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20 Jobs That Will Be In High Demand In The Near Future

20 Jobs That Will Be In High Demand In The Near Future


The labor market is changing faster, and most of these developments are resulting from technological and demographic changes. This means that those in administrative and white-collar jobs may lose their jobs if they do not act fast.

Today, outsourcing, layoffs, and cutbacks are the norm in most organizations. Most employees are finding themselves victims of company downsizing, and the situation is getting worse by the day.

In case you are about to start your career, or you are thinking about switching careers, it is important that you understand the changes that are taking place. The reality is that many positions are going to be automated regardless of the fact that the population is increasing rapidly. The sad news is that some of the hottest job today may not be in existence after ten years, and this is because machines and algorithms are taking over.

But we all know that the labor market creates new jobs to replace the old ones. Even though the job market may undergo revolutionary changes, over the next decade or so, some professions are going to be in high demand in the near future. These jobs belong to some of the fastest-growing sectors, like tech and healthcare.

Futurists have chimed in on the jobs they think will be in high demand.

Here are 20 of  them:



The proliferation of mobile technology has driven the demand for new applications; whether it is music, games, social sharing or news. More and more people are embracing the use of mobile devices, and this has increased the demand for apps that are used to perform the various functions.

Software developers who are able to create apps are going to be in demand because the world is not about to stop with the app madness. Almost every single day, more and more applications find their way into the app markets, and all of them try to perform the different tasks that they are meant for. Look at the Uber app, for example; it has taken the world by storm by effectively matching drivers and those who need cab services. More of such apps are going to be demanded in the future.



For the longest time, the media has been known to have entities that work separately. For example, the internet, TV, newspapers, and magazines are all operated separately. But these different forms of media have started coming together. Future journalists will be required to work with graphics, photography, and sound to come up with multimedia that people will love.

In the near future, digital jobs will require one to know and accomplish more. An integrated digital media specialist will be required to look after all the aspects of content creation, for either a website or media outlet. The traditional demarcations will be eradicated, and the reporter will be required to take the photo that will accompany the story. While such an idea was inconceivable, it is soon going to be a reality, and those who can combine media skills will be in high demand.



Most web developers are responsible for creating and designing websites. They are solely responsible for the aesthetic appearance of websites as well as the site’s performance and capacity. They are the individuals who determine the traffic that a single site can accommodate, and make all the tweaks that enable a website to perform optimally.

While this career has been flourishing in the recent past, it is likely to be in high demand, especially because more businesses and individuals are demanding classy websites on a regular basis. In addition, E-commerce sites are not ending anytime soon. In fact, they have gone on a rampage and should continue to do so in the future.

The increased use of portable devices like phones and tablets will also ensure that these folks remain relevant as more people want to view and read website content on their smartphones/tabs.



A virtual assistant (VA) provides business services to clients remotely. Some of the most common services offered by virtual assistants include secretarial, administrative, creative, and technical work. The beauty of this role is that work can be done in the home office without the need to travel or commute.

Since the range of services that can be provided by a VA are endless, they are going to be in high demand in the near future as entrepreneurs look to increase productivity. VA’s will provide accounting, research, IT, and database management, and many other services. The demand for these assistants has grown in the recent past, and it is not likely to stop anytime soon. The fact that they can tackle multiple roles will make them valuable in the future.



Virtual reality (VR) is becoming common by the day, and it is being embraced in both the professional and entertainment spaces. This means that there will be a need for people who can design and implement the virtual reality experience. These designers will be tasked with making virtual experience friendly to every user; whether in travel, business, work, or leisure.

Virtual reality is expected to be part of our daily lives; just like smartphones and the Internet. This will be further propagated by the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) in our homes. Physical offices will not have any use since employees will be able to log in from their homes and interact with their workmates virtually.



Today, most of the equipment in our homes are ‘required’ to use technology to make our lives easier. But we all know that these items may, once in a while, experience technical difficulties and may need to be maintained or repaired. Smart-home handymen will be responsible for this kind of work. They will be required to improve our homes by connecting our appliances to the internet of things. They will also be expected to maintain those devices and reconnect them in case of any breakdowns.

