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20 Things That Are Illegal Now But Could Become Legal In The Next 20 Years

20 Things That Are Illegal Now But Could Become Legal In The Next 20 Years

We all have broken the law at some point in our lives. I’m not here to judge, not at all. Just pointing out a fact. We all have also for the most part felt as though the law we actually broke shouldn’t have been a law anyways. There are way too many laws that are just flat out dumb. I know it, you know it and hell even the government knows it! Luckily for all of us this won’t be an issue for much longer. Here are 20 things that are illegal now but won’t be illegal 20 years from now.

20. Drinking While Driving


Seems a bit crazy don’t you think? Why would drinking while driving ever be tolerated? Well I think there is a chance that within 20 years it could be legal. It’s simply because instead of throwing someone into jail for their reckless habits, if caught behind the wheel drunk, an officer would be mandated to drive you home and have your car impounded and your license suspended for about a period of 6 months. That seems fair. Of course all deals are off if a drunk driver just happens to commit serious bodily harm to someone or if their actions leads to someone’s death, but if a driver is swerving in and out of lanes or falls asleep behind the wheel because they are intoxicated a simple impounding and suspension of their license is a possible way to go.

19. Prostitution

via Return Of Kings

It’s just sex people! So what if a few women out there are using their bodies in order to get what they want. Now if someone is forced into selling their body for money then that should absolutely be stopped but if a woman is in need of a few bucks then what’s the problem? Listen guys pay for the dinner, the movies, buy gifts and pay bills for the woman they are in love with or intimate with anyways. In many ways that’s almost a form of prostitution! Think about it! Guys the lady you’re with wants you to do things for her. She likes it when you randomly buy her gifts or take her out to fancy restaurants or when she’s low on cash she would love it if you helped her with a few bills. A prostitute essentially wants the same thing! The only difference is that the prostitute will let you know that she will take away your sexual frustrations, a regular woman won’t flat out say it but after us guys takes her to that fancy restaurant where we just spent about 200 bucks on some food, we’re expecting a good time later on that night!

18. Underage Drinking


Everyone does it anyways! I’m sure even the most honorable parents have given their child an alcoholic beverage or two or three! You know why? It’s because it’s okay to do it when you’re around. You will ensure that your child doesn’t go out and make a fool of themselves. Also when you think about it even the churches allow just about anyone to have a glass of wine to go along with a piece of bread after they are baptized. It symbolizes the body and blood of their savior. So you’re telling me that a pastor, a man that dedicates his life to making sure everyone he comes across is of a sound body and mind and religiously in the right place. You’re telling me that man is alright with giving a kid that just got baptized at the age of 16 a glass of wine but some old guy at the liquor store won’t allow me to grab a few Heineken’s? Give me a break!

17. Littering


I love planet Earth, so for all of you over the top planet lovers take a breather and relax. This isn’t an anti-earth or anti-clean article. This is just simply me stating that it happens! Everyone litters. The thing about littering is this, when it’s done it’s not like the person that’s doing it is saying to themselves: “I hate this world I’m just going to trash it as much as I can.” Instead what they’re really thinking is: “I’m really going to enjoy this candy bar right now.” Notice in that second statement nothing is even mentioned about littering. It can be something as simple as going to the corner store and buying a snicker bar and just simply throwing the wrapper on the floor. I’m not saying it’s right but I’m just saying do I really need to pay a ticket because I forgot to throw a small piece of paper in the trash? This law will most likely be gone in the near future.

16. Texting While Driving


I mean what’s a quick text right? Now I’ve seen those commercials where someone looks down to send a text message for about one second and then when they look back up, BAM! It’s a car accident. So, yes I understand the risk but sometimes that text needs to be sent. How about a compromise? If you’re at a red light you can go ahead and text away but as soon as that light turns green then you need to put your phone back down. Doesn’t that make the most sense? It’s possible because so many traffic lights have a timer. When the “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” signs pop up there’s a timer that pops up as well to tell pedestrians how much time they have left to cross the street. Well drivers can simply use that timer to realize how much time they have left to text. Makes sense doesn’t it? Now you give drivers a bit of leeway while also avoiding car accidents. Problem solved.

15. Jay Walking


This is by far the dumbest law in the history of laws! Jay walking?! Really?! Did I just get a ticket for jaywalking?!?! You have to be kidding me! It just doesn’t make any sense. If someone is trying to get to a store that is in the middle of the block than why should they have to cross the street all the way at the end of the block only to walk back to the middle of the block just to get to the store they wanted to get to in the first place? Just simply look both ways before you cross the damn street! Whoever came up with this law was clearly bored and wanted to figure out a way to just annoy the crap out of people and because of that is why this law will no longer be in existence 20 years from now. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a law in a few months let alone a few years.

14. Riding A Bike Without A Helmet


Seriously who comes up with some of these laws? I understand that trying to enforce safety is important especially to young kids but leave that up to the parents. I actually do think that wearing a helmet is a great thing so for the younger viewers that are tuned in and reading this article, listen up! Wear your helmet when you ride your bike! I do believe that this law will be gone within the next 20 years however. Although it promotes safety, I think the law creators have other more important things to worry about. Stopping a little kid because he’s not wearing a helmet is not one of them.

