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20 Things That Can Make A Man’s Interest In A Woman Go From 100 to 0

20 Things That Can Make A Man’s Interest In A Woman Go From 100 to 0


While men and women have different ways of expressing themselves, some behaviors demonstrated by women may make the man lose interest without the woman even realizing. Women perform these deeds unknowingly and they are the reason why sometimes a guy may stop calling a woman.

This is what happens: guy meets chic on Tinder and gets excited about it. Numbers are swapped, and flirty texting follows. The two organize for a date and the date goes well, and everyone feels the proverbial spark. The man thinks he has found his queen while the woman thinks she has found her knight in shining armor.

But after six weeks or two months, the guy stops calling, and the lady is left wondering.

It may not be a big deal if it is only one or two guys, but the woman should start getting worried if this happens over and over – with every man. It mostly means a woman has shortcomings that a man cannot tolerate.

Why do men lose interest? This is a question that the fair sex has been asking since time immemorial. The reasons are often discussed, but women have to be reminded over and over because they are forgetful.

The reasons are several and vary from one woman to another, but there are some that are more dominant and have been found to annoy men for centuries. The problem is that women rarely do these things deliberately. In fact, they are always clueless and only realize their fault when it’s too late.

This is the era of electronic dating and men are always on a merciless elimination mode. If they discover you cannot sustain a 3-minute conversation about technology, forget about it! If you are a cigarette smoker who parties throughout; kaput! If you are selfish, manipulative, or you are a drama queen, forget you ever met.

The point is: it is a digital era, and the internet has made it easier to seek a partner. If a woman has ‘flaws,’ the man will replace her almost immediately. He cannot stand you if you are noisy, materialistic, or clingy. He used to tolerate these habits back in the day, but things changed dear.

Here are some of the reasons his interest will drop from 100 to 0:



While he may treat you like a gentleman, he does not like it when you feel like you deserve everything.

It is wrong to think that because he is into you, he has to open the car door and buy you flowers all the time. This problem is mostly exhibited by ladies who are used to romantic gestures from other men up to the point where they feel they are entitled to everything.

How will he know you have this mentality? When you expect him to pay for your drinks, your shopping, your Uber, and even your rent. When you want him to take care of all your liabilities.

Men look for equal partners and hate when you become selfish and think you deserve everything because you are the woman. The reality is that you are not always going to get what you want whenever you want it. You cannot defy reality all the time because you have an inflated sense of importance. If you insist that he takes care of all your bills, he is only going to conclude that you are arrogant and unreasonable.

Most women with entitlement mentality defend their bad habit by claiming they are “old-fashioned” or “traditional.” But wait until the man – in the spirit of old-fashionedness – asks for his clothes to be washed. He will be reminded that she is aggressive.

Some of these women have bigger paychecks but will still ask the guy to pay for dinner.



Manipulative women are the worst because they will use their evil ways to get the man to comply with their demands.

They are always eager to have an influence over the guy. Such a woman will try to influence a guy into changing hobbies, buying clothes, and even changing friends. She will use deceptive, abusive, or devious tactics to manipulate him whenever she gets the chance. For example, when she wants to win a fight, she will play the victim card and will do anything possible to guilt trip the man.

Passive-aggressive behavior is sometimes a sign of manipulation. For example, she will claim she is not mad at the guy but will rush to Facebook and post about how some men don’t care about women’s feelings. In most cases, her actions will not match her words.

Her motive is to always make him feel guilty and obligated. Other tactics that she may employ include crying, lying, or even praising. Sometimes, she can become too obedient or submissive and sooner or later the fellow will oblige.

Her ultimate tool is sex because most men fall for this bodily pleasure.’



She tells white lies whenever the two of you hang out. She also makes up stories that seem unrealistic then starts giggling because she wants you and everyone else to believe her.

She will claim she went to Asia and bumped into some celebrity who tried to ask for her number. Or when guys are discussing a topic, she will claim she has a relative who is a pro in the field just to seem relevant. In most cases, the man cannot figure out why she is making up stories.

This is usually a red flag. It doesn’t matter if the man adores or worships her. There are small lies that men can tolerate: “I’m not mad at you,” “I don’t mind you going out with your friends,” “Yes, we can postpone the date and meet on Friday.”

However, beau will vanish into thin air if he notices you are a consistent liar, and he gets more annoyed when you have to lie about the little stuff that don’t matter. If she has to make up stories to seem relevant, she is trying to please him, and he knows.



Some women have a shitty attitude.

