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20 Things Men Do Better Than Women (Although Some Women Would Disagree)

20 Things Men Do Better Than Women (Although Some Women Would Disagree)

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Although we like to think that we are equal to each other, it is obvious that women are better at doing certain things, while men are pros in different fields. Studies on IQ show that women and men are equal, but it is clear that each gender has certain specific tendencies.

I often hear men refer to “these women…” as if women were some aliens that humans have been trying to communicate with but have failed to do so. Women, on the other hand, refer to men as if they were a newly discovered tribe in Papua which they had to civilize.

Psychologists are in a long debate on what is innate and what is learned in specific feminine and masculine behaviors.

Are girls better at learning languages? Why is there a significantly lower percentage of female engineers? Who cooks better and why?

Certain answers are scientifically proven, while others rely only on the latest statistics. But you’d be surprised to find out that men are better at doing certain activities in certain fields where everybody thinks women rule!

Although this article is going to prove controversial, give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s! And don’t dare ask what women do best!

20. Writing


There was a time when girls and young women used to keep diaries and write down every little thing that occurred to them or happened in their life. But it seems that their imagination and creativity wasn’t able to go beyond the pages of these diaries.

Throughout history, it has been proven countless times: men write better than women.

Even though there are a lot of very popular books written by female writers on the bestseller lists, the reviewers think that men outnumber women in this field because the quality of the work they provide is better and more attractive to readers. This is simply because men emotionally detach themselves from their characters, writing as if they were watching a play or a film on TV, while women get too involved in their characters’ lives and always want their stories to have a happy ending, or at least to end up with an optimistic tone.

19. Working With Tools


It should be neither new nor surprising, as men can easily read and decipher instructions. They do it as easy as women read and understand a fashion magazine.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to change this, as it is a part of their innate nature to understand how things work.

If you’re wondering why your man goes to home improvement stores and spends half of his salary on tools whose existence were unknown to you, you’ve got the answer now.

This is why we always call them, even when we want to simply change a light bulb. Or is it simply out of convenience?

18. Having Less Complicated Relationships


We often say that men don’t care and don’t even give a damn about what people around them think of them. This is a cool attitude that helps them go through life and rack their brains less with small details such as how they are dressed or how their hair looks.

You often tell your man that he hasn’t changed his t-shirt for at least 3 days, and you get angry if he doesn’t listen to you. He does, but he simply doesn’t care as long as his shirt doesn’t have an unpleasant odor that keeps you away from him.

17. Sleeping


“I was born tired and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me to rest!” This is most women’s excuse every time they can’t really explain why they wake up groggy and tired while their male partners are full of energy.

They are not joking, as it has been scientifically proved that women need more sleep than men, as women face a lot of sleep problems nowadays. They feel exhausted in the middle of the week, and this exhaustion affects every aspect of their health – emotionally, physically and mentally.

16. Telling The Difference Between Love And Sex


We live in a world where everything goes very fast. Therefore, it is very common to have sex soon after having entered into a relationship. For men, at the beginning of any relationship, sex is nothing more than a physical act.

For women this step means a lot, as they get involved in it with both their body and their mind. This is why they feel offended when the man they spent the night with does not call them the following day, even if they hardly know his name. It is obvious that for him she was nothing more than one-night stand.

15. Having A Cold


Although most women are more sensitive than men when it comes to having a cold, men react totally different when they’re sick.

The latest studies have revealed that men don’t act when they complain and when they say that they don’t feel well, as they are struck down with flu, high levels of testosterone can lead to the weakening of their immune response.

When a man gets a cold the whole world stops. He spends all day long in bed – unwilling to do anything; he even rejects the idea of seeing a doctor. Women go on with their activities – as if they could ever stop – and don’t even mention this cold to their best friend.

Men really know how to take advantage of this “disadvantage” in their life. We should learn more from them when it comes to not doing anything because they’ve got the “man flu”. All they can do is make a fuss over a few sniffles.

