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20 Jobs That Will Not Lead To Lots Of Wealth But Will Make You Happy

20 Jobs That Will Not Lead To Lots Of Wealth But Will Make You Happy


A happy career and a fat paycheck are mutually exclusive, in most cases. And the reason is that money, sadly, is usually the motivation behind working. Workers often forget that the purpose of seeking a job should be to find incredible satisfaction, whether the pay is average or low.

Employees forget that they need to focus on their interest when searching for a fulfilling career. Paying attention to your interests is the first step that will steer you towards a happy job, regardless of the returns. Remember, you are going to spend a significant chunk of your life in the workforce; therefore, you need to be in a position that matches your interests and motivates you.

The question is, what job will make you happier? In most cases, these kinds of jobs involve high-level interactions and show tangible results at the end of the day. Often, these roles are based out of the typical office setting and tend to focus on making others happy.

You do not need to dread Mondays because you can derive scores of happiness from doing something that gives you joy. Here is a list of 20 jobs that will not lead to lots of wealth, but will make you happy:



Well, as an adventure tourism employee, your work mostly involves traveling the globe and meeting awesome people, and probably living in the mountains and forests.

Who wouldn’t love a career in adventure tourism? While interacting with plenty of tourists, you have the opportunity of imparting your wisdom and experience while also learning from others. In the end, you are guaranteed to enjoy this exciting career.

Add that to the fact that you can do almost anything, anywhere in the world: you could be climbing Mount Thor in Canada; cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa; cliff jumping in Rick’s Cafe, Jamaica; or taking part in ice marathon in the South Pole, at the base of the Ellsworth Mountains. The options are endless!



Hairdressing is an outlet for your creativity, and an opportunity to make a living doing something that allows you to exude your artistry and creative mind. Hairdressers make our heads look beautiful, and coming into contact with several clients keeps the job challenging and rewarding.

The best part about this profession is that it gives you the chance to prove your capabilities on a regular basis. In addition, it is flexible and gives you the option of either hiring yourself or working for someone.

If you used to chop the locks of your doll or fix your friend’s hair, chances are you will find this profession satisfying. Hairstyling is the career that will let your creativity flow and bring the much-needed happiness. Jump in and meet new people while enjoying the flexibility!



This profession is often overlooked in terms of the of happiness it can bring. Think about moving around, interacting with people and pets, while doing your job. The most prominent advantage is that you get to explore your city and you receive payment for it.

This profession does not need any supervision because you are only required to walk into the front yard with your parcel. During work hours, you may come across some furry friends who will welcome you and allow you to gently massage their torso.

Being a mailman means you have looked beyond the compensation and you want a chance to meet new people and friendly pets. Better yet, you do not have to sweat it out academically; you are only required to pass some eligibility requirements before you are hired.



Firefighters claim their job is the best in the world. And truly, there are more things to like about being a firefighter. The feeling of accomplishment after a successful fire rescue is unmatchable. Think about it: the comradeship of firefighters, and the smell of the station after that successful rescue mission.

You may develop sore muscles after an operation, but when you see a kid’s eyes lighting up, your heart will melt. The crowd always wants firefighters to stay for dinner, and everyone normally pitches to roll the hose or fetch water. Why? Because people love firefighters.

Firefighters exude brotherhood and like to take care of their own. When you become one, you belong to a family that becomes part of you forever, and you get enough respect from other citizens. It feels great spending your working years in a team-centered workplace.



The combination of therapy and work that comes from teaching is the reason most kindergarten teachers stay happy. Kindergarten kids say silly things that put a smile on your face, over and over. And they are lovable because they are sweet and innocent. In fact, most of the time, they will suggest games that all of you can play together.

Despite the fact that teaching is a job, it is a calling for most people. This career is satisfying in that it allows you to watch as young humans transform into important people in society.

Kindergarten teachers have attested to the personal enrichment they derive from teaching their students. They are given a chance to instill a behavior that remains with the students long into adulthood. Watching kids blossom is one of the best feelings in the world.



Human rights are often sidelined because the world has become a cruel place, sadly. But human rights workers work to change that. They work to restore the rights and freedoms that every person should enjoy from birth. As a human rights worker, you get the chance to share what you believe as you try to restore equality, dignity, and independence.

