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20 Insane Tech Inventions On Kickstarter That Are Worth Every Penny

20 Insane Tech Inventions On Kickstarter That Are Worth Every Penny

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Developing new technologies can be costly for inventors, which is why many new tech inventions come from large companies. However, some of the best tech inventions come from small companies and individuals. They need a way to get their projects funded, which is why they turn to Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is an online marketplace the lets inventors partner with investors to develop new technologies. Inventors develop the concept for a new technology, then advertise on Kickstarter. Anyone can invest in the project by donating money to fund it. Once the project reaches its funding milestone, the inventor receives the money and can begin working.

Many new technologies can be developed this way. It is effective because it harnesses the power of crowd funding to support different organizations that, normally, would not have the funding for such projects. If you are looking for interesting new technologies to own or invest in, here are 20 insane tech inventions on Kickstarter that are worth every penny.

20. MaKey MaKey


If you’ve ever wanted to make a game controller out of things that shouldn’t be game controllers, the MaKey MaKey is for you. You can use it to create a controller out of nearly anything. You plug the control board into your laptop, then connect it to different objects using a series of cables. Examples of how the MaKey MaKey works show people making controllers out of food items, playdough, and even water containers. It is great if you’ve ever wanted to turn something into a controller for different programs. It isn’t limited to controlling games either. Any program that is compatible with a computer can be controlled with seemingly random objects.

19. ZANO

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Drones are becoming more important as entertainment, shipping, and government entities are taking advantage of them to create new services. People have been using drones for aerial surveillance for some time, but the Zano takes it to a new level. The Zano is a miniature drone that has the same capabilities as larger options. It can take HD videos and photos while staying small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is also autonomous, allowing you to give it commands and have it act them out without a remote control. It’s great for setting up the ultimate selfies in different, extreme situations.

18. The Nurugo Micro


Adding new features to smartphones helps you do more with fewer tools. The Nurugo Micro is useful for examining things on the go. It’s a microscope for your smartphone that allows you to see objects with up to 400x magnification. It’s great for daily activities where you need to examine small objects that are hard to see with the naked eye. Jewelry appraisers and other professionals that need tools to appraise products will find it particularly useful. You can also use it to save pictures to your smartphone so that you can post your findings later. The Nurugo Micro will make field research significantly easier.

17. Sense


Sleep is very important to your health, and most people don’t get enough quality sleep. Sense is designed to help you manage your sleep and make improvements. It serves as a sleep monitor for your room so that keeps track of your sleeping environment and indications of how you are sleeping. You can use the reports that it generates to understand what’s keeping you from getting a great night’s sleep. It also works as a better alarm system. Rather than waking you up at the time you set, it monitors your sleeping and wakes you up at the best time for you to wake up. Regular alarms will wake you regardless of what part of your sleep cycle you are in. The Sense wakes you up at the right time before the time you set so that you wake feeling at your best.

16. Remee


Another great Kickstarter invention to help you sleep is the Remee – The Rem Enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask. It is designed to enhance your rem cycles so that you have more lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is great for having more enjoyable and cathartic experiences while you sleep. We lose 8-10 hours per day sleeping. Those hours could be better spent resolving thinking issues or creating fun experiences. Lucid dreaming allows you to have control and input into what happens in your dreams which are useful for tackling problems and experiencing a different reality than your real life. The Remee could help people harness lucid dreaming to put those hours to better use. You’ll wake feeling more refreshed while having better memories of your dreams.

15. The Superbook


Smartphones are everywhere these days, and there is no indication that they will ever go away. Most people believe that their laptops are better than their smartphones, but that is not always the case. Your smartphone is a very powerful computer, it is just missing some of the controls and features that laptops do. The Superbook adds those missing features to your smartphone so that you can use it just like a laptop. It is all of the components of a laptop, except it uses your phone as the processor. When you connect it to your smartphone, the Superbook allows you to access your smartphone just like a laptop and combines the features of a phone and a laptop. This makes it cheaper and more efficient than a regular laptop, and with some additional communication features.

14. Tiko


3D printers are making a big splash in the tech world which allows you to print solid objects in three dimensions. The Tiko solves a lot of the issues that people had with 3D printers by making several specific design changes. It has a single-piece body which makes it more reliable. You won’t have to deal with calibrations and it will print more accurately. It also has better safety features to protect you from potentially hazardous accidents. The printing area is enclosed too to prevent contamination and keep pets and children out of the printer area while it’s running. You can connect to it wirelessly and over the internet so that you can send it designs from almost anywhere.

13. Ouya

via wikimedia commons

Ouya is a different kind of game console that may change how gaming consoles are developed. Like previous consoles, the Ouya is designed to be used with a TV. However, it removes many of the limits that other consoles have. It is developed using open source technologies so that anyone can develop for it. You won’t be limited by who develops games for that specific console as it will be open to everyone. All of the games developed for Ouya are free to try, so you can find the games that you like. In a time where gamers are moving away from console games in favor of other systems, the Ouya may begin to draw them back.

12. 3Doodler


While 3D printers are beginning to take off, they are limited by the technology used to create designs. That’s where the 3Doodler comes it. It is a 3D printer that is roughly the size and shape of a large pen. It lets you draw in 3D, but not 3D on paper. 3D as in vertically, horizontally, and laterally. You can draw real objects just like a 3D printer can, but you have the control in your hands rather than using a computer. The 3Doodler is great for artists and designers that like to use pens to create their new designs.

