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25 Hot Photos Of Girls And Their Jeeps

25 Hot Photos Of Girls And Their Jeeps

Jeeps are amazing little vehicles that can go anywhere and do anything. They’re the manliest and the most utilitarian of all vehicles out there. I mean they were invented originally just before the US entered WW2 and were speculated to have been named after Eugene the Jeep, Popeye’s little jungle pet. While we may not know exactly what the origin of the name is, it is fascinating just what these little cars can do. America produced the manliest vehicle of WW2, while Nazi Germany produced a car that would forever be associated with hippies and whatever.

But there is an unusual phenomenon out there in which many, many hot girls just love to pose with their Jeeps. I don’t know if this is because the manliest men often attract the prettiest girls or, in the immortal words of George Clooney’s Batman, “It’s the car, the chicks dig the car.” In this case, It’s painfully apparent that it isn’t the guys driving the car that’s attracting these girls, but the cars themselves which hold that specific allure. Whether it’s them going to the beach, driving out for a day on to town, or venturing deep into the wilderness, these girls and their Jeeps just seem to be inseparable.

So here we have a whole list of 25 especially attractive girls and their Jeeps going about doing what girls and Jeeps do best! Posing for amazing photos!

25. Perfect Place For A Rest


When you’re going out in the middle of a woodland road, the windy breeze often feels great not only on your face, but on your entire body. So this girl realizes that the best way to experience this is to dress in a bikini. After driving way out into the middle of nowhere, she got tired from the long drive and decided to take it easy and lie down. Not inside the Jeep… no, that would be silly. Everyone knows that the hood of a Jeep is the best place to lie down since it’s such a cool car that the metal also has a cooling effect on the skin as well. It’s a proven fact. A highly proven ultra-scientific fact that is obtained through the University of Coolville, sponsored by! So you know it’s credible and you can totally do it the next time you drive, but ONLY on a Jeep and with a girl like this!

24. Big Wheels For Big Gals


They say that size is often a projection of some kind of repressed Freudian thingie. I’m not sure how it works, but that girl clearly likes the large size of her Jeep’s… wheels. I’m sure there must be some kind of joke or innuendo to be made, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

But this girl is bigger in some ways, I won’t tell what, but it seems like she is reflecting this by choosing a Jeep with some particularly large wheels. Seriously, if those wheels were any bigger, it wouldn’t be a Jeep, it would be a monster truck and it would be spending time crushing smaller Jeeps with this girl yelling wildly in sheer joy as she braces herself behind the steering wheel. But as it turns out, she’s just enjoying the simple fact of sitting atop her Jeep’s wheels and basking in the sun.

23. Beach Bums!


So Jeeps are perfectly capable of going almost anywhere, and are the ideal vehicle for fun little excursions such as going to the beach. Sometimes the girl and her Jeep go so many times to the beach together to the point where you could label both of them beach bums. The Jeep shows signs of seaside corrosion all over the hood, windshield, and tire covers. The girl herself seems to be quite comfortable in her beach attire, and has used her Jeep companion as both a platform for fitness (which we needn’t comment on for very obvious reasons), tanning herself (as evident from her ample quantity of sun-kissed skin) and her attire, which lacks shoes and is designed to allow as much of her body to be immersed in direct contact with water and to allow her to rest upon the hood of her Jeep companion.

22. Extra Bumper


In this picture, we observe a rather interesting scenario. The girl in a rather suggestive pose with her rear facing the camera and standing near the rear of her Jeep that also has an exceptionally large bumper. We also observe that the girl is into gymnastics, since the word ‘flexible’ is written above one of the tires. It might also be a symbol for just how flexible the Jeep is, being able to get anywhere in short order, as is evident by the fact that this photograph was taken off the beaten path in the woods.

Why this girl would need an extra bumper on her Jeep is likely that when she needs an additional seat to sit down on and admire the surroundings (as we have seen in a previous photo) this would give her a much better vantage point than to sit on the ones on the side. Besides, having it outside would counterbalance the bumper on the front when the girl is driving.

