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20 Jobs No Decent Father Would Want His Daughter Doing

20 Jobs No Decent Father Would Want His Daughter Doing


Not all jobs are suitable for women, according to some fathers.

These men think women need to choose their careers carefully because they are more sensitive and vulnerable than most men. They believe some occupations expose women to plenty of danger and sometimes thwart their efforts to raise a family. In their understanding, women in such careers fake confidence and spend so much time trying to overcome their sensitivity.

Assume a case where a woman works in a male-dominated field; for example, mining. The reasonable guess is that this woman needs to be thick-skinned because she will be dealing with rude and inconsiderate men. In fact, she may be feeling uncomfortable the entire time. How do you expect such a woman to be passionate about her job? The chances are slim, even if she has the talent.

Today, men and women compete in various fields, and women have proven that they are capable of handling roles assumed to be manly. But the reality is that males and females are built differently. While they may have the same intellectual abilities, they are different emotionally and physically. This is probably why some fathers would not want their daughters doing certain jobs.

To make things worse, certain sectors place more importance on men over women. Take for instance construction or firefighting. These are jobs that involve plenty of lifting and heavy machinery; and even though some women have proven they can take up such jobs, the majority of people employed in those fields are men. Why? Because men are on average physically stronger than women. But this does not mean women cannot shine; there are fields where they have outdone men, like public relations, hospitality, teaching, and nursing.

Fathers desire great lives for their daughters. For this reason, they try to keep them away from jobs that are immoral, stressful, or dangerous.

Here are 20 jobs no decent father would want his daughter doing:



They smile at you from behind the counter, and you can rarely tell that they are unhappy.

The job is stressful and has a low pay considering the amount of work you are supposed to perform. In addition, benefits like health insurance are often unavailable to retail employees. This means that employees are left to seek medical care through government assistance.

One of the reasons the job is stressful is because the work is mostly monotonous and commands that you stay alert; otherwise you may be held accountable for lost items. Occasionally, they get called to work at odd hours, meaning they are denied family time because these odd hours include nights, holidays, and weekends.

Customers are usually their biggest nightmare, but they are supposed to maintain their cool since customers are always right.

This profession has no job security.



The bartending environment is always uncertain, especially for ladies: fighting, rudeness, and promiscuity abound.

Think about your daughter leaving work at 3 a.m. Think about her browsing the aisles at that ungodly hour and bumping into a group of rowdy men. Your only guess is that her boundaries are going to be violated.

Compared to men, women would be more vulnerable in such situations.

Don’t forget sometimes women working in bars are despised by sexist men. Some men, and even women, may assume a female bartender lacks adequate education or has no decent plan for her life. While male bartenders are commonly praised, women tend to be despised, and they always have to prove a point: that they are worth something and their sole purpose is not to appeal to males.

After all, no father would want her daughter around drunk men.



They use this fancy name, but you can simply call them strippers.

Most of the time, when they are working, they have dollar bills hanging from their G-strings, and liquor dripping down their belly button. During those working hours, you will find them sandwiched by perverted men who are chanting and cheering.

The reality is that this career is never a happy one. Most girls who become strippers do so because they have no other option. But they conceal this fact with their beautiful smiles.

Things escalate when customers cross the red line and proceed to touch them inappropriately. Most of these clients assume that these girls are prostitutes and not entertainers. Worse, this may be followed by stalking and threats.

Clearly, no parents would want their child doing this kind of work.



Taxi driving has long been considered a man’s profession. This is regardless of the changes that have occurred in the industry, like the inception of the Uber app.

While it may look like a job with less risks, there is always uncertainty because not all clients can be trusted. Some passengers may try to con you while some may decide to throw up in your cab. In some cases, you may be profiled based on your skin color or even get attacked. There have been numerous cases in the media of female cab drivers being harassed, groped and offered sex in lieu of payment.

Another cause for concern is that the industry has been facing competition for the longest time and many taxi firms keep coming up. This means you can never be sure of your earnings and you have to put up with grueling hours.



The risks are endless.

This is one of the riskiest jobs for a woman. First, the profession is believed to be an institution for the evil, and it is hard for a prostitute to justify her place in society. This is also one of the careers that have been highly associated with trafficking and exploitation of women, especially in countries that have legalized prostitution.

You will also hear cases of homicide and numerous deaths because some clients are cruel. In some instances, a woman may get raped and left for dead.