11. Twine


If you’ve ever wanted a way to monitor specific things without needing to understand electrical engineering and programming, Twine is a good way to start. It allows you to use its internal sensors to monitor different conditions around it. For example, you can place it on top of an object and the internal vibration sensor will tell you if it moves. You can also add other monitors to it to expand its functionality. The program that comes with it is easy to understand, and provides you feedback in real time. Twine make monitoring your stuff quick and easy to set up.

10. Prynt


If you are into photography, then you are probably into Polaroids or other instant photos. Taking pictures with your smartphone is the preferred way for many photographers, but you don’t get an instant photo. Prynt combines instant photos with your smartphone. It’s a cellphone case that prints instant photos of the pictures that you take with your smartphone. Now, you can take high-quality photos with your smartphone and get instant pictures for yourself, your family, and all of your friends. It’s relatively small compared to older instant cameras. You can also get one in different colors to match your artistic style.

9. Vi AI Personal Trainer


Personal trainers can be a huge benefit for you if you’re trying to get in shape. Unfortunately, can be very expensive. It’s also difficult to find one that will work with you outside of a gym. Rather than going through the hassle of finding the right physical trainer, you can try Vi, and AI personal trainer. Vi is an artificial intelligence program that can be your personal trainer. Vi uses biometric sensors embedded in a set of earphones to monitor your progress and provide you real time guidance. It’s better than spending indefinite amounts of money on a personal trainer, you can spend a limited amount on Vi and get all of the same benefits.

8. Elevation Dock


The Elevation Dock is the answer to your problems with iPhone docking stations. It redesigns how docking stations should look and work to make your experience much simpler. It functions much like any other docking station. You place your phone on top of the dock, and it will recharge. Unlike other docking stations, the Elevation Dock easily attaches and detaches from your iPhone. When your iPhone is on the Elevation Dock, it has a secure fit without the need for adaptors or other changes, it even works with phone cases so that you don’t need to take them off all of the time. It’s a much better user experience that is being praised by reviewers and tech journals.

7. CHiP


Everybody loves cookies, but baking the perfect cookie is as much an art as it is a science. There are steps that need to be followed in the right order for the cookies to come out right. The CHiP takes over these processes and bakes cookies for you in 10 minutes without all of the prep work or cleanup. All you need to do is choose the flavor that you want, place the pre-made dough balls in the CHiP, and let CHiP do the baking. CHiP is great at handling the baking for you so that you can focus on other things while waiting for great cookies.

6. The Everlast Notebook


Notebooks make it possible for you to organize your thoughts and information quickly. The problem with using notebooks is that they can pile up quickly. Also, most notebooks are not as resilient as we would like them to be. You could lose all of your information just by getting the notebook wet. The Everlast Notebook fixes that issue. Not only is it highly durable, but it is also infinitely reusable. The pages are made of a new material that is resistant to water and damage, and are erasable with a wet towel. When you are done with a page, you can use the app to scan your pages to a cloud service of your choosing and erase the page.

5. Nura Headphones


Finding the right headphones can be costly and time-consuming. It’s difficult to find ones that not only fit well, but sound right for you. The Nura headphones use in ear monitors to measure your hearing and make audible adjustments so that the sound quality is significantly better. By measuring how you hear, the Nura can create equalizer settings that allow you to hear every detail just as it was intended. It only takes 30 seconds for the Nura to make these adjustments, so you’ll be able to get back to your music quickly. Once you have a pair of Nura headphones, you won’t need another pair to get the best possible sound quality.

4. Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker


Another great audio device is the Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker. It is a BlueTooth, radio, and audio device that you can use nearly anywhere. It has one the simplest user interfaces that you can get. The top of the speaker can be adjusted to let out more or less sound acting as a volume control. By raising the top, you increase the volume. Lowering the top turns it back down. You can connect it any Bluetooth device. Having multiple Hidden Radio’s allows you to switch between them in different parts of your house. It is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries and plugs.

3. LunaTik


The LunaTik is designed to make your iPod Nano into a more functional watch. From the beginning, it was clear that the iPod Nano could be a watch. However, most watch conversion kits fall short of people’s expectations. The LunaTik works as a more permanent conversion kit that securely attaches a watch housing and straps to the iPod. It is more than functional, it is also fashionable. You can get it in several colors including the special addition red design. The components are produced by some of the same manufacturers for other leading wearable technology companies, so the quality is always high.

2. Brydge


iPads are very useful if you are always on moving. The problem with tablets is that they lack some of the features that laptops do, which makes them harder to be productive on. The Brydge can fix that by providing a several of the features that iPads are missing. It serves as a docking station with a keyboard so that you can be more productive while traveling. It also has better speakers so that you can listen with a higher level of sound quality. The Brydge also connects securely to your iPad using a hinge like on most laptops, so you can fold the iPad + Brydge combination shut just like a laptop.

1. Pebble


One of the best tech inventions on Kickstarter is the Pebble watch. The Peddle smart watch is designed to integrate with your smart phone much like the Apple Watch. However, people are raving about the Pebble’s design and functionality. The Pebble is compatible with a variety of smartphones including the iPhone and Android phones. Rather than using similar technology to other smart devices, it uses E-Paper technology to make the screen easily visible in normal light without the usual glare that other devices have. This saves energy and makes it less abrasive on your eyes. The interface of the Pebble is customizable with new watch faces and custom designed apps that add new functionality. It is easily the leading competitor for the Apple Watch.

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