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25 Rich Women Who’ve Made A Career Of Being Hot

25 Rich Women Who’ve Made A Career Of Being Hot

Famous for all the wrong reasons, these women are a breed of their own; beauty is their only ‘talent’, yet they manage to make millions – or at least, manage to ride on the millions of their families, or their husbands.

This is not to belittle their work, as these women actually do have to work to get to the top, just not in the conventional form of the word ‘work’. They spend their days twisting themselves into unimaginable gravity-defying poses on magazines, or have to go nude to showcase their ‘perfect’ curves in the media and on reality shows.

While Hillary Clinton makes it to the list of fame for her mammoth political-legal mind, some women on the ‘pretty list’ can only claim pretty faces (courtesy of make-up and plastic surgery of course), tanned bodies, big boobies and booties (thanks to a little snipping and stitching).  T

he most prominent feature of each of these women is that they are marred with scandals, big and frequent enough to attract tabloids and gossip magazines. Some of them are sadly famous for being famous (bet you have some names on your mind already). Important to note is that not everyone who takes advantage of being hot to gain some fame and earn a living is terrible. Some respectable models and actresses are trying their best to live meaningful and less dramatic lives, but the ones on this list are a far cry from that.

The hotties on this list are out to sell scandal to get more traffic, for whoever is rich and shallow enough to pay them for it. Here’s a list of 25 Rich Women Who’s Only Talent Is Being Hot

25. The Kardashians


This family of hotties has thrown shame to the wind, flaunting their wealthy but shallow lifestyle on a reality show – Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They are an all-time billionaire socialite family that are not leaving the tabloid scene anytime soon. Kim Kardashian, the family’s queen bee, would easily pass for a modern-day Marylin Monroe. Her fame made its debut after a sex-tape scandal with her ex-boyfriend and R&B singer, Ray-J, hit the public waves, followed by a gossip-fed uproar. The family’s fame has since then grown around her, escalated by her marriage to famous hip-hop artist Kanye West. It also took a shocking twist when her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, had a sex change and became known as Caitlyn Jenner. How’s that for ‘family entertainment’?

24. Paris Hilton


Everybody knows the heiress to the Hilton Hotels empire. She is insanely famous and rich, thanks to her filthy-rich family. Her great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton, was the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain – so unlike most women in this list, Paris was actually born into money. Her inherent wealth is not the only reason for her fame; a sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon that was leaked way back in 2003 can take credit for that. The tape opened up her way into a few reality shows and debut albums. Her party-hard lifestyle, the sex-tape scandal, and her grandpa’s wealth all combined to create the famous explosion that is Paris Hilton. No talent required; just a couple of die dropping in her favor.

23. Amber Rose


She is a common figure in the public eye, but nothing explains the reason for her fame. Well, other than the fact that she simply has a knack for being at the right place at the right time. Though she lists her job description as an American model, recording artist, and actress, not much of her work is seen in public. Well, maybe the fact that she featured in a couple of music videos and a few reality shows lends credence to her fame. Truth be told, it’s the fact that after breaking up with Kanye West, she dated Wiz Khalifa. Though Kanye is the man we all love to hate, you gotta admit, dating him is bound to get anyone noticed. Couple that with moving on with Wiz Khalifa, and you have a foolproof plan for becoming famous! It can perhaps be said that Amber Rose got famous by dating the right people at the right time.

22. Teresa Giudice


Does the name ring a bell? You probably remember her from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The popular Teresa got caught up in legal drama that sent her and her husband Joe into bankruptcy. What perturbed most viewers was how the couple, who showcased the epitome of a lavish lifestyle, could go flat-broke. Here’s why; mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud. These conspiracies piled up and cost them a fine of about $600,000 and a probable 50-year jail term.

21. Nicole Polizzi


The name probably doesn’t ring a bell. But that’s because you know her as “Snooki,” the MTV’s Jersey Shore reality show star. It goes without saying that her party life got her famous. Oh, and extremely rich too! Each episode got her about $150,000! After Jersey Shore, she partnered up with JWoww, a fellow Jersey Shore co-star, and together they spearheaded their own reality show, Snooki & JWoww. I guess the party life had to be maintained, one way or another. She has also featured in other reality shows, including Cake Boss. Although she took the partying a couple of notches down after motherhood knocked at her door, she still goes straight to the history books for her days of partying hard.

20. Jenny McCarthy


She is the only pretty one that made it on this list for picking her nose, farting and burping on TV. Just Google Jenny McCarthy farting in an elevator, you won’t be disappointed (or, you might be, if you had sexy fantasies about her). She’s earned some public attention with her famous parlay on the Playboy magazine, as well as on the show Singled Out, after which she struggled to stay relevant. People can only watch videos of you farting so many times before it gets boring. Before her son’s autism got her into the public eye once again, she tried a range of failing web series, reality shows and movies of her own. At least she tried though.

