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20 Terrifying Things Found By New Home Owners

20 Terrifying Things Found By New Home Owners


What would you do if you found something bizarre in a new house that you just bought?

Most of the good haunted house stories begin with an owner moving into a new house and making a gruesome discovery. For example, an innocent homeowner buys a new house and discovers that the walls are oozing or the building is sitting on top of an old cemetery.

There have been numerous cases of new owners finding dead bodies or creepy rooms inside their new homes. While most of these incidents are watched in movies, they happen in real life and involve real people.

Even though realtors may have reliable information about the homes they sell, they cannot be relied upon entirely. That is why it is crucial for a new homeowner to do some ‘digging’ before deciding to purchase or move into a new house. New owners need to be wary of the floors, walls, attic and ceilings.

Some new homeowners make it their business to poke all the ‘corners’ of the house. Others delegate the work and get their nasty surprise after moving in. They stumble upon the unimaginable and are sometimes left wondering whether they should continue living in the new location.

This is what happens: a new homeowner finds a great deal then proceeds to close it. After moving in, the owner discovers a gun room or an unidentified object in the basement. Most of the time, they will make the discoveries by themselves, or they will be tipped off by concerned neighbors.

Here are 20 terrifying things found by new homeowners:



An Imugarian, going by the username JerryTheCunt, discovered that his new home had a hidden gun room in the basement. The previous owner had left the house full of junk, and when the new owner toured it for the first time, he figured that the house would need some serious arranging.

However, while he was doing the sorting, he noticed an oddly placed sheet of plywood when he was heading upstairs. Since he had not seen it before, he decided to move it.

Little did he know that the secret he was going to unveil was out of this world. Behind, there was an opening to a secret room that was spectacular and horrifying at the same time. There were numerous empty gun cases, user manuals, and a safe.

He had just stumbled upon an ‘armory’ that was full of weapons. In a different safe in the corner, there was ammunition, so much that it seemed the previous owner never wanted to run out of bullets. There were also a grenade and hundreds of pennies.

He went ahead and shared his findings on Imgur. That was back on October 8, 2015.



The new house owners of a bungalow in Houston discovered human remains in an attic wall. They were moving into the new home when they discovered the remains in a gap in the wall. They also came across a pair of eyeglasses that resembled those worn by the house’s previous owner, 61-year-old Mary Cerruti.

Cerruti had been declared missing by the police in 2015 after neighbors noticed that her mail was piling up and she was missing in action. Back in 2013, Mary had openly expressed her dissatisfaction with an upcoming luxury apartment complex that was supposed to be built near her house.

But despite her protests, the project was approved, and she had to ‘deal’ with construction that made it difficult to access her home. Afterward, she disappeared mysteriously, and her house was put on sale.

When the new homeowners found her body, they were unsure whether she had been killed and stuffed in the wall or whether she ended up in the wall after an accident. Apparently, Cerruti had refused to sell her building to developers who were looking to replace old bungalows with modern apartments.

The 1930s-era two-bedroom home was the last piece standing amongst new townhomes of Allston Street in the Heights. Cerruti was discovered when someone shifted a board in the attic and noticed a jumble of bones.



Jason and Kerri Brown were excited when they discovered a house that was in foreclosure for $75,000 in a comfortable town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. That was back in August of 2005, and they thought the two-bath fixer-upper was a great bargain.

But little did they know that the five-bedroom house on Whitten Street, in Greenville, was going to be a nightmare, considering they had a 2-year-old. After purchasing the home, they began renovations; but as Kerri was moving bookcases in one of the bedrooms, she discovered a passageway that led into a hidden room. Inside the strange room, she found a chilling note from the previous owner.

In the note, titled “You Found It,” the previous home-owner revealed that the house had a severe mold problem that made the children sick and forced the family to move out. According to George Leventis, the note’s author, the house had been severely infested by mold when he lived there, and one of his kids had gotten sick to the point where she could not breathe. Just four months after moving into the house, George and his wife Tricia noticed that their daughters were getting sick and their conditions were worsening.

Leventis further revealed that since he did not have enough money and he did not want to take the matter to court, he decided to stop paying for the mortgage and moved out. But he was ‘kind’ enough to leave a note for the new owners.

Leventis admitted that he discovered the secret room during the short time in the house, and he was not sure who built it, but he thought it was a great hiding place. The Browns moved out and went back to rent an apartment, but they sued all those who had been involved in selling them the house.



A Redditor, going by the username NukeStorm, bought a new home only to find that it had a creepy hidden room in one corner of the attic. The new homeowner had not been informed that there was going to be an ‘extra’ room on his new property and he only noticed the space when he was moving boxes into the house. The small door at the back of his attic caught his attention.