This is the type of woman who bitches about everything under the sun: family, school, food, and friends. While the boyfriend can tolerate her bad behavior in the first date, he will likely weasel out when she tries to reach him for another.

She is generally just a nasty piece of work and will regularly lose her temper and expect everyone to be okay with that. In most cases, she is also demanding, rude, and can sometimes be abusive.

Sooner or later, she is going to throw tantrums in public, and the man is well aware of this.

She will act like she is a spoiled princess who does not care about other people because she hardly knows that character counts. Chances are she is going to try and bully the fellow in a way; whether mentally, physically, or emotionally.

These kinds of women are used to getting too much attention from men that they sometimes think they deserve better. While you can be the cutest chic in campus, a bad attitude makes you worthless to the him.

No man wants to be a ‘doormat’ to a girl with attitude.



When she is always referring her ex, it is not usually a good sign.

It means she is likely not over her former lover, or you are just here to fill the void. Why does she keep talking about him? Does she have to constantly remind you that she had someone? The possible reason is that she still has emotions.

This is one of the biggest turn offs and is a sign that the woman has a major flaw. It may also mean that she has not acknowledged that she is now with someone else.

When a woman starts saying things like “he was a nice guy,” the man will start to feel like you are comparing him to someone else, and that pisses him off. He wants to feel unique and important in a woman’s life.

Women sometimes do this to make the guy jealous, but it never ends well sometimes. The ego of the man is fragile and keeping him in the loop about your ex is going to cause trouble in the relationship.



Materialism has plagued our society, and hundreds of luxury stores exist because men have kept them in business for the longest time.

Some women want their men to splurge on branded bags, diamond earrings, and expensive stilettos. Why? Because they are greedy as hell. To a man, a materialistic woman is just a gold-digger who brings little significance to his life. In fact, such women only make men unhappy and leave them yearning to end the relationship.

She will openly make her request, and she will show more love when she needs something. Such women also tend to be stingy and will never give anything.

This kind of woman only wants to be with a man when he can finance her expensive taste. When the fellow is unable to foot her bills, she will flee without hesitation. Men know them and can identify the in a single glance.

They forget that as much as a boyfriend may want to treat his woman like a princess, he does not like to be forced into buying expensive gifts. Rather, he will prefer a lady who is careful with money. In fact, he admires to build a life with such a woman. She is a liability and will never encourage him to save.

Most men also believe in the myth that a materialistic woman is not a wife material.



Men hate women who disrespect others because they think they are better.

For example, a man can get pissed when a woman disrespects people of a lower social class like waiters, cooks, bus drivers, and janitors. This is the kind of woman who is also capable of making fun of other people appearances if she believes those people are ‘below’ her.

She mostly disregards other people because she believes she belongs to a higher level in the society. Men particularly hate when a woman disrespects a waiter. They will notice this when she starts frowning and saying things like “he’s just a waiter.”

“Yes, he is a waiter, and deserves human love too!”

This habit is known to drive men nuts because they pay attention to how the woman treats the people around her. Why should he keep her when she is always making fun of people’s appearances and disabilities? Why should she act like everyone is beneath her?

He will instantly lose respect for her the moment she starts bullying fast food workers, bank tellers, or clerks.



Intellectual stimulation is fashionable these days. It’s the 21st century for heaven’s sake!

Intelligence is incredibly sexy, and a woman who is an airhead will get ditched at the slightest opportunity. Just like women, men also like when the missus can hold a conversation about Apple, Tesla, the environment, Scientology, and pretty much everything that is current and trendy.

One of the best parts of life is welcoming new information, and a great spouse should show interest in learning new information. After all, we are living in an information age, and anyone who undermines the importance of information is likely to be overtaken with time.

A clueless woman rarely knows what she wants in life, and most of the time, she is only looking forward to getting married and being a stay at home mom. She will gladly narrate to her spouse how she dropped out of college because learning sucks. In other words, she is entirely clueless about anything or everything.

In most cases, she will misspell words and cannot tell the difference between they’re, their, and there. She will consistently ask her man to explain simple things, and it is impossible to teach her new information.

Men like smart women and that has been the case since the discovery of courtship.



If you want him to be romantic, you also need to be romantic.

A woman should not expect romantic gestures when she is not planning to reciprocate. Men also like thoughtful surprises and gifts because they are humans too. Take him on a surprise picnic; cook his favorite food, or buy him the latest game console. He just needs to be reminded that both of you are in the relationship.

Normally, it doesn’t have to be a large gesture, but some women go ahead and ignore the fact that the he needs something extra. It is not always the man’s responsibility to establish the relationship; ladies have a role to play too.

