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20 Jobs That Turn Women Off

20 Jobs That Turn Women Off

Do you go to work dragging your feet in the morning, complaining that you have the worst job in the world? Do you think your job stinks? I’m sure you do! At least once a month!

Although what people take into account as an awful job is very often subjective, there are some factors – including pay, work conditions and prospects – that rank the jobs as being the best or the worst jobs in the world. Every industry has them and they will stand the test of time.

It is also true that every job has its pros and cons, but for those that are considered “the worst” it is obvious there aren’t many pros. Some of them even imply humiliation and working conditions that might impact the worker’s health and could have a negative impact even “out of the office” on the employee’s social and private life. A person who has one of these jobs, mostly performed by men, risks to have less friends and miss the opportunity to find the right match.

Read the article bellow and then think twice before daring to complain about your work conditions. Once the reading is complete, you might even want to go and give a hug to your boss!

20. Newspaper Reporter


Do you remember the times when we used to go to the newsstand, buy a newspaper and have ink on our fingers? These times are long gone. It’s such a shame, as this job is neither easy nor dull or boring.

In order to get such a job you need a bachelor’s degree as well as strong experience in this field, computer proficiency, excellent communication skills and active learning skills, among others.

Despite all this, it has made the headlines lately, because of the fast decline of print publications, which have been quickly replaced by online press, more accessible to people, who with one click can find out what is happening at the other side of the world.

Therefore, it is difficult for people who work in this field, and especially for men, to have a serious relationship, as their professional career is a minefield. Thus, their financial status is also questioned.

19. Telemarketer


Do you no longer answer phone calls from hidden or unknown numbers, for fear of being hooked by a telemarketer? Imagine the ordeal of the person you have at the other end of the line: whole days trying to sell to strangers a product he/she is probably forced to lie about, trying desperately not to be hung up on, rejected 100 times a day or yelled at.

People who have such a job aren’t happy with what they do, they have accepted it only in order to round their incomes, but aren’t proud of themselves. They feel pretty much like robots, reading from scripts and repeating the same things over and over again.

Would you date a man whose self-esteem is low and whom you have to encourage all the time, by always showing him that he can do much more than this?

18. Embalmer


If you are a fan of Six Feet Under, I’m sure you know what I mean.

It has its advantages, such as the fact that you assist mourning families to get over the beloved person’s death and to move forward, as well as its disadvantages, as it implies injecting formalin into the arteries of a deceased, draining the body of gases and cleaning the natural orifices? In addition, the embalmer is also exposed to the odors and toxic products used.

Women show little interest in men working in this field, and even if they don’t freak out on the first date, and they can get beyond your professional background, they advise you not to reveal to anyone what you really do for a living because it’s gross and disgusting.

17. Turkey Wanker


No, it’s not a farce! In the case of assisted animal breeding, progress never stops. In the United States, breeding males have been so selected for the prominence of their breasts and their ability to gain weight so quickly that they can no longer copulate naturally.

Therefore, somebody needs to get their precious seed, and it’s not necessarily a pleasure for turkey flatterers. They must approach delicately before targeting the delicate area, and they have to do all this in a hangar with little romantic and impressive appearance in which thousands of birds release an unpleasant odor of ammonia, which is often difficult to breathe.

16. Pusher (Railway Station Attendant)


These “sardine packers” used to be very trendy at the beginning of last century, as they were in charge of directing and pushing crowds onto the correct trains. They lost ground in New York, but they have been performing well in Japan and in Madrid, lately.

Unfortunately, passengers don’t really appreciate their work: on the contrary, many faint from heat or lack of oxygen and often feel very uncomfortable.

Between the passengers who are always complaining about being jostled and those who are unhappy with the fact that they have to wait for the next train, the days must be long for the passenger arrangement staff!

You’d say it’s the perfect job for pervs, but even they hate it, as they fear they might be squeezing man-boobs by mistake!

15. Cruciverbalist


I’m sure that when you first see or hear this word, you think it might be some religious jargon, don’t you? If you do, you’re wrong, my friend!

