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20 Travel Destinations Where Men Are Treated Like Kings

20 Travel Destinations Where Men Are Treated Like Kings


Sometimes, we deserve to take a break and relax. Work can be stressful and can be like poison to us. Travel is the medicine that we can take. We book a flight to some of the best travel destinations in the world to come back recharged and ready to take on anything. If you are looking for destinations that will treat you like a king then you came to the right place.

Sometimes, we just need to get pampered, discover exquisite flavors, and just see the world from a different perspective. We need to go to places where we are not required to worry about work or about anything else. We need to be in places where we do not need to think of taking care of things or other people because the people there will take good care of us. In these travel destinations, we get what we want because we are kings.

Let’s get started so you can start planning out for your trip. Have fun and enjoy wherever you are going. We hope you come back feeling refreshed and ready to combat anything that comes your way. For now, let’s relax!

20. Lake Como, Italy


Lake Como in Italy is synonymous with George Clooney. Who else is living like a king if not him? Clooney is fond of this Lombardy region in Italy because his huge waterfront villa is reason enough for him to come back for more. Since 2002, Clooney has owned Villa Oleandra. Actually, he does not just go on vacation here, but he lives most parts of the year here – like a king.

Hence, if you want a place where you’d feel like royalty, you should take a trip to Lake Como. It is the destination of the elite!

19. Hamilton Islands, Australia


The Great Barrier Reef is worth every effort and penny to visit. If you go here, the best luxury destination is the Hamilton Islands. Located at the center of  the Whitsunday Islands, the place has great historical significance. The island is privately owned since 2003 and it has experienced several improvements to make it even more luxurious. Today, it is a destination for the rich. A huge part of the island is still untouched so if you want to be in a place that you can discover for yourself, the Hamilton Islands are the best place for you. There are exclusive private resorts and elite villas on the island. Moreover, the yacht club is booming in this side of the country.

18. Costa Smeralda, Italy


The rich and able who are fond of traveling in Europe consider Costa Smeralda in Italy the best destination to relax like a king. This luxury destination offers 55 kilometers of beautiful scenery that is the Sardinian coastline. Many hotels here come with outstanding and jaw-dropping architecture. The place is truly picture-worthy.

In Costa Smeralda, no need ever goes unattended. There is a 24-hour personal butler service that you can avail so every request you have is answered. You can easily book for custom leisure activities for you and your family. Costa Smeralda is a destination for those who truly appreciate (and can afford) luxury travel.

17. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


A destination for the rich when they want to stay secluded, Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia. Aside from unwinding, this place is more popular to people going on a honeymoon. Its majestic scenery as the “Pearl of the Pacific” draws in the rich and famous crowd. Bora Bora is a place where it is commonplace to bump into household names from Hollywood.

One of the best spots to see real-life stars in Bora Bora is Bloody Mary’s Bar and Restaurant.

16. Bali, Indonesia


Bali, Indonesia is also known as the “island of the gods”. It has almost everything any traveler looks for. It has rugged hills and mountains, and it also has white sandy beaches. Hence, it is a luxury travel destination that attracts the rich when they want to be out of the spotlight for once. Bali is a perfect luxury retreat for relaxation and comfort.

For adventurous travelers, Bali has forested volcanic mountains that they can explore. There are also many meditation retreats for the rich and famous. If you go to on, you will surely get to relax and unwind like a king. Bali is a resort town and some of the popular resorts include Sanur and Nusa Dua.

15. The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas


Enjoy like a king with easy access to bustling nightlife, gambling, pool parties, and luxurious rooms for after-hours fun. The Palms Casino Resort is a prime destination in Las Vegas that will make you feel like royalty. It has a cool and modern look that fits the taste of extravagant partygoers. It is the perfect place to host a “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” escapade.

The Palms Casino Resort has improved itself due to the coming of other high-end hotels in Las Vegas. They have made their rooms more stylish. Moreover, the resort has become more of a top spot for lavish bachelor parties.

14. Vanuatu


Vanuatu is an 80-island archipelago popular for some of the best diving sites in the world. In this archipelago, you can explore coral reefs and discover shipwrecks. You can also hike on volcanic trails if you need to get your endorphins pumping. You can also choose to simply relax on some secluded beaches in Vanuatu. Some of the popular beaches include Champagne Beach, Erakor Beach, and Eton Beach. If you are traveling in Vanuatu and want a place to stay where kings go, then go to the Grand Hotel & Casino. This upscale hotel is located in a prime waterfront area that gives an overlooking view of Iririki Island and Port Villa Market.

13. Sha Wellness, Spain


If you thought Sha Wellness in Spain was just another luxury resort, it is much more than that. Here, they take health seriously. So, if you want a luxury escapade where they offer guests with a personal space, this is the place to visit. Water is an important element for Sha Wellness as it can be seen all throughout the resort. Guests have access to large indoor and outdoor swimming pools, waterfalls, and a hydrotherapy circuit. Yoga is very much popular in this place. You can even get personal yoga training if you like. Basically, it is a place where you can free your mind and spirit.

After getting all your muscles sore, get pampered with their massage fit for a king.

12. Saint-Tropez, France


Saint-Tropez is the heart of the playground of wealthy people in the French Riviera. Only the elite vacation at this place so you can be sure that everyone who stays here is treated like royalty. It is a scenic and fabulous place to relax and unwind that many desire to visit. Saint-Tropez has many beautiful secluded beaches and swanky hotels. By the pier, you can spot huge yachts that might even be bigger than a regular house. Most of the glamorous celebrities take their time off in Saint-Tropez. Travel like a king with this place as the destination.