14. Running


Despite the fact that women are always in a hurry, running around and going from pillar to post, men are better at running long distances.

It is also related to the physical aspect of women and men: men’s hearts are larger than women’s, thus increasing the ability to pump oxygenated blood all over the body – blood which is going to be used by their muscles.

Another difference is made by hormones; while testosterone is the primary male hormone – stimulating muscle mass development – estrogen is the female primary hormone – it stimulates the accumulation of fat.

Women have a larger pelvis and their hip positioning is also slightly different. All this increase stress on the lower limbs, leading to more injuries.

It is obvious that men rule at this chapter. The fastest runner in the world has been and still is Usain Bolt.

All men wish they could run as fast as he can when it comes to changing a diaper!

13. Playing Video Games


As men love technology and they have got a lot of free time to dedicate to this hobby, they are the best at video and computer games.

In childhood, girls play with dolls while boys spend uncountable hours in front of a screen, trying to pass levels in a battle scene or a sports arena. Therefore, the blame should be put on the social background and on people’s mentality!

In recent questionnaires about who’s better at playing these games, even women admitted that men are better than them, but for the single reason that most of the games are specifically designed for a male audience, as many cool and trendy games don’t have the option for a women being the main character. This fact negatively impacts the women, as they are constantly reminded that this hobby is not for them. Men don’t care about this issue, they can play no matter who the main character is, as long as they feel powerful and heroic.

12. Advancing Professionally


Although the gap has decreased lately, women still have to catch up in many fields (especially in the technical ones) and it is very difficult for women to have a CEO position in a world dominated by men.

On a professional level, men dare to take more initiatives than women, as they are more direct and don’t fear speaking openly. For example, they don’t wait as long as women before asking for a salary increase.

On the other hand, if studies show that men are the go-ahead type no matter what, women are much more cautious – as they fear instability of any kind – thus their projects tend to be more sustainable.

11. Getting Ready


Women can argue and support their opinions by the fact that men don’t need any makeup or hair styling. Plus, they don’t spend hours deciding what to wear. Who would notice the difference, after all?

Men can’t understand why women need so much time to get ready (around 40-50 minutes, minimum), especially when going to work. However, in the recent reports, men have stated that they could spend more time getting ready, but they focus on efficiency, practicing the best and the fastest ways to shave and to fix their hair, shower included.

10. Saving Money And Making Investments


Finally, something that shouldn’t surprise anybody, as we all know that women love shopping – even though they are not good at it!

Nobody says that men don’t spend money. Of course they do, but it has been proven that they use it to make long-term investments such as cars (the most expensive ones, if possible), land, office or residential buildings, and so on.

In other words, men spend on things that are necessary.

But let’s see it from another perspective: what do women spend money on? On cosmetics, on clothes and on the entire beauty regimen. Who do women want to be beautiful for? For you, of course, the men in their life.

So please, stop complaining. Women don’t spend their money on useless things, right?

9. Drinking


Nothing new under the sun: men are better at drinking alcohol than we are. While we tend to see double, to sing loud (with the wrong lyrics) after three glasses and drop like flies, men continue to drink tequila after tequila with dignity. What’s the reason?

One scientific explanation is the simple fact that women are smaller than men, therefore alcohol gets absorbed more quickly into their tissues. As women also have more fat and less water in their bodies, the drinks are diluted slower and more gradually, thus prolonging their effects.

One most recent explanation is that the female body lacks the gastric alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), used to break down alcohol in the stomach. So unfair!

8. Lying


If you’re a fan of the movie Lie To Me you know that you don’t need to open your mouth to tell a lie, your body language – which many people don’t understand and can’t read – also betrays you. For instance, rapid blinking is the most obvious sign that indicates someone’s lying to you.

A study that has surprised even most men has revealed that men are more prone to lying, for the “good cause” of getting away with things. 4 out of 5 women admitted to lying every day, compared to only 2 out of 5 men.

