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25 Photos Of The Young Undeserving Rich Kids Of Instagram

25 Photos Of The Young Undeserving Rich Kids Of Instagram

Via Instagram

The Rich Kids of Instagram. The young folks who have more money than they know what to do with. They post photos of expensive jewelry, fancy parties, jet planes and expensive vacations. They are constantly showing the rest of us that it’s way more fun to live life with money. We bet they’re kind of sad and empty inside, though. All that money can’t buy happiness (okay, maybe a bit) and it’s bound to get a little boring after a while when you can simply buy whatever you want when you want it.

Sometimes it feels good to save up a certain amount of cash to be able to buy something you’ve been pining for. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. We doubt these kids feel accomplished in that sense. Many of them are living a rich kid lifestyle because they have parents who fund their fun. A few have careers and are able to live independently of their parents, nearly all of them come from wealthy families. It must be nice to turn to mom and dad when you want to fly off to an exotic island for your birthday!

Here are 25 photos from the #RichKidsofInstagram. Prepare to feel very envious.

25. That Yacht Life

This kid from Abu Dabi seems to be having a great time if his Instagram feed is any indication. It’s full of expensive cars and some cool pics of off-road vehicles in the desert. A rich kid’s feed wouldn’t be complete without photos of the fancy dinners he’s eating, of course. He’s also got photos in the cockpit of a sea plane. Pretty impressive. Really, though, we wonder what he does on his downtime since his life seems to be filled with excitement. It also looks a bit lonely. Literally all his photos are of him solo. Unless you count the cars as friends?

24. Booze? Or…..

My mum has just gone olive oil crazy at the supermarket… #oliveoil #wtf #toomuch

A post shared by Rebecca (@rebeccasluxurylife) on

When you’re super rich money is no object. You get what you want, when you want it. We thought this was just a lot of booze at first and then realized it’s a ton of olive oil. If you cook at all, you’ll know that olive oil isn’t cheap. Even the crappy kind isn’t going to be the cheapest thing in your grocery cart. You can’t ever have enough of the stuff apparently. Maybe this is for some kind of fancy oil pulling party. Just like a tupperware party but with rich people oil pulling. Seems the most logical explanation.

23. Really though?

This seems to be a common theme with the #RichKidsofInstagram. There are always cheetahs or other exotic cats just chilling in cars. We worry about the safety of these exotic animals. Are they actually being cared for? How on earth do these people get their hands on these animals? Oh right, they’re insanely rich. You can buy so many exotic animals when you’re swimming in money. Even if you just want to take cool photos for your Instagram feed, don’t worry you can buy a cheetah for a day! Oh what a life indeed, driving around with a cheetah is bound to garner some attention.

22. Paleontological Decor

I prefer to shop in the museum instead of the gift shop #hellojohn #jurassiclife

A post shared by Adam Thomas Moryto (@adammoryto) on

When you’re tired and bored of visiting the museum you can just buy the dinosaur bones and showcase them in your home! Adam Moryto is a Canadian actor who starred in his first big breakout role in the 2013 film Pawn. It’s not his acting career that’s brought him all his wealth though, because the credits to his name are few and far between. It’s clear that family money is what has allowed him to head to the museum and buy the T-Rex display. His grandpa was the founder of Ram Forest Products. In January 2015 he donated $100,000 to Christine Elliott’s political campaign. He’s definitely not afraid to spend whatever money he has.

21. Cottage Mansion

gonna miss cottage days ?

A post shared by Blair Bitove (@blairbitove) on

Blair Bitove is the daughter of the founder of Sirius XM Canada. The photo pictured is not of her giant luxurious house. It’s a picture of her family’s cottage. Can you imagine how much green lawn there is to mow? That must cost an arm and a leg. This isn’t exactly the quaint, charming image of a cottage that we tend to think of when we hear the word. This is absolute luxury. Blair’s Instagram is filled with luxury vacation photos and pics of her life in the various places she frequents. She spends her time in Toronto, L.A. And Palm Beach.

