because of its luxurious nature, it’s not likely that any traveler can afford it. Although, even if they do, they are very likely to return home completely disappointed by the impossible hype and excitement typically caused by a prominent individual.

8. Miami, Florida


Miami offers lovely summer days that feel like a lava-hot sun on the skin. However, you can’t complain about it when you’ve been the one asking for some sun-tanning action. Besides, while gathering a bronze complexion on the beach, you may pass by a few top celebrities. You never know who you may run into, right? All ironic notes aside, Miami is an absolutely gorgeous spot promising amazing times. The cluster, on the other hand, coming from fans flocked around a famous person nearby, must feel genuinely annoying. On the flip side, there are also folks who dream of meeting celebrities; and all in all, this could be a total win for both sides. To each his own, as the saying goes!

7. The French Riviera


A destination perhaps more renowned than majestic getaways such as Mallorca, Bora-Bora, the Bahamas or Miami, would be the beautiful French Riviera. It’s exactly this place that gathers the attention and passion of such a rich diversity of celebrities. A fresh example could be the getaway of Elton John, Mila Kunis and Ashton, Tom Cruise or Johny Depp!

Given so many famous names and recognizable personalities, it’s no wonder why there are paparazzi lurking around on every corner. Naturally, they do exactly what they’ve been hired for. However, the chaos that follows must be simply unbearable. With that, this wonderful place will hardly satisfy a couple’s idea of a romantic and secluded walk along the French Riviera.

6. Barbados


Here we go with short snippets of trivial destinations that keep the list growing more and more. Let’s take Barbados, for instance, which used to be known as a mysterious and extremely appealing place on the planet. Well, at least it was enigmatic until being discovered by our A-list Hollywood stars. Naturally, the gorgeous Rihanna was born there, so the genuine popularity of this place gets easily understandable. The presence of other celebrities returning more and more often here pulls cameramen and paparazzi together. Of course, they would do anything for a single photo of a top celebrity, even if that means making a fuss in the process.

5. Seychelles


The exceptional beauty of Seychelles did wonders for the popularity of this exotic destination. Go back in time and see it from that perspective. There’s hardly anyone who believed that it would be as cherished as it is today. But it is what it is. And nothing can destroy its tranquility more than a celebrity’s appearance.

Previously known as a synonym of privacy and stillness, today the popularity of the magical Seychelles is so immense that perhaps you should pick some other destination. Besides, unlimited are the rumors of “nice” paparazzi lurking around here. With that, you should totally work on another holiday option unless you desire to spend your vacation in complete pandemonium.

4. Monte Carlo, Monaco


When spring rolls along dragging its warm touch, many folks who belong to the VIP group head for the enchanting Monte Carlo. What’s pretty normal around here is the lovely range of cozy and ultra lavish hotels and villas welcoming almost every Hollywood celebrity. If we must picture it by length, royal members could often be spotted in the region. Travel back in time and you’d be able to witness the Kennedy family resting in Monte Carlo. Additionally, many famous and mighty figures, such as Elizabeth Tayler alongside a whole lot of other contemporary celebrities, have summered here. Of course, Monte Carlo could absolutely benefit from this fact to promote itself even more, as if it needs any more chaos brought by celebrities, anyway.

3. Montego Bay, Jamaica


Have you ever wondered how paparazzi managed to snap a photo of Princess Margaret? They must have been really on her heels, right? Located right there in the Round Hill, literary speaking, the heavily crowded Jamaican bay once looked so much different than it does now. Crazily enough, this place used to define notions such as quietness and solitude almost to perfection. Sadly, Montego Bay is the royalty’s favorite summer spot, attracting the eye of the media and thirsty journalists. All in all, this surely puts an end to the enigmatic nature of this place. In a nutshell, so much for seclusion and mystery!

2. Laucala, Fiji’s Private Island 


If this doesn’t look like an entirely inhabited land conquered by celebrities, we could barely think of another comparison. After all, what else could the VIP world want out of a summer getaway besides ultimate luxury, majestic panoramic views, still waves and sandy beaches? They’d surely want to feel as if they’ve been locked out of heaven, right? In this sense, Laucala, Fiji’s private island, can somewhat serve that on a silver platter. Of course, every greedy journalists would want a piece of their heaven as well. Ironically enough, if you plan on heading there for the sunny weekend ahead, just picture the image of flocks of people wanting to take a picture of the VIP visitors. How awful!

1. Mustique, Grenadine Islands


Last but not least we present you the West Indies sheltering the lovely Grenadine Islands, evenly loved and enjoyed by top celebrities. Just to clear up the blurry image for you, many renowned action movie stars pop in around here when they can get away from their busy schedules; and don’t think that journalists and the whole media have missed out on this delicious piece of information. Ultimately, the opportunity of snapping an awkward and inappropriate photo worth lots of cash doesn’t come by every day. Besides, what’s better than selling it for an obscene amount of money? All in all, Grenadine Islands seem to exemplify wonderfully our roundup of 20 heaven-like getaways totally ruined by the VIP world and its notorious publicity.

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