Lastly, the profession increases the chances of contracting HIV, and STIs, mostly because some clients insist on having bareback sessions. The profession has not been legalized in most countries, so it can be a challenging career altogether. What most women have not been able to deal with is the stigma of being ‘touched’ against their will.



Dealing with customers can be a nightmare at times. As a server, you do not have an option. You are supposed to show up, even on your worst days.

There are tons of ignorant people who will always look down on you because they find it hard to believe that you have a ‘real job.’ They forget that you pay bills and sustain yourself as a food handler.

Sometimes, you may be forced to work on weekends, meaning you may not have family time. This is also the kind of profession where there is no vertical mobility unless you are looking to switch careers.

Most times, the pay is usually low, and you rarely have money in your pocket. This forces you to adopt an attitude of entitlement where you believe customers owe you a tip. Food handlers are also exposed to conditions that can harm their health.



When you put on your uniform and head out to the job, you know you risk getting hurt and it may even be your last day. That is the life of a firefighter. This is a highly hazardous field with a high injury rate. In addition, running towards burning buildings is not fun, unless it’s a calling.

Obviously, some women have excelled in this career, but many women are not as physically gifted as men. This means that there is a higher chance a woman is going to jeopardize an entire mission and put the lives of crew members at risk. Most women are unable to lift heavy items; how are they going to pull someone out of fire or move a charged hose line?

This concludes that even though women can do this job, men are (generally) better suited for it. And sadly, standards cannot be lowered in this profession to accommodate women.



The reality is that most people hate politicians, and mostly because they fail to honor their promises. Everyone thinks politicians are power hungry, selfish and greedy individuals.

This career can take its toll on a woman because it comes with a lot of finger pointing and criticism. It is a tough profession, but some women have taken the plunge because they have the resilience to withstand the constant attacks. These women have subjected themselves to a barrage of aggressive questions and criticism just because they want to become members of parliament.

As a politician, you have to regularly deal with an opposition that is always looking for your flaws and is lusting to expose you. There is also a hungry media that is looking for that moment when you misspell a word or say something silly. No decent dad wants this for his daughter.



The duties may vary depending on the job setting, but most production workers operate machines and are tasked with making a product or parts of a product. Their work mostly involves molding, cutting, welding, or mixing.

This profession can be demanding because sometimes you are expected to cover night shifts. You are also likely to spend most of your time standing while operating machines.

One of the biggest problems with this profession is that employees work in an open space and there are always cases of sexual harassment. The wage is also low for most workers. This is probably why people hate this profession. There are also claims that getting time off can be tough. So, if you need time for family, forget about it.

Most production workers complain about their bosses, their little pay, and the limited time they have with their families.



Dads don’t want their daughters being combat soldiers; not because they can kill, but because of the things that can be done to them when they are captured. But that is not the only fear; in the past, there have been cases where women have been abused by their peers or members of their unit.

Critics agree that in the military, women are more at risk compared to men. First, women lack the physical strength that men have, and this is evidenced when women are unable to perform certain tasks that males undertake with ease. There is also the issue of family balance. Imagine being deployed in a faraway land for five years. This could make you lose touch with your family.



The job of a miner is hard because it involves going several kilometers under the ground to look for fossil resources. In this profession, there are difficult working conditions, and the dangers to life and health are immense. Coal mining, for example, increases the probability of black lung disease and other respiratory illnesses.

Mining requires that you are physically fit and strong. Many miners are known to suffer nervous disorders and depression within their first few months of working. People interested in this career don’t need to have extensive education, and sometimes the little education requirements make the job look like it belongs to lowlifes.

Working for long hours in cramped environments is stressful and can at times be dangerous. Explosions, fires and falling objects are some of the dangers that miners have to deal with. In addition, this field is mostly male-dominated, and a woman may find it unfulfilling.



The job requires that you spend most of your time on the road, sleeping in motels and eating junk food. During this period, you will be exposed to all kinds of dangers. For most fathers, spending time away from home is a concern because it can prevent a daughter from finding a partner.

The irregular sleep patterns are never enjoyable and can get you worn out in the long run. The changing weather patterns may also be unwelcoming because sometimes you have to deal with extreme temperatures. This means that if you are allergic, you are going to experience more problems. Some other problems that you have to deal with include traffic, delays and deadlines.

In addition, the profession does not pay well, especially when you are a new driver.



Women working at construction sites face many challenges. First, there is always the wage discrimination between males and females. Since the field is mostly male-dominated, women receive a lower pay.

