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20 Shocking Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Within Minutes

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20 Shocking Celebrity Tweets That Were Deleted Within Minutes


The world of Twitter is an amazing place. People can share their thoughts with the entire world in just seconds. It’s always a lot of fun to see who has the most followers and how one single tweet can be shared and re-shared hundreds of thousands of times. Celebrities and athletes are usually the best ones to follow because you can always count on something controversial coming out at some point. With some people it happens more often than others.

Sometimes what someone tweets out is a spur of the moment thought that wasn’t really thought out at all. What results is the world seeing something completely stupid that was said by the tweeter. Whenever this happens there is always someone who is smart enough to grab a screen shot of it because sure enough the stupid comment will be deleted quickly. Once a person realizes what they have done, they remove them in hopes that nobody saw it. Lucky for us though, it rarely works out that way.

Today you’ll see instances of phone numbers given out to the world, topless selfies tweeted out to the public and just plain old stupid tweets that never should have been sent out. In one case a career was ruined by a single tweet. Well, ok, that one was a few tweets but they were just as stupid. You’ll see them shortly. Enjoy!

20. Rita Ora’s desperation


Rita Ora once tweeted to build anticipation for her upcoming new music. She thought she would help things along by tweeting “Dropping my new song Monday if this get 100,000 retweets.” Things didn’t go quite as she had planned though.

After getting only 2,000 retweets she claimed being hacked. What else could she do after falling so embarrassingly short of her goal? She wrote that her account had been hacked and that “When it’s ready we will drop music! Luckily I caught the hacker really quickly and deleted the post. Thank you!”

That is a funny and well thought out save of something that went horribly wrong for her. You can bet if she tries that again the number will be much lower!

19. Dean McDermott shows off Tori’s boobs


Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling are unfortunately all over social media all the time. It’s bad enough that they are on our televisions as much as they are but to have them all over social media too, well it makes one not want to use it as much anymore.

One of the more famous incidents they did was when Sean took a pic of their son and tweeted it for the entire world to see. The problem? Donna, umm sorry, Tori was laying behind him topless. Not many people missed it and they quickly took it down once they realized what they had done.

18. Hayley Williams bares all


2010 saw a mistake of major proportions by Paramore singer Hayley Williams. When Twitter mistakes are made it usually doesn’t play out too well for the person that made the mistake and this is just another case of that. Williams was apparently sending a DM to someone but instead tweeted it out to the public by accident.

What could it have been you ask? Well it was a topless selfie that very quickly made its way around the world. She deleted it immediately but it wasn’t quick enough because someone screenshotted it and shared it with the world. Williams was the only one who was upset about it though. Nobody else complained at all.

17. Adam Jones not happy with his team


In 2010 the Baltimore Orioles made a trip north of the border to play the Toronto Blue Jays. On the way out of the country Adam Jones and some of his teammates were held up by Canadian authorities because they were mistakenly identified as other people. Jones was more angry at the Orioles though because apparently they didn’t send anyone over to check on them.

He tweeted “detained by immigration in Canada for no false accusations till 5am and appreciate someone from the teammaking sure we were ok NOOOOOOTTTTT.”

Obviously you don’t want to talk bad about the people who sign your huge paycheck so the tweet was removed in pretty rapid fashion. You can bet it was someone from the team that told him it would be a good idea to remove it.

16. Asher Roth tries to be Don Imus


If it didn’t work for Don Imus I don’t know why Asher Roth thought that it was going to work for him. The Pennsylvania rapper thought it would be a good idea to relive the racist remarks that got Imus in a whole lot of trouble. Roth tweeted “Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry twitter – hanging out with nappy headed hoes.”

Needless to say the results were very similar. Roth was torn up and the tweet was quickly removed from his account. It did give him some publicity though and they say that bad pub is good pub. If this is the truth Roth became a superstar overnight.

15. Rihanna announces affair on Twitter


There have been plenty of rumors about how this tweet came from Rihanna’s account to Beyonce’s, “Since we spilling tea… @Beyonce I fu**ed your husband…. BOOM.”