At first glance, he could tell the room was creepy. The door was around four feet in height, and it had a metal grate fastened on to it. Of course, he had to open it, and he came across a small weird bed, a wall with foam padding, and a single light. The room was exceedingly disturbing and had no doorknob; a clear sign that whoever was inside could not get out until someone opened the door from outside. Worse, the home was located in an area that is sparsely populated. So, a scream would not have helped.

When NukeStorm shared his discovery with the web, no one was sure what the room might have been used for. However, there were tons of wild guesses.



Lisa Rountree was six days away from closing a house deal when she made a shocking discovery. The bank-owned home on the Westside had a squatter who was claiming ownership of the property. The 31-year-old man believed the house belonged to him even though he had not spent a penny on it. When Lisa called him, he confidently claimed the house was his.

The strange man had gone into Rountree’s home-to-be and had changed the locks and turned on the electricity in his name. Lisa had already started fantasizing about the five-bedroom property that had four baths and was sitting on an acre of land, but her fantasies were cut short.

Lisa was shocked when she tried to turn on the water and electricity only to realize that they were under someone else’s name, and she had been denied entry. She was particularly disappointed because she was ready to close the deal and was supposed to move in with her parents who had already sold their homes.

Apparently, the man was trying to ‘acquire’ the home through adverse possession. According to him, it was okay to move into the house since it was unoccupied.



In 2009, Ben and Amber Sessions found a $180,000 house in the American countryside that they thought was a steal. The five-bedroom house was sitting on a pastoral acreage in Rexburg, Idaho.

But they soon realized that their dream home was infested with hundreds of garter snakes. In fact, the ground around the home appeared to move at times because it was full of snakes. At first, they found a snake in the yard and thought it was normal; then they found more snakes around their home and started hearing the rustling in the walls. When Ben uncovered a panel of siding, he was shocked by the number of snakes that came out. That is how they discovered their dream home was in the middle of ‘snake city.’ Their house was atop a huge snake hibernaculum.

The serpents had been crawling beneath the outside walls, and at times the couple would be woken up by the slithering inside their walls. According to wildlife biologist Rob Cavallaro, it is highly likely that the home had been built on a hibernaculum where reptiles like to hibernate. According to Cavallaro, people construct on such sites frequently, but it is wrong because it causes a conflict with snakes.

Neal and Denise Ard had been the previous owners of the house, and at one point they had invited a local news station to film the hundreds of snakes they had collected. But they later abandoned the home.

The Sessions moved out just three months after moving in. They left they house in December 2009 after filing for bankruptcy.



A young couple who were just moving into their New York apartment were horrified to find a dead body wrapped using a shower curtain with a note from the killer. The couple became curious after noticing a terrible smell that was coming from a cupboard, and when they decided to investigate, they found a body wrapped in a plastic shower curtain in the Arthur Avenue home in the Bronx.

The body was that of 64-year-old ex-con Sidney Harris, who had been the previous tenant of the house. An autopsy revealed that Sidney had been murdered using blows as multiple skull fractures were located on his head.

After he had disappeared for long, the building’s manager decided to rent out the unit to the young couple who made the discovery when they were clearing the property. The building manager had agreed to offer the apartment to the couple on the condition that they would clean it up. The killers had also left a note apologizing for the smell.



Helen Weisensel began repairing the foundation of her old home before she came across a human skull in a scoop of dirt.

The Wisconsin Historical Society later confirmed that what had been unearthed was a skull that belonged to a male who had been buried around 1840. In fact, the remains of a small child were later exhumed from the location, and it was discovered that the area was the community’s first documented cemetery. According to the organization, the cemetery had been sold and relocated many years ago.

Helen had been living in the house for 20 years, but she had never come across the skull. The findings meant that Helen’s renovation had to come to a stop until the investigation was complete. Helen had to spend more than 15 months trying to work around laws that prevented disturbances of burial sites.



Calvin Oshowy bought a house in Whitehorse and two months later discovered that the place was flocked with hundreds of bats. The bats were in large numbers in the attic, walls, and the ceiling. It was quite frustrating, and Oshowy was forced to perform extra work when the bats had migrated south for the winter. He worked tirelessly trying to seal all their entry points.

According to wildlife biologist Carrie McLelland, bats return to the same spot yearly, so Oshowy’s efforts were unlikely to produce the expected result. The biologist revealed that once bats get into the attic, it can be tough to get them out. Oshowy later disclosed that he was going to build a bat sanctuary outside the house since the bats were not welcomed inside his home.