13. Cleaning Up After Your Dog


A little crap never hurt anybody! Having a dog, cat or any animal as a pet is a huge responsibility, and a part of that responsibility is cleaning up after your pet. Like many other individuals out there the process of cleaning up after your pet can become extremely annoying. What’s worse is the fines that come along with not cleaning up after your pet. In the next 20 years or so consider this law gone! Why? It’s because it can become a hassle and pointless, it’s seldom ever found to be true. Cops aren’t out and about finding out whose dog is taking a crap all over the neighborhood so it’s a law that can be deemed unnecessary. What’s the point in having a law that is hardly ever used? So what if you step in a few green spots every now and then! Get used to it because when this law is gone you’ll be stepping in a lot of it!

12. Medical Marijuana


Pot heads around the world are rejoicing! While the ones over in Denver are telling us that we’re way too late! It’s true weed is becoming legalized in more and more states, roughly 29 states have it legalized usually in the form of a prescription. Clearly marijuana is moving in the direction of getting legalized everywhere but there are various states that are reluctant on pulling the trigger on it such as New York. Forget about 20 it could be closer to 5 years before its legalized everywhere. Why am I so confident? It’s because of all of the supposed benefits of the drug such as stress and pain relief. The problem is that many believe that once it’s legalized everywhere that people will be going to school, work and everywhere else imaginable high as a kite. It seems as though the other 29 states have a pretty good handle on it, and other states including New York will follow their blueprint and bring legalized cannabis to your state very soon!

11. Speeding

via: Car Throttle

When you got to go you got to go right? Speeding is flat out dangerous. Not only are you endangering your own safety but you’re also endangering the safety of others BUT is it really that bad? I think not! Now yes I understand that question and answer I just gave is a contradiction but I have a method behind my madness! Listen if speeding was really as bad as they say it is than it wouldn’t be allowed. Period. But cops are allowed to speed when they have to get to an “emergency” and yes I placed quotation marks on the word emergency because half of the time cops only put on their sirens so they won’t have to sit in traffic like the rest of us. Furthermore if speeding was so bad than they wouldn’t allow it to be an actual sport like in NASCAR racing. Say what you will but you don’t see other laws such as manslaughter and robbery used as a sport now do you? That’s exactly why speeding will be gone in a few years. Drive at your own pace and be careful.

10. Smoking Cigarettes Under 18


In some states it’s illegal to smoke when you’re under 21 and in others it’s illegal when you’re under 18 but don’t worry this law will be gone in only a few short years. The reasoning is because cigarettes are almost like alcohol where it only affects one person. I don’t believe that smoking inside of a public place such as a workplace or school building will ever be allowed because now you are interfering with the health of others. However, smoking cigarettes should be consumed at one’s own risk. People often times go to it to get away from the stresses that are appearing in their lives. Now I know that cigarettes cause major health problems but so does alcohol. In short, if you want to smoke than fine but do it at your own risk.

9. Gambling


Other than Las Vegas sports gambling is illegal. Notice I said sports gambling right? Right! If you want to play the slot machines go right ahead but where’s the fun in that? How about you allow people to bet on actual sporting events? Who does this actually harm? No one really. It may actually help people in certain ways. Are you down on cash and need a way to try to make a few quick bucks? Than take a chance and bet on the basketball game tonight. Instead of going out there and breaking every law in order to make some money fast now you can do it the legal way. Shouldn’t you be allowed to use your money the way you want? If I just completed a 50 hour work week and still can’t afford all of my bills then shouldn’t I be allowed to take my money and try to make more money with it? So let me get this right, I’m allowed to go to the casino and put my money on a card game and hope that I win but I can’t simply put my money on the game between the Lakers and Celtics tonight? Makes no sense and that’s why this law will be gone very soon. No more traveling to Vegas just to gamble guys!

8. Doing Coke


Yes, you read that headline correctly! I’ll have to explain this one quick before a cop comes knocking at my door! Coke can make you delusional, give you paranoia and can flat out kill you but so can a lot of things such as cigarettes and alcohol but those products are in commercials every day. So what’s the difference? That’s a good question. To me there is no difference because the end result is still the same which is fatality. I AM NOT I REPEAT AM NOT condoning the use of coke but what I am saying is that it doesn’t make sense to ban this substance because of all the negative side effects it has but also allow us to consume other items that are just as negative if not more so. If you want to ban everything then do so but don’t pick and choose. This one might be a stretch but it at least has a chance to be banned in 20 years. I would love to sit here and chat some more but I hear a few sirens outside my window at the moment! Got to go!