20. Posing With The Stanley Cup

Hanging by the pool with Erica and Stanley was fun ☀️

A post shared by Rachel Dunford (@racheldunford_) on

Rachel Dunford is a gorgeous girl and her Instagram feed provides no shortage of beautiful selfies. Her feed also contains pictures of her luxury vacations and the fancy parties that she attends. Rachel is the daughter of Stan and Eva Dunford. The pair founded the Boots and Hearts music festival. The music festival bring country music to the Greater Toronto Area in a big way. Rachel is definitely taking advantage of her fortune and living life to the fullest in every way. We all know we don’t need money to have a happy life, but it certainly helps. Being beautiful doesn’t hurt either!

19. Horses Galore

Jumpman jumpman ? pc: @sportfot.photovideo

A post shared by Nicole Walker (@nikkiwalker4) on

Seeing tons of horses on someone’s Instagram feed can only mean one thing. They must be rich AF. You don’t hang around that many horses unless you’re someone who has a bit of money to burn. Horse riding has always been associated with the upper crust of society. Nikki Walker definitely loves horses and she’s able to enjoy the sport because she comes from a wealthy family indeed. Her father, Donald Walker, is the CEO of Magna International. Magna International is an automotive supplier based in Ontario. Nikki’s mother is Belinda Stronach. Stronach is a business woman and former politician and an impressive lady all around.

18. Baby Lions

Baby Simba and Nala came to visit today 🙂 I'm officially obsessed with lions..

A post shared by C H L O É R O G E R S (@chlorogers) on

Again with the big cats! Really, what’s with the fascination surrounding exotic animals? Rich people are obssessed with these animals. Chloe Rogers is apparently no exception. She is the daughter of Edward Rogers, the Deputy Chair of Rogers Communications. Her Instagram feed conjures up a particular vibe and you can tell she’s a modelling pro. Makes sense since her mother works in the fashion industry. She started her modelling career quite young. She was still in high school when she began walking the runway. She’s definitely a beautiful woman and she’s definitely living a luxury life thanks to her wealthy lineage.

17. Fancy Frocks

In honour of the Canadian Fashion Awards tomorrow❤️???? can't wait! #fashion #candian #couture #tbt #cafa

A post shared by Jenna Bitove Naumovich (@jennanaumovich) on

Whoa! That’s one gorgeous dress! Jenna Bitove Naumovich is the daughter of Vonna Bitove. Vonna is the executive director of the Bitove Foundation, a Toronto based charity. Jenna works as a stylist. Which is definitely a job for the wealthier among us. We can imagine anyone with less money would have much clout in the realm of fashion and style. The dress she’s wearing in the photo above was designed by Mikael D and comes from the 2015 collection. The red looks stunning on Jenna and we can see why people would want her to style them. We only wish we could afford her services!

16. Birthday in Cabo


A post shared by DOROTHY WANG ✨ (@dorothywang) on

Dorothy Wang was featured in the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills TV series. Her father is Robert Wang who has a net worth of around $3.8 billion. He made a lot of his money building condos in L.A. But she’s not just relying on her dad’s money, she apparently worth a cold hard $10 billion. She sells her own brand of champagne that comes in a super girly pink bottle. We wonder if it tastes good. She also sells jewelry online. Her business ventures aren’t keeping her from having fun though. Her Instagram feed proves that she definitely live life to the fullest and enjoying what the world has to offer.

15. Cure For A Cold

Was feeling a little sick, what's the best way to beat a cold? Vitamin C of course! #RetailTherapy #HermesAddict #EmergenC #?

A post shared by Zach Haroutunian (@bon_et_copieux) on

That’s a lot of orange and a lot of Hermes shopping bags. Zachary Haroutunian definitely doesn’t have to worry about money if he’s heading out to buy this much in one sitting. His Instagram feed is filled with photo of delicious and expensive looking food too. Zachary is the chairman and CFO of his family’s business, The Taurus Group. It’s a real estate holding and development company. But that’s not all! He also has his own real estate company. So yes, he works for his money, but he’s definitely not a penny pincher. He spends money like it’s going out of style.