19. Tila Tequila


Tila would be the model, TV personality and singer, well known for posing nude in magazines and party sprees. Simply put, nudity made her famous. At the age of 19, she had already featured in celebrated magazines such as Playboy – her first nude pose – followed by appearances in magazines such as Penthouse, King, and Blender. More controversy sprang up after her  bisexual personality in her reality show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila where she sought to find an ideal partner from 16 women and 16 men. She got famous for goofing around with those hopeless contenders, who were chosen and discarded at her whim. Boy, how fat does a cheque have to be for you to sell your dignity to such extents?

18. Janice Dickinson


There is no denying that Janice is pretty. However, she gets pretty annoying when she keeps insisting on her self-proclaimed title as a top notch super-model. She did not achieve her fame through being a model, oh no siree! She got it courtesy of her vile tongue! She went public about her sexual escapades with a variety of famous men, detailing everything from their performance, all the way to their different shapes and sizes down below! Poor Liam Neeson’s tool was described to be shaped like an Evian bottle! This woman got rich and famous because she got zero chills. She also made headlines when her seemingly strategic engagement to a wealthy man landed her a $1.4 million home in Beverly Hills. In one line, Janice is a pretty warrior with fame-digging skills.

17. Lauren Conrad


She rose to fame with some forgettable appearance on a pathetic reality show. Come on, America, isn’t it kind of tasteless to make her famous? Is it because she has bestselling books that we all know she couldn’t have written all by herself ? For the five years she appeared on telly, she never did once hold a dexterous and insightful conversation. All of a sudden she wins best-selling author? A ghostwriter’s definitely got her back! Appearing on a viral sex tape didn’t quite redeem her image either, but it sure played a role in pushing her fame-meter a couple of strokes forward.

16. Peaches Geldof


As your day takes a tantrum-filled turn thanks to mean and bullying colleagues, Geldof earns about $2,500-$5000 for attending parties, gallery openings or nightclubs. Don’t think of resigning yet though; her easy-looking job comes with a hefty price. She has to constantly live in the shadows of her parents, famous singer Bob Geldof and TV host Paula Yates. Could be the reason she has appeared in the media for alleged shoplifting claims and inappropriately showcasing her tattoos at parties. Perhaps she’s just trying to create her own path to fame, so that people can stop thinking she got it all courtesy of her parents.

15. Bristol Palin


Bristol got pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 18. This could pass as normal today; it’s a rampant occurrence in society, and most people don’t give a hoot. The difference in this case, was because it wounded her mother, Sarah Palin’s political campaign. She was the Republican Party vice presidential candidate when the news took a viral spin against her. After making her mom lose a chance at a prime career, she tried flexing her dancing shoes in a dance competition dubbed Dancing with the Stars, where she emerged the third best in spite of the bashing from the public, which claimed she wasn’t good enough for third position.

14. Young Miss Alana Thompson


She is commonly known for Toddlers and Tiaras – a kid’s fashion and modeling competition. A short while after the competition, Alana branched out to her own reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It’s quite early to have a child this young exposed to the media as a socialite – whatever happened to the hide & seek and singing games children used to play before? Well I suppose that age doesn’t matter where good money is involved. Fancy a 5-year-old buzzing media headlines as a socialite! Sadly, it’s too late for this darling girl, Honey Boo Boo is already famous, and only because of her beauty.

13. La Toya Jackson


Clinging on to her famous family name, she is the only member of the Jackson family that hasn’t got jams topping the Billboard charts. She succumbed to other ways of seeking fame and attention, after she tried an international music career that was a total fail. Somewhere in her deeper self-reflective search, she must have realized her talent in nude modeling, or that she could ride on her famous family name to gain access to all the celebrity parties. She basically tried to join the let’s-get-paid-for-being-pretty-and-famous socialite club by taking part in a reality show. The reality show’s idea tremendously worked in her favor and kept her on the list of fame for a while longer longer. She has since featured in Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice, and her own show, Life with La Toya.

12. Phoebe Price


Even the paparazzi caption her the “self-proclaimed celebrity.” It’s a shock they find her interesting enough to follow. She likes posing with food, from frozen bananas in her mouth (how transparent her desperation is!) to pizza or cookies. You can almost always find her pretending to buy something at a store as she poses, taking a selfie, or petting her lil’ puppy. The clothes always show skin, her silhouette, or are extra transparent. this woman would do literally anything to appear on magazines. Search her on the internet; you will be shocked at the stunts this woman pulls to get noticed.

11. Anna Nicole Smith


10 years after her death she still holds the public’s respect as a decent celebrity, God rest her soul. Anna was an American model, actress and television personality well known after Playboy listed her as Playboy Playmate of the Year way back in 1993. Her beauty got her fame with respectable fashion companies including Guess, H&M, and Heatherette, among many others. Her personal dramas always unfolded new surprises every day. From her marriage to an older billionaire, to her daughter’s paternity case, then the unfortunate scene of her son’s death, all that pressure made her succumb to the overdose that led to her death.