Secondly, the working conditions are always poor. For example, some sites fail to adhere to all the safety rules. This includes failing to provide safety helmets and safety shoes. Other times, they fail to construct separate toilets for different sexes. This exposes women to germs and increases sexual harassment cases.

Construction work is also demanding in terms of physical strength and can be tiring when a woman is not physically fit. The strength and stamina to work for long hours can make some women quit. Imagine having to work during menstruation and post delivery period when a woman feels weak.

Another problem at the site is exposure to dust, cement and heat, which are health hazards.



Correctional officers go through a lot, and their lives are usually at risk because anything can happen in prison. From time to time, inmates may decide to break out or fight endlessly, and these may be deadly times.

Prison wardens need to ensure that detainees enforce certain rules, but they need to remain on high alert to avoid attacks. Convicts have a tendency of turning small items into lethal weapons, and they can cause great harm when left unchecked.

Despite the physical dangers, officers can experience a job burnout as they focus on finishing their shifts without incidents. This explains why the profession records higher mortality rates. Its physical and psychological demands can be way too much, but they are required to be resilient at all times.

The work is always tough and unpredictable.



While they walk with superstars and the mighty in society, their pay is always low when they are starting their profession.

A bodyguard works in an unsafe environment and is always uncertain about what may happen next. Some of them protect individuals who have committed crimes and are being targeted. This can put the bodyguard’s life at risk.

When your boss needs to travel, you are likely going to have more work because you are supposed to accompany your employer. During such times, you may be required to be the driver or secretary; tasks that come unexpectedly. This profession can impede your social life because it gives little or no time to hang out with friends.

Another disadvantage is that when you decide to quit, it can be difficult to find another opportunity because employers have to trust you, and we all know that can take time.



They clean and maintain buildings, and their work does not need formal education. While the career is rarely risky, the pay is meager, and most employees are forced to stick with side hustles. The pay is usually low because companies rarely have trouble finding janitors. Many of them also work part-time and do not receive benefits like other company employees.

This job is believed to belong to those who are unskilled since it does not require education. Therefore, there is a perception that janitors are stupid and uneducated.

In some cases, a janitor may be forced to deal with gross stuff like decomposed food, urine, and waste material. Those who work in public facilities face this challenge more. Other times, they may be exposed to harmful chemicals.



This is not the type of career that anyone can jump into.

Most window cleaners operate on their own or are hired by small cleaning companies. This means that getting clients can be a problem sometimes.

First, it exposes one to dangerous conditions like falling from high buildings or getting sick from cold temperatures. There is also a large number of dishonest customers who may refuse to pay for services, probably because they do not value your skills.

This is another profession that is often looked down upon because people believe it does not demand special skills. People forget that a window cleaner occasionally climbs buildings that are as tall as 100 meters and stay up there for more than an hour. Overall, people will still not take you seriously, unless maybe you try and fly.



Before you even get to wear the uniform, you have to go through a rigorous training that may make you regret why you joined the force. Then once you are qualified, you have to deal with thousands of excuses that people make up when they don’t want to get arrested. Occasionally, they even go to the extent of showing you attitude. Sadly, the law demands that you stand and take all the abuse.

At times, you are expected to patrol at strange hours. Some shifts even require you to work for long periods without seeing your family.

The biggest issue with being a cop is that danger is everywhere. This is because you are frequently dealing with lawbreakers and violent people. No amount of police training can prepare you for the risks that lies ahead.



This is not a fun job because it leaves other people miserable.

People in this business are hated because they come and take away stuff when you miss your payments, and most of the time, they never give you time to explain yourself.

Repossession agents can cause harm and embarrassment to you, and they can do it without even thinking twice. They are also responsible for leaving a negative mark on your credit history, which ends up damaging your credit score.

How can a woman be a repossession agent? This is the kind of profession that no one should be passionate about.

Many people consider this a ‘dirty’ job as it relies on other people’s failure. On a bad day, a repossession agent may get attacked or sent away by wild dogs, though this is against the law.



With all the concerns about climate change and the need to preserve the environment, you do not want to be that person who harvests timber.

Lumberjacking has been listed among the worst jobs by CareerCast. The stress levels are too much, and the income is never satisfactory. The working environment in most cases is unwelcoming, especially when you have to invade the territory of wild animals or you have to destroy a habitat.

You are also faced with the difficulty of selling your services since the demand for lumberjacks has declined in the recent years.

Despite the countless dangers, the skill is scorned by the public because it does not require education. How are you going to say you are lumberjack when you are seated with lawyers and doctors? This is probably what runs through the mind of a decent father.


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