The Internet of Things industry is a burgeoning industry that is projected to be worth $19 trillion by 2020. So, engineers and handymen should expect to be hired to solve most of the technical difficulties. Smart home people will be required to integrate our devices because everyone will be looking forward to a fully functioning smart home.



Big data will largely be behind the growth of this profession. Market research analysts will be expected to assist companies with valuable information concerning consumer behavior and market conditions. These experts will be required to use their analyzing skills to come up with effective marketing strategies that can enable companies to shine in a competitive business landscape. Once they study the market, they will be able to come up with appropriate prices.

They will be responsible for setting up surveys and skimming through tons of data to track what consumers want and how they can increase the market share. A market research analyst will be a crucial member of the team that will be responsible for new products. An advantage of this position is that it will run through several industries that need research.



Environmentalists, gardeners, food justice advocates, city planners, and community groups, are embracing urban farming. The good thing about being an urban farmer is that while there may be a readily available market for your products (the population living in cities and urban areas), you do not have to own a large tract of land. You can simply start an urban farm with a group of friends or by yourself. More of urban farmers are going to be in demand as more people are developing an interest in understanding the food system. There is need to increase access to locally grown food, and urban farms are going to be in the front line of this change.

Today, the population in the urban areas demands local and sustainable food options. These community understands the detrimental effects of industrial farming and prefers eco-friendly ways of producing food.



3-D printers are today playing a significant role in the manufacturing and prototyping industries. Therefore, an increasing number of people are going to appreciate the use of 3-D printing. This means more people are going to be hired to design and print objects as companies will be willing pay huge fees to have their products custom-made.

More 3-D design specialists will be required to take product ideas and turn them into life. This will also be triggered by the need for more creative designs in various disciplines like architectural visualizations, medical device designs, and product design. Candidates who will have a hands-on experience in 3D technologies, and who will be updated on how companies use 3D will remain ahead of the pack.



The rise of big data will give rise to the demand for data analysts. These experts will be required to make sense of all the data collected by organizations. Data is already big in the 21st century because businesses and organizations want to understand what they have gathered. Data analysts will be required to obtain, analyze, and report on various data insights that will range from user behavior to business metrics.

The job of a data analyst will be lucrative and intellectually satisfying as companies try to uncover the overwhelming amount of data that they collect. These analysts, who at times will refer to themselves as ‘data scientists,’ will be at the center of their organizations’ decision-making process.

While the profession will be in high demand, the work itself will be demanding because an analyst will have to position themselves at the intersection of communication, business intelligence, and statistics.



Robots are slowly invading our ‘space.’ They are replacing the human workforce and are expected to extend their influence into the future. The demand for these intelligent machines has been greatly attributed to the demand for automation. Since robots are expected to increase, there is going to be high demand for technicians who can build, maintain, and ensure those robots run smoothly.

These professionals will need to be masters of machinery and modern technology and will use their skills to create human-like creatures that can perform an array of tasks. Robotics technicians will spend most of their time designing the plans needed for the robots to operate optimally.



Huge companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have servers that they use to store data that can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. Thanks to cloud computing. To cut costs, streamline processes, and enhance usability, savvy engineers are going to be required to brainstorm on how to run those servers efficiently.

While the role of a cloud engineer can be broken down into several positions, the primary focus is usually to improve the cloud services. Cloud computing is the future of businesses and information technology, and there will be a need to make it efficient and flexible to enable businesses to run efficiently.

Their sole duty of the cloud engineers will be to design and maintain the cloud while monitoring technical results.



As the world continues to develop various technologies and autonomous systems, there is going to be increased demand for technical writers whose task will be to prepare detailed instructions on how to use the new products and services. Technical writers will provide information on company blogs, white papers, and special reports.

Technical writers will be expected to have exceptional writing and communication skills, and be highly creative. These skills will enable them to come up with informational and accurate pieces that can be used by various consumers.