It means nothing more than a constructor of crossword puzzles that we all solve in the waiting room or in the underground. It sounds interesting and challenging and it also requires a certain level of intelligence. Then, why is this job listed here?

Simply because, increasingly threatened by automatic crossword generators, the cruciverbalist must nowadays rack his/her brains in order to find the most amazing and original definitions and combinations, therefore living in his/her own world, pretty much like a scientist.

It is quite hard to step into somebody’s world, unless you’re invited, and women would never try to get into a world that they don’t really know or understand.

14. Carambar Joke Selector


Which super hero is the best baseball player? BATman, of course.

Although I’m sure few of you knew this answer, less know where to find it. On the wrapping paper of the chewy caramel candy Carambar, of course – another excuse to eat sweets!

It might still not be the best joke ever. We live in uncertain times, where the economic crisis stalks us at every step. The company is aware of it, and it tried to create an advertising campaign announcing they will stop printing jokes on their candies’ papers. Apparently, its result was below expectations. Imagine the shock and the state of depression of the company selectors who struggle hard to find the best catchy joke.

Who would date a man who’s unhappy and depressed despite being surrounded by jokes all day long?

13. Toilet Tester


Even though there may be people paid to test both the comfort and the quality of our toilet seats, the type of toilet tester you are going to read about here has an even more incongruous job. He must test the toilets for approval to verify if they effectively remove the fecal material. To do this, the tester must first create artificial excrements similar to human feces and then measure the evacuation efficiency of the WC tested.

You wouldn’t think there is such a job on earth. Let me add that it is also one of the best paid jobs in the world.

Even so, there are few people who accept such a job and even fewer who date men holding such a position. Could you be one of the women who’s proud to introduce her husband as a “toilet tester”?

12. Ostrich Guardian


This profession does indeed exist in South Africa. Ostriches do not need much to reveal their belligerent character: altercations between these great birds with a highly developed territorial instinct are frequent, and it is their guardian duty to intervene in order to prevent them from hurting each other.

Try to mediate between two birds measuring up to 2.50m and weighing up to 150kg! We are all curious to hear how you feel and what your mood is when you come back home in the evening!

11. Butcher


Getting up at dawn in order to spend the day amid dead animals – there’s nothing more glamorous! Let’s add long hours, dealing with customers, working in the cold. It doesn’t sound like the dream job. Let alone the fact that it is performed mostly by men.

These men have huge problems in finding the right woman by their sides, as despite the fact that they are really good at cutting meat, women don’t like men who have knives and know how to use them as well.

Let’s not forget that most women love animals, therefore they consider the butchers their worst enemies. Although it is completely wrong, you can’t change it. Sometimes they simply can’t get out of the box!

10. Crime Scene Cleaner


If you’re looking for a job and find an ad requiring “a huge heart, a strong stomach and willingness to work crazy hours, weekends included” think twice before applying! Though, if you call you might be told that you mission is to help families during their most vulnerable moment, an unbearable loss. The pay is also good and the reward of helping the others is amazing. It doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Here’s the reverse: cleaning blood-spattered walls and locations where people lay dead for months, breathing unbearable odors, trying to get rid of that horrible smell and even worse, trying to forget the picture of the victims, who sometimes might even be children.

These people smell death every day. It cannot be easy to deal with! That’s why they appreciate and enjoy life more than other people. Women must not forget it and must be open-minded enough to get over their date’s job. It’s only a job after all, as most of them say.

9. Pet Food Taster


This job is not new at all, it has been around since the time of kings, and the Romans are famous for having used slaves to taste the food of their pets and determine if it is safe to eat.

You are entitled to wonder why such a job is required, as animals in general eat whatever you throw them and they neither care about the smell and the taste nor about the nutritional value of a certain meal. Or, at least, this is what we suppose, as animals cannot express they feelings verbally – but their owners definitely think differently.

So, women, if you ever date a pet food taster, you really have to be good cook, otherwise you might hear that not even the dog would eat such a meal. And you’ll have to take his words for it. Who’s the expert, after all?

