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20 Clothing-Optional Beaches That Were Ruined By Tourists

20 Clothing-Optional Beaches That Were Ruined By Tourists


“Topless sunbathing on the beach should be banned. The holiday was ruined as my husband spent all day looking at other women.” This was listed among the most awkward complaints by tourists. Nothing takes the fun out a nice sun worshipping session like someone pointing out that boobs are ruining anything they are doing. Let alone the brazen transfer of responsibility. I mean when you’re walking on a topless beach, it’s clear what to expect, right? It seems that that doesn’t slow the buzzkills down.

Now if you add perverts to that mix, then it is almost the season finale for the topless ninjas. Topless/nude beaches require a lot of restraint. They are not about sexualizing anything. However, it is generally acknowledged that your body may defy your good little mannerisms, in which case you have to take measure and lie facing down until things get under control. Staring is a no no. That is creepy level 9.

Sadly, especially for all the good folk who like to take in good things, some beaches have been taken over by this backwardness. That has seen the unfazed topless masses migrate and take with them all the fun. The end and migration or the topless have been prompted by several factors, among them, changing legislations, change in public aesthetics and the failure to keep it away from one another.

20. Bondi Beach, Australia


Most topless beaches for women came up as result of the counterculture movement. In the 1980s, women were embracing their femininity and the power that comes with that. This saw the slow but steady rise of topless female sunbathers on Australia’s Bondi Beach. Attempts to police them only made them more popular, and cooler. Soon, a lot of people on the beach were dropping anything that covered the upper torso. It became popular enough for it to make it to postcards and tourist guides. It was mostly started in Europe, and Europeans visiting Australia. Now, it has disappeared, only more quietly than when it came. And it is influenced by trends in Europe. It came with the courage of the tourists to break the convention, perhaps fuelled by the lack of inhibitions that come with being in a foreign land. And so, it has gone, to the consternation and sadness of the locals.

19. Paris’s Artificial Beaches


It was 2001. People should have seen this as a sign of the recent turn away from going topless at the beach by many young French women. Interestingly, this was purely a Parisian decision, not influenced by tourists. Or maybe it was, but they never said so when they announced the banning of women from going topless at Parisian artificial beaches. The Parisian authorities did not stop there; they used a blanket term “notably indecent attire” in reference to g-strings, going topless and nude sunbathing. Reason? Could have led to temptations and dangerous behavior on the banks of the river, whatever that means. G-strings banned from the banks of La Seine. Paris of all places? Quel dommage!

18. St. Leonard’s Beach, Auckland


It has always had the reputation of being a mecca, of not only the topless but also the nudists. This started in the 1950s but was probably happening before then. However, the popularity of the beach and the recognition it was accorded by the local authorities as a nudist beach started attracting perverts and weirdos from all over in the 1980s. They were never controlled. Thus their number increased. These saw others move away, especially women and children. With increasing nearby property development and the rezoning of the area, the place fell under a new policy. However, it has retained its status as a beach friendly to those who considered themselves as the free. Continued complaints about indecent exposure to kids, by people with families and dog walkers, whether true or not, seem to be further hampering any hopes of bringing back the females to this beach.

17. Ladies Bay, New Zealand


This one has always been home to nudists. Baring it all has been part of Ladies Bay culture. However, recent reports by a local newspaper claiming that nudists were upsetting tourists have attracted controversy. Locals could not believe how that is now a problem even though it was not before. The beach has always been a nude swimming area despite not being designated as one. However, the complaints seem to have attracted more than many bargained for: Perverts and voyeurs who came armed with equipment like binoculars and cameras. However, this may only have turned off a big part of the remaining topless bathers as some had already started moving away due to it being hard to access, unswimmable in low tide and lacking amenities for beach goers. Still, the controversy must have sent away some, especially those who do not like to go to extra length for fun they can find elsewhere. So much for buying binoculars.

16. Papamoa Beach, New Zealand


Well, as we said in the introduction, nudist beaches are just for that, baring it all. They also involve refraining from coitus, at all costs. This will mostly lead to arrest, fines, or, if it is in Papamoa, revoking of the status of the area as nudist beach, especially by locals. In Papamoa, locals seem to have co-existed peacefully with the topless visitors. Some of them even used the beach to worship the sun, and there seems not to have been a problem. Until a local on a morning jog saw two men going at it on the beach. Everything changed after that, including sign announcing the area as a non-nudist place going up. So much for a few random people who spoiled other people’s fun because they couldn’t keep it in their imaginary pants.