Some of the fields that will demand the skills of technical writers include computing, robots, prostheses, and wearables. Most of these are evolving technologies that need to be explained on a regular basis. And these technical communicators will come handy.



Science is expanding at an unimaginable rate. Therefore, many science fields, one of them being the nanotechnology, have a great future. Nanotechnology has spread its effects to almost every area as companies have started developing their processes and products based on the technology.

This means that fields relying on Nano are going to scramble for qualified professionals to help them succeed. The job that will likely be in high demand will be that of a nanotechnologist, who will be tasked with developing nanotechnology-based products.

Nanoscience will need a workforce that can steer it forward, and nanotechnologists will be at the forefront of this progress. This will be a particularly lucrative career since several countries face serious challenges when it comes to producing professionals in the engineering and science sectors.



Jobs in the traditional energy industries – like oil – may be at risk due to the growing concern for global warming and scrutiny of the usage of fossil fuels. In addition, the world oil production is nearing a plateau, and the world has begun paying attention to renewable energy. This means job hunters targeting the field of renewable energy are likely to get hired.

Job seekers targeting solar, wind, and bioenergy are likely to have more opportunities. One promising profession will be that of a renewable energy technician. This specialist will be responsible for making sure renewable energy is put to good use. For example, such a technician may be required to install or troubleshoot solar panels. The demand for such an expert is expected to increase as more people continue to welcome the use of renewable energy.



The internet has brought many dangers, and more organizations are seeing the need to hire IT experts who can beef up their information security. Information system analysts will not only be restricted to tech fields; they will be required across various industries, as long as there are digital records. One of the industries that will highly demand their services is health care. Their skills will be required in hospitals to protect patients’ privacy.

They will be responsible for developing and implementing measures that will safeguard an organization’s computer network. This means they will need to have some computer and programming skills. In fact, most of them will be significant assets to their organizations as they will be tasked with safeguarding sensitive company information.



The world has welcomed the computerization of most devices. From phones, airplanes, home appliances, to cars. In fact, it has become unusual to come across a business that does not rely on a computer. This means that those responsible for running computers are going to be valuable.

Computer systems analysts will be tasked with ensuring that a company’s computer needs are met and improved on a regular basis. They will need to ensure that all the technological requirements are met and are in line with the progress and demands of the connected world.

This is one of the IT careers that should have longevity because it involves integrating technology with the needs of the business. These professionals will be required to evaluate the current computer systems and create solutions that maximize the operations of their organizations. They will need to stay updated about technological trends.



Working as a nurse is considered an age-old profession, but we are going to need more nurses in the future. There is a growing population of old people who need to be looked after because their health is deteriorating. A big portion of this population are the baby boomers who are approaching their retirement age and are going to need extra care.

The nurses may be expected to perform routine physical therapy as there will be more victims who will need care due to various medical conditions. The nurses are going to help more people through rehabilitation and traumas. In fact, more health workers are going to be in demand to assist professional physicians.



As the demand for caretakers increases, there is going to be need for remote healthcare professionals whose work will be to offload the duties of non-remote care practitioners. This will enable non-remote care professionals to concentrate more on urgent matters.

This is a position that is relatively new and encompasses various health care professionals coming together and designing systems or devices that can track health issues. The experts use the devices or systems they have created to provide virtual or remote help to patients.

More people are going to need systems that can proactively track their health conditions, and remote health care specialists are going to fit this role in the future. The care professionals will come up with a myriad of health apps that are going to make it easier to perform their work remotely.



Almost every university is offering some online degree program. This is an indication that there is going to be high demand for freelance educators who will be leveraging on the flexible online classes to reach a much wider audience. The internet will make this possible as it has seen the growth of online courses and the introduction of several accreditations.

In fact, in the near future, you will only need a marketing plan, an outstanding teaching style, and remarkable course materials to start your university. The entire education system is shifting, and teaching is moving into the on-demand realm as people continue to search for academic freedom. Freelancing is offering greater flexibility and freedom, and more students are going to opt for freelance professors to avoid attending a real class.


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