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20 Shocking Stories Of Electronic Devices Spontaneously Exploding

20 Shocking Stories Of Electronic Devices Spontaneously Exploding


Technology is moving forward at a very fast pace. Every year, and even every month, new technology is coming out as well as new tech devices. Tech brands release new units fairly often. Because of this, sometimes it is inevitable that there are tech devices that are not thoroughly quality tested. Manufacturers churn out tech devices at such a fast rate that it is hard for them to be thorough. Also, they need to do this in order to catch up with other brands that swiftly launch new gadgets. This can cause some tech devices to fail, break easily, burn, or even have the risk of a spontaneous explosion.

To know what tech devices have the highest chances of spontaneous explosions, which can be very dangerous, we listed them down here. With this list, you will know what devices to avoid or to be very meticulous with. Let’s start.

20. Hoverboard


A couple of years back, the hoverboard was a fad. Almost everyone owned this self-balancing smart electric scooter. However, there have been many reports of it exploding and burning, especially when charging. There are also instances when this device exploded while being used.

Experts found that some hoverboards have faulty charging systems, which is why they exploded or burned. Oftentimes, this problem happened due to overcharging, when the device was left charging even when it had already reached 100%. Many people are used to overcharging devices like laptops or smartphones, but it seems that hoverboards lack a kind of protective circuitry that prevents them from exploding or burning when they reach their maximum charge capacity.

It was a massive oversight that has put lives at risk, and many hoverboards were recouped. Moreover, tighter rules about bringing hoverboards on flights were implemented.

19. Drones


There are drones that are designed to explode and there are drones that are just for taking aerial photos and videos. The former is a different thing and is the reason why there are strict policies on flying drones. However, we’re talking about drones that are not meant to explode, but do.

A woman from Arizona reported an incident where a drone, which she received as a Christmas gift, exploded while it was charging. The drone was inside her house and it was plugged in so she could use it later. However, smoke began to come out of the gadget. Unfortunately, this also caused the burning of the other gifts inside the home. The faulty drone was a Vivitar DRC-333, which was purchased from Walmart. It has a lithium polymer battery.

18. TRex 500 RC Helicopter


The faulty lithium polymer battery on the TRex 500 RC helicopter caused it to crash and burn, literally. The owner was flying hist toy helicopter when it began malfunctioning in mid-air. He said that he saw sparks coming out of the helicopter. Then, he started losing control. Following the sparks, smoke came out of the device. The device started to descend quick until it crashed into the ground and exploded. Even on the ground, thick smoke was still coming out of the helicopter. The toy was burned totally.

17. Samsung Galaxy S3


A woman suffered third-degree burns when the Samsung Galaxy S3 she was using just exploded in her hands without warning. The phone was also charging at the time the incident happened. Due to this, there was growing concern about phones producing microwave radiation or having a fragile sheet of glass inches from the face that can shatter and hurt people when this gadget explodes unexpectedly. The moral of the story: It’s never a good idea to talk on your phone while it’s charging.

16. iPhone 5


This specific burning iPhone 5 several years ago caused an entire airplane to land and evacuate. Before this time, the TSA has already treated phones with dead batteries as bombs. However, this one was a fully charge iPhone and might be something the TSA would also like to consider in the future.

This iPhone 5  caused panic in a plane when it caught fire while in a passenger’s bag. As a result, the plane was stopped to evacuate at an airport in Prague. Luckily, the plane was not flying yet, so they had the chance to evacuate when they saw smoke coming from the owner’s bag. None of the passengers on the plane were hurt.

15. Galaxy Nexus S


Another smartphone exploding is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S. According to a post on social sharing site Imgur, the owner just woke up to his smartphone exploding and burning. It does not look like he was charging the phone when it happened but he said that it could be an Anker battery explosion. The explosion burned some parts of the phone and it even burned an area on his floor. Luckily, no one was hurt but his phone was completely destroyed.

14. Dell Notebook


There is a shocking incident when a teen’s Dell notebook just burst into flames four times in a row. This happened in California, and it placed the teen and his friends at risk by exposing them to an exploding laptop. The incident happened when the owner was playing video games with his friend when his Dell Inspiron laptop, which was charging on the sofa, just burst into flames. The fire quickly went out but it was still a pretty scary experience for the owner and his buddies.

13. HP Laptop


HP recalled over 100,000 lithium ion batteries that were used in their range of laptops. These batteries include laptops like the HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion notebooks that were sold between March of 2013 and October of 2016. The manufacturer recommends taking the batteries out and contacting them for replacement. This is to avoid overheating. The laptops can still be used by plugging them in using their AC adapters until a replacement battery arrives.

12. MacBook Pro


It looks like batteries can be sensitive and at times faulty even in the MacBook Pro. Unexpected and rare, this laptop broke down and then smoke started coming out of it. Then, suddenly it burst into flames.

According to the owner, his laptop suddenly switched off while he was using it on his bed. When he tried turning it on again, smoke started coming out of the gadget. There was also a strange sound coming out of it while it started to release smoke. Flames followed next. Then, the unit exploded. Luckily, the owner only suffered minor burns on his fingers. Unfortunately, his MacBook Pro died in this incident.

