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20 Weird REAL Jobs No Woman Wants On Her Resume

20 Weird REAL Jobs No Woman Wants On Her Resume


Undoubtedly, landing a prestigious job that can help you keep the wolf from the door as long as possible is quite a mission you’ve taken on. In truth, what feels even more challenging is getting a job that could bring a touch of satisfaction and bliss into your ordinary life. Sadly enough, not everyone was born under a lucky star. Sometimes, life may be pretty unpredictable and get you at a difficult crossroad from a professional viewpoint; and even though you may certainly hate the path your life is heading down, you still have to do something to bring home the bacon, right? Whatever your job, you still have to make efforts to keep the cash flowing and start climbing back up the ladder to success. It’s never too late to be successful and see the bright side of every situation regardless of how shadowy the present seems to be.

Fundamentally, those of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouth simply have to figure out a way to keep that ferocious wolf at bay. There’s no shameful job position, of course. However, you should still remain less talkative considering those pages you’re hardly proud of as a woman.

20. Adult Shop Retailer


Frankly, if you’re a little bit of a daredevil, perhaps you won’t be bothered to spill the juicy details on this professional skill. In truth, you might even get asked about other lovely specifics, such a type of “products” you used to sell and other “professional” terms of this nature. Actually, no matter how attractive and alluring this looks, you may want to spare this detail and list something else as skills. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when being treated unprofessionally during the job interview. After all, people love to engage in idle talks and gossips in general.

19. Professional Whistler


Have you heard of such a thing? Indeed, there’s such a job position called a “professional whistler”. You may think we’re nuts, but you can absolutely make a living out of it. Call us subjective, but there’s just something odd about working as a female whistler, don’t you think? Naturally, not only female workers are hired at this exclusive job opening. In fact, there are as many females as males who are labeled professionally as “professional whistlers”. As hilarious as it surely sounds, you had better spare this juicy detail from your CV especially if you’re a woman applying for an office job opening. After all, what exactly could this “skill” or professional asset bring to the table? Probably laughter, nothing more outside this.

18. Garbage Girl/Collector

via YouTube

Well, there’s probably nothing wrong with working as a garbage collector. However, if you put yourself in your employer’s shoes and look at things from his perspective, you’d probably see it differently. Imagine applying for a prestigious female job opening as a pharmacist, manager or a software developer – what would your potential and direct executive think of you when you open this dusty chapter of your life? That won’t be that impressive, will it?

Also, keep in mind that these examples are probably some of the best female positions which pay well. You would not want to be left out of consideration because of this unremarkable detail of your past, right? If not, then keep it under the rugs when filling out your resume. You’d thank us later for this tip.

17. Dog Food Taster: Girls Just Adore Pets!

Pet lover

via BZTAT Studios

If you think that your job doesn’t cost a thing, just have a look at this job title once again. Well, if you have a pet then you can probably find something in common with it. Moreover, if you think about it, maybe you can recall a moment when you’ve sneaked a nibble from your cat’s bowl. Surely, it doesn’t sound like the greatest and most exciting experience, but you may at least understand what it feels like to be a dog food taster. Indeed, if you have worked as an animal food taster, we simply don’t advise you to list it down your resume. Don’t get us wrong, but how could it be a benefit to you and your next potential female position? It simply doesn’t add up at all.

16. Potato Chip Inspector

via The Better Yoo

Well, well, well, the dream of millions has just come true! Believe it or not, the “potato chip inspector” absolutely exists and you’d be quite impressed with the job’s daily duties. As bizarre as it seems, the chips inspector is there to “inspect” every piece before it goes straight to packaging. Even though the image of an attractive lady tasting potato rolls and/or chips might seem engrossing, it’s anything but fun and exciting. Besides, the process of inspecting the potato chips includes getting rid of the broken pieces. Just imagine the look on your employer’s face when you drop in details about your ordinary job as a female inspector of potato chips. It seems quite odd, doesn’t it?