If a lady cannot reciprocate, it may mean that she thinks she is superior and should not do anything to sustain the relationship. He will detect this in the end, and his interest will decline tremendously.



The rules of the game changed and men no longer pester women who play hard to get; especially older men.

Hard to get has been a thing in the last few decades, but it seems to be losing value these days. Most men have no time to follow the same woman for two months. If she acts like she is not interested in the him, she may as well forget about the second date.

Those are the new rules of the game.

Men got fed up with the “constant chasing” and came up with a new mantra: “lie is too short to be spent chasing one person.” To most men, chasing for too long only means feeding the woman’s ego and validating her sense of self.

Does she have to enter hard to get mode because he has shown interest? It is ridiculous. The modern man interprets hard to get as lack of maturity. In fact, most men think it is annoying and a total waste of their time.

Then what do men want? They want the woman to reciprocate when they show interest. After all, it is the age of electronic dating, and there are always prospects to consider.

Guys who still enjoy the chase are almost extinct.



We are talking fake fingernails, fake breasts, and six layers of body cream. The fact is that the cake face woman is no longer appealing.

Men generally hate when the woman is all fake with her excess makeup. Then she will still go ahead and ask the poor lass to take photos of her or her food. You cannot be putting too much makeup at a time when the world is trying to go natural.

It seems natural is the new trend and is more appealing to most men. It can be surprising, but men are well aware when too much makeup has been used. During those times, they will gladly tell a woman that she looks like Barbie and an argument will ensue.

Men understand that you need to apply lipstick, mascara, and eyeliners, but when it is too much, it means you don’t appreciate your natural look. Those thick eyebrows and false eyelashes are not what men look for these days. Not even that fake tan.

It’s the little things like going to the shopping mall in your natural look rather than spending two hours in front of the mirror. Why should she be hiding her natural beauty from him anyway?



Some women will decide that it is right to ‘put the man to the test’ after only two months of dating. Their mission: to find out if he is faithful or if he loves them.

Well, men hate to be ‘tested.’ Why should she send her friends to flirt with him and see his response? It only means she does not trust him. This kind of testing is usually discouraged and often ends relationships when the guy discovers. If the man trusts her, she does not to cause this type of drama in his life.

She does not need to test his loyalty with a pregnancy prank because she will end up annoying him and probably ending a good relationship. Men can’t stand this type of behavior, but some women continue to practice it in the relationship.

If she comes up with this kind of process to “vet” him, he will probably think she is immature and selfish. He will have no other interpretation.

Think about the time when he is planning to go out with friends then she calls at the last minute asking him to change his plans. Why? Because she wants to test their love. She wants to know if he really loves her.

It is wrong, and once a man discovers, he is going to lose interest.



I am not talking about the type of attention where she has to cuddle him and text him every hour of the day. I am referring to the time she plays on the phone while the man is trying to talk to her.

This is an incredibly annoying habit that can send a man away because he feels less important. Checking your cellphone while he is addressing you is just rude. If you are on a date, that is not the time to play Candy Crush or reply to Instagram messages.

Worse, she will still ask him to snap her photos for her Instagram page. Men need attention as much as women. It shouldn’t take an immense amount of energy to maintain a conversation with her because it is not the responsibility of the man to make the conversation happen. It is supposed to be a team effort.

Men can’t stand the fact that they are being ignored yet they are right there.



When a woman cannot admit her mistakes, it also means she can never apologize; not even when she is in the wrong.

If she realizes she has to apologize, she will come up with several excuses and the apology will lose its worth.

These kinds of women hate being wrong and this makes it hard for them to admit when they are not perfect. This is the kind of lady who will never allow her self-beliefs to be challenged.

This habit usually has other underpinnings and the most notable one is pride.

Some women are too proud to admit that they are wrong. They can never come to terms with the fact that they have made a mistake and need to be rectified. Some of them are so defensive that it is usually their default reaction whenever they are confronted.



Clinginess is a red flag. The habit is annoying and can cause exhaustion to the man to the point where he may decide to end the relationship.

Clinginess can be interpreted in so many different ways by a man: you are unhappy, you are worried of getting dumped, you have no life, you are plotless. The habit is a mixture of obsession, insecurity and sometimes self-esteem.

Men, and a majority of them, need space and alone time to take care of other things in their life: friends, family, work. But a needy woman makes it impossible to achieve any goal outside the relationship. This woman bombards her boo with texts throughout the day and checks in a couple of times during the day to find out what he is up to.

