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20 Random And Nasty Facts About Travel Destinations No One Knew

20 Random And Nasty Facts About Travel Destinations No One Knew

Travel destinations around the world appeal to all kinds of people; not just hippies of Europe or business travelers in upper class compartments from the land of the Arabia. International travel is not just limited to tourists but there are also immigrants, students, and exchange workers, including religious groups and budget travelers. Lot of countries in the world welcome travelers with open arms, as tourists boost the economy of the country, and sometimes tourism is the main industry in a country; if it is like a small island in the giant ocean. Most travelers don’t face any problems when they visit nations, and European travelers are also seen to hang out in their groups in specific international areas or tourist towns, while there are also refugees from other nations, like the Rohingyas, that are even thrown out into the sea in their boats by countries like Thailand. There is also lot of African immigration to countries of Latin America, as these nations seem to invite people with open arms and the tourist trade seems to have its beginning in the region; as people from Europe came and settled there and even started tourist business in the region to boost economy. However, before traveling to all the exciting destinations the world has to offer, there are some unique facts from certain places travelers should know in advance. Below are 15 random and/or nasty facts about some destinations you didn’t know!

20. Goa


Goa is the top international tourist destination in the country of India. Known for its exciting red sand beaches and the hippie movement there from Europe, who engaged in outrageous activities here in their heyday, like nudism or even smoking psychedelic drugs. Some prominent beaches in the area for the hippies include Anjuna beach, that is known for wild parties; but after tightening of the screws by the authorities for the raves and heavy lifestyle, the scene seems to have shifted to other beach areas like Arambol, with a twist on spirituality, mud baths in springs and Rajasthan style classical music.

19. Varanasi


Varanasi is an exciting travel destination in India. It is the Hindu-religious town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and lies by the banks of the river Ganges. It is also quite popular in photographs, as cows can be seen roaming the streets, or even children can be seen jumping into the water of the river from a height as an exciting pastime. There are also psychedelic drugs like cannabis, that are available in government authorized shops like the local bhang variety; that can also be available as drinks or cookies or even cakes. There are also some freaky and grotesque holy men that reside there, like the Aghori clan of babas, or Hindu religious men.

18. Andaman islands


These are the prominent island groups of the country of India, and consist of Andaman islands in the northern side, and the Nicobar islands in the southern part in the Bay of Bengal region. The Andaman islands are known for the African tribes ,like the Jarawas, who live in the open in dense forests in the region like in the Jarawa reserve area. They are said to be calm and peaceful, and even play African drums on the street through the forest reserve or even do some tribal dancing. Other tribes like the Sentinels in Sentinel island are however violent, and have shunned human contact.

17. Kathmandu, Nepal


Nepal is the cool mountain destination north of India. Known for the majestic Mount Everest, and trekkers from Europe and other countries, who travel the gorgeous heights of the mountain and enjoy the scenery. But there is also a hippie scene in the country, particularly in the capital Kathmandu known for the famous hippie street Freak Street. There are also some cool temples in the region, where hippies have been seen to hang out and there were even movies like Hare Rama Hare Krishna, shot in the region that showed European hippies smoking cannabis, near the cool temples and mountain environment.

16. Assam


Assam is an exciting region in north east India. It’s known for its majestic river the Brahmaputra, and the temple of Kamakhya that is known as the hub of tantra. Or Indian style dark/Gothic culture in the region, and attracts Hindu tantrics from around the country. There are also lot of tribes in the area like the Khasis which have got their own statehood, have adopted Christianity as their religion, and are also known to indulge not just in local folk dances, but also rock music and eating of stimulants like; paan or betel nut leaf. While other tribes in the region, like the Nagas, have the mythic headhunters.

15. Bengal


Bengal is the region in eastern Indian known for rural life, the rivers, and some unique rural culture like the Baul singers; known for their free lifestyle. They even practice the Hare Krishna worship culture, as they are known as devotees of Lord Krishna. They are part of the Vaishnava group of religious sect in the region, that is also known for the international Hare Krishna movement; where people wear sandalwood marks on their head, do jumps or play traditional instruments like the dholak. There are also militant style religious sects like the Ananda Marga, that are known for tantra or dark culture, and there are even tantra temples like the Kali temple in Kalighat.

14. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is an exciting beach destination near southern India near the state of Tamil Nadu. It has been known as the hot area for the Tamil liberation movement in the island for a Tamil homeland, but the rebellion has been suppressed by the island authorities; though security concerns are still an issue in the region. Sri Lanka is also known as the land of Ravana, or the demon in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Lord Rama even sent a monkey to destroy the empire of Ravana in the region, and even built a bridge along the ocean waters from India to the island of Sri Lanka in the region, known as Rameswaram.

