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20 Signs Your Secretary Is A Home Wrecker

20 Signs Your Secretary Is A Home Wrecker


There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard at least a few juicy stories about cheaters caught right there at the crime scene. Ironically enough, what would you do if you found out that a close friend of yours was actually a home wrecker? Would you turn your back on them and rebuke them? This could be a curious case and a hot topic for discussion for sure. Outside of this, don’t let yourself be fooled by decent looks. After all, you never know what’s really on the inside and what’s going on in someone else’s mind. Moreover, there are as many female home wreckers as male ones who seem as if they are on the hunt for your significant other.

As crazy as it sounds, the world is flooded with an abundance of home wreckers lurking around the corner just like a carnivore hunting for its prey. The good news is, however, that there is a wide variety of methods you can put into action if you want to catch and unmask the potential home wrecker. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything special to get it all done; no need to channel the James Bond. Just have your eyes peeled for obvious signs. Try out this method as a genuinely efficient way to track down the potential office mistress. At the end of the day, this secretary may truly have a crush on married men! Who knows what she has been keeping up her sleeve, right?

20. She Craves Male Attention!


Generally, there are people who just can’t get enough attention. The chances are that this “decent-looking” secretary simply wants to be paid more attention to. On the other hand, she might seek something else. Who knows what’s going on in her pretty head. Whatever the case, her body language will easily give her away. Besides, the more she tries to catch your eye, the better chance she is simply an easy lay. Either way, watch out for the hungry secretary before getting yourself in trouble.

19. She Talks About Her Married Boss All The Time

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The duties of an office assistant require a bit of chit-chat with the head of the department, of course. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Thus, it’s not “breaking news”, if she happens to turn into his right hand woman. The problem would be if this professional relationship explodes into something else outside the office. Besides, many are the stories that end with “and then we figured out she was having an affair with her boss!” Ironically enough, there are just as many women who are hardly bothered by notions such as marital status, etc. Beware: we may have a hardcore “home wrecker” to deal with!

18. Watch Out: This Secretary Is A Gold-Digger


Here we proceed with another quite dangerous kind of woman. This category is not restricted to secretaries of course, who can only be impressed with a couple of dollar signs. It’s not that you would simply become a ghost to her if she finds out that your living standards are quite low. However, this cunning type of girl won’t even think of you as a man with dignity. Moreover, this cruel secretary and a fierce gold-digger will certainly destroy anyone who is below her financial status. On the flip side, if your living standards are decent, don’t be shocked if she certainly starts seeking your attention. Such “golden” personalities won’t stop at anything. Tip: don’t give her a chance to “break your walls down” unless you want your relationship to suffer the consequences.

17. She’s Never Had A Real Relationship


Indeed, there are types of people both female and male who are just not ready to engage in a deep and loving relationship. Thus they might not understand and appreciate clearly idyllic images of the family and children. If this is the type of woman you’re working with at the office, then you’d better step a bit more carefully. The chances are that she won’t care much and think twice about being playful with you. All this may sound like really friendly chit-chat, however she might have something way darker up her sleeve. Careful there! Just let this “hungry” lady keep starving for male attention!

16. She Bites Lips While Talking To You


Decoding female body language can’t be that challenging, can it? After all, watching your sexy colleague bite her lip while directly staring at you without blinking is quite telling. For God’s sake, she’s not even blinking! We can’t go wrong with this sign: it’s as clear as light that this woman is deeply into you, or at least wants to get more out of your “friendship” at work.

If we must turn to psychology, we’re very likely to arrive at this genuinely honey-sweet conclusion: this is a clear sexual indication for an individual’s interest towards another person. As obvious as it is, she’s heavily attracted to you. However, if your desires are otherwise, you’d better fix the mess before your girlfriend finds out about this awkward story.

15. She Brags About Her Dates


In truth, there can’t be anything less attractive than listening to a girl’s one-night-stands. If that’s not a bit repulsive, we can barely come up with a better idea. Of course, what could contribute more to this unpleasant attitude is her “shameful” stories about married men. She may seek the support and respect from her male colleagues, who knows. One thing is for sure: it’s surely not healthy to be in the presence of such a personality. What she could bring to the table is nothing but family issues and headaches. Don’t give your girl reasons to feel threatened by other women of low moral standards. It simply doesn’t add up.

14. She Often Touches You “By Accident”


Another science-backed fact that totally sends indications about this woman’s sudden interest towards you is her transparent body language. In case she’s a bit more touchy-feely that she should be, it’s a 100% sign that this girl would probably enjoy even more of this. Furthermore, it makes her look like she doesn’t mind to be given the same in return, right? What if she does it on purpose just to see if you’d follow her lead? That’s surely a curious case. The truth, however, is that such easy women, whatever the profession – a secretary, a waitress or even an IT specialist – are nothing but an extremely worthless prey.

13. The Pushy Secretary


If she happens to be overly pushy at the workplace or lunch break, even though she’s absolutely aware of your relationship status, then she certainly dies for your attention. She’s probably the next gold-digger or home wrecker who’d push it until the moment you raise your guard. It’s time for you to get in charge of the situation and cope with this annoying and quite pushy female. At the end of the day, the image of a “lady” being too pushy in hopes of getting your attention doesn’t make her look “ladylike” any longer. If that’s the case with that crafty secretary sitting 2 chairs away from you, then keep your eyes peeled for transparent signs!