These workers give hope in the face of repression and mistreatment. They work to protect citizens from the madness and greed of the world. And that, without a doubt, brings joy and fulfillment.

In fact, this profession has received international attention because human rights workers consistently champion for change, at a time when the world is facing many difficulties. While there may be little or no pay, the satisfaction that comes with this profession is enormous.



The feeling of taking wood and turning it into the most beautiful piece of art is out of this world. Being a carpenter makes you feel alive, and connected. You tend to feel accomplished because you can touch and feel the work of your hands. Carpentry is one of the oldest trades in the world since the art has been behind progress in humanity.

These folks use a natural product to create items and structures that make our lives comfortable and enjoyable. Carving with chisels, chopping timber, hitting a nail into a joint, and softening a wood surface, all in the name of making a work of art, can provide an incredible experience.



As a coastguard, your job is clearly cut out: coordinate searches and rescue missions in the high seas. You are mostly tasked with saving people’s lives, and this brings fulfillment and rewards in many ways.

Assisting people can be extremely satisfying. When you save a man’s life, you restore hope in the society because you can put a smile on families that had lost faith. When you walk into a hospital to visit your rescuee, you are going to feel better knowing you have given someone a chance to continue living.

Coastguards spend most of their time basking and moving in high-speed boats. They come across hundreds of sea creatures and meet amazing people because their profession is adorable.



As a social worker, you get the chance to walk into people lives to bring change. You talk to different people about their beliefs, their lives, and what motivates them, and in doing so, you get a different perspective of life.

You spend a considerable amount of your time saying positive things and making sure that people stay positive in the face of adversity. You also get an excellent opportunity to share your experience with a bunch of strangers.

This is the kind of job that gives you meaning and job satisfaction. Caring for people is one of the best experiences because it gives you a chance to reduce any suffering. And since you are driven by the desire to help others, the rewards will not be monetary or material.



When you open your door and are warmly received by your pet, your day could change in an instant. Now, imagine long walks with a bunch of pit bulls, golden retrievers, and Siberian huskies; all leashed to your waist because this is your career.

The peace of mind you are likely to derive from this job is more than the usual stubbornness of your animal friends. You will see them restless when they spot squirrels, and how excited they get when they spot other dogs. You are also assured that something funny is going to happen, always. So, laughing is going to be a routine. And because dogs love walking, they will always be enthusiastic about meeting you and going out again. How convenient?



You get to work with kids, adults, and people from all walks of life. Their attention is always refreshing; probably because they want to avoid drowning in the deep end. Kids are mostly honest, trusting, and will not judge you based on anything. You may even be surprised when you spend most of your sessions laughing.

Swimming instructors are free to play because their clients flip, jump, and dive, almost all the time. At some point, your students will even pretend they are sharks or mermaids and will spin and flip in the most unusual ways. At the end of the day, you will discover that the career is challenging in a good way.

You will be glad when you notice that the new swimmers can play in the pool by their own. This is what you will call achievement, and it will bring you great joy.



Taking photographs is an ideal career for those who are art-inclined. Photography is a fascinating path that has niche markets and comes with its perks: flexibility, traveling, and the freedom to incorporate your artistic vision in your shooting. While you may venture into animal, wedding, or commercial photography, the reward is always immense because you can see the world in a different way.

Each photographer sees the details in a different and fulfilling way. Remember, you also have the chance to capture your family memories using your camera. Those wedding and party photos will make everyone treasure you and will put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Overall, you get the chance to travel the world, as a photographer, and that comes with a whole lot of advantages.



Counseling is a career with many rewards. Whether it is counseling in the health sector, rehabilitation centers, or in schools. The whole point is to create positive change. The type of change that can transform lives and improve people’s well-being. In the process, you as a counselor get to learn many new things that can impact your life and the lives of those around you.

As you go out and help people overcome their problems, you do meaningful work and make a difference. In fact, you provide valuable assistance to those who are needy because stress is inevitable. This means people will always need direction, support, and guidance.

