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20 Types Of Women That Turn Men On

20 Types Of Women That Turn Men On


Some women are more successful in love than others. They seem to attract men like flowers attract bees!

Blonde or brunette? With or without much makeup? Curious or serious? What type of woman really turn men on?

If you’ve always wondered what those women who turn on any men they cross have, you’d be surprised to find out that neither the generous bust nor the perfect waistline represent the recipe for success. Even though a pleasant physical appearance is clearly a must-have in attracting their eyes, the attitude also plays a very important role in raising the men’s interest.

There are as many preferences in choosing a partner as men’s typologies. Some people like blondes, others brunettes, some men prefer women who have a decent dress code, while others are knocked off their feet whenever they see a bold neckline or a mini skirt.

Beyond these criteria, there is that special “something” emanating from some seductive women which no successor of Adam can resist. It seems hard to believe, but men choose their lovers neither by their hair color nor by their physical aspects. They look for qualities that women would also like to find in their male partners.

20. Smart Women


The adage “be beautiful and shut up” takes on water and that’s for the best! Men like smart women. They are not afraid of strong, complicated women, career-oriented women… As long as they manage to reconcile their love life and professional life, everything goes well as in the best of both worlds!

These women are filled with wonder, are interested in almost everything. When problems pop up – they inevitably do – a smart woman will work out issues and will be able to see alternatives.

Smart women write, read, work and travel, therefore you will always have something new to talk about and never get bored when in their company.

And maybe the most important aspect: they don’t need to be entertained as they’ve got their own lives and interests, which makes them even hotter!

19. Natural Women


You are who you are and sooner or later you have to reveal your true colors.

Makeup is not bad in itself. On the other hand, it is the way a woman uses it to make her more beautiful that is problematic. Some women simply plaster it on their faces and this annoying habit turns men off. The latter prefer natural women. No one is perfect and nobody has to be. There is no harm in getting made up, but never too much!

If it’s too much it makes men wonder what you’re hiding, maybe an ugly and disgusting birth mark!

Men have another legitimate worry: will they recognize in the morning the woman who wears a mask of makeup?

18. Mysterious Women


Every woman is mysterious, especially at the beginning of a relationship – which is normal, right? A little bit of mystery doesn’t mean that women share all their problems and throw on every little detail of their life from the first date.

Everybody loves mysteries, and especially men, because they are constantly being surprised and are excited whenever they are pulled further into the unknown.

These women give the impression of hiding a secret. They speak in enigmas and do not reveal anything about their private life. They don’t necessarily seek to attract men’s attention, but they do. A lot, even, as their charisma and unusual behavior arouse interest and curiosity.

Men like discovering these women as if they were reading a book, “page-by-page” and don’t really appreciate when they are given the entire resumé of the book straight away.

17. Smiling Women


One of the things men first see in a woman is her smile. This smile can have different meanings, and it tells a lot about a woman: that she is either shy, or secure with herself. It is considered magic, as it can also bring to light some other features like the cheeks or the eyes.

Men especially love women who smile warmly. They look more open, more understanding, more loving and more sincere. Men appreciate women who smile a lot – not with a dumb smile on their face – and they love being the source of that smile.

16. Unpredictable Women


News flash! Men are really delighted about feeling attracted to unpredictable women! It might sound surprising, but it is not, on the contrary.

Nowadays, men crave more for women they can neither control, nor predict. They know that predictability kills passion, that’s why they like to be kept guessing; guessing when the women they dream about are available – as it intrigues them.

Men are like children, they like playing and discovering different things in different situations. This is the reason why they are in search for women who break from routine without any special reason, just for the fun of travelling or spending time in different places.

15. Positive, Optimistic Women


Men are actually attracted to women with their feet on the ground; optimistic and positive women. Men need confirmation, appreciation, praise and certainty, and the optimistic woman is exactly what they need, thanks to positive replies, smiling appreciations and confidence in the future; in other words, positive reinforcements.