14. Sushi Dinner


A post shared by Robert Cavalli (@robertcavalli) on

There’s no doubt when scrolling through Robert Cavalli’s Instagram feed that he’s living the high life. His feed is full of expensive cars, trips to far off destinations and photos of upscale parties. We don’t think he’s gotten bored of all that money just yet. He has a separate Instagram account dedicated only to photos of food he’s eaten around town and on his travels. All of it looks expensive. We can’t imagine eating sushi off a naked lady is cheap either. It looks fancy and exotic to eat raw fish off a live nude person but we also worry about whether it’s even sanitary. We’ll pass.

13. Chanel Cape

If you can rock a Chanel cape like this one, you’ve arrived. EJ Johnson is the son of Magic and Cookie Johnson. He has also appeared on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills television series. EJ came out as gay in 2013 and also considered transitioning but decided against it saying that he “didn’t feel incomplete in that way.” You can tell he’s into fashion just by scrolling through his Instagram feed. He’s super fashion forward and not afraid to make bold choices when it comes to what he wears. He’s lucky that he’s got money, it must be nice to shop without a care in the world and buy everything you try on and love.

12. Casino Weekend

Ah yes. It must be nice to head to Vegas and have this be your hotel room. It must be nice to simply decide to jet off for just a weekend. Barron Hilton (the second) gets to have that luxury. He’s the son of Conrad Hilton and sister to famous socialite Paris Hilton. No wonder he gets to jet off to Vegas and enjoy a luxury hotel stay. His Instagram feed definitely makes it look like he’s enjoying life with money. It’s great when you get to do whatever you please! Pictures of Burning Man and yummy food show that this rich kid is enjoying himself quite a bit.

11. Hong Kong Spa

Spent my day at the magnificent #peninsulahongkong spa ??✨ #penmoments

A post shared by Roxy Sowlaty (@roxysowlaty) on

Roxy Sowlaty is pictured above enjoying a relaxing looking spa day in Hong Kong. We sure could use a spa day like this. Too bad we’re not made of money, though! Roxy lives in Beverly Hills and works as an interior designer there. Her Instagram feed shows off her design chops. She has also starred on The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills television series. Her father owns Acuprint but apparently, in the first season of the reality TV series, Roxy was cut off by her parents. No more leeching off them anymore! Her interior design career was a way to get a leg up financially. She’s clearly still living a fancy lifestyle, we bet mom and dad still foot the bill some of the time.

10. Sun and Surf


A post shared by Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick (@boobsandloubs) on

Well, doesn’t this look hella relaxing? Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick is definitely having a nice time in this photograph. Her Instagram is filled with gorgeous shots of her and her friends. Morgan is another Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star and it’s easy to see why she’s made it to television. She’s a gorgeous woman and the evidence is in her countless selfies. She’s also got an impressive net worth of $5 million. She’s also not averse to freeloading off her parent’s wealth. Morgan’s dad is a successful architect and owns his own company. She married Brendan Fitzpatrick in 2015. He’s a wealthy guy so Morgan won’t have a problem funding her lifestyle after leaving her parents’ nest.

9. Inspirational Caption

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take-WG

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

We’re not quite sure what the obsession is with guns and cars. Specifically, guns and cars together. The most outlandish rich kids on Instagram absolutely love to take photos of their weapons and fancy cars, usually in the same shot. Dan Bilzerian is no exception. His Instagram feed is probably the most outlandish of them all. It’s filled with guns and beautiful – nearly naked – women. Dan is clearly having a good time. He’s clearly got enough money to do whatever he wants and that money has attracted a lot of semi-nude girls to the party. Dan is without shame when it comes to his Instagram feed, you’ll find anything and everything there.

8. Guns n’ Ammo

Just here waiting for someone to try and jack our car stereo

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Here’s Dan Bilzerian again with even more guns and of course, a lady sitting on his lap. Why someone needs so many weapons is beyond us. Okay, so who is this guy? How can he afford his luxury lifestyle? Dan rose to Internet fame when he was noticed in a World Series Poker video from 2013. He can be seen watching the game and he seemingly hired a woman to stroke his beard. Weird stuff. His dad is Paul Bilzerian who was a corporate takeover maverick. Paul ran into some trouble though and was convicted and sent to prison for doing some shady things. We can see where Dan inherited his questionable morals.