13. Thailand


Thailand is an exciting travel destination in south east Asia. Known for its white sand beaches, popular with European tourists known as farangs in the country, and there are also regular beach parties in the region; like in the party island of Ko Phangan, where Europeans engage in activities like dancing, heavy drinking or even psychedelic drugs. There is also a ladyboy movement in the country, who even perform dance shows and are known as calm and fun and part of the tourist enticements in the region. There are also some outrageous temples where monks hang around with tigers. There is even a super large Buddha statue in the island of Phuket, to assert Buddhist religion and culture.

12. Japan


Japan is the prominent island in north east Asia. It is known for the famous Mount Fuji and Japanese people are also known to engage in quirky activities (even adult style activities like adult toys or nymphet style Japanese girls, who come in television or online videos or clubs and supermarkets). There is also a geisha movement in the country, where women would entertain guests in a free flowing style with drinks or Japanese teas. There are even some quirky sports like Sumo wrestling, where overweight bulky men would grapple and fight with each other. There are also quirky restaurants in the capital Tokyo, like the monkey restaurant or the robot restaurant. All really enticing attractions!

11. Australia


Australia is the country down under south of the island group of Indonesia in Asia. It’s known for some exciting landscapes, like large red sand desert and some majestic red rock in the desert like in the Uluru Kata national park. There are also aboriginal people that wear tribal costumes, and perform dances to the music of traditional instruments, like the djiridoo. There are also issues of aboriginal rights in the region, as Australians are said to be descendants of Europeans who migrated to the region. Also, they have some issues of racism and violence there, as was shown in some television news.

10. Turkey


Turkey is the exciting and cultural destination in the land of the Arabia. Even though Islam is said to be the main religion in the country, there are also prominent religions like Judaism and Turkey. It even extends to Europe to bring in European culture and tourists in the region. Turkey is also known as the land of the Sufis, or the Islamic dervishes who would do whirling dances as meditation. There are even Sufi poets like Rumi, or whirling dance musicians like Omar Faruq. Even though Turkey is a peaceful Islamic country with an European twist, there were news of unrest and mass rebellion.

9. France


France is an exciting country in Europe, known for some great intellectual movement and intellectual icons, like Jean Luc Godard of the French new wave cinema. The invention of the film camera is also attributed to the Lumiere Brothers of France, and there is also a café culture in the country where French people would smoke cigarettes and assert intellectual pride. But there has been a ban on cigarette smoking in the country, and there has been other religious groups active in the country; like Islam with immigrants from Arabia and other female liberation groups like Femen of eastern Europe, who have their headquarters there.

8. Germany


Germany is an exciting country in Europe. Unfortunately known as the land of Hitler, or the leader of the Nazis, who made some gigantic constructions in the country and worked against the Jews; though the Nazi movement has been suppressed. German men however seem to show and assert the strong style of Hitler, and there is even a Neo Nazi movement in the country, that appears like a punk group without much substance. There is also a Gothic subculture in the country, and some Gothic style towns, like Rothenburg. Germany is also known as the land of racial pride in the European region, because of the iconic figure of Hitler.

7. Jamaica


Jamaica is a cool island destination in north America near the United States. It is known as the island where immigrants from Africa came and settled. They even developed a unique culture, like the Rastafarian movement, where men wear dreadlocks and play reggae music with iconic figures like Bob Marley. There is also a strong European tourism culture in the country, and European tourists even engage in activities like touching big fishes in the ocean waters, or walking in groups to a waterfall.

6. Brazil


Brazil is the hot country in South America. Known for the samba dance and even though Brazilians are associated with football, there is also a Christian, and even trans, culture in the country. There is also the famous Amazon river area that is known for some strange tribes, and even dangerous fishes like the piranhas; after which an American movie was shot.

5. Iran


Iran is the cool and religious destination in Asia. It falls in the desert of the Arabia, and even though Iranians are said to be intellectual with film movements, like those by director Mohsen Makhmalbaf. Even though Islam is the main religion in the country and is said to be rigorous requiring women to wear head scarves, women can also be seen as taxi drivers in the country to assert female liberation.

4. Papua New Guinea


This is an exciting country in southern end of east Asia north of Australia. It is known for some cool tribal culture, and is famous as a tribal country; with aboriginal dresses and even bat eating by hunting bats from forests.

3. South Africa


This is the country in the southern tip of Africa. Known for the movement of Nelson Mandela against the European, particularly British rule, and issues of racism, like Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi being thrown out of train.

2. Hawaii


Hawaii is an exciting travel destination in the vast ocean, and belongs to the United States. It is known for some strange landscapes. like molten lava from volcanoes flowing into ocean or strange rock landscapes.

1. United Kingdom


Even though the United Kingdom is famous as the seat of the British Empire that ruled myriad countries, there is also a huge and strong cultural movement, like electronic music and psychedelia, as shown in movies like Trainspotting.

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