15. Vomit Cleaning Lady

via Fine Art America

The chance of losing your appetite has suddenly reached high levels. Honestly, there is hardly anything more disgusting and nastier than cleaning people’s vomit. You’d be surprised by the number of individuals who are actually down for it. One thing is for sure – being a female in a world filled with vomit at every corner is surely the nastiest picture you’d ever imagine. Frankly said you might be a bit crazy to be down for mopping up vomit. Actually, you must be a hero to be able to quench the urge of throwing up after performing your job as the real professional you truly are. Whatever the case, please just take it off from your resume right away!

14. Professional Sleeping Beauty


No, this is not your typical “Sleeping Beauty”. Hold your breath since you won’t believe that there’s actually a job out there that pays for sleeping. No, you didn’t misread this. Being hired as a professional sleeper, however, can be the ultimate deal-breaker. The painful truth is that you may enjoy doing it, but you’d probably lose all of your girlfriends the moment they figure it out. The female’s hatred is real, pals, and it hits as hard as a rock. Besides, who would hire someone who is proud of being skilled at “sleeping”?! It just doesn’t seem right. None of it does.

13. Catch The Smell: Paper Sniffer

via Women’s Health

Ironically enough, there are actually people whose daily requirements at their job include sniffing the paper towels. If you reflect deeply upon this, you may think of it as a rational solution to a certain extent. After all, paper towel manufacturers should prove it that their products are totally odorless; and naturally, there has to be someone who’s willing to sniff paper for money. Of course, it’s not the most prestigious job in the world, but at least it still pays off. Ultimately, you still have bills to pay for in one way or another. Tip: try to be less talkative about it in the company of your girlfriends until finding something really prestigious.

12. MOVIE Screen Cleaner


Whereas other folks go to the theatre to enjoy seeing their favorite movies in IMAX, you are simply there to clean it. How depressing! After all, the compelling effect of the IMAX technology would surely be less powerful if it wasn’t for the awesome person that takes care of the dust and clean all over. This pretty unpleasant and routine task has to be done eventually, right? Logically, there’s an individual who’s responsible for the incredibly clean and engrossing effect that the IMAX screen has on all of us. At least, we should be really thankful for it, shouldn’t we!

11. Mrs. Charm: Walking, Talking Billboard

via Pinterest

Here we go with a sweet riddle for you: what is more long-tongued and gossipy than a female? Perhaps two females, right? All jokes aside, the opportunity of working as a walking & talking billboard has its bright sides as well. Outside meeting all your relatives and enemies, you can get to know more about other people’s lives, careers, hobbies, etc. The worst part is that there’s a really big change of driving everyone crazy and getting on their nerves. Besides, you’d agree that it’s not the most thrilling job position you’ve ever had. Surely, it’s not necessary to list it down your resume either, right?

10. Fake Writer: “Make the Bad Seem Good”


So, what’s a fake writer, you might ask? Easy – it’s a writer who has been hired to provide false product reviews or info and share it with the online community. Unluckily, there are a whole lot of people who get misled by the juicy review details they run into on various websites selling goods. Actually, all these reviews we find on the web have a great impact on the buyer. If you think it through, this whole “evil” trend is very fruitful to a lot of companies since their only goal is to sell goods. However, you can’t risk it all and lose a potential job opening because of this tiny detail, can you?

9. The Lazy Beauty: Furniture Tester


Furniture testers probably live their dreams with such an opportunity to put the functionality, comfort, and stability of a furniture piece to the ultimate test. Besides, in case you’ve ever been called “a couch potato”, now you’ve got all you need to strike back and finally get it over with. Frankly, no one should put their nose in your business. Nothing of what you do concerns them, right? Just lie back and enjoy the comfort of that lovely sofa; and if by any chance you happen to fall asleep, you’d have a pretty nice story to narrate to your girlfriends and family.

The only issue could be finding a job afterward given this professional skill you’ve gained at “work”.

8. The Pretty Clown


Making people crack up doesn’t seem so wrong or pointless. However, there are also folks who won’t be quite amazed to hear about your funny side. Regardless of how nice and high-spirited you might be when it comes to your previous job, it may not be the same with your potential boss. Additionally, if you happen to apply for a CEO position – being a pretty esteemed job opening for a woman – the chances are it may simply pass you by. Don’t take this wrong, you may have the needed set of skills appropriate and needed for the job. However, such a tiny detail may affect the final decision. Thus, you should probably keep it in secret in front of everyone.