It took so much work to get rid of these creepy animals.



This discovery was made in 2014 by a Reddit user going by the username lmbrjack. He found a hidden crawl space that led to a locked door while he was poking around his attic.

The crawlspace led to an evil-looking door (that was locked), which led into a strange room. The room had all its walls, ceiling, and floor covered using soundproofing material. It had four power outlets and a small raised area, which was the size of a single bed. lmbrjack also discovered a strange briefcase that contained envelopes with currency from different parts of the world, an old jewelry box, and four silver ingots that were one-ounce each. There was also a safe that contained six VHSC tapes though he was unable to play them. He later gave the tapes to the cops.

He had moved into the house two weeks before and wondered what the items had been used for. He also came across a message that had been written on a piece of paper with ink; it read “Save Yourself.” This made him more scared.



Linda DeForest of Goshen, Indiana, was sweeping the basement of her new home when she came across a foot-long object that was distinctly bomb-shaped. At first, she thought it was a torpedo, and she even informed her hubby.

Her husband could not believe her and thought the missus was just paranoid, but when he went downstairs, he confirmed that indeed it was a weapon-like object that resembled a bomb. The couple consulted the help of army veteran Joshua Blankenship, who explained that the strange object was either a lightweight anti-tank weapon or a round for a mortar.

According to Blankenship, the weapon showed no sign of having been disarmed or disassembled and was not supposed to be tampered with. They had to call for help from bomb specialists. Some cops at the scene suggested that the old mortar round must have been during the Vietnam or Korean War.



Debbie Hill, a homeowner in Northglenn, Colorado, purchased a new home, moved in, and got everything settled before realizing that brown goo was oozing out of the walls. The stuff was brown and sticky and looked like blood at first.

When she first noticed the sticky substance, she called a repairman who confirmed her fears: the walls were emitting some of the best honey Debbie had ever tasted. According to the repairman, there were around 50-60 thousand bees in the wall, and during the summer heat, the honey started to melt and pour out. This meant that cleaning the walls was going to take so much time and effort. In fact, it was next to impossible.

The discovery did not fully come as a surprise as Debbie had heard similar stories before purchasing the home. She had been informed about how the previous owners had to exterminate a beehive that had been hidden in the walls.

The reasonable guess is that the homeowner would also have to deal with ants and mice.



A new homeowner discovered a trapdoor in the basement of his new home. Worse, the trapdoor had cement blocks that weighed down the wooden planks. The sight was highly suggestive of something sinister.

The redditor, who chose to remain anonymous, claimed the trapdoor led into an 8-foot-deep by 4-foot-wide cement well that was filled with water. Strangely, the well had no pipes or holes, making it even more suspicious.

When he posted the photos, web users were both terrified and fascinated by the mysterious finding. Even though the house owner provided a few photos, web users begged for more photos.

The redditor had made the discovery 4-5 years before he decided to share the news. He later filled the well with stones and sold the house. According to the buyer, he had bought the house from a crotchety man. That probably explains the existence of the well.



After a house owner had failed to pay the mortgage, a Spanish bank was forced to repossess a home and look for a new owner. The bank found a buyer in the auction and finally sold the house.

But something was amiss. The body of the previous owner was still in the house, and the owner had died of natural causes; probably the reason why she had failed to pay her mortgage. The bank had failed to inspect the house before finding its new buyer and proceeded to sell it with the owner’s body still inside.

The body had been ‘preserved’ by the salty air in the seaside town of Roses, which prevented it from decaying. The new homeowner, Jorge Giro, discovered the mummified body.

According to neighbors, the woman had been in bad health, and her relatives rarely came to visit. They even stopped paying her mortgage. Jorge had gotten a good deal because the house was part of a foreclosure. But how did the bank sell the house without inspecting it? No one knew how long the corpse had been there, but the mortgage payment had been halted six months earlier.



A man was shocked to find a dead body in his newly purchased home on Bainbridge Avenue in Fordham Manor. It was a gruesome discovery that he had least expected considering the house was still new. The unidentified body belonged a man who looked like he was in his thirties.

The body had been frozen with injuries on its face and head, and it was not clear how long it had been inside the house. The new homeowner had purchased the eight-bedroom home for $200,000 at an auction and was touring it when he bumped into the body.

The house had been unoccupied for more than a year, and its windows had been broken. A contractor, Tony Ovedia, who was working on the site, narrated how he had tried to wake the man before he discovered that the body was lifeless.