15. Polgaver Beach, Near St. Austell


For this popular nudist haunt, it was outright closure. It seems the tourist earnings have to be safeguarded and cultivated. Having accommodation near a shoreline is always one way of doing that. And Polgaver seems to have fallen to that fate. The area was cordoned off by a property developer in 2015 for the construction of a hotel. The public right of way was touted to be given priority. However, a few naturists who visited during this time didn’t feel comfortable as the number had drastically fallen and it did not feel that comfortable at all. They joined the earlier departures in their outward journey from patronizing the place. The loss of Polgaver marked the end of nudist beaches in Cornwall.

14. Beaches in the City of Cadiz, Spain


This started in 2009 when the authorities in the historic port city of Cadiz decreed that to bare it all at the beach, you had to go out of the city limits. Of course, the naturists didn’t take it lying down, they wanted their boobs to experience freedom. So, off to court they went. After a seven-year battle, the judicial system ruled that the law sided with the city. Not even their argument of the possibility of nudism being regarded as a fundamental right under the Spanish Constitution could sway the Supreme Court. In the end, it was a lose-lose situation. No more beautiful attractions to look at on the beach.

13. Lighthouse Beach, Fire Island


This was a mecca for all those who loved to bare it all in New York. Some had even made it a second home, sort of. Until the National Park Service put a stop to nude bathing at the beach in 2013. Apparently, the ban was introduced to bring a level of decency to the nudist area of the beach after it was exposed. Hurricane Sandy destroyed dunes that basically acted as a curtain to the nudist area of the beach. However, that hasn’t deterred some of them from going back to bare it all as a way of protesting the ban. The parks service, however, attributed the ban to rise in lewd and voyeuristic behavior and the trade of the flesh. If true or not, one of the most popular nudist areas in the US had been declared a nudist free zone. So much for the land of the free.

12. Holkham Beach


Never have I ever imagined the Royals could be cited as one of the reasons nudists were banned from a beach. But anything is possible. The beach used to be a favorite of the Royal Family, who even had a house there. However, the Royals seem to have kept away for some years as the place grew popular with nudists. However, Holkham estate, which had dedicated the Western end of the beach to nudists, banned it after several cases of couples allegedly having lewd sex on the beach, and members of the public being propositioned rose. Of course, it was theorized that the decision might encourage the Royals to come back although I am not conversant to the actual outcome of that line of thought.

11. Serebryany Bor Natural Park, Moscow


When the Moscow city authorities moved on a beach in the park that had been used by nudists for more than thirty years, it went for the strongest terms in the book. A city official referred to the topless as “depraved.” As always, that no-go zone on public nudist beaches, sex in public, was used as an excuse or reason, depending on what side you are listening to. In this case, the city officials added naked drunken brawls to the list of the reason it is closing, the latest casualty in what appeared to be a conservative crackdown in the city.

10. Tyagarah Beach


Tyagarah Beach is part of the Tyagarah Nature Reserve that basically sits on 7 kms of coastline where tourists and visitors alike can swim, bird watch and even eat in the picnic area. For the naturalist community, Tyagarah Beach is also a nudist beach where clothing is optional for visitors. While this beach has had a great run with the nudist community, its cool, relaxed naturalist vibe is quickly going to the dogs. This nudist beach is quickly being overrun with inappropriate sexual behavior from a group of young men. This even forced a march by the nudist community in the area to save the beach from sex focus and harassment.

9. Laganas Beach, Greece


This is yet another nudist beach that’s located in Greece, it’s quite a scene to marvel at, and due to its popularity, it’s attracted massive development of hotels, bars and restaurants close to it. For most nudists, this could be a disadvantage, since nudists and crowding don’t really work hand in hand. Its popularity has also affected the nudist beach since the locals, as well as the nudist community, are not pleased with a number of European Tourists who flock to the beaches every year. In case you haven’t been to Laganas then you probably need to know that public sex on the streets and sidewalks is a sign of sexual liberation. This kind of stunts by young tourists is slowly killing the once famed nudist beach of Greece.