7. Testing Odors: Because Girls Love Scents


If there’s anything more disturbing than working as a “walking billboard” or a vomit cleaning lady, perhaps this might be it. Simply, it tops off any other weird jobs females might be hired for. And if you still consider your work worthless or time-absorbing, then try being an odor tester. Outside of the awful memories you’re bound to experience at work while acting professionally, there’s chance of taking up the habit to sniff people’s armpits afterward. After all, you just may want to prove the efficiency of a perfume or a deodorant. The more difficult part comes when your interviewer asks you politely to depict your duties at work. How awkward, really!

6. Call The Coconut Lady: Fruit Engineer

via EyeEm

Well, at least you’re an engineer. Don’t let mockery come your way after spilling the details at work. As we’ve already mentioned, you’re an engineer who is burdened with the heavy and quite significant task of picking coconuts before they hit the ground. When you look at this from a different angle, it’s not that crazy to perform such duties. The title of this job position is, however, a whole new story that often puts lively vibes in the air. Put these jokes to the side, protecting beach lovers from this potentially deadly fruit is quite an honor at the end of the day. Unfortunately, it’s not that highly appreciated during CEO job interviews whatsoever, so keep this in mind when talking about yourself.

5. Animal Behavior Consultant: She Just Loves Pets!

via South China Morning Post

More often than not, all these ladies out there who are proud pet owners will get simply enchanted by the opportunity of working as a pet behavior counselor. They’d surely want to get an idea of how their cute doggy “feels” or whether there’s a health issue going on. As crazy as it seems, there is indeed such a thing and you’d be thrilled to see what it is all about. As cute as it sounds though, it is certainly not the best way to strike up a conversation with the head of a certain department. After all, this person represents the company you’re applying for. Think about skills that are way more practical and relevant to this wonderful and renowned opportunity. If there aren’t any, just skip this when filling out your next resume and you’re ready to go.

4. Fish Counter: Every Fish Counts

via Bassin’ With Bob

Here we are with another bizarre and quite hilarious job position that brings smiles to the face. Surely, it falls amongst many lists of weird jobs that people are down for. From pet food testers through armpit sniffers, you won’t believe when you see these pretty odd occupations in action. In truth, some of them are really stomach-turning. It really makes you wonder how in the world there are folks who do this for money. But the painful truth has its final word: there are many of us who are down for counting fish, testing dog food or cleaning vomit. It’s just done for more money, we get it, but skip this info in your CV unless you want to perform these duties all your life.

3. Bold And Lovely: Knife Thrower’s Assistant

via YouTube

Well, let’s ponder over a thought for a while – what’s worse: being the assistant, who is supposed to just stand still and not make a move, or the thrower, who’s bold enough to put someone else’s life right on the line? This profession seems really irrational due to the high risks it offers. Naturally, there are people who do this just like that to earn a dollar or two without even being skilled enough. To each his own as the saying goes. However, if you mention this adventurous page you’ve had, don’t be surprised if the dream job you want just slips out of your fingers.

2. Girls With Glasses: Bread-Butter Scientist

via Bombshell Fitness

Ladies, don’t get offended, but this “bread-butter” story hardly adds up. What’s more, it sounds like a really cheesy thought born from a really dusty and rusty imagination. Much to our surprise, there are folks who are quite boastful with such bread-butter skills. Of course, we can’t judge people’s minds, of course. However, such an “occupation” simply should not exist in anyone’s CV. It’s simply wrong on so many levels. Not only does it sound extremely unprofessional, but it also gets near to notions such as sheer lunacy. You can’t expect to land a job with such a background, can you?

1. Back to “Classics”: Stripper

via SpiderMonkeyMotorSports

There you go with your classic female occupancy that makes all men weak. Ultimately, is there a better way to finish off our listing than with this exciting and all men’s favorite female position? In truth, if you spill the beans and reveal the truth about your previous job, you might even get hired. After all, you never know what exactly people are impressed by especially if you happen to be interviewed by a man. In any other scenario, there’s no point in putting your hopes high with such inappropriate professional information brought to the table. After all, you will eventually be hired with the idea to display your skills and capacity at work, not showing off flexibility. Sadly, that’s another job position that has to disappear from your resume if you want to appear as 100 % professional!

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