The reason why people tell lies is also interesting: men lie more than women just to make them feel better. How could you tell a woman “oh, dear, you look gorgeous in your new red dress” when it is obvious she looks like a beached whale?

7. Pretending To Listen To What They Are Told


Your man is in front of his computer vaguely “doing something”, as he’s always busy. You, very angry after a discussion with your son’s teacher, are trying to let him know what your concerns are. He frowns and shakes his head during your speech. Sometimes a “hm hm” coming from him, but otherwise he looks so preoccupied. At that moment, he says to himself: “What the hell is going on with this motherboard? I’ve just reinstalled it…” Don’t you believe me? Do the test by having your man repeat what you have just told him!

6. Driving


As the war between sexes will probably never be won, and as women believe they are better drivers than men and vice-versa – nothing has been prove, scientifically in this regard – let me list some of the aspects that make men better drivers.

Statistically, they are involved in fewer car crashes, despite the fact that women are more careful and cautious while behind the wheel. Women also drive at lower speeds, so why do they cause more accidents?

Simply because they are more distracted by their cell phones to which they are almost addicted, while men ignore anything that happens around. They don’t suffer from sleep deprivation and they don’t panic while under pressure, also due to the way they orient in space, visualize objects and anticipate things.

5. Having A Better Sense Of Orientation


Although women can move from point A to point B, it is not uncommon for them to call on men just to make sure they arrive safe and sound. It goes without saying that men are not a living GPS, but they have an ease with everything that is related to location in space.

In a foreign city or on a map, men have a super powers when it comes to orientation.

It goes back a long way, to the times when men had to go hunting and come back with some food for their families. Apparently, they never got lost!

4. Cooking


Whenever you ask the question: “What does your man do better than you?” the unanimous answer is: “Cooking!”

We all have friends who have been impressed by their male partner’s cooking skills at least at the beginning of their relationships.

Although few of us know it, there is no woman in top 50 best cooks in the world. Why? Not because women cannot cook, but because it’s a tough field, a very difficult job that requires physical effort, working late nights, missing important holidays and sometimes even vacations and a lot of stress.

Women are ready to take up this challenge but only up to a certain point before having their own families and their own children. Everything changes from that moment, and they focus more on this part of their life than on their career. Therefore, it’s not that they haven’t got the needed skills to perform this job, it is just because they choose to do something else.

Otherwise, how could any male cook state: “nobody cooks as well as my mum?”

3. Shopping


Another chapter where women have been dethroned!

If there is an area in which we have something to learn from men, it is shopping! Strolling around and looking at everything is out of question, as men know exactly what they want.

Any man can find what suits him in two seconds. He tries it in record time, and to make sure he’s not going to set foot in another shop for at least three years, he takes the same model in two or three colors.

Ultra fast. Ultra efficient. Ultra depressing!

2. Gossiping


Another field which you’d believe belongs to women, but the latest studies prove the contrary! Generally, everyone thinks that women are the ones who love to spill the beans to anyone who would listen and talk behind their friend’s back.

A survey made by the British company One Poll revealed that men really gossip more than women. It seems that they spend on average 76 minutes per day gossiping with colleagues, compared to only 52 minutes spent by women for the same activity.

Their favorite gossip place is the office, whereas women would rather invite their friends to their home and gossip at great length. 31% of the men consider that a good gossip session with their life partner to be even better than sex!

1. Speaking


Women speak a lot. Much more than men. It’s neither a secret, nor a surprise. More doesn’t necessarily mean better. Et voila!

Unlike women, men do not need to set a plot, a context, to give a lot of (useless and boring) details about a certain topic, thus avoiding double meanings and superfluous digressions. They simply save their words. Speaking is used only to convey the necessary information, quickly and in an organized way. Period! End of discussion!

Sometimes it is said that all these modern means of communication are superfluous for a man. He could have simply stopped at the telegram…

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