In this career, life experience is given value, and you are confident people can rely on you for guidance. In the end, you develop a stronger desire to help others, and you feel the purpose of your career.



The biggest reward as a landscaper is being able to stand and look at what you have done for the last 3 hours. Seeing a tangible result is very satisfying and will make you appreciate your job more.

Do not forget the great sensations and the daily dose of endorphins that you are likely to encounter on a daily basis. You literally ‘hang out’ with nature, during your work hours. You do not get any supervision when undertaking your tasks, and you get to meet great people in different neighborhoods.

At the end of the day, you will take pride in the fact that your results are visible. This is the kind of profession that allows you to track your progress as you perform your work. When you are satisfied with what you have done, you will appreciate your job more.



Working at a dog daycare is a dope experience as most of the work involve cleaning, playing, and massaging cute dogs. Yes, you are likely going to get your arms sore from throwing tennis balls now that playing fetch is a daily routine. Other times, you will be sandwiched, and the animals will lick the hell out of you as you watch helplessly.

Occasionally, you will enjoy teaching commands to new dogs, and sometimes you will be forced to shout ‘let’s go for a walk’ to get the attention of that serial humper. When it’s time to meet the parents of your animal friend, that is the time to take endless selfies because everyone will be smiling.

Dogs will keep you at your feet at all times. They will relieve you from boredom, help you exercise, and give you all the attention you need.



Translation brings its share of contentment. One of the adorable things about this profession is that you enjoy flexibility because you can either work in-house or as a freelancer. Being a freelancer gives you so much freedom from the typical 9-5 job, and in most cases, you make decisions about your work schedule.

Unlike most jobs, translation brings different challenges every day. You will not be dealing with the same information daily, rather, you will be tackling various tasks that are different in their way. This means you are going to learn something new on a regular basis. This work involves reading and writing, and doing both for a long time is guaranteed to expand your knowledge base.

Overall, you are going to enjoy conveying information from one language to another.



The customer service industry is addictive, and thousands have succumbed to its charm. First, it enables you to interact with the public on a regular basis. This is fun, especially if you are a social butterfly. On the other hand, if you are a shy person, talking to strangers is a great chance to hone your interaction skills. Second, being able to help is the gist of your role. Seeing that you have resolved issues will give you gratification and is a significant boost in karma.

Customer service incorporates team spirit as there is plenty of collaboration with other colleagues when seeking solutions. Working in customer care will provide you with plenty of transferable skills that can come handy in your next career. This is as a result of mostly liaising with other departments.



Working as a nurse aide is pleasing and beneficial in so many ways. In most cases, you are going to have a sense of fulfillment as you are contributing to the welfare of the society. As a nurse aide, your work involves interacting with hundreds of patients and helping them heal in so many ways. During this process, you can teach yourself valuable life lessons.

A nurse assistant is not limited to a hospital. You can work in retirement facilities, nursing homes, residential care facilities, hospice, or day care centers. In all these places, be rest assured that you are going to meet strange and interesting individuals.

As you nurse the old and toothless, you will find fulfillment because you are solving the problems of those who need your help.



When you work with kids who have various disabilities, your job may involve being screamed at, punched, and kicked, but you will still go back because of the satisfaction this jobs accords you. As a special education teacher, you can narrate some of your lame stories, and your students will still find you funny, every day.

The job leads to meaningful relationships with the students and their parents and can help you grow as an educator. In most cases, you are going to build trust with your students, and you will feel the joy when you see your students smiling and working in collaboration.

Once in awhile, you may get emotional as your student’s progress may remind you that the hard times were worth. At the end of the day, you will be happier knowing you are making yourself useful to the society.



This industry is packed with good people and positive energy. A massage therapist works in a relaxing environment that is peaceful and surrounded by scented candles, soft music, and beautiful soft towels. All these bring a relaxing experience to yourself and your clients.

You will be providing an invaluable service to men and women who are in pain, experiencing stress or recovering from various injuries. These people need a massage to speed up their healing process and to restore their blood circulation. In the end, clients will always be looking forward to meeting you. Let’s face it, who would turn down a massage offer? And, also, because the work involves engaging your entire body, you will be in great shape most times.


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