21. Locked And Loaded


Jeeps, as we have already established, can go anywhere. Beaches, forests, deserts, tundra… anywhere. There are no limitations, they are like the mountain goat of the vehicle kingdom. But they are vehicles, they are not war machines. The girls still need to fight off the dangers of wild animals and Big Foot when they are out on their own. Thankfully, this girl appears to be quite well armed in such a way that it would make any wild animal think twice about attacking her. The girl’s Jeep companion providing ample space on the inside for more firearms and ammunition, as well as an enclosed firing platform if she ever finds herself in a situation where she is being surrounded by zombies. But that isn’t likely to happen… besides, this list is supposed to be about 25 hot girls with their Jeeps, not one hot girl with her Jeep blazing away at zombies. Leave that to a zombie killing Laura Croft.

20. Grandma’S Old Jeep Was Cool, Too!


We mentioned that Jeeps were invented in WW2, and that means some good old fashioned black and white photos of them exist. This was because color film was more expensive and troublesome to make, not because the world was actually black and white in those days (though if it was, we need to know what happened to turn it into color… like RIGHT NOW!). It seems that a few things were quite common even back then – A: Sex sells, B: Girls still dig the car, and C: Girls still loved their Jeeps as much as now.

The previous ladies we’ve seen were dressed in bikinis, which were invented right after WW2. This lovely lady is nevertheless quite the looker, especially since she has a classy fur coat on which was all the rage back then. Is it an ad for the Jeep in general, or just that specific vehicle? It makes me wonder what the Stevens Junior School was and if it is still around, and whether or not that Jeep still exists…

19. One Way To Keep Clean


Jeeps are often quite concerned with keeping their lady companions both safe and happy. In this scenario we see that the there is a rather muddy area surrounding the girl and the Jeep. Now normally you’d have to bite the bullet and step out into the mud, even if you’re wearing only flip-flops. But no, in this case we see this lovely young lady is especially happy since she has her Jeep with her, and Jeeps always take care of their lovely lady companions by offering themselves as a platform that she may stand on while they take all the dirt and mud for her.

Forget about Ye Olde Days™ when gentlemen would put their coats over puddles for their female companions, this Jeep goes even farther than that by using his entire chassis for that purpose. Who said chivalry is dead? Maybe we should be taking our queues on manners from our Jeep friends.

18. Jeep Goes Anywhere With His Girl


Jeeps, as we have seen, have gotten off the beaten path to take their human female companions to where their hearts desire. Sometimes the woods are those places, and Jeeps are drawn to them because they often had to drive through them during WW2, and that memory has long stayed within their schematic (Jeeps don’t have genes, they have schematics…) they sometimes like to take their female companions to places far off the beaten path, as we see here with the wheel axel going rather off the road to show that he’s worked extra hard to keep his lovely lady smiling and happy. Just how far off the beaten road are we? Well the girl is smiling, so we know it isn’t somewhere dangerous or too far away.

But then again, given her rather casual attire, it could be that the girl is a hardcore survivalist that doesn’t need to dress the part because she knows she can make it out of any situation. Whatever it may be, it is one awesome girl with one awesome Jeep.

17. More Beach Adventures!


Jeeps love beaches and beach bums, and bums on beaches, too! Over here we see a beach going girl getting on top of her Jeep because she is reaching for higher goals in life. That, and there is also another issue that this lovely lady is using her Jeep companion to face. Since she is at a beach and not a swimming pool, there is a distinct lack of diving boards, so she is improvising. After resting on the coolness that is the Jeep hood, she is trying to go on the roof to gain a vantage point and see if she can use her Jeep as a diving board substitute. While no Jeep boats or submarines exist, we have no doubt that this young lady and her Jeep will find a way to improvise. After all, the word ‘Jeep’ was attached to small boats and even aircraft carriers at one point. This is no major hurdle for them to overcome.

16. Friendship Or Jealousy?


So after a nice relaxing rest on the hood of a Jeep, it does tend to get lonely. While Jeeps are really, really nice companions, they aren’t exactly the most talkative bunch and usually prefer to the give the silent treatment when spoken to… unless their engines are on, then they absolutely love to roar and scream with utter power… but still not much of anything else. Communication needs more than just shouting and screaming and roaring anyway.

So having another girl to talk to is always a plus, but in this picture we don’t get the impression that they’re friends. In fact, they seem to be mildly jealous of each other. Or is it because their Jeeps don’t like each other, hence their female human companions aren’t talking? Or are they just tired after a long drive and simply want to rest near their respective metallic wheeled friends?