Neighbors admitted that even though the house had remained vacant for a long time, they would frequently spot people moving in and out. Another neighbor admitted that he had seen homeless people hanging around the premises. He further added that there was frequent drug use around the house.

However, no one had ever bothered to call the cops since the activities never bothered the surrounding community.



A veteran, Kerry Cremean, and his wife Cindy had bought a house in River Oaks, Texas, when they were shocked to find a military burial flag in the crawlspace of their garage. Kerry was shocked to make the discovery as he was examining his crawl space to look for storage space.

What he found brought him to tears because to him, it was like holding someone’s life. Alongside the flag was a leather bag. The items belonged to a Texas native, Robert Allen Murray, who was 29 years old when his Armed Forces ID photo was taken.

Cremean was convinced Murray served around the time he was also fighting in Vietnam. The couple took to Facebook to try and locate the family because they had acquired most of the vital information that would help them find Murray’s family. Apparently, Murray had died in a car accident in 1980, and at the time of his demise, all her three girls were below ten years old. In fact, they discovered that one of his daughters shared a first name with Kerry.



A man who had moved into a new apartment was surprised to find a trapdoor in front of his bathroom. The apartment was somewhere in Britain and had lovely wooden floors, high ceilings, and a loft. Like any other curious human, he decided to be adventurous and opened the door to unearth what was underneath.

At first, the man thought the room was not a big deal until he noticed stairs. It turned out the house had been built on an old English monastery and had passages underneath. These passages led to rooms that resembled dungeons. There was a complex system of paths that led down there, and it seemed as if his apartment had the entrance to this underground ‘vault.’

The owner was a Redditor going by the name demc7, and he went ahead to post the photos on Imgur. He even admitted that he thought it was a great deal.

The photos went viral, and the album had around 750,000 views just two days after posting. The large room had some graffiti, and there were some questionable furnishings around.



One new homeowner named Amanda Reddy was removing baseboard on her 1910 Cape Cod kitchen when she stumbled upon this 100-year-old surprise. The Minnesota woman decided to take a closer look.

At first, she thought she had stumbled upon some ‘nasty’ stuff and was hesitant at first, but she pulled out the postcards and discovered that they were very old; dating back to 1907 and 1909, alongside other possessions. They were written to a woman named Mayme Berneck. Amanda had purchased the south Minneapolis home in December 2013.

Only small portions of the words could be read as most of the wordings were eroded. Reddy thought the postcards had fallen behind, but after a closer look, she was satisfied they had been firmly nailed to the wall; probably because they were supposed to remain a secret.

While the cards were written between 1907-1909, the house had been built in 1910. The only explanation is that Mayme may have brought them with her and had hidden them behind the baseboard while the house was under construction. There is also a possibility that she may have been cheating, according to Amanda.



After closing the deal on his first home, Josh Ferrin of Bountiful Utah decided it was time to head to his new home to inspect every room.

While he was still in the garage organizing his tools, he noticed an access panel on the ceiling and he thought it was just a small compartment that his kids would use to play. When he decided to investigate further, he discovered an ammunition case that looked like it had been used a long time; probably in World War II. He found several other boxes, after digging further, and decided it was time to call his wife and inform her about it.

Inside the boxes, they found plenty of cash twined in rolls inside each box, totaling $45,000.

What went through his mind immediately was how he was going to use the cash to help with car repairs, the house, and bills; but he thought about the family of the recently deceased owner. Arnold Bangerter had passed recently, and Ferrin thought it was wise to investigate who the cash belonged to.

He was thoughtful enough to understand that the money wasn’t his. He wanted to do something memorable because he was eager to teach his children a valuable lesson in honesty.

Josh returned all the cash to Bangerter’s eldest son. It is not clear how the son used the money or if he offered Ferrin a portion of it. But Ferrin felt the reward of being a responsible father.

Apparently, the late Arnold Bangerter had been saving money for at least a decade.



In 2012, Steve Goer and his stay-at-home wife Sarah moved into their new residence in California with their two-year-old son. Sarah noticed a small door on one side of a room. The room was supposed to be their child’s bedroom. When they went ahead and opened it, they discovered that it was a creepy room they had no clue existed.

The small space resembled a dingy old storage room and had a worn out linoleum floor and old wood paneling. It was not exactly clear what went on in this tiny space because of its odd shape and size. After being terrified for a moment, Steve and Sarah decided they were going to make the room part of their house.

They knew the space had a lot of potential and they hid it from their son as they fixed it secretly. They painted the room a fresh and installed drywall. The performed various renovations that converted the space into a masterpiece. The ‘secret’ area was supposed to be their son’s 4th birthday present.


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