8. Island of Ruegen Beaches


This is one of Germany’s biggest beaches on one of the most popular islands in the country. The island is located in the Baltic Sea, that’s off the shore of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The island is known for its dramatic chalk cliffs and long sandy beaches. If you have traveled to Germany, the island has probably shown up in your to-go destinations. The island also has a variety of sandy beaches with most of them being nude. However, due to the high tourism influx, the nudist nature of the beaches is slowly going down due to overcrowding and inappropriate behavior by tourist. However, if you are still looking to see some natural sites, this is one of the best places you can visit in Germany.

7. Freibad Xantener Südsee


The Freibad Xantener Südsee is a popular nudist beach that is located in Germany, it’s very prevalent with its visitors due to its long shoreline and beautiful beaches. If you have traveled to Germany, then you probably understand that the nudist culture is commonplace. However, over the years there have been a few complaints of nudist being threatened at the beaches. While this is an unlikely occurrence and especially in Germany, it’s ruined the reputation of the nudist beach. If you were planning on exploring your nude side on this beach, better take a rain check and read the reviews.

6. Berlin-Wannsee

Well, Germany clearly has its share of nude beaches, and the Berlin-Wannsee is perhaps one of the most popular nudist beaches in the country. This beach is located on Lake Wannsee that’s in the West of Berlin. This is perhaps one of the most popular recreational spots in the area. The location boasts of the longest island in the whole of Europe and if you are a nudist, then here’s the catch, it has one of the largest clothes free areas. It’s not uncommon to find tourists relaxed in their wicker chairs or playing volleyball. However, a crowd like this, almost always ruins nudism. The high influx of tourists has brought its own bunch of weirdos and inappropriate behavior, ruining this perfect nude beach location.

5. Cap d’Agde, Languedoc, France


Located in France, Cap d’Agde, Languedoc, is in fact notorious for nudist or topless lifestyle. If you are planning to visit this place then you need to know that you can freely go sans bikini top at almost any of the beaches around here, and boobs are commonplace in this area. This naturalist city has taken hedonism to a whole new level; you can shop, and sunbathe or have dinner naked, that’s how serious it gets here. While these are all things that will astound the average nudist, these beaches have recently had an influx of tourists, and while they are unfamiliar with the nudist way of life, they sometimes take things a little bit further, ruining the perfect naturalist way of life in these beaches.

4. Playa de Ses Illetes — Formentera, Spain


This beach is located in the legendary Ibiza, however it’s actually a bit smaller than its cousin, meaning there is no airport. Therefore, you might need to take a bus or a ferry to get here. This place has a variety of wealthy and gorgeous beaches, and a good thing about these beaches is that they are nude-friendly. Playa de Ses Illetes is great for the average nudist, however it can get a bit crowded over the high seasons and especially when there are a lot of tourists. A word of advice, if you want to get the best out of this destination, visit it during the off seasons, the Playa de Ses Illetes is an experience you can’t afford to miss despite tourists ruining its nudist reputation.

3. Leucate Plage – Leucate, France


The Leucate Plage is one of the most famous spots in the country for skinny dipping; call it the skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing capital of France. This location is also famous for its two naturalist resorts and a clothing optional campground. Meaning that if you get to visit this place, you will probably get a healthy balance of naked tourists and buck naked locals. You’ll still get a good number of full dressed party poopers at the location, and this is what ruins the nudist location for most naturalists. Therefore, if you are planning to try this spot out, be weary of the fully clothed peeping Toms.

2. Paradise Beach — Mykonos, Greece


Paradise Beach located in Mykonos, Greece, depending on where you will be visiting, is a stretch that can either be fully clothed or completely bare or topless. The crowd here is a mixture of young people with a majority being college-going adults looking to have a good time. This beach hosts two exclusive wild beach bars meaning there is something for everyone at the Paradise Beach. While the young crowd is carefree and there’s definitely no shortage of topless people, it might get a little bit inappropriate when the temperatures rise and the young lads have a little bit more to drink.

1. Patara Beach – Patara, Turkey


Patara Beach in Turkey is home to one of the longest beaches in the Turkish Riviera, and perhaps one of its amazing features is its essential soft sand and warm shallow beaches that you can ever find in the world’s greatest shorelines. A part of being a popular nudist beach, if you are lucky enough and have a liking of nature apart from bare bottoms, then you should know that this location is popular as a nesting site for sea turtles. Therefore, if you are not slashing your foot on broken pieces of bottles in the beach, the turtles will definitely be seeing you naked. Patara Beach, as much as being a nude beach, also has its fair share of other tourists who end up spoiling the nudist show.

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