10. Lisa Vanderpump


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 diva has made it to the top of the charts, thanks to her beauty and commandeering personality. This got her to other great shows including ABC’S Dancing with the Stars and her very own Vanderpump Rules. Her beauty’s still getting her bucks, despite her age of 56. A cut above the rest, she has made an attempt to try out some charity ‘thing.’ I guess age has taught her that there is much more to life than beauty. However, beauty is the only thing that got her to the top, to begin with.

9. Nicole Richie


Lionel Richie’s angel ain’t left out of the list of pretties. Her beauty has landed her spots as a television personality, actress, fashion designer, and author. Let’s be honest though, we could sing her praise non-stop, but at the back of our minds we are all thinking the same thing; she’s famous because of her father. Her role alongside her ex-best friend Paris Hilton in the reality show The Simple Life rocketed her fame. The show’s premiere garnered about 13 million consistent viewers. It was quite an interesting reality show. She currently stars in her own reality show, Candidly, Nicole.

8. Jessica Simpson

Her personal life dramas all laid out in the open gave her a boost to unmerited fame. Lots of renditions on her divorce and hubbub around her numerous exes caught American tabloids’ attention. She also gained popularity as a pregnant celebrity trying to lose the baby weight. I’m sorry for her followers, who were disappointed when she got pregnant again before accomplishing the perfect ending they all wanted to hear. Seriously though, who does that? On the bright side, it’s a good thing they made her rich enough to start a supposed billion-dollar fashion empire. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of her ‘lose weight’ project.

7. Katie Price


Most American readers might not know her as well as the others on the list. She is the British TV personality, and the English equivalent of all the other divas in this list. She is also a renowned model, whose career took to the skies once top-off photos of her were leaked. A recurrent theme with these women, their fame seems to have been achieved through some form of nudity. Kind of makes you begin to wonder if some nudes aren’t leaked at all, but planned from the very beginning, doesn’t it? So to summarize Katie Price, an uncovered rack made her famous.

6. Brandi Glanville


She is the ‘professional victim’ as labeled by She is an opportunist who capitalized on her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian’s affair to secure herself a spot at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her husband finally married singer LeaAnn Rimes, and that would be the climax of her craziness. Not a moment passes by that she is not yapping insults at the happy couple on social media. I wonder why she can’t borrow a leaf from Jennifer Aniston’s book. While the trolling does make her look like an utter fool, it does increase her popularity; everybody wants to know who the crazy woman is!

5. Pete Burns


Now I know you’re wondering how a guy ended up on this list. Well it is Pete’s desire to be categorized as a woman. That right, there is already reason enough as to why (s)he is famous. Have you seen her thick lips though? She thought makeup was not enough to add body to her lips, and had to go blow them up. This totally backfired, and her lips were humongous! This was the price she paid for wanting to become prettier. Some go with nudity; some go with…madness? She also went viral after erupting into an emotional outburst in her time at Celebrity Big Brother.

4. Tara Reid


Though she’s done about 100 commercials since the age of 6, you probably know her from her later years. You might love her from the drama Days of our Lives, from Scrubs, Marriage Boot Camp or from American Pie. The combination of her beauty and the perfect curvature of her body got her on famous shows like Celebrity Big Brother 8, and her very own show on the E network entitled Paradise. The job of looking pretty could be costly though; she had a botched plastic surgery that caused some sort of deformity to her breasts. Although she tried to rise, the image of her once attractive rack being saggy might not be erased from her fans’ minds.

3. Angelyne


This Billboard rated singer, model and actress has done a good job (read sounds very fake) at concealing her biographical information. Or could you happen to be the know-it-all stalker who has a grip on what her real name and age is? She is such a typical blonde though. Why would she go for a California gubernatorial recall election, with a slogan as fake as “It’s time for some blond and pink?” Wish we could have a grasp of the 2,536 voters who actually vouched for her. Thank God she lost! You have got to give it to her though, at least she didn’t resort to nudes!

2. Heidi Montag


Her life in the public began on the reality show The Hills, where she featured alongside her husband, Spencer Pratt. Together they were known as the “Speidis.” A year after all the glam and fame, she appeared on the muddy side of the tabloids when she had a series of failed plastic surgery procedures. It began with a failed breast implant, then stomach and thigh liposuctions, then brow lifts, and nose surgery. 10 terrible surgery results. How badly did she hate her body? Is the cost of being famous really this high? And is it really worth it at the end of it all?

1. Courtney Stodden


At the age of 16, she made a decision to marry 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. That was her first brush with the American tabloid journalists, who did not stop scavenging for stories from her. She appeared again on VH1’s Couples Therapy as they tried to validate their criticized marriage decision. They totally made fools of themselves trying to explain this. She also posted a viral video of her breast implants, which she proudly flaunts in flattering bikinis. She is also responsible for spreading rumors about her own sex tape. Right, like anybody wants to watch grandpa sex!


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