7. Pure Diamonds

Only in #palmbeach ????

A post shared by Jared L. Seligman (@jaredseligman) on

Because a regular Purell dispenser is for poor people. This photo comes from the Instagram of Jared L. Seligman. Jared has over 15K Instagram followers and regularly posts photos of luxurious spaces. He’s a real estate broker for the rich and famous. He works in NYC and regularly sells properties to celebrities. He actually got his real estate license at the age of 18. Not bad at all. He grew up on the Upper East Side in New York City so he’s definitely not a stranger to the good things in life. His life isn’t just about work, though. He enjoys the fancy things in life and regularly knocks boots with influential and important people.

6. Nap time!

Afternoon nap

A post shared by Walter Scott Fortney V (@walt_fortney) on

Well yeah, this looks like the perfect place to take a nap. That’s one big and beautiful room. That couch isn’t small either, it probably just looks teeny because it’s inside a giant space. Walter Scott Fortney V is living life pretty good and we’re kind of jealous. We tried to track down his family ties but weren’t able to piece it together. It seems likely that his father or relatives worked as real estate lawyers. If you’re enjoying a nap in a room like that, that kind of makes sense. We bet this room would be great for parties. Lots of room for dancing!

5. Money Shot


A post shared by Tomer (@tomer_sr) on

Ah yes. Taking photographs of the money you have is the best way to prove to people that you’re rich and have money to blow. It’s also probably a great way to get targeted by thieves. But we get that it’s hard to not take photos of all that cash. This rich kid’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of expensive booze and wads of cash. Literally, every few photos there’s a pic where you’ll find cash being flaunted. He lays it out on a plate or strategically places it on his thighs. It’s artistic almost. He also has pictures of his sleeping on his piles of money. Real classy.

4. Sparkles

We love sparkles and anything shimmery. These shoes might be Louboutins but we’re not so excited about them. Sure, they’re glittery but we prefer something a bit more understated on our feet. And are those diamonds in the photo? That’s a lot of pricey gems in one place. You’ll find no shortage of sparkly things on this kid’s feed. Diamonds are everywhere. Personally, we’d be afraid to walk around with that much bling. You become a walking advert. Thieves won’t need to think too hard about who they’re going to hit next. This guy clearly doesn’t care, he’s probably got a safe full of replacement diamonds.

3. Counting Money

Oh no! Is this Rich Kid of Instagram sad because he doesn’t have enough money or is it because he has too much? What a mystery! Is there really a point to laying out your money like this? It’s not for anyone but your followers and we can’t imagine following this guy. We don’t need to see the actual money, we know you have it and we don’t. Show us the things you do with it so we can live vicariously through you. Don’t worry Kyle Parsons posts plenty of pics of what he spends his money on. You’ll find pics of fancy hotels, upscale restaurant meals and obviously, more pics of his money.

2. Big Spender

We’d probably cry if we received a bill like this. It’s almost inconceivable! It’s hard to read the whole receipt but it looks like this was likely the tab for a pretty rad party with lots and lots of expensive booze. Indy is clearly spending a lot of his money on alcohol. If you go through his Instagram feed you’ll find various photos of Indy holding bottles of booze. You’ll find photos of a party lifestyle too. He’s also someone who likes to lay his money out for all to see, because how else will people know you’re rich? Surely not by looking at your feed of crazy partying and frivolous spending.

1. Gold Donut

We try not to be materialistic. But we’re going to be 100% honest right now. We want to eat the shit out of that donut. The fact that it’s covered in gold flakes makes it look even more delicious than a regular donut. This is definitely how we want to celebrate our next birthday. Except…we bet that donut doesn’t cost the same as a Tim Horton’s jelly filled delight. You can check out this rich kid’s Instagram feed for more over the top luxury. You’ll find photos of this lady enjoying vacations in exotic destinations and having fun out at sea on an expensive yacht.

Sources: National Post, Toronto Life,, The Street, Fashion Week Daily

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