12. She Has A Crush On Married Men


It’s not rare to hear stories about women who’ve acted unprofessionally and totally inappropriately at work. Naturally, this group of people includes many gentlemen as well. After all, it takes two to tango, as the saying goes. If you come to the conclusion that your female colleague’s life has been filled with such adventurous office stories, then you’ve got well-founded reasons to break the “friendship” code. Ultimately, being around such people and women, as our case is, at the office can bring you nothing but potential quarrels at home. Besides, everything may really get out of hand if your wife belongs to the jealous type of women.

11. Meet The “Hunter”

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Indeed, women are known as the ultimate pros at flirting and sometimes their quite obvious hints may even get neglected by the opposite sex. Bold moves, such as a quick seductive glance thrown your way by the secretary downstairs or a plain gesture are key indicators for her interest. Placing the cards right away is not the typical game of this type of women though. Thus, the body language could be quite useful once again. For instance, if she often stares at you and ogles you from head to toe and somewhere in between, then we’ve got some pretty interesting news for you: this woman is surely “thirsty” for your attention. End of story.

10. The Jealous Secretary

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This could be considered as a quite trivial behavioral change that occurs really often. For the most part, they just hate being in the company of another woman who simply outshines them. And this is how things work in general. When it boils down to the subject of their interest, the whole situation might get really bloody. And this even applies to cases when there’s a girlfriend on the front line! How crazy! As irrational as it all sounds, she may even start talking down of your significant other; and this is exactly where you should lead the way and fix the bloody mess.

9. She’s A Hardcore Stalker


Perhaps your idea was to act nice and add her to your friends list on social media. However, your imagination and hers might happen to share more differences than similarities at the end of the day. Believe it or not, this is exactly where her crafty plan comes into play: this quite lovely office assistant will learn every tiny detail about you as if by heart. Moreover, don’t be surprised if she suddenly starts asking you or some of your male colleagues about your family, wife, and kids, if you have any. Warning: she’s not the least bit interested in how old your daughters are; she plans on breaking your family. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

8. She Has Had Many Affairs

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She’s playful, careless and beautiful – all this may sound pretty nice, but such a woman is probably up to no good. Who knows how many guys she has written down on her “check-list”?! And now that she’s heavily surrounded by bright and attractive colleagues, taken and single, her next move will probably include seducing some of them. Just in case you’re not sure how to spot her right away and what to look for, use this proven method: watch for sheer signs and her body language in the presence of guys at the office. Eventually, you’ll surely expose her genuine personality as a home wrecker.

7. She Makes Sexy Eye Contact


If you’re wondering whether she’s into you or just being friendly, here are some science-backed facts you should test right away. Universal signs such as smiling and laughing speak volumes about how attractive she finds you. When it comes to the old-school trick of displaying interest through the eyes, you can be sure that she digs you. This could be a dangerous game though if you catch her doing the same with others. Is there anything more depressing than finding out that you’re nothing special? Probably not, so you’d better move on and ignore this potential home wrecker.

6. She’s Into Small Talk


Initiating random conversations is one way to go if she happens to seek something more outside the “friend zone” at work. More often than not, girls are those who simply wait for the guy they want to come up to them. However, this may not be the case, especially if you’re dealing with a home wrecker, being the easiest type of women.

Moreover, the chances are that she’s been secretly planning how, when and where to strike up a conversation with her subject of desire. And this, of course, serves as a major sign that this woman has been cooking up something big.

5. She Really Enjoys Sexual Jokes


Has it ever occurred to you that your sexy colleague might have been putting on a fake laugh? In truth, this attractive girl sitting across from you may not even think you’re funny. The good news is that she just pretends to laugh at your jokes simply because she wants you sexually. Just reflect deeply upon this: what else could be the reason to crack up laughing if she doesn’t find you attractive? Whatever the case, the point is that she’s totally down for a bit of adventure. The question is, what would you do about it? How would you cope with this beautiful and quite sticky home wrecker?

4. She Breaks The “Safe Distance”


Say goodbye to your personal space since it has just bitten the dust. If there’s a home wrecker on the horizon, keep in mind that she’d try to do anything she’s capable of to get your attention. If this is truly her wish, born out of a spontaneous thought, then get ready to be treated with playful touches “by accident”. Such a behavior is nothing but a heavily unpleasant one. However, the real and professional home wrecker would not be bothered by such ungrounded comments at all, right?

3. She’s Openly Seducing You

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Sometimes women don’t speak their mind right off the bat but wait for the opposite sex to “guess” their thoughts. As crazy as it seems, this is the case with most women, except for the lover girls. Not only are they barely bothered by such stereotypes, but they are open and bold enough to make the first, second and third move all at once! All of this has the sole purpose of claiming “he’s mine”! What’s more, this lover girl is apparently completely open to a man’s advances, no matter who this person is! With this in mind, you’ve unmasked the true face of the real home wrecker.

2. She Mocks Men With Low Incomes

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This is the ultimate deal-breaker. If she suddenly brings this topic to the table and dives deep into it, then you know what to do. Regardless of how attractive and lovely she looks, she lacks the inner beauty which is quite an essential human asset after all. What’s even more, if she happens to treat men who don’t make millions a year as second quality people, then she’s surely just another candy-eye woman with low moral standards. Ultimately, who would be attracted to such an arrogant and wretched personality?

1. Hair Twirling: You Caught Her!

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Okay, there’s hardly any way you haven’t heard of this totally transparent sign. If not, then listen up closely: whoever this woman is, she is 101 % into you and she lets you notice it. Perhaps her charming nature blocked you from seeing this coming, but the twirling hair motion has the final word. In truth, the psychological side of things totally supports this idea as well. Basically, the image of a sexy woman playing with her hair while talking to you clearly reflects what’s happening in her head. The chances are that she’s really attracted to you and she’s not afraid to show it even in front of your sweet girlfriend.

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