These women act just like magnets – they attract everybody and all the people around want to bathe in their positive glow. With their big smile, accompanied by some kind words, they win men over. Men feel stronger and sexier in the presence of a woman who can always find the bright side of everything.

14. Confident Women


As life is not always a bed of roses, men are not willing to invest time, money, energy, and feelings in a relationship with a woman who cannot handle herself, who doesn’t feel and think that she can change a frog into a prince overnight.

Men are aware of the fact that it is very difficult to find such women, and even harder to keep them by their side, as these confident women send a strong message such as “every man would be lucky to have me.” They conquer through their controlled, balanced, and attractive air, which makes them look more beautiful, more determined and even stronger.

Women’s confidence is a turn on, and men are suckers for it, although they don’t always realize it. What men definitely know is that a confident woman is inspiring and intimidating, to a certain extend.

13. Sensual Women


It is not a secret that men like sensual women. These women simply get their blood pumping. Sensual doesn’t mean slutty, especially not in here! The difference is huge, as sensual is related to senses. It isn’t either related to sex, as women could have a sensual delight in making men happy; for instance, by cooking their favorite dish!

Men like women who, by using their body language, their voice, their clothing and most importantly, their eye contact, can get their sensory attention. They know that these women are perfectly aware of what feels good to them, they know exactly what men want.

12. Independent Women


Men who enjoy financial freedom and autonomy prefer independent women. In other words, men don’t bear the thought that their female partner depends on them, neither financially nor sentimentally.

They can invest beautiful feelings in such a relationship, but they do not want to turn into “baby-sitters.” They consider that an independent woman is the woman who can handle in any situation and who does not need her partner’s help whenever she’s got a flat tire.

They also know that these women follow Shakespeare’s advice, “To thine own self be true,” and they take it to heart. They know exactly who they are and what they want and their “I-can-do-anything” attitude and personality can be very inspiring for men.

11. Adventurous Women


We all need some adventure and excitement in our lives and, in order to feel that they live their life to the max, men need to move out of the comfort zone and get their adrenaline pumping!

Women today are more fearless, therefore more adventurous. Men love these women as they use a mixture of psychology and adrenaline to attract them. An intimate bond can be created between a man and a woman by suggesting to do something extreme, unusual, even dangerous, in one word: adventurous.

Men see this adventurous side as being both an advantage and a challenge. An advantage, as these women are used to outdoor activities, so it is easier for men to invite them to go out on dates, and a challenge as they never know what to expect and what adventure is awaiting them.

10. Funny Women


It’s not a secret that men are simple creatures; all they want is a woman in whose presence they feel good. Everybody also knows that men are very stressed nowadays and they need to relax. How can they relax better and more efficiently than by laughing?

It is not difficult to be funny and it is the key of success. Men don’t want women to be stand-up comedians, all they want is women to be able to make occasional jokes, to laugh along with them but not to tease them about something they feel insecure about. A man appreciates a woman who can make a funny remark in front of his friends, as long as this joke does not make him feel stupid. He knows that nothing wins his friends over faster than a witty reply.

9. Honest Women


Honesty is the best policy, ever! Every relationship should be based on trust! I’m sure it sounds familiar, so I’m not telling you anything new under the sun.

Men are also aware of it and they respect honest women. Even more, they yearn for one. An honest woman is open about what she wants and she never hides who she really is or how she feels. Her love will always be honest, pure and her loyalty is unmatched. Hey guys, if there is something that bothers them, be sure to hear it, as they speak up about!

Even if this type of women may seem too direct, men tend to prefer them as men know their female partners will never lie to them about anything, especially not about things related to their relationship.

8. Appreciative Women


We women expect men to notice the slightest change we’ve made and all the efforts we’ve invested in something. Well, believe it or not, men expect the same from us!

We have to admit that men don’t often do something outside the realm of everyday expectations. But when they do, they deserve all our appreciation. They love it when they are praised for the little things they do, for example for having prepared a bubble bath and waiting for us after a tough day at work. Little things do wonders.