15. Girls Love Jeeps… and Doggies!


Jeeps aren’t just nice to their human female companions, they’re also friends to all living creatures. Cute doggies included. In this case this girl is spending some quality time with her four-legged companion since her four-wheeled companion, as we have already established, is not much of a talkative type. Sometimes the simple feel of a furry friend is added comfort on the coolness of the Jeep’s hood. Dogs also love Jeeps since their open windows allow them to stick their heads out more easily to get that lovely feel of the wind blowing past their faces (and hopefully into photogenic comedy gold pictures that memesters can use to make hundreds of dollars!)

14. More From Grandma’s Day!


Grandma wasn’t always a wrinkly old lady listening to old records from the 60s and 70s and baking brownies in the oven. Did I just say Grandma and 70s in the same sentence? Oh man, soon the day will come when the girls born in the 80s will be grandmas, and they can regale to their grandkids about the glory days of Ghost Busters and Jem and the Holograms…

But this isn’t about that. This girl is letting everything go loose since she feels so secure around her Jeep companion, which has US Army markings all over it. This is one combat veteran that she feels happen to let everything go all the way for. What’s that? It’s not a real girl but a drawing? Well this was done in the 1940s or 50s, so there was a real lady standing in for this, trust me. No one got that level of realism without a model.

13. Pin Up Jeep Girls From WW2


I can’t say this enough, Jeeps are old-timey vehicles that showcase all the big time changes in all-terrain vehicles. With changes in times, come changes in what is sexy. This sexy girl sitting in her Jeep is not only in WW2 era uniform and showing her uniformly fine legs. This is what a totally hot girl would have been back in the 1940s, when it was all about the legs and not much else. In fact, that girl from Family Guy is aptly named ‘Legs go all the way up’ girl (YouTube it, it’s hilarious!). Cars were also smaller back then so she needs to make the most of the space to fit her lengthy pair of legs inside the confines of a highly utilitarian vehicle.

12. Bunnies Love Their Jeeps, Too!


It seems like human girls aren’t the only ones who really like Jeeps. Bunnies also seem to like the large vehicles due to them being a common sight in the forest. Some bunnies have clearly taken to disguising themselves as attractive human female girls to get close to the Jeep to figure out what they’re doing. Obviously these bunny girls are unable to hide their tails that are quite close to their… buns, but you can’t fault them for that. Those bunny girls have done a great job overall, and their cute little tails only add to their sexiness (don’t believe me? Ask Hugh Hefner).

11. Patriotic Clean Up!


Jeeps are all-American vehicles. They’re served the US through every single war since WW2 and the people who love them are often good ol’ fashioned patriotic Americans. But we’ve seen how dirty Jeeps can get. Their girls get pretty down and dirty, too, despite the Jeep’s best attempts at keeping them clean.

But a wash will eventually be needed. In this case, this lovely young patriotic girl has ditched her plain simple bikini for the Red, White, and Blue bikini to not only give herself a great cleaning, but make sure she lets her Jeep feel that his country loves him as much as she does.

10. Heading to (Or From) The Beach


After a nice wash down and a rest at home, the desire to go back out again becomes stronger and stronger. So now this young lady is driving out to the beach with the raddest looking surfboard this side of the 90s. Seriously, she’s a 90s girl for sure. She looks like Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2, only with less terminator intentions in mind and more a case of a simple day of surfing at the beach while her Jeep basks in the glorious California sun… This photo was taken in California, right? That’s where all the hot girls and Jeeps are. If it isn’t there, let’s just pretend it happened there!

9. Just Hanging On…


So car make people fat since they remove the need to walk from point A to point B and that makes less physical activity, but since Jeeps are so versatile they can be used for all sorts of things. This young lady with the seductive look in her eye is making that point by showing how parts of the Jeep can be used for pull-ups. By using her entire bodyweight for exercise, she is also demonstrating how isometric exercises can be enhanced by the mere ownership of (and even proximity to) a Jeep.

This is useful for these ladies since they are often around their Jeeps and often need them for more than transportation needs. It’s apparent they use them quite often for exercise since their physiques would require a steady workout schedule, as well as a healthy diet high in protein and micronutrients. The Jeep is used for the latter by allowing them to reach supermarkets.