7. Selling Coke

via: PayerFusion

Alright so if you’re going to let me do coke than you might as well let me sell it to right? Right! My logic for this one is simple and it somewhat outlines what I said in previous post. Alcohol and cigarettes are dangerous to your health but yet they are still available for our consumption. They are placed on ads, billboards and commercials and are sold to us in just about every corner store and pharmacy. I think everyone at this point understands that both products can kill you. What I’ve been pushing for is that we should stop selling them all together but since that won’t happen then we shouldn’t take away other products that we deem aren’t safe for us as well. We should also take it a step further and just sell them as well. When you walk into a rite in aisle 1 you’ll have your beauty products, aisle 5 you’ll have your snacks and aisle 15 you’ll have your death products! Everything that you want to lead you to the coffin at a quicker rate will be there! Cigarettes, alcohol, coke! You name it and it’ll be there!

6. Keeping The Beer Bottle In The Bag


Aren’t I an adult? Let me speak to the readers that are about 21 and over here at the moment. So let me get this straight, I own a car, I have a job, I’m allowed to buy cigarettes and drink alcohol, I’m also allowed to vote and do various other things. But if I buy a Corona from the corner store I have to hide it in a bag before I drink it? Than what the heck is the point in letting me buy it in the first place? They make it seem as though the reason why you’re not allowed to drink in public while your alcoholic drink is showing is because it will influence others or that you should be ashamed that you’re drinking in the first place. So how come you’re allowed to freely smoke cigarettes without hiding yourself? This is such a dumb law. They allow you to purchase and consume an alcoholic beverage but they won’t allow you to show what you’re drinking? Sooner or later the government will realize this was a stupid law and get rid of it.

5. Public Intoxication


Public intoxication can lead to several bad things such as fist fights and other altercations. Even though that is a true statement I still believe this law will be and should be gone fairly soon. There are a ton of people that are drunk in public but you just don’t realize it half the time. Do you really want people to not be intoxicated in public? Well how about no longer serving alcohol in bars and clubs? You do realize that after the party is over that the people that have had too much to drink are going to be in the street trying to find their way home. What are you going to do? Arrest everyone that leaves the club? Or how about placing cops outside of bars to make sure no one is leaving to drunk? Seems smart right? Too bad that’s never going to happen. If you’re old enough to drink than becoming drunk in public is just something that comes along with it.

4. Indecent Exposure


What’s the problem with a little exposure? Do I really have to go to jail just because I have my ass hanging out? This law is trying to protect young kids from seeing things they shouldn’t be seeing and they are also trying to protect others from watching people that are exposed. Well my rebuttal to this statement is that if that is truly the case than EVERYONE needs to be arrested! I’m sure there are countless kids that have caught their parents in the act of adult activities. How about the way some females dress when they are going out to the club? No offense ladies because I personally think you look amazing but a lot of cleavage is showing with some of those outfits, and very little is left to the imagination. So, what’s the difference? Exactly! There is none! Once this rule is gone within the next 20 years then feel free to walk out the house butt naked ladies and gentlemen. I sure will!

3. Polygamy


Can I get a little variety? I can have multiple cars, multiple houses, multiple pets and even multiple jobs but I can’t have multiple wives? Fortunately other countries such as India and Nigeria allow polygamy but how about right here in the States? I don’t want the women to feel left out because I feel as though things between a man and woman should always be fair so they would be allowed to have multiple husbands as well! Everyone may not like it at first but eventually I think we would all grow to love it. Instead of going behind the back of your loved ones you can simply have multiple spouses. This might be a hard law to pass here in the states but we are talking about 20 years from now so I think there’s a chance. We did get a man on the moon right? Anything is possible!

2. Fireworks


Everyone loves fireworks, you really can’t imagine the 4th of July without it. With the exception of a few states, purchasing and using fireworks are illegal. This law will absolutely be gone within the next 20 years. Do you know what cops and judges often times do on the 4th of July when they are off duty? They are probably out with their families enjoying the fireworks show. They’ll look up at the sky sometimes and realize how great it looks; now I’ll bet you they don’t do the same when any other law is broken! “Hey honey that guy just stole a car let’s sit down and watch this beautiful site.” I kind of doubt that happens! When you watch a commercial that speaks about being proud to be an American citizen, what usually happens in those commercials is that you’ll see several people explain why they are happy to be living in this great country but if you look closely there is also fireworks going on in the background either while that person is speaking or after. Well most of the time. Now I’m not saying just allow people to use them on a regular basis but how about just on the 4th of July? That’s a real possibility and it’s also exactly why this law won’t be here much longer.

1. Battery


It’s just a little fighting! Now I’m all for talking things out and avoiding conflicts but sometimes you really don’t have a choice. Please don’t mistake me for saying that I condone these activities but it’s like I said sometimes it is necessary. Men and women handle their problems in two different but similar ways. When pushed too far everyone fights but for women that fight leads to a grudge that lasts a long time. For men often times when we fight we don’t think anything of it. We can get into a fist fight with our best friend and 5 minutes later go play some basketball together. I don’t believe fighting should be that big of a deal. Considering for a battery many battery charges are misdemeanor offenses that result in no time in prison apparently the courts don’t consider it a major crime either. It will be gone in no time and when it is get your boxing gloves ready folks, it’s time to rumble!

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