Of course Beyonce was not happy with this as the entire world saw it but Rihanna quickly deleted it and it has been blamed on one of her employees. It has been reported that it was actually an intern who did the tweeting but how are we to really know? There is no possible way we could.

The quickest and most common response to stupid tweets is to blame someone else or blame it on hacking. In today’s world both are very viable explanations but they are rarely proven. That’s because usually the offending party is exactly who you think it is.

14. Cee Lo ruins his career


It only takes one single tweet to ruin a career. Cee Lo Green did it twice, at the very least. For some reason, one day he just went off the rails and wrote “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent” and “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” he also added “when someone brakes on a home there is broken glass where is your plausible proof anyone was raped.”

He quickly removed the tweets and apologized but nowhere quick enough to save his career. He was booted from several upcoming shows and had a television show cancelled. Don’t forget that he was also on probation for three years for having sex with a woman who he had given ecstasy to. What’s wrong with this guy?

13. Katy Perry’s unforgettable pic


Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married for about two years and it was a very eventful couple of years for the public to follow along with. Brand liked to play jokes on his then wife and one morning he took things a bit too far. Well, if you ask Perry, that’s what she will say anyway.

Brand took a photo of her when she first woke up and it wasn’t a flattering shot to say the least. Perry is unrecognizable, which is good for her because she can try to claim it isn’t her. The world knows differently however and she was quite pissed off at Brand for a long time. She probably still is every time the photo gets shown again, like here today!

12. Bow Wow shares his night on the town with Twitter


The rapper called Bow Wow had bigger problems than his name on New Year’s Eve in 2010. He tweeted about the drunk driving he and his friend were doing and then about the DUI he later received. When he sobered up the next day he realized how stupid it was and deleted all of the tweets. The world already had them though and they will never be forgotten.

One of the tweets went like this: “Im f**ked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot”. It didn’t turn out to be that great of a night after all for him and Chris Brown.

Eventually Bow Wow deleted his account and started a new one using his real name, Shad Moss. At least the name is more respectable.

11. Billboard makes tasteless comment


Some things are just done in bad taste no matter how funny they might be. When it comes to kids that’s how it usually is. I’ve never been one to give the Kardashians any type of credit at all but the kids should be left alone. They haven’t done anything and they can’t help the family that they were brought into.

Billboard put up a picture of North, with her mom Kim, licking a lollypop or some sort of candy and tweeted the caption “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…”

The tweet didn’t stay up very long but obviously it was up long enough for people to notice it. You can bet whoever put it up doesn’t work there anymore.

10. Hulk Hogan stalks his daughter


Anyone that has followed my writing knows that I jump at any chance to point out something stupid that Hulk Hogan has done. Luckily for me he is constantly at work giving me plenty to write about. This one though is just flat out creepy.

In 2013 he tweeted a picture of his daughter Brooke’s legs. This was a few years after he was photographed rubbing sun tan lotion all over her. This guy has a very strange relationship with his daughter that has a lot of people asking questions. This tweet did not help his cause either.

There was also the time that he accompanied her to a PETA event where Brooke appeared naked. That’s not something a dad should be doing or even want to do.

In the backlash Brooke responded with “A dad can’t even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it’s not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant.” She got some of it right, she just directed it at the wrong people.

9. Jaden Smith shares his opinion on education


Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers couldn’t have been too proud of this tweet by Jaden Smith. His dad, Will Smith, probably didn’t think too highly of it either. Jaden tweeted “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.”

Umm, how exactly would that work? I’m curious to know the thought process that lead to this amazingly stupid tweet. Obviously it was deleted pretty quickly but it was done too late. People had already read it and shared it across the globe.

Some people just shouldn’t have a phone that is connected to the internet.

8. Mary J. Blige can sing but she can’t spell


Mary J. Blige is a very talented woman for sure. All the album sales and awards say that she knows what she is doing when she steps behind the microphone. Don’t put a phone in her hand though, because the results are vastly different.

She once tweeted “Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?! They should never do that!” What?

The funniest part is that this tweet gone wrong was in response to people who were angry that she had lied about getting into Howard University. If she had to apply online you can understand why she didn’t actually get into the college.