Men need and appreciate space. If he is out there with friends, he wants to have a good time and will be unimpressed when you keep texting or calling him. He will be driven away when you are always in his case because it is a sign that you are needy and insecure, and you are likely to be a problem in the future.

Keeping tabs on his every move is a big turn off because no man wants to feel his every move is being watched.



You better have solutions for the things that you constantly complain about: work, friends, health, and relationship.

Everyone is experiencing a difficult time, including the man, and constant whining just makes things work. It makes the woman look like a young girl who is not capable of handling anything.

Men get fed up when you rewind and repeat the same stuff over and over without any tangible solution. What you are going to get from the guy are constant grumbles of discontent because the wailing and finger pointing are getting on his nerves. In fact, it is usually just ‘noise’ that interrupts his peace around the woman.

He does not need to tell you “let that go” every week because you are stuck with the past. Mouthfuls of misery are the last thing he expects when he gets home after a busy day.

Better hatch a plan and execute it then celebrate your success. Otherwise, he will leave you more miserable.



If she is an alpha female and a party animal, she is only cool to her friends; not to a potential suitor.

The man does not expect his sweetheart to reek of smoke 24/7. Party girls have become major turn-offs to most men, but there is a misconception that men love them. Yes, they like to be seen with them and to look cool and all that, but at the end of the day, a party animal will be ignored when it really matters.

The partying lifestyle has gotten too mainstream and unattractive. She can go out with her so-called crazy girlfriends, but he does not want to be part of that. Guys especially consider smoking a disgusting habit, and it makes them question if a woman is worth.

He doesn’t want to kiss a mouth that smells like a chimney, and he immediately pictures her looking like a 70-year-old at only 25 years.

The reality is that plenty of men get infatuated by these party girls. But they only love to hang out with them during the merry-making. It accords them numerous stares from other females and males too because a party girl is an embodiment of everything most men look for.

Unfortunately, the odds will always be against the party girl in the long run.



In hip lingo, they are mostly referred to as attention whores.

They are always trying to control social situations because they are desperate for attention and can do anything to get it. To the man, an attention seeking woman has low self-esteem and is not a perfect match.

She will post stuff on her Instagram wall and use suggestive text to attract the attention of both friends and foes. She is likely a chronic selfie-taker, and she will defend this habit whenever she gets confronted about it.

She is also the type who will wear too much makeup because she is ill-informed and thinks the man likes her that way. Her expert skills include Instagraming, Snapchatting, and a whole lot of other self-promotion skills.

Men can tell when a woman has issues with her self-esteem. The price is just too high, and he will ditch you and look for another female.

Men are more impressed when a lady can follow her true desires.



The signs are always clear: she will talk and talk and not give the man a chance to express himself. And even if she does, she will ‘brush off’ whatever he has to say because she thinks her ideas are much better.

She probably loves jogging and will try to convince her lover to ditch swimming because jogging is better and superior. When he declines the offer, she will get more aggressive about it and try to be manipulative.

A selfish woman likely cares about the man’s career rather than his character. She will come up with many rules to control the fellow because she has a narcissistic personality and always has some expectations from the guy. When he fails to honor her promises, judgment follows, and a mild confrontation is guaranteed.

She rarely wants to embrace the team mentality during decision making. This is mainly because the happiness of the guyy is secondary to hers. In fact, if the man is not careful, his success may be sabotaged by this type of woman.

The worst thing is that she will never compromise anything for her lover. Instead, she will guilt trip the man into making selfish decisions that only benefit her.



The best definition is overreacting accompanied by irrational behavior whenever there is a misunderstanding.

Some men can take a long time to get over an episode of drama because it leaves an unpleasant memory that sticks in their heads. When a guy feels like there is too much drama, he is likely going to call it quits because men are not gifted in handling confrontations.

It may sound like a cliché, but men’s brains are programmed to deal with a single situation at a time. They have to counter one task before they can move to another. Women, on the other hand, are capable of switching subjects with high precision and this just makes it impossible to solve a problem when one arises. But the situation gets even worse when she is a drama queen.

The issue with drama queens is that they ‘force’ relationships because they are lonely. They will then criticize the man for failing to measure up to their expectations. They will complain, pout, and make a big deal out of everything because they are drama queens and drama is their other name.

If they are not complaining about his eating manners, they will rant about his friends, his eating behaviors, their house, her nosy friends, and mostly his incompetence.

She is basically just a control freak, and he doesn’t want her anywhere near him.

This is probably why some men opt for puppies instead of girlfriends.


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