11. Refrigerator


Many people think that refrigerators are absolutely safe. However, every now and then one can go rogue and catch fire. For instance, a few years ago there was a report of a refrigerator simply combusting. It was working fine at first and then it just started burning. According to the owner, the ammonia of the refrigerator might have started leaking and then this got ignited by the fridge’s motor. Aside from this, the refrigerator might also have been a little old.

10. Printers


Just when we thought that the only flaw among printers was a potential security breach, we never thought we would hear about one that catches fire. Apparently, if a printer is subjected to a continuous stream of instructions that are designed to heat it up, it will overheat and combust.

In a way, if something like this happens to a printer, it can self-destruct and can start a fire. Moreover, since printers usually hold papers, which are highly combustible, this can cause it to quickly catch fire.

9. Galaxy Nexus 7


Joining the ranks of smartphones and tablets bursting into flames is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 7. The reported incident happened in China. Apparently, the owner was charging the phone with the original factory battery. When he plugged it, the device began smoking. This resulted in the insides of the tablet being completely torched.

It appears that this model could be a faulty device. There have been many reports of these gadgets overheating, malfunctioning, and even exploding.

8. iPad Air


In Australia, there were reports where a brand new iPad Air just “burst into flames”. A retail outlet just instantly got filled with smoke and people inside the store were evacuated due to this incident. Firefighters even arrived on the scene. It seemed that the iPad Air in question had a faulty charging port. Luckily, no one was hurt from the exploding iPad. This device joins the long list of mobile devices overheating, catching fire or exploding.

Meanwhile, in Britain, an iPad Air owner reported that he got a massive electric shock when unplugging his device. Fortunately, his device did not explode or burn.

7. Sony Xperia T3


A supermarket worker who owned a Sony Xperia T3 suffered severe burns when his mobile phone exploded in his hand and started a fire in his bedroom. He was texting using his phone when all this happened. While texting, he heard ticking noises coming from his phone. He ignored the noise and continued texting. Then, sparks started to fly from one side of his phone. He dropped it on the side of his bed and that was when the phone started to combust. The phone fire even melted the carpet in his bedroom. Immediately, he threw the phone out the window to avoid a bigger fire. The owner was brought to the hospital for burn treatment.

6. OnePlus One


Another phone reported to have exploded and burnt into flames is the OnePlus One. This smartphone is popular in Asia and the incident happened in China. A man who owns the phone said he was traveling on a subway when his smartphone just burst into flames. The phone was in his back pocket and while walking in the subway, his phone exploded. This ripped a hole in his pants and burst some part of his legs. The phone was destroyed from the incident.

The company responded about this and said that they would replace the device. They also handled all medical expenses of the owner.

5. Samsung Washing Machine


After its latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, has been reported to be bursting into flames for strange reasons, its new line of washing machines followed. In Georgia, while a mom was pulling clothes out of the dryer, she heard a boom from the machine and saw the damage. Another incident with the washing machine was reported when a woman heard a crash and then saw metal shards from her washing machine that shot up and ripped holes on her house’s walls. The laundry room was flooded and the whole house was a mess. This lead to lawsuits filed against Samsung.

4. Sony PlayStation


Imagine that you are just playing your favorite video game when suddenly your PlayStation explodes with sparks. This is what happened to this guy’s PlayStation. While he was playing, the cord on his PlayStation appeared to have short-circuited, which caused it to spark and explode. It also appeared that his power cord might have gotten damaged or cut off. He said there was no damage before using it. When the incident happened, he smelled smoke coming from his console and saw sparks as if it was about to combust. He unplugged the power cord and saw that it was burnt to a crisp.

3. Huawei P9 Plus


There were reports that surfaced about the Huawei P9 Plus exploding and catching fire. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Apple iPhones, the Huawei smartphone is said to be another device gone wrong. From the reports, it can be seen that what was left was a messy scene. It seems that the explosion happened while the phone was being charged because the charger is still attached to the burnt device. This can also be another battery issue but nothing has been confirmed yet.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 7


When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came out last year, almost everyone with an Android device felt the hype. We all know that Samsung never fails to release advanced technology and features on their flagship smartphones. Hence, many were excited to get their hands on this smartphone. Unfortunately, the new device suffered a quick downfall even before it could break even. The main issue – exploding handsets.

Samsung even had to recall many units that were delivered due to pre-ordering. Recently, they released a statement to explain why their phones had this problem. Apparently, the cause was the phone’s bad battery design. The rush to release the new smartphone at that time caused some devices to overheat and explode. The battery used appeared to be too large for the whole unit, which caused it to quickly overheat. Now, Samsung is more careful with this, especially for their future smartphones.

1. iPhone 6 and 6s


The year 2016 might have been the year of “exploding” smartphones. After many handsets of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began exploding, the tech giant had to recall all the units to ensure safety. After that, news broke about iPhone devices exploding and catching fire. In China, there were eight reports about this where iPhones spontaneously combusted. Apple’s attention was caught to address this.

In one report, a woman said her phone exploded, which shattered the screen and left the battery at the back of the phone burned and blackened. Apple replaced the unit with a new one. However, they did not fully address the issue. A surge of exploding units happened and they were mostly iPhone 6 and 6s models. Apple offered an exchange program for these devices and assured that it is not a safety problem.

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