8. Armpit Sniffer


This job requires both a willingness to smell other people’s sweaty bodies and a very good sense of smell. There are few persons who’ve got them.

This job might seem awkward even for those who do it on a regular basis. People who perform it work for the largest perfume brands in the world, and all they do is sniff – nothing strange up to here, but here comes the strange part – underarms in order to test for the type of odor, the level of odor and the quality of new products such as deodorants.

7. Paint Drying Watcher


Sit around simply waiting for things to happen…

One of the most boring jobs in the world – watching paint dry. And most of us see it as a bit of a joke!

There are people who get well paid simply to watch walls and to assess how quickly a certain paint dries. And they are very proud of what they do for a living.

Paint companies actually hire people to do this as they want to make sure that the paint is durable as it dries.

Can you imagine your life without colors? Of course you can’t, especially without vibrant colors that affect our emotions.

6. Firefighter


Is there anyone who doesn’t want to hang around a person who knows how to save lives? Firefighters are hot, literally, as they have to be in shape to perform many life-saving tasks. And, the icing on the cake, they are supposed to be very good kissers as they know how to do proper CPR. Then, what’s wrong about this job?

It is one of the most dangerous jobs ever, as they never know what to expect when they get to a location on fire, and they are perfectly aware of the fact that every day of work can be their last day. It is an unbearable thought for most women!

5. Janitor – At An Adult Cinema


At least, you will be very popular among your male friends as you get to see all the porn for free. But it’s definitely not the job you want to talk about with your girlfriend or your mother.

Being a janitor at a porno theatre implies taking the mop and cleaning up after each show is finished. Unlike any other traditional theatre, it’s safer and better for you to assume that the sticky substance under the chair is something else than simply a drink.

4. Animal Masturbator


Although this job is neither dangerous, nor time consuming, it isn’t on the top list of the most wanted jobs on earth.

Animal masturbators help researchers, who require animal sperm for studies or for artificial insemination. Therefore, they support science and encourage animals breeding. Good causes, right?

Let’s look deeper and see how they do it. This job can be done either by using a rectal electrifier to stimulate the bottom of the animal by small shots of electricity, or by the old fashioned way – with their hands. Imagine masturbating a buffalo or an elephant!

3. Elephant Inseminator


Have you been to the zoo lately? Have you seen baby elephants? They are funny and cute, aren’t they? But have you ever thought how these elephants are born?

I’m sure you don’t know, or it’s hard for you to imagine, but in general there is a person behind the bottom of every female elephant, literally speaking. Given that the elephant is the largest land animal on this planet, this job is dangerous, as one hand is not enough! Don’t worry, you haven’t got any eye problems, you read it correctly!

2. Monkey Chaser


Any country that has a monkey problem can’t be taken seriously!

People for Taiwan know it better, therefore, in large cities, monkey chasers are hired to keep monkeys away from hotels, stores and public venues. As cute as monkeys might seem, they are big, dangerous and they could chase visitors, thus negatively impacting the country’s economy.

In another attempt to perform their tasks, these monkey chasers tell people not to feed the monkeys, as these animals might develop abnormal or at least strange behaviors such as invading people’s homes in search of food.

Fancy waking up on Saturday morning and meeting a monkey in your kitchen, storming your fridge!

1. India’s Sewer Cleaners


It is by far the most humiliating and smelly job ever! Imagine someone emerging from a seven-foot-deep manhole, after having crawled through the sewage, equipped with a steel bar and a hoe and shirtless. Sewage clinging to his body, of course.

It definitely can’t be the most beautiful picture, but this is how most Indian cities sewers are cleaned, including the country’s booming financial capital: Mumbai. India sewers are cleaned by men, in general by old men. Although aware of the fact that it is very dangerous and that it jeopardizes their health, they carry on with their work, as they can’t do anything else, most of them being illiterate.

Fortunately, in 2013, the manual scavenging, as this work is also called, was ruled illegal!


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