8. Nice Day Out


Sometimes the beach and the forest start to get old, and civilization with his carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, as well as the holler of people, traffic, and loud sirens all start to appeal to someone who just needs some time off from peace and quiet. This doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. This hot girl is smiling happy in her Jeep since she knows that everyone loves a hot girl in an even hotter Jeep. She won’t be having any trouble when she heads out to town. After all, there’s more to life than beaches and woods. Sometimes what a girl needs is a nice ice cream sundae while her Jeep gets an oil change.

7. After A Wild Day In the Wilderness


So sometimes things get a little rough and tumble, or in this case, it’s clear that this girl is really, really into mud wrestling, and what the Jeep is into, I cannot say. Jeeps already get into messy situations as it is. After getting really dirty, and before taking a nice shower and car wash, it’s always good to just sit down and throw back a few nice drinks. Dirty girls are known for that sort of thing after getting down and dirty with friends. Though in this case, it’s clear that the Jeep is very, very happy with what happened, given the smiley face near one of the doors.

6. Hanging Out


Sometimes you don’t live in a town, but live in the heart of the country, like this girl in the exceptionally small Daisy Duke shorts. Letting it all hang out near a barn and lounging around near the old home is often as relaxing as being out on the beach. No need to waste gas driving out into the forest, especially when it’s pretty much within walking distance. It’s also clear that she likes this Jeep for his personality, since he has some big toys, and makes it clear that they aren’t just for other boys. Or maybe he is a boy toy for this lady, I don’t know.

5. Sun Bathing With A Friend


We’ve seen before how during WW2, pinup girls were all about the legs, and it seems like things haven’t entirely changed. This stunning girl at the beach doesn’t need no bikini to catch the sun’s rays, since the yellow paint on the car’s hood is doing a good enough job of attracting those rays and distributing them all over the car evenly. She is just lounging around in the Jeep’s bucket seat, without even the need to leave the comfort of her vehicle. She’s clearly a busy girl living in a very busy city since she doesn’t have time to really fully prepare for all her outings. Still, with a Jeep, anything is possible.

4. A Jeep With His Friends


All of the pictures we’ve seen had one Jeep for one girl. But what if the Jeep in question is a bit of a player and quite appealing to the ladies? Well here we have a pimped out Jeep with an elaborate pattern on his chassis. So now he doesn’t have one attractive girl to spend time with, but no less than three. I guess that gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘Wrangler’. Wranglers have to often handle horses, and this Jeep Wrangler is quite adept at catching mares. Ironically, here it is these sexy mares that are riding him and not the other way around. Yeah… that was the weirdest thing I’ve read all day, too.

3. Cleaning Hard To Reach Places


Jeeps and their girls go many places, and we’ve said before how dirty those places can get. Dirty places make for dirty girls and dirty Jeeps. The dirt and mud and grime can get anywhere and end up in hard to clean places. Here the girl is not only giving herself a good wash, but is also wiping off the parts of her Jeep that have gotten the most grime near its large windshield. Such cleaning is also intensely physical, which allows the girl to get her daily dose of exercise and maintain her slender figure. This is in addition to the obvious outdoors fun she and her Jeep have had.

2. Extra Large


Bigger girls often need an extra-large set of tires with them when they’re going through some rough terrain. They’re also quite well covered up to allow for better protection from the elements. Her Jeep likes this idea, which is why the wheels are so big and clearly made for handling almost anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. Ditto for the covered SUV-style back to carry an extra-large load of supplies for a nice day out, or maybe even camping. Jeeps… never go anywhere without them, and if you’re going anywhere big, make sure they’re up to size.

1. Getting The Feel Of Things


We conclude our list by showing a pair of girls having a bit of a dispute. They both really like the Jeep and have gotten quite the feel of things both in and out of the situation (I would say each other, too, but let’s keep this clean and classy, shall we?), and they both want to get into the backseat. But who’s going to get the back and who’s going to have to drive the Jeep? Even though Jeeps as we have seen love to take their companions everywhere, they sometimes need at least some minor motivation from behind the steering wheel to get started. Which of these girls will come out on top? That’s the question…

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