11. Tahiti


A vacation in Tahiti is done like a king if you stay at the Manava Suite Resort. This luxury resort features the largest infinity pool on the island. Moreover, it gives a spectacular view of the lagoon. They also give prime treatment to their guests with utmost pampering fit for royalty.

Aside from just staying in the resort, which is not difficult to do given its quality, also enjoy the mighty mountains and black sand beaches on the island. Moreover, get immersed into the Tahitian culture. This island offers a lot more and is a big change from the usual pale white sand beaches.

10. Solomon Islands


Located at the capital of the Solomon Islands, the Heritage Park Hotel is a premium hotel resort that will give you the royalty treatment if you go on vacation here. Aside from all the relaxing that you can do at the hotel, its location gives you easy access to shopping malls, golf clubs, and dive sites. Hence, you have a plethora of choices where to spend your time when in Solomon Islands.

Other must see and/or do in Solomon Islands include scuba diving at wreck sites, scaling a volcano, island hopping, and immersing yourself in World War II history.

9. Kali Yoga, Italy


Retreat like a king at Kali Yoga in Italy. It has a 17th-century Masseria (grand farmhouse) with an overlooking view of the Itria Valley. It offers an unmistakable old world charm with Italian flair and modern comforts.

Staying here will allow you to take morning meditative walk among lavender meadows and olive trees. The place also has a walled swimming pool and sun bed area if you just want to chill out. Moreover, it has an outdoor Jacuzzi hot tub where you get a refreshing dip after every yoga session.

Kali Yoga is a place to visit for some serenity and you will definitely go back home recharged.

8. St. Barts, Caribbean


A place where the wealthy go on vacation, St. Barts in the Caribbean is a prestigious holiday location. It is considered as a prime playground for the rich and famous. It is filled with many luxury resorts and hotels, which makes choosing difficult. Yet, whatever you choose, you are in for king-like treatment.

St. Barts has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Moreover, it offers night spots that are taken as some of the most desirable places to hang out.

7. Cap Juluca, Caribbean


Dubbed as the “new St. Barts,” Cap Juluca in the Caribbean is a luxury travel destination. It used to be a pristine beachfront community that is now dotted with many luxury resorts. The beaches and restaurants in this place are said to be the best that the Caribbean can offer. The resorts are so private and posh that they cater to celebrity royalties like Mariah Carey and Courteney Cox.

Even during peak season, Cap Juluca is still serene and almost devoid of tourists. It may stay that way for many luxury travelers discover the beauty of this place. How royalty is this place? Its visitors often have net worth going beyond millions of dollars.

6. The Cove Atlantis, Bahamas


The Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas is a popular destination for Hollywood stars. For instance, Justin Bieber and Carrie Underwood have already stayed at the hotel’s 5-star all-suite mega hotel. Hence, going here will definitely give you a treatment of a lifetime.

The hotel boasts a Jeffrey Beers-designed lobby. It has many gourmet restaurants that serve only the most scrumptious food around. During summer, celebrities flock to the Cove Atlantis for a refreshing vacation.

5. Aspen, Colorado


For the old money people who enjoy being treated lavishly, the go-to place is Aspen in Colorado. It is a luxury ski destination that used to be the Rocky Mountain village. Nowadays, Aspen has been transformed into an extravagant destination filled with posh hotels and luxury resorts. There are also many lavish condos in Aspen for those who does not want it to simply be a quick getaway. Some even choose to call this place home.

Aspen is host to many royal visitors, mostly Hollywood stars, businessmen, and even politicians.

4. Rambagh Palace, India


Rambagh Palace in India is a luxury travel destination that provides a grand experience with 24-hour personal butler service. Some of the guests of this place include heads of states and celebrities. It used to be the home of Royal Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and his family until 1957. At present, it is privately owned.

Rambagh Palace is regarded as the “Jewel of Jaipur” due to its eloquent design and lavish decors. It has marbled corridors and peerless private grounds. Its estate is still one of the most beautiful gardens in the whole world.

3. Ibiza, Spain


An idyllic travel destination and an expensive one too, Ibiza is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It is off the coast of Spain and it offers antiquity. Hence, for luxury travelers who want a glimpse of the past while being treated like a king, Ibiza is the destination to target. Aside from culture, the music scene in Ibiza is very much alive. To cater to more travelers with exquisite taste, major upgrades have been done to the island. Some of the newest hotels here promise amazing experience and nightlife that can only be experienced in this location.

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


A familiar luxury destination for the wealthy, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is always packed with travelers with money. Yet, it does not make it any less attractive as a destination. It has sunny weather most of the time, which almost always gives a perfect day at the beach. The resort has become one of the most exclusive destinations fit for a king. Many call it the “Jewel of Baja”. Moreover, around the place, you can find secluded pristine beaches that you can enjoy privately. Hence, if you want to stay away from the limelight for once, this is the place to go to. As an icing to this beautiful destination, the sunset is magical in Cabo San Lucas.

1. The Plaza, New York


The Plaza is one of the most iconic and legendary hotels in Manhattan. The hotel does not need much of an introduction because it is popular for serving royalty from then and now. The Plaza offers impeccable service and they will do everything to answer to your every whim. Moreover, it is on one of the best locations in the city – Fifth Avenue and Central Park South.

The Plaza has already proven itself through time. It made a name for itself for providing the best service both for locals and for luxury travelers. Some of the iconic guests of The Plaza include Mark Twain, The Beatles, and Tom Cruise. New York is a destination on its own and The Plaza is the abode for royalty when in this city.

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