When you are arguing a point with people and it has to do with intelligence, it’s best that you know how to spell it or you just fail to make your case.

7. Denise Richards gave out her phone number


Denise Richards one time sent what she thought was going to be a harmless direct message to a friend. It contained her private phone number so contact could be made for whatever they were talking about.

Things didn’t go quite as she had planned though as she actually sent out her number in a public tweet for the entire world to have. Once she realized her mistake she took the tweet down but the damage had been done. She followed it up with another tweet later on that read “ok number is changed!! Won’t make that mistake again.”

She said it happened because of her bad multi-tasking skills but she clearly just didn’t know how to use Twitter.

6. Jason Biggs shows poor taste in Malaysian disaster


There actually is such a thing as “too soon”. Sometimes that can actually cover years, depending on what the event is and how badly it damaged humanity. It’s a good rule of thumb to follow though, that making comments immediately after an event, should be considered way too soon.

Jason Biggs gave a perfect example of this when after the Malaysian airlines flight was shot down over the Russia-Ukraine border he tweeted “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?”

He eventually took the tweet down but not before trying to defend his comments as a joke. Once he took the tweet down he added an apology but nobody was buying it.

5. Ashton Kutcher defends Paterno


In 2011 Ashton Kutcher made it very obvious that he doesn’t follow current events, even the really big ones. When Penn State fired disgraced Head Coach Joe Paterno, Kutcher, who isn’t even a Nittany Lions fan, went off on his Twitter account by saying “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”

Unfortunately for Kutcher, most of the world found his tweet in poor taste and the backlash he received was huge. After being called an idiot multiple times and eventually figuring out why Paterno was fired, he removed the tweet. It was a move that could have been ripped from the script of That ‘70s Show because it was as stupid as something Michael Kelso would have done.

4. Anthony Weiner shares his wiener


This guy could not possibly have a better name. Anthony Weiner was a congressman in New York when he got busted for sexting with a 21-year-old college student. He said that he accidentally shared his package with the entire Twitter world by mistake as it was supposed to go to the woman. That mistake exposed him and forced him to resign his position.

Unfortunately for us though he didn’t go away. This turned out to be just one of many questionable things he did in real life and on Twitter. It’s always a good day though when you hear his name and it’s associated with this mistake.

3. Rob Kardashian attacks Rita Ora


Rob Kardashian was quite upset when his relationship with Rita Ora ended and he let the world know it through Twitter. Three well worded tweets went like this: “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we are apart. But I mean 20?!”, “How can a woman who is so busy trying to start her own career have time to be with so many dudes all while in a relationship?!” and then “I’m actually disgusted a woman could give up her body to more than 20 dudes in less than a year’s time while trying to start a career.”

His sister talked him into removing the tweets shortly after they were tweeted. She did that via another tweet. What a world we live in huh?

2. Cee Lo Green strikes again


Unfortunately for Cee Lo Green, he is the only one who made this list twice. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t have any competition, because he had plenty. It just means that only he was truly dumb enough on more than one occasion, dumber than anyone else’s other stupid tweets that didn’t make this list today. Do you follow that? You can just leave it as he is a bigger idiot than most.

He went after a journalist’s review of one of his shows once and tweeted “I respect your criticism, but be fair. People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well, f**k you!”

It was a female music editor and all she did was review the show honestly, saying that it wasn’t very good. Cee Lo should have been happy there was a show for someone to review.

1. Reggie Bush and the Nazis


Some football players just aren’t that bright. It doesn’t matter where they went to college because in some cases very little from the campus rubs off on a player.

Reggie Bush went to USC and you see what that got him as time went by. In 2012 he was watching a soccer game and was excited over a goal scored by Chelsea’s Didier Drogba. He tweeted “Shoot Drogba might even hit a Nazi chick tonight in Germany! LOL!” He was stating that Drogba’s instant popularity was going to allow him to have any women he wanted, even one in Germany, which was probably true at the time. He just went about it all wrong in how he said it.

After the obvious backlash that came from the comment, Bush deleted the comment and tweeted out, “Oh goodness bunch of sensitive cry babies on twitter! It’s just jokes people send me your address and I’ll personally FedEx you some tissue.”


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