We often forget that life is about the little things. If we’d remember it more often and if we could appreciate the little things men do for us, maybe they would keep on doing them.

7. Thoughtful Women


Pay attention! Thoughtful doesn’t mean flying away to Paris on the third date. Although it does not sound bad, does it? Thoughtful women don’t day-dream. Being thoughtful is related more to showing that you care.

Men are eager for women who care for them, who take into account their desires. For instance, if a man mentions that he likes a certain football team, he’d be surprised to see his female partner making him a surprise and buying tickets to the next match. Especially if his life partner is not a football fan!

All the women expect their male partners to make efforts and to think about ways to spark up their relationship. Then, why not doing the same for them?

In fact, it turns out that if one partner is thoughtful, this thoughtfulness will be reciprocal, without even thinking about it.

6. Happy Women


Happiness is a great thing. And as hard as it might seem, our happiness depends only on us and on nobody else. In other words, every person is responsible for her or his own happiness.

It’s enough to have a look at a person and you can tell for sure if that person is happy or not, right?

Men like to date women who are happy – at least much of the time. It does not mean that men don’t and can’t understand that women also have their down days.

Men love women who can bring the fresh sunshine into their lives. Happiness brings a change not only in their lives but also in their entire body. Women “light up” when they are happy. The color of their cheeks changes and they feel much more full of energy than before. All these are the result of real happiness, which gives them the look of being more in the moment, more alive. What could be sexier than a person who is completely present in the moment?

5. Trusting Women



Trust is a big issue in life, and especially in a relationship. And it is also reciprocal. You can’t expect someone to trust you as long as you don’t trust that person yourself.

Men love women who are on the same wavelength as them, from TV shows to travel destinations. They feel that they have known that person for ages, even though they are at the beginning of their relationship.

Men need someone to rely on, to trust, and who can they trust better than their partners? They love women who can keep their promises and who follow their dreams, either sun or rain.

4. Bitchy Women


These women remind them of their mums. They were – I bet some still are – their momma’s boys.

Men find attractive those women who have well-defined goals, who are snippy and rebel against anything that they don’t like. In a way, men recognize their mothers in such a partner. Therefore, once coupled with the “bitch”, men are undoubtedly “under her control”. The bad part is that they like it, feeling a kind of protection from this type of woman guided by anger.

These women often express the anger that men can’t express – for different reasons – or they don’t allow themselves to express – for social reasons, in general, as they want to be seen as “nice guys”.

3. Lying Women


Women who are good at lying attract men as a magnet. This is because any man who realizes that a woman is lying about her personal life hopes to have a chance to sleep with her.

And that’s what happens most of the time. These women always look for random, non-binding sex. However, in this kind of relationship, men will always be stable and will be dominated by their sexuality.

Although men are completely aware of the fact that this type of woman is very dangerous as she is capable of ruining a long-lasting relationship or even a marriage just because this is what she wants, guys are not afraid of her. She is a great challenge, though!

2. Gold-Diggers


Men fall quickly into the traps of women who are attracted to fancy cars and expensive things. They see these women as trophies and they want to show up with them everywhere. Men would like all their exes to see them with these trophy women – just to make them jealous.

What men don’t know – and most of them don’t really care, as long as they are proud with their trophy – is that these women are very dangerous, as all they look for is to use them to get what they want. Women are aware of their influence on men and take advantage of it! Huge advantage!

At the same time, men who prefer such women are only after them for superficial reasons. They are not good as husbands and are not able to have a normal relationship unless they have a lot of money.

1. The Sexpot


Oh my God! She’s really hot! And she’s also willing! She has spent most of her life controlling men with her sexuality. She pretty much has every guy’s number. She’s aware of how sexy she is and all she thinks about is sex. What could men want more?

But who is this woman that could make any other woman around very jealous? No man knows much about her, as all he thinks about is what he could do to see her undressed. All he knows is that she’s gorgeous. She is every femme fatale or blond girl who walks on air.

After having jumped in her bed, a man feels much more confident in himself, much more